What it says on the tin.

You should work at opening or forming a spiritual connection with me and masturbate, I will do the same.

posted to religion by Aubrey, Counselor of the Irredeemably Moist (41 comments)

Colin, Funeral Director of Time,

No more comments? I guess my points were well made.

Andy, Attendant of Musclebeasts,

This post is just stupid, first off masturbation is not sexual intercourse , it is a Sin. It is the sexualization of the flesh and it should be seen as determent to personal spiritual growth so when you say " forming a spiritual connection " , thats just ignorant and rude.

Second off if you want to meet women go outside stop writting bullshit on the internet , maybe you'll have better luck. Sex is fine as long as you dont make it idolatry , which masturbation is.

Aubrey, Counselor of the Irredeemably Moist,

Well sometimes I have a hard time meeting women in regular night spots, but I do have some success with dating apps and such. Just because I want to connect with ladies I speak with online and use that spiritual connection to let erotic feelings be shared, does not mean I DON'T make efforts to meet ladies in person. I do agree with the emotional health of having local friends you meet with in person. The internet is a tool, it shouldn't replace doing things physically.

Halley, Referee of the craft table,

Correction, I was saying sexualizationn of the flesh? Autocorrect messd it up.

I also meant to say God wired us for SEX at CREATION.

Dana, Magician of the Wicked,

I will have an articulate answer on going out to meet women later.

Halley, Matriarch of the IT department,

Secularization of the flesh? GOD DESIGNED our bodies to be sexual. Yes in a controlled fasthion, but still we are wired for sexuality. GODD WIRED HUMANITY FOR SEX AT SEX AY CREATION. So what is your point? Masturbation is idolatry only if you don't put God first.

Andy, Attendant of Musclebeasts,

First off humans are the only species known to man that have sex just for fun , so let me tell you something about that. Sex comes from the Ego , to possess , to dominate or feel dominated , to pleasure or feel pleasure is sex. It is not to be confused with mating with your partner because you want to have a child. The first one is a sin , the second one is not.

God created Man and Woman so they could procreate and populate the Earth as Mortals , not for them to endulge in preversion and idolatry. Before Sodom and Gomorrah there were ways in which people could have 100x the bliss and pleasure you get from an orgasm with just their mind , i have experienced this myself. People didnt have sex for fun it had a real deep meaning and it was a sacred ritual you do not understand. After the fall of mankind we forgot alot of things and bathed in filth and still do to this day.

Aubrey, Keeper of the Wicked,

Sexual pleasure between men and women is not perversion. ALL perversion on the list of sexual sins in the bible. If it isn't on the list, it isn't perversion. Period. The rules for what we are not to do are listed for us. Things with children is not on the list in Leviticus directly but is mentioned at the end of the Song of Solomon as not being a good thing. The list is incest, temple prostitution, male gay sex, adultery, being with a woman during menstruation. Let's see, physical pleasure from sex - NOT on the list, masturbation - NOT on the list. I have my authority from the sure Word of God.

Andy, Attendant of Musclebeasts,

Oh and to sum it up , masturbation is just a more advanced, selfish and egocentrical way of idolatry and preversion of the sacred body that is your vessel. If you feel like God is watching you and being proud of you while you jerk off you need help.

Taylor, Writer of Evil,

Huh? I should work at connecting with you?? So this is an obligation now?

Aubrey, Keeper of the Wicked,

"Work" in this sense is tongue in cheek. People connect spiritually mostly by faith. A long time ago, a very wise person said "try NOT, DO, or DO NOT, there is no try". Simple faith and focus is all it takes. Christians are already spiritually connected with each other automatically, focus just brings what is already there to the surface, to greater perception of what already exists under the surface, even if we don't always notice it right away. Stop thinking of so many spiritual things as an obligation and start considering them a choice. Note that I said "should" in my post and not "must". Even faith in God and doing the things of God is a choice, of course saying "no" to God can have consequences sooner or later. What we do with other people is largely a choice. Of course it is God's will for us to do good to others, but many thing are indeed a choice where God leaves it to us to decide what to do or follow the lead of the Holy Spirit.

And before anyone mentions lust out of Matt 5:27-28, I have posted on this over and over again here. Jesus was talking about lusting after another man's wife being adultery of the heart, not a single woman. The Greek word for woman "gune", means wife or woman depending on the context it is used in. Since Matt 5:27 is talking about ADULTERY, it is I think re-iterating the command against coveting your neighbor's wife. With that in mind Christians sharing sexual energy from a spiritual connection being God's will sometimes instead of against, makes more sense to me.

Taylor, Writer of Evil,

Doesn't change my reply much. There is no "should" in my connecting with you.

Aubrey, Keeper of the Wicked,

Ok, well when I say SHOULD, it means the women choose, I can't force it. So stop acting like when I say should it means you are OBLIGLATED. Case in point, we are saved by grace through faith alone. The bible says we SHOULD do good works. We don't need to do them to get into heaven, in fact we CAN'T get into heaven that way. Good works earn extra rewards, but not entrance into heaven. Hence we SHOULD do them instead of MUST. And my "should" to Christian women is a general thing, anyone who wants to will respond. Just because YOU don't want to connect with me in this manner doesn't mean that others won't.

Bobbie, Thief of Wild Parties,

Bonus if you are a very nice Independent Baptist girl. I do struggle with opinions on dealing with this kind of thing with an attached woman, but until I know more I prefer to do this kind of thing with single women only.

Dakota, Funeral Director of Justice,

The thought of getting with a married woman... or man... makes it even hotter to me.

I am bisexual and would love to suck a married guy's cock.

Aubrey, Keeper of the Wicked,

Well the original Hebrew word for adultery literally means "to enter another man's wife". So it is a sin. Now the question fro me is if the husband willingly shares the wife, that is the unanswered question, but doing it behind someone's back, or even manipulating a divorce because you want to take someone for yourself, that is biblical adultery for sure.

If you take a married man with the wife's permission, in no way shape or form is that a sin biblically. If you manipulate a divorce and THEN marry him, THAT is a sin, if you share him with his current wife, you have NOT sinned.

Dakota, Funeral Director of Justice,