What it says on the tin.

One can be sexual and spiritual at the same time. A Christian enjoying sexuality is not a contradiction. If one uses it for EVIL, then it is wrong, but THEN and ONLY THEN. Matthew 5:27-28 does not speak against lusting after ANY woman, the Greek and context indicates that it is talking about being a sin to lust after another MAN'S wife ONLY. In fact one Medieval English translation of the bible that predates the King James actually says "wife" in that passage instead of "woman". The Greek word for woman "gune" means woman or is the same word. WHICH it means depends on the context in a sentence or paragraph. Since Jesus in this passage was talking about ADULTERY, it then therefore means wife instead of woman in general. If you interpret the bible contextually considering the larger picture of the bible, you have to define adultery from the Old Testament, and apply that meaning to Matthew 5:27. In the Old Testament adultery meant taking anther man's wife. In fact the Hebrew word for adultery LITERALLY means to "enter another man's wife". So modern Christianity, oops churchianity...has sold us a bill of goods. Instead of clean, fresh, flowing living water from the throne of God, often it has been tepid ponds under the hot sun with scum on the top.

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