What it says on the tin.

I mean , you won't get decapitated you can kill Jews and Christians molest children , and you get 72 virgins . and all you have to do is die for Allah . Nah, I think I'll wait for Trump to throw the Mexicans over the wall and then get a kid they abandon and lick Ice Cream off her ass.

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Bobbie, Soldier of Darkness,

Well I do believe that one is eternally saved by trusting Christ to save them. So Muslims, or anyone else, should ask themselves if they trust Christ. If a Muslim does, then he is saved. Those who are in the churches greatly need to examine themselves on this issue. I fear that many are outwardly religious but not inwardly truly saved. I don't want to see Muslims decapitated. To wish that is sick. I wish to see ISIS and people of like mind mowed down by gatling guns and missiles, but that is a separate issue from how I view many Muslims.

Andy, Attendant of the Poor,

Muslims get decapited too.

Reggie, Attendant of Generosity,

I prefer to apply hellfire missiles from drones, tomahawk cruise missiles, MOAB's, and gatling guns on the armies of ISIS rather than converting to their brand of Islam out of fear plus the evil privileges you THINK you have, but the REAL GOD is not fooled.

Bobbie, Soldier of Darkness,

Well well well. Cowards convert if they are threatened with death or other sanctions for refusing conversion. Converting to a religion should be done for well thought out reasons and reasons of the heart. Converting to a religion SO THAT you can give your permission to do evil is to invite God's judgement. It is a better idea to have an attitude of repentance over evil. Just because a religion or sect of a religion gives you permission to do evil doesn't mean God is pleased with it at all.