What it says on the tin.

Zeus your Doctors know about you . The police know about you . The little girl you're stalking , she thinks you're funny and harmless . But the fact is , you're dangerous aren't you ? Do the Demons talk to you from inside the walls ? They're coming for you

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Ari, Gunner of Generosity,

this Zeus guy is Zach Arzmon on Gematrix. His grandfather was a Knight of Columbus. I know his real name and he will be summonsed to a federal court very soon.

Brett, Thief of the Hungry,

Whoever you are.... Thank you for posting this...Salute...! Steven James Dishon Linwood Michigan

Frankie, Deviant of Space,

Prince Julian de Medici your death is near and you know it. I can sense your fear. How many devils did I kill the other day?

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