What it says on the tin.

I keep on finding love in the wrong place. Sleazy place (by definition). But a high class one though. Why don't models (amateur models) go to church? I know the ladies in the church have their beauty inside. But see, that's the thing, I am shallow.

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Bobbie, Host of Time,

A dating site is probably a much better idea than trying to meet ladies in church if it isn't working out for you.

Peyton, Student of Arts and Crafts,

join a christian dating site

Bobbie, Host of Time,

It is not shallow to want to be with someone you are attracted to. Maybe try to find a believer outside of church. God's judgement is currently on many churches. God hates the 501c3, it is a covenant with Baal. Everyone has different tastes in who they are attracted to. Don't force yourself to be with just anyone. Trump is working to unravel the 501c3, but godly or repentant churches should be happy over that. If you are in a church that is complaining about those attempted changes, get out. If you are in a church that won't teach basic Christian doctrine out of fear of offending others, get out. Try to find ladies in other areas that might be believers. I have heard of a mass exodus from churches of thousands of godly people. This is the will of God. There was a prophesy that Hurricane Harvey is a sign from God of what God wants to do with the churches. Harvey started over Corpus Christi, the body of Christ, the church. It is a sign that God wants to tear down existing constructs and ways of doing things, and rebuild the church HIS way.