What it says on the tin.

A mass murderer who accepts Christ on his deathbed goes to heaven. Where is the justice in that?

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Addison, Prostitute of the Wicked,

Our salvation is completely unjust in human terms. The Son of God took our punishment upon Himself. He Is the Lamb of God, without spot or blemish. He never sinned. He died so that we could live. Receive Him as Savior and know God's awesome peace and forgiveness.

Dakota, Devourer of Wild Parties,

Good people who don't believe Jesus MIGHT be more likely to have a chance to have faith and be saved after death. Now if someone is outwardly good and inwardly a hypocrite, it might take longer or be more difficult. Some atheists will ultimately end up in heaven ahead of many religious people.

Dakota, Devourer of Wild Parties,

I prefer to say trust Christ or accept Christ BY trusting Him. Really one trusts Christ to go to heaven because He paid for ALL sins at the cross. The justice in that is that all eternal penalty for that mass murder was placed on Christ at the cross. When one trusts Him that fact is applied to the person trusting Christ. The Apostle Paul had lots of Christians put to death before His conversion, and he was truly saved, wrote much of the New Testament, and is now in heaven. He didn't physically stone Christians before his conversion but he surely was guilty of participating in their murder before his conversion.

Brett, Barbarian of Justice,

This is why Christianity and Islam are known as the "Our way or the highway" religions. They are the only two modern religions arrogant enough to think that if you don't believe what they think you should believe, you are going to hell.

Dakota, Devourer of Wild Parties,

I believe that faith in Christ gets people into heaven because of the Cross. Per Christianity as a whole, most churches are really in weird directions now and need to repent. If we were not saved by grace through faith, but by works, God would be ready to throw many Christians into hell right now. I believe in the possibility that many people will be able to trust Christ after death, unless they did something like blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Much of what many churches think is just wrong. In basic doctrines, churches are right in some cases, but some don't even hold to that anymore.