What it says on the tin.

I stop believing in God just yesterday. Last week, 1 of my gamerz was killed brutally with his younger brother. I want to believe that God has the reason why he allowed those things to happened, but looking back a few months ago where 52 inocent people where also brutally killed, I then ask, Is there really God? why did he allow this to happened? where is he? Jason who's only 9 yrs old, and his brother jayjay was only 1 year and 4 months old and these baby are so innocent and they were killed whithout reason. When I came home to my parents house yesterday, they told me that they both are so tired anymore and they need to have atleast a happy remaining days of there lives. I recall for almost 7 years I ask God to give my parents a rest on their burdens. I did not ask him for fortune, but ask him for a good harvest that atleast we can pay our debts and be able to start a new life without debts. On those years I believe that God will provide us what we need, but he failed me. Yes, we can eat, but we scavs for food before we can 8. we suffer so much before. And I ask God what have we done, that he deserted us? we believed in him ever since. We might have sinned, but I asked for his forgiveness. I am a son, who only wish for a happy day for my parents. I don't care if I don't have anything since I am still young, and can work and find for my self and my family. I ask only for my parents to be relieve from debts and hardship and can enjoy their remaining day happily. But did he ever heard me? No he did not. He might have heard me, but he ignore me. I failed to realized that once he also have parents. But as God I believe he did not even care for his parents. I realize He is not there, He might be, but he only grant the prayers of dirty Politicians, rich people, whom can build great churches for him. who can give rightaway what he wants, and denied people like me who cannot even afford to build chapel for him. I stop believing in God because he makes me to. I became bad in deeds and in mind because he makes me to. If he believes I don't exist, why should I believe he does. If God is there,,,,,,,,nah! who cares? 
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Frankie, Fashion Designer of Good,
i used to think this, actually.. i used to be an athiest.. i used to think the same stuff everyday. but how do you explain miracles? how do you explain beauty? like the stars, they are unbelievable.. and God created them so we would all be under the same stars, to enjoy. And no matter what, everyone dies. we all die innocently, death is just  a part of life. Everyone is gonna go through it. and religion.. i dont believe in it at all. No way. its rules.. bunch of bull. i believe in a relationship with God. and you need that kind of crutch to make it through the life you are supposed to live.    
Ash, Fashion Designer of the Hungry,
God is a myth...miracle may not be "explainable", but that still doesn't mean god exists...
Andy, Servant of the Wildlands,
You are right. There is no God. But see, this is a beautiful thing! Society tells us that we either believe in God, or become wrong-doers, evil, bad people. This is wrong! We should become BETTER people. People is all we have. You are now free to bring as much love, peace, kindness, empathy, and generosity into the world as you can. This is what it's all about! Not waiting for an imaginary god, but taking it into your own hands. Cherish family and friends. Have FUN! Be a good person. I know it's scary when you realize that god is a lie, like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, but it's also freeing! God hasn't forsaken you. God doesn't hate you. He doesn't exist. The earth is wild and beautiful and free. And so are you. You're going to be okay.
Andy, Clerk of Darkness,
Hi sweetheart, Please read Psalm 73. I agree with you and I too nearly lost my faith many times. My father is a pastor, and my mother is a loving, giving, amazing woman. Yet nothing but ill seems to come upon our family. I am selfish, prideful, you name it. I, like Paul am the "chief of sinners" yet I do not seem to have these hardships. Think about it... could it be that your family is being tested? Do not think that He has ever left you. We leave Him, but He is the faithful Shepherd and you will ALWAYS be his treasured lamb.  John 10:27-30: My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand. My father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father's hand. I an the Father are one.  Believe it. He is faithful. K