What it says on the tin.

Sinsinawa look at me. Who was I before ? Who am I now ? I saw the Golem foundry at the center of the earth. I heard the full name of Adam.

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Andy, Garçon of the Wicked,

Also i have heard the full name of the first man Adom/Atom/Adam , it is as long as the alphabet itself and it contains great power if chanted as a key

Taylor, Writer of the Wicked,

Advice, let sleeping dogs lie, especially inside the earth. Do not wake entities God has imprisoned. Waking them puts freedom and maybe even life at peril. I read from an apocryphal Old Testament book that some demons literally just killed people, like out of a horror movie. God had them imprisoned inside the earth. Fools want to wake them up.

Andy, Garçon of the Wicked,

This foundry i talk about is already in full control and operation. There was black chanting and spell warding in the metal that composed the golems bodies. It is fully magick operated from the smelting to the assembly.

Andy, Garçon of the Wicked,

Do you dare look ? I Lie in a tomb in the Nile. Help me find home