What it says on the tin.

God the father is a hypocrite. Rip the OT from your Bible and worship Jesus.

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Andy, Hero of the Poor,

Wow. That's like saying burn the forest but keep the tree. The God of Abraham was a loving and fearful God in the Thousands of years before Jesus, and it seemed like He was a vicious God. Yet, it is more likely in many of the situations that the story grew complete with justifications as to why did you just slaughter a thousand people. Divinely inspired or not, people lie to not seem like the bad guy sometimes. Also, if God is an eternal being of spirit that we will see after we die then death doesn't matter, only how we behave before death. Jesus is not a God, nor is Mary. The way to God is through the teachings of Jesus, not worshiping him. See how people get things all twisted up to suite there own agenda? After all, Jesus was a Jew. -Jazeriel

Ash, Shaman of the IT department,

"The God of Abraham was a loving and fearful God" What was he afraid of?

He practiced infanticide. What kind of example is that for a father to present to his children?

I do like that you aren't one of those lying Christian polytheists who hide behind the "trinity".

Frankie, Wizard of the Hungry,

I have now figured out that whether label a belief in the Trinity monotheism or polytheism, I care not. You are super-imposing man made philosophy upon what God has revealed in the bible. The important thing is to worship God as revealed in the bible regardless of what labels we attach to Him. God has the power over life and death. WE are not to commit murder, but God rightly has authority over life death. Part of the reason murder is a sin is because humans usurp God's authority over life and death, it is like the human saying "I am God" or something like that. Per the few instances in the Old Testament when the Israelites were commanded to kill everyone, men, women, and children, then in EVERY case they were tribes of giants, in other words hybrid beings that were genetically related to the Nephilim of Gen 6, the offspring that resulted from fallen angels marrying human women. This genetic splicing is an abomination to God, these beings were never meant to exist, so God commanded that they be wiped out. They were often very wicked anyway, they were often hyper-violent and often even cannibals. In wars with nations of regular humans the command was that of kindness once military victories were won.

Ash, Shaman of the IT department,

Jesus seems to practice what he preaches unlike the father. -S