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Texas evangelist Lowell Mims is really a scammer and goes to churches to collect BIG offerings from unsuspecting people. All in the name of God. Beware of this guy. He has a history of taking people's money to live a lavish lifestyle. [filtered hyperlink]

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Stevie, Barbarian of the Wildlands,

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Frankie, Summoner of Justice,

I do not know why this negative, completely untrue post has been blogged. There is absolutely no truth in it. Evangelist Lowell Mims pays his own airfares and does not live a lavish lifestyle as he drives an 11 year old vehicle (only family vehicle), has lived in the same home for 24 years and has given the entire offering on many occasions back to the churches. He has many endorsement letters from pastors all across America and in many of these letters pastors have stated that Evangelist Lowell Mims never asked for a dime even though knowing their churches were very small and Evangelist Mims makes no demands on the size of the offerings. After Evangelist Lowell Mims pays for the airfares and receives the offerings, on several occasions the offerings received were only enough to cover the airfare and no more to cover his necessary expenses.

Dana, Illusionist of the Poor,

look up bioperformance and Lowel Mims and you'll see that he was involved in a mothball gas pill scam that was supposedly to save you on fuel.: [filtered hyperlink]

Adrian, Gunner of Good,

Well according to Mark Taylor, look him up on YouTube, many churches are going to need to repent. God is not pleased with the 501c3 system. It has opened the door to the kind of greed that Lowell Mims and others like him represent. It is a compromise in the churches and a covenant with Baal, a bloodthirsty entity that feeds off the the energy of well-meaning but unwitting people. The churches will either repent, or God will break them up and force Christians to regroup under different conditions more pleasing to Him. Do not be sad when you see a mass exodus from churches. It does not mean a loss of faith, rather it means Christians are coming to their senses and won't participate in a system that tries to worship God and Baal at the same time. Remember the prophet Elijah and his show down with the prophets of Baal. Elijah said how long will you halt between two opinions? If Baal be the Lord, worship him, but if God be the Lord, worship HIM.....All that money supposedly for more ministry...hypocrisy more like it...God's judgement is already on the churches. Real repentance on their knees is needed. My church attendance has been sporadic over the last few years but my spiritual growth has been explosive. Not some touchy feely New Agey stuff, but some real growth in the Lord. As scripture says, "judgement begins in the house of God" let them tell the world to repent AFTER they repent first...