What it says on the tin.

That is narcissism on his part.

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Adrian, Samurai of the IT department,

God makes the terms. We must come to God on His terms, not our own. Who are we? There is only one way to heaven, that is through Jesus Christ who suffered and died for us. All who reject God's gift of salvation through Christ will die in their own sins.

Rebecca, Summoner of the Wildlands,

God does not send people to hell for JUST not believing in Him. Unforgiven sin causes God to have to no other CHOICE. Unforgiven sin sends people to hell most directly. Jesus died for sins. Therefore trusting Jesus to save oneself causes that fact to be applied to your account and you are COUNTED as perfectly righteous, and thus able to be COUNTED worthy to enter heaven and avoid hell. Whether one goes to heaven or hell is not based on arbitrary judgement of God on someone's intellectual belief, but of whether or not they trust Christ.

Rebecca, Summoner of the Wildlands,

Everyone commits some sins. People have a tendency to sin. We are not personally guilty of original sin, but rather it causes us to have a tendency to commit sins of our own.

Ash, Samurai of the Satisfied,

Original sin is a lie that is used to make us subservient to the "religion" and "God". Christianity attacks self-esteem in the name of "humility". It's just a very large cult. It guilts you into believing with this "original sin" bullshit. Nasty stuff.

Rebecca, Summoner of the Wildlands,

Original sin is not something we are individually guilty of. It causes us to have a tendency to sin. It means that all human beings are prone to commit sin. To get into heaven you must have never committed a sin. The Apostle Paul said that God has bound ALL into sin since the fall of mankind into sin, SO THAT God may SHOW MERCY to all. God set it up so that we CANNOT earn salvation SO THAT he may show ALL MERCY. This is the way it is. This is God's truth. The bible says that eternal life is obtained by faith in Jesus Christ trusting Him for eternal life (instead of trying to earn your way into heaven). You are welcome to try to earn your way into heaven, but the minute you commit any sin you are disqualified from heaven without God's grace.

Original sin and sin is indeed nasty, God GAVE us a remedy in Christ.

Perhaps you aren't angry at any individuals just having faith in Christ, what is it to you personally? It should mean nothing in the sense of what bothers you. Rather it probably is the stupidity and craziness in many churches. I post what I feel is a prophetic word in a post titled "Church Does NOT Equal God or Even Faith in Christ". I may increasingly offend many Christians if they do not repent of what they are participating in with many of their churches. I do not care. I really don't. It doesn't bother me. I will pray that the Holy Spirit opens their eyes to what is really going on.