What it says on the tin.

I am a Christian with a hard cock. Well not 24/7, are you kidding, that would be a medical emergency, but shall we say often enough. I am single. I do not feel that it is a sin. I am not joking, some may find this post funny, which I do myself, but underneath it all, this post is not intended to be a joke. I am not some liberal Christian either. I do believe the bible is the inspired Word of God. (Granted some translations are better than others, in fact some translations in a few verses actually do teach errors, that is beyond the scope of this post). Bible translations can teach errors if the translators try to hard to interpret what they THINK a verse should say rather than faithfully rendering what it says in the original Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, etc... The bible is intended to be interpreted by CONTEXT. We need to realize that even chapters and verses were added in translations and did not exist in the original manuscripts or even copies in the original languages. Regarding having a hard cock and using it accordingly, first of all many may bring up Matt 5:27-28 to say that it is a sin. Well in Greek the word for woman is "gune", and gune can mean wife or woman in Greek, WHICH it is talking about depends on the CONTEXT the word is used in the sentence or passage. Since Matt 5:27 regards adultery, and adultery in the bible means taking (or in Hebrew ENTERING) another man's wife, Matt 5:27 regards lusting after a married (or possibly betrothed) woman ONLY, and not ANY woman. Also lust in Greek can mean an extreme or strong desire, so finding another man's wife attractive is not a sin. It is wise to guard your heart, but neither be paranoid and beat yourself up if you find a married woman attractive. I would put the sin described in Matt 5:27 as a STRONG desire to take a married woman. Also on fornication, even though the dictionary says it means unmarried sex, by CONTEXT the bible says no such thing. The Old Testament is full of biblical heroes having concubines (meaning like lovers or girlfriends). Nowhere is it called a sin. Fornication by how it is used in the bible means any of the list of sexual sins in the Old Testament, and especially temple prostitution. To thicken the plot here when people went to visit temple prostitutes there was often a belief one was having sex with the god or goddess through the prostitute as a proxy. Since the false gods and goddesses are really either demons or fallen angels, one can REALLY understand why God is unhappy with this practice. So my hard cock aimed at single women either in my thoughts or in person, or some situation in between, is not a sin. Chuckle at this post, but consider that my interpretation of the bible might be right. By the way, I have read a few verses out of certain bible translations that are NOT accurate. These translations are pieces of rubbish and offend God. The translators and publishers need to repent. One translation says "as above, so below" instead of "your will be done on earth as in heaven". "As above, so below", is a saying of occultists and really means "as above in the second heaven, where demonic forces and fallen angels float around, so below on earth". So this saying is an abomination and does not belong in any bible. But since many churches are in apostasy, it fits. Apostate Christians need to repent on bended knees so that God can use them for real and they stop playing church.

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Taylor, Funeral Director of the craft table,

Dude, If your need clear text on adultery and fornication, read 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. I suggest KJV.

Btw, you contradicted yourself. If by CONTEXT then, leave the Old Testament story out of your argument. That was history to be learned. Your doctrine should be from the New Testament, as the new and last covenant for people of this generation.

Addison, Tour Guide of the Satisfied,

OT is the foundation I meant.

Ok I Cor 6 9-10. It says adultery and fornication are sins but does not define them. Definitions are in other parts of the bible. Btw, I like that the King James says fornication because the Latin root of that word never meant unmarried sex either.

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The OR is the foundation for the NT.

Halley, Secretary of Generosity,

I like your wisdom on this topic. And I like thinking about cocks.

And I am a married guy.

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