What it says on the tin.

We should just read the NT.

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Adrian, Herald of the Financial Services department,

The great Senate will ordain the triump For one who afterwards will be vanquished, driven out: At the sound of the trumpet of his adherents there will be Put up for sale their possessions, enemies expelled.The republic of the great city Will not want to consent to the great severity: King summoned by trumpet to go out, The ladder at the wall, the city will repent.

Stevie, Knight of the Homeless,


Harper, Funeral Director of the Hungry,

Not true at all. In fact many of the Apostle Paul's sayings were from the Wisdom of Solomon, which was an APOCRYPHAL Old Testament book, often not considered fully inspired by Protestants. The Old Testament is the foundation for the New. Some of the physical ceremonial things the Jews had to obey are not needed to be physically obeyed in the New Testament era, but they are SYMBOLS of things we need to obey in a spiritual sense. For example keeping the Sabbath on Saturday in the Old REPRESENTS entering God's rest and having a 24/7 Sabbath rest of trusting in God's grace in the New Testament. We are to have a physical work/rest cycle in the New Testament era, but I don't think keeping it on Saturday needs to be so strict in our modern world. By the way, Sunday is NOT the New Testament Sabbath day and never will be. The bible gives no support for Sunday being a New Sabbath for the New Testament. Depending on interpretation it may give some support for going to church Sunday mornings, but that DOES NOT make it a New Official Sabbath Day. I heard the early Jewish Christians would keep Sabbath on Saturday sometimes (maybe because that is what they were used to) and they would go to church Sunday morning, then after church they would go to work, Saturday, not Sunday, was their day off. If one keeps Sunday as a Sabbath it is simply a choice to rest, NOT a command from God for our current age.

Stevie, Knight of the Homeless,

The OT God is an asshole. Jesus is cool.