What it says on the tin.

Church does not equal faith in God or even Christ. If you are blessed to find a good church then it comes closer to God's ideal for what church should be. We are not perfect as humans trying to make church a good place to represent God, but we should strive to do church according to New Testament instructions. Some bible studies have aspects of following God's desire for how church should be run more than the church service itself. Some churches compromise on good doctrine, showing compassion, and some are totally apostate. The Apostle John got kicked out of a church later in his life, so even in the days of the Apostles the churches were compromising, becoming heretical, and even apostatizing. Some of the letters of the Apostles are attempts to straighten out problems in the churches, and in the 7 letters to the 7 churches in Revelation are mostly corrections and rebukes to wayward churches. Some praises for doing some things right. Only ONE church out the 7 was completely praised with no criticism. At this point in history I believe God is calling churches to repentance.

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Alton, Developer of Wild Parties,

I was watching Morgan Freeman last night on the show "The Search For God". He traveled to Jerusalem and talked with an archaeologist at the site of the crucifixion. She told him there is an old legend or tradition that Adam's tomb is in a chamber underneath the Golgotha hill where Jesus was crucified. There is a crack in the rock where His blood flowed down, right INTO Adam's tomb. Adam as the first man and the first man that sinned, so this is the perfect symbolism for the redemption of all of mankind. There is no scripture that records this, but to me this SOUNDS like something God would engineer to make a point.

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By the way, this other guy that had the prophesy about the 501c3 and the elites involved in child trafficking being rounded up. He said some high level elites have already been arrested. He said we are slow to hear about it because there is a media blackout on this issue. It will reach critical mass at some point where it will break out all over the news. He said that we may wake up one day and suddenly senators and congressmen, other elites will be in prison and be reported in the news, or we may suddenly hear and see people being hauled before tribunals. Part of his prophesy is that many judges are corrupt and even secretly involved in child trafficking. The tribunals are to make sure that only trusted judges are overseeing the trials, ones that haven't been involved in this kind of corruption. The regular courts are not trusted for something of this magnitude. Right now over 3500 child sex traffickers have been arrested in the US. Their strategy is to work their way UP the food chain to the elites at the top. According to this guy, elites have already been arrested but the mainstream news refuses to report on it. For all we know some congressmen and senators have already been served with arrest warrants. I heard in some of the arrests that have taken place, they found out children were being kept in cages in basements. According to the Dr. Phil show on this issue, the woman that was the survivor testified that she and other children were kept in cages in basements. I predict we will need new special elections to replace senators, congressmen, and judges headed to prison in some pretty good numbers. Their wealth and position will not protect them anymore. Their biggest protection in regards to eternity is to hit their knees before the Lord. If prison makes them more likely to repent then it may be a good thing for them.

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Worshiping the God of the bible is by no means worshiping a demon. Which god some people in many churches are REALLY worshiping, I do it the real God, or some demons, or some high level fallen angels?

Steeples will topple, ether by repentance or by judgment, the choice is theirs. If the repentance, the steeple will topple and the building remain, with the people meeting in it, if by judgement, the steeple will topple and the building will be empty.

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The churches with 501c3 need to repent. It is not of God. It is a covenant with Baal. This explains why so many Christians are compromised. Trump started signing away the non-legislative parts of of the 501c3. This was a move of God. I am praying that it is completely removed from the land. The 501c3 has been a muzzle on the churches. Any post that mentions how the Christian faith and faith in what the churches are doing don't always match, is incomplete without mentioning how the churches have to repent of the 501c3. How long halt you between two opinions, if God is the Lord, worship Him, of Baal is the Lord, worship him. Many churches are straddling the two sides, and will be split in half. If they do not repent then the deserve what they get, and I believe this is a prophesy form the Lord that I am getting right now. They should be ON THEIR KNEES in sackcloth and ashes (at least in a metaphorical sense), CRYING OUT TO GOD FOR MERCY AND TO GRANT THEM REPENTANCE. Before the churches tell the world to repent, THEY MUST DO THE SAME FIRST. The churches already under judgement. Christians who want to go the whole way and follow God more fully will try to get their churches to repent, if they refuse, then the more serious Christians should leave and not look back. If they get kicked out, they should count it as God's hand being removed so they are not part of God's judgment ON THAT CHURCH when it falls because they will be safely away from it. I just heard a prophesy, and I strongly feel it is God's will for serious Christians to gather in small groups. Some here mentioned squabbles between Christians over some slight differences in beliefs. In small informal groups there is less concern over exact conformity at every point than in official denominations, even though many denominations have more tolerance over this than in the past.

Trump's desire to do away with the 501c3 is prophetic. After Trump was elected there was the big earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. This was a sign of shaking in the churches, either unto repentance or unto being closed down. The choice is theirs. Everything from a bunch of strict rules that aren't in the bible, to the prosperity health and wealth name it claim it gospel, to denying basic doctrines of the faith in the emergent church. The emergent church is trying to emerge away from true Christianity. ALL of these kind MUST REPENT.

Repentance to the unbeliever means to recognize that they have sin and to have faith in Jesus Christ FOR eternal life, to trust Him, that is repentance from a state of unbelief, but repentance for these churches means REPENTANCE OVER THEIR SINS.

I heard a prophesy that compares the 501c3 with receiving the 30 pieces of silver. Indeed it fits, I concur with that prophesy in my own spirit.

No at this point getting out of MOST churches EQUALS AN AWAKENING TO A STRONGER FAITH IN GOD, rather than deciding you no longer have any interest in the things of God. I think I have a prophesy right now that many churches bind the hands of feet of people in them who really want to be used mightily of God, but because that would ruffle too many feathers in those churches and their agenda, they need to try to bind people up that would be more fully used of God. If one is in a church like that cut the ropes, and if they refuse to repent, RUN for the door PRAISING God you are being freed from the bondage. Many PASTORS need to hit their knees in REPENTANCE. REPENT!!!! REPENT!!! REPENT!!!

Get some wisdom and understanding. Being saved by grace means being allowed entry to heaven by grace alone. It does not mean you can do things your own way and expect the full blessing of God on what you are doing in THIS life, or receive the full extent of rewards in the next that are over and above entering heaven. Do you want just good enough to get into heaven, or to do things God's way to go over and above getting in the door? I perceive a spiritual earthquake under the foundations of many churches. Those built on THE ROCK (Jesus Christ) will withstand the shaking. Those built in the shifting sand will collapse without remedy. The people will find other means of organizing, and tell that church leadership, "we no longer need you", unless they too repent.

My goodness people, I don't ordinarily operate in the prophetic, my gifts are usually are in a different realm, but it seems some of things I posted here are prophetic words. Right now my whole spirit is alive with power as I type these things out. I am totally energized.

Notice how when I deal with unbelievers I am led to be more gentle, not being afraid to make my points, but not being harsh, but right now the tone is different with the churches, there must be repentance or judgment in this life, in fact soon. People with different backgrounds have different perspectives and often struggle to figure out what they believe, but the churches have no excuse. They must repent. A friend watched SEVERAL hours of Joel Osteen and tried to count the number of times he said Jesus or God in his sermons. The count was a big fat ZERO. Joel Osteen is worth some $42 million. Joel Osteen should be the first in line to repent. If he does not God is going to take that church away from him. I am not sure if Joel Osteen is even a true Christian, or an imposter, a false Christian. It is that or he is a compromising cowardly Christian who should be on his knees or even face before God in repentance and prayer.

Frank, Ranger of the Satisfied,

Your statement on many Christians worshiping evil is PRECISELY the point of my title in this post.

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Frank, Ranger of the Satisfied,

God is holy above any human conception. We are restored to God by grace through faith in Christ. Herein lies the issue. Many churches need to do a better job of representing God.

Shiki, Servant of the Hungry,

Do you mean the God who committed infanticide and tells us not to kill? And Christians try to take the moral high ground when they worship an evil God.

Frank, Ranger of the Satisfied,

God has power over life and death. So if God causes someone to die early, it is HIS prerogative, whether it is to prevent someone from doing greater evil in the future, or some reason unknown to us. God does not tell us NOT to kill, He tells us not to MURDER. In the Commandment "Thou Shall Not Kill", the Hebrew word used in the original languages is very specific to murder. Many places in the bible we a may to kill to defend ourselves personally or nationally (in a war for a just reason), or as punishment for more extreme crimes. Sometimes God had people show mercy or told people they may show mercy in circumstances that would have normally called the death penalty. This is also God sending us a message too. The people that the Israelites were told to completely wipe out were giants, or hybrids between humans and angels. Think of these beings of having humanish bodies, but demon spirits. Therefore to kill them all was not only justified, more to the point commanded. The nations that were human enemies of Israel, they were told to defeat militarily but then peacefully and mercifully assimilate the rest of the people into their nation, or peacefully co-exist with them. In contrast, EVERY tribe they were told to wipe out without mercy were tribes of giants or other humanish creauters. I believe one manifestation of the hybrid creatures that may have been more our size often may have been people with elongated skulls. It has been shown the suture lines in these skulls is very different from human people, and they have a good 20 to 30% more head volume. (More room for brains). Ancient pagans would say create, let's worship these creatures and gain from their wisdom. But because that would be evil wisdom these creatures would teach, God instead said, wipe them all out. Many Christians do have compromised and even sometimes apostate doctrines, that is another issue. The bible hints at that demons are a different class of creature than fallen angels, and are spirits of the dead giants or other hybrids. The book of Enoch says this directly. Most ancient Jews would have held to a belief that fallen angels and demons are different. You say many Christians worship evil. That is more complain about my post, but then go ahead to say how corrupt many churches are. I say that if most churches do not repent God is going to break them up. Some will say it is people losing faith, but I have noticed greater apostasy INSIDE many churches. I say it is a sin to attend MANY churches, not all, but SOME.

Frank, Ranger of the Satisfied,

Many Christians do not follow the bible. Some are sloppy in handling it. Some are denying the basic tenets of the faith. These are facts. Bones of giants have been found. Giants are in the Old Testament. The Amorites were tall like cedar trees, cedar trees are 30 to 100 feet tall. King Og was 12-14 feet tall. God has power over life and death. God DOES have the right to kill humans. Often if someone dies early it is judgment. Sometimes it is based on bad choices we make regarding health. This is free will in play. People die by 90 around 100. Everyone will die

unless they are alive when the Lord returns. Our bodies are currently subject to death because of sin in the human race. By your argument you should be against anyone dying of old age ever.

Giants are in the Old Testament, skeletons have been found as well. Abraham Lincoln said that surely giants looked up on this land in the past. American Indians have stories of encountering and fighting and killing giants as well.

Arthur, Tour Guide of Imagination,

Christians are always accusing each other of heresy. You guys are the most disloyal bunch of infighters and yet you want everybody to join up, why? To add to the disharmony and infighting? To feel morally superior because "I am the only real Christian who knows the truth"? No thanks.

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Christians allow their God to sin and then criticize Satan for doing the same thing. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Shiki, Servant of the Hungry,

Do you you believe in giants? What evidence do you have for the existence of giants? Sounds a lot like a tall tale to me. Do you always invent fantastical creatures to try to win arguments?

Shiki, Servant of the Hungry,

So you worship a supernatural being that kills humans. That sounds like a demon to me.