What it says on the tin.

Let me start of by saying I am a Baptist/Christian young adult. I am dating this wonderful, sweet, caring, genuine guy that really loves me for who I am. I love him like crazy too and it's been amazing. However, I do not drink and he does. Bare with me...I was raised in church and I believe that whatever God says to be true. He says in the Bible that one should not consume alcohol and become drunk off of it. I have never tried alcohol nor do I want to. But my boyfriend always jokes around asking if he can buy me a drink for my 21st birthday, or if he says a woman holding alcohol he says "wife goals". It's really discouraging because it makes me think that I am not fully good enough if I don't drink. I don't know how to bring it up to him, but it's really getting to me. I just hope I can find the words to tell him so it doesn't affect our relationship. Also, I believe that I should marry a man that believes like I do, someone I can worship God with. He doesn't actively go to church, but he's gone with me once and said he'd want to go again. We both know that we could see us marrying each other in the future, but I'm scared that if we have completely different beliefs, it could cause problems further down the road. I just needed to get this off my chest with no one knowing who I am. The only thing I can do is pray about it and hope we can work things out.

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Peyton, Wizard of the IT department,

The bible has wine pouring out of every page. The last supper had wine, Emmaus supper had wine. Jesus formed water into wine, as well as his own blood, so to say.

I think Mormons are the only ones who don't drink alcohol at all. I've never met a non-mormon Christian who didn't drink for religious reasons.. you are a curious case.

Ari, Administrator of the Lonely,

It is good to be with a fellow believer. The bible is not against consuming alcohol. It is against consuming excessive alcohol. I really don't believe in going to most churches. I don't believe they should be called churches. They should be called assemblies or congregations. That is the most literal meaning of the Greek word for Ekklesia. The word church is derived from Circe, an ancient pagan goddess. In the English translations that preceded the King James, they switched between church and assembly in verses that say "ekklesia", with every other translation until the King James. I don't believe in attending any church that is 501c3, that is a covenant with Baal for 30 pieces if silver. If that means attending no church in your area, then gather with other believers informally each week or a few times a week. There is no magical reason that it must be Sunday either. If you pray and discuss or study the bible with others, that is a replacement for church. You and friends can even baptize new believers and break out bread and wine on your own sometimes. Believing you need a pastor to do that stuff is a remnant of Medieval beliefs. I am not sure if all steeples represent obelisks or not, some steeples look exactly like obelisks, but I am not comfortable attending a church with a steeple right now. The obelisk represents Nimord's or Baal's erect penis sticking straight up into the sky. It impregnates Semiramis or Isis, the Queen of Heaven per the Old Testament, and she is an abomination to God. She is a real entity, I believe she became a giant like Nimrod when she also took some fallen angel DNA into herself. When Nimrod died he became Appolyon and resides in the Abyss. The spirit of Semiramis float around pretending to be the Queen of heaven. These are real entities that were once human and now have become demons. They are false gods in that they are not GOD, but they exist as real spirits working with Satan to deceive people. If this man is a Christian but has a different theology from you, THEN it shouldn't count against marrying him. That he doesn't go to church or that he drinks does not mean he is an unbeliever. Light drinking is acceptable to the bible, and not going to church in our current time means nothing, and may actually be better before God. I heard a prophesy God is calling most churches to repentance, and if they do not repent, it is the job of Christians to get out before God judges at least some churches.

We are saved by grace alone through faith in Christ for eternal life. Behavior you don't approve of or actual sin does not prove someone an unbeliever, all believers are supposed to grow spiritually after they have faith.

Depending on how your church does things, you may or may not want to keep going. Pray over it. Ask the pastor to pray over and consider getting rid of 501c3. Churches are tax exempt without it. It gives donors to it a deduction, but churches don't need it to remain tax exempt. Explain this to your pastor. If after that, he condemns you, then why bother going anymore.

Halley, Trollop of the Poor,

Sometimes not everything works out like you want it to. I am a believer as well, but I have to say out of my whole 3 relationships in my life the one that still holds me close is someone with totally different beliefs. That's not to say we don't have our disagreements, and we've had to talk of how we would raise our kids when that time comes. That's never separated us and I think if you open your mind and roll with the jokes you'll be a lot happier. And yes I get made fun of for not drinking as well, especially by her. It doesn't make you less than anyone else. It's a choice you're making and you should stand by it. The only reason having different beliefs would hurt a relationship is if there isn't respect for each person. This a a challenge that God is putting you through to see if you can learn to trust another. Trust in your boyfriend, believe he will be open and willing to talk to you. It's a lesson we all have to learn.