What it says on the tin.

There is one race of beings that has done more harm to our world than any other: Jews. Jews are a race of parasites who leech off of every civilized country they can slither into and feed off of it until its economy is drained and its moral fabric is completely unraveled. Jews are left-wing degenerates and Communists who promote every type of social ill and destructive lifestyle you can think of. They pressure the shabbos goyim in our governments to support their "holy land" called Israel which they stole through bloodshed from the Palestinians, and to give them reparations for a genocide (the Holocaust) which has largely been proven to be a hoax. Jews are bloodsuckers, thieves, crooks, liars, manipulators, con men, swindlers, peddlers of immorality and indecency, etc. They are a nihilistic cult of deviants and sociopaths who bring misery and sorrow to all civilized nations, and control and corrupt all of our institutions. We really should have let the Nazis win WW2. Hopefully someday we'll have a leader who will finish the job Hitler started.

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David, Musician of the Wicked,

The Jews didn't sell our country out to the Russians.

Stevie, Venture Capitalist of Justice,

I'd trust the Russians sooner than I'd trust the kikes.

David, Musician of the Wicked,

Everything you have said is pure shit, except for "which they stole through bloodshed from the Palestinians". For a group that complains about being victimized, they sure like victimizing others. Oh right! I forgot. God gave them the land. They are the choen people and the rest of us don't matter.

Peyton, Chef of Justice,

I'm guessing you are 17 and your brain hasn't fully formed. Or you are just trying to get attention.

People who follow the Jewish religion, or whose parents followed the Jewish religion are actually just people. They don't leech or steal or damage society any more than anyone else. Their religion makes no difference. And if you think it does, then YOU are the problem

Morty, Soldier of Darkness,

We should not be prejudiced against people just because they are Jews.

David, Musician of the Wicked,

The women are quite attractive. I like to fuck 'em.

Stevie, Venture Capitalist of Justice,

Keep sucking that Jew dick, you little bitch, and remember to keep those checks to IsraHELL coming in.

David, Musician of the Wicked,

Do you ever say anything intelligent?

Stevie, Venture Capitalist of Justice,

Fuck off, you shabbos goy cuck.

David, Musician of the Wicked,

Methinks you doth protest too much. What is it? Self-loathing because of Jewish blood in your family? Your secret is safe with me.

Charlie, Magician of the Rich,


George, Carpenter of the Poor,

The Jews are just a cover used by the Jesuits, who are really in control. Watch Walter Veith's 5 part series 'From Crete to Malta' on Youtube.

David, Musician of the Wicked,

The psychosis expressed on this page is fascinating.

Max, Keeper of Arts and Crafts,

God is the ultimate authority, but in this world there is conflict between good and evil and many hidden things go on behind the scenes. 1 Corinthians 4:5 'Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.'

David, Musician of the Wicked,

The Christian God is an immoral God who destroys the world just because he doesn't like how humans act. That's immaturity as well as immorality. Why should I trust anyone that worships such a God?