What it says on the tin.

Gender exists. Men and women exist. It is biological FACT of HOW GOD CREATED US. People had better accept it. I get that a smaller percentage of people biologically have anomalies, and another small percent may be emotionally unsure of where they are. That DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT that most people have a clear gender and are aware of what gender they have. It may be natural to occasionally wonder what it would be like to be the other gender, but that still means your gender is what it is. I bet a larger percentage of people have let their minds wander on that one. if not most people. Don't let gender politics hijack people's perception of their gender because of natural wonderings of the mind. There is nothing wrong with Mother's Day or Fathers' day. If you are offended that these holidays exist or that genders exist in reality then you need to either get over it or go live in a cave.

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Harper, Druid of the Irredeemably Moist,

Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina - we got confused because boys want the vagina and don't know how to get it, and girls want a penis and won't admit it because mommy daddy school and every body else told them sex is bad. when they should be teaching them no to bite the penis and by all means swallow . Monica Lewinsky did and Bill Clinton paid her big time cash .

David, Devourer of Justice,

Very true, gender is a kind of a binary thing, but there is a big grey area. It's called intersex, it's the biological scale that separates men and women and it's not that small anymore. With ever generation it's becoming more and more common. Now sexuality is a diverse thing, and it really shouldn't be categorized because of that.

Blaine, Shaman of the craft table,

A very small percentage might be biologically a man and a woman at the same time because of a genetic mishap, but guess what, then two genders still exist in that person, male and female. Male and female is what exists in genders, period.

Ari, Paladin of the Rich,

Yep gender exists!!! There are only 2 men and women. Dont add anymore :)