What it says on the tin.

I local church near me is some politically correct mess of an emergent SJW CUCKS!!! HERE is a statement from their website on how be SAVED...

Our inability to reestablish our relationship with God leaves us dependent on God's mercy. God graciously provided the means to reconcile this relationship through faith in Jesus Christ. - (CORRECT SO FAR) - Our relationship is re-established when we make a commitment to accept Jesus as God's son and Leader of our lives. Through faith in Jesus Christ, our sins are forgiven, and we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and eternal life.


First of all making a "commitment" to Jesus saves ONLY if it includes TRUSTING Jesus, otherwise it is not saving faith and only produces fake Christians, which explains probably why some modern churches are such messes. So many churches and pastors are currently filled with fake Christians, and many others are true Christians but are heavily compromised and spiritually weak, tepid, and pathetic. Christians need to pray for some real repentance and the power of God to work in their lives.

To me a church like that has TWO purposes for someone like ME to attend, ONE is to tell them to REPENT, INCLUDING THE PASTOR, and if he will not receive it, then I will walk away. The other is to meet some nice young Christian ladies. A GOOD church to me means attending for primarily spiritual purposes with social things including with the ladies a SECONDARY purpose, but a church like that, getting with the ladies is a PRIMARY thing as far as I am concerned, along with trying to tell the pastor and people there to REPENT!!!

Practically speaking, this acceptance is demonstrated through both a private and public commitment. We demonstrate our commitment privately by faith (acting upon our belief that God has the power to save us) and repentance (turning back to God and depending on Him to control our lives). We also publicly express our commitment by confessing our acceptance of God's salvation and submitting ourselves in baptism by immersion.

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I did play with the ouija board and now I'm scared you check back with me, I asked who was ZoZo it said King Joshua I thought I was being funny but I'm scared now . It said Kid Joshua is the thief and will kill everybody in the world. and it spelling adpatrik what is that ? What really scared me was it said dead and a clock flew off the wall .

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allah worships my penis-----Finally a colour photograph of allah has been taken. To see it google ‘black pig’.

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Bearing in mind I've sodomized allah a milliard times, I’m getting concerned about how much of my sperm has leaked from allah's anus into the bedrock of arabia. It might affect the oil supply. Oil companies take note.

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During our usual sex romp at the kaaba in mecca last night allah overshot his sperm quota. –allah swallowed 0.0007 ml extra sperm and must be punished! What do you suggest as the appropriate punishment for allah for swallowing too much of my cum during our saudi sexcapade? A] force allah to wear a long black dress under the hot arabian sun B] cut off allah’s hoof C] give allah 20 lashes D] stone allah to death. These punishments may sound extreme, but they are things allah himelf has ordered done to MANY people for over a thousand years

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-allah sucks DAVID DUKE’S Penis 5 times a day!! -allah is the slave of the CIA -allah is the only begotten piglet of a dirty pig! - allah is the only begotten son of a dirty pig! -allah is the chattel slave of BREITBART

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I know where allah lives. –allah lives in the white house main toilet. allah’s favourite treat is DONALD TRUMP’S FAECES. Be silent and hear allah now. allah eats Donald Trump’s shit as allah shouts:-“DONALD TRUMP AKBAR!!!”

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-allah is going to get what is coming to him- DEATH!!! I charge allah the pig guilty of being a thief and a fool. Choose his punishment viz- 1. I will force allah to wear a black dress under the hot desert sun 2. I will stone allah to death 3. I will cut off one of allah’s hands.
Do these punishments sound extreme? They are things allah has done to THOUSANDS for centuries. Tit for tat. That fool and imbecile allah should eat a taste of his own medicine!!!

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-islam is a religion of PISS. Pig piss!!! allah is the slave of pigs islam has no place in civilized society The quran is a cheap, poor quality answer to the Bible The quran copied the Bible, and very poorly too -allah is my slave, bought and paid for by a litre of whisky and a pound of pork! I swear by Him that lives forever and ever that I will one day kill allah!

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allah smells like shit mixed with piss Bought a quran yesterday. The cover smelt like bitch, the inside smelt like shit. Pig shit! What is mohammed’s mother’s name? BITCH -allah’s favourite food? Pig shit -allah’s favourite drink? Pig piss

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I charge allah for encouraging mohammed [shame be upon him] to fuck a 9 year old girl!!! I find allah guilty of encouraging dirty old men in paedophilia.

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LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! Where is allah now? In Mauritania, eating pig shit In Madagascar, drinking pig piss In turkey, drinking pig sperm In New York ground zero , licking my dick!

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Masturbate on the quran and switch off all electronic devices. Youwill hear allah screaming “AMERICA AKBAR!! DONALD TRUMP AKBAR!!!’

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No - It's Hillbilly cannibalism . Especially in Eastern Kentucky .

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2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV) 14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

So very often GOD'S people need to repent. That is in the BIBLE. I would include myself, as being encouraged to grow spiritually and throw off sin from my own life. Since ALL believers are saved by God's grace, and no human is perfect in this life. I may be more serious about attempting to have good doctrines than many of these emergent churches, but still spiritual growth is a process no matter how you slice it. So anyone who denies that churches and Christians need to repent ever, should refer to the above referenced bible verse.

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I saw a video of an idiot transgender studies professor that DENIES that male and female even exist. God CREATED mankind MALE AND FEMALE. PERIOD!!! This idiot professor denies truth. I don't deny that a very small percentage of the population struggles with their gender identity, but that does NOT mean that MOST people are CLEARLY MALE OR FEMALE!!! PERIOD!!! ANYTHING ELSE GOES AGAINST GOD!!! PERIOD!!! AMEN!!! PRAISE GOD!!! AMEN!!!

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https :// www . youtube . com/watch?v=mAYs2AMXK6A The church featured in this video sent delinquent notices to member for unpaid tithes. The Apostles say that New Testament giving is BY GOD'S WILL, SUPPOSED TO BE FREE WILL GIVING, NOT LIKE paying a BILL or a TAX. So therefore ANY OTHER pattern of giving in the New Testament Church epoch is UNBIBLICAL and NOT GOD'S WILL. This church needs to REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!!

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I believe that we are quickly coming to a point where to SAVE freedom and democratic government in the US Trump will have to USE selected military law enforcement assets to round up evil elites that will LOOK LIKE an attempt to impose martial law from the uninformed or to people who already hate Trump. If these elites are NOT dealt with they will turn the US over to a more direct political control of an antichrist spirit, and eventually the Antichrist himself whenever he comes on the scene. I heard a powerful prophesy that God's timeline is actually for the Antichrist to come a little later, but the globalist elites want him to be set up really soon, within a few years from now. God has denied Satan's timeline, and is using Trump as His instrument to fight the globalist elites.

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Bearing in mind I've sodomized allah a milliard times, I’m getting concerned about how much of my sperm has leaked from allah's anus into the bedrock of arabia. It might affect the oil supply. Oil companies take note.

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allah’s favourite drink is sperm cola. -allah sucks pig dick and drinks pig piss

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It is God's will for all the corrupt politicians be rounded up, especially those involved in child trafficking. I do not care if half the Senate is rounded up, put on trial, and thrown into prison, if half are involved, then half should be rounded up. I do not care even if Federal judges go down if they are involved in this stuff. Round them all up. I do not care if some SJW's cry "Trump is imposing martial law...." Let it be known that rounding these people up will PROTECT our Constitutional Freedoms in the long term. They had designs to do away with those rights within a few years from now especially had Hillary won. I do not care if there are a LOT of sudden job openings in the government, let those positions be replaced by upright people. AMEN!!!

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The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has included pedophilia in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders therapy may help them manage those feelings and not act on them.But heaven forbid we should seek help .

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https :// www . sordrescue . com/uploads/4/7/7/9/47798703/01-19-18theevilcrewof_32.pdf

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With God's justice being poured out, and accelerating now, I am taking bets on the EXACT percentage of Senators and Congressmen involved in human trafficking or other corruption to be hauled before tribunals.

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To the wicked elites, I say this: "Against GOD, BRING IT ON!!! STEP UP INTO HEAVEN, and BRING IT ON!!!!, see how fast you are destroyed." Can you count in microseconds?

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allah is the poster pig for syphillis

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NEWSFLASH-let me assure all muslims worldwide that even though I have fucked allah in the anus 453 times, allah’s rectum has not ruptured-yet

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Very Ancient Hebrew is a pictographic language. In Genesis 1:1 when it reads "In the beginning" in English bibles, in pictographic Hebrew the letters used in this phrase can spell another sentence based on what the picture each letter represents.

It reads thus: "The Son of God will be pressed by his own hand on a cross". I would say that is ABSOLUTELY NOT A COINCIDENCE.

I also like how when Yahshuah (Jesus in Hebrew) is spelled in pictographic Hebrew. It the sentence made from the letters reads "The ARM that will destroy the establishment of the EYE". As in the eye in the capstone that WISHES to plant itself on top of the pyramid. THIS eye is an usurper. God will defeat it in the end. Looks like some things going on right now are keeping it back if you will, things in the spiritual and political realms. The ancient letter "Shin" is ONE letter, but with THREE crowns. I wonder what THAT is supposed to mean.

The last letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the Tav. In pictographic Hebrew it looks like a cross. Again this is no coincidence. God set it up to be that way on purpose. It also has the meaning of marking the sign of a covenant. Once again, NO COINCIDENCE here.

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allah has sucked my dick again. For 7 days straight allah has been sucking my dick. i fear allah's rectum will rupture from my penis. allah IS A FUCKING BASTARD!

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Some asked why I am obsessed with human trafficking. There is a VERY GOOD REASON for my obsession. First of all, people engaging in it open doors for evil powers and principalities to have authority over our nation, regions, and cities. When we end or at least decimate human trafficking those powers will be weakened, and people will be able to more quickly and more easily be able to experience POSITIVE spiritual power. Then of course, it is a tool of the evil elite cabalists, and going after human trafficking means arresting many of THEM and throwing them into prison, taking the US out of danger of losing its sovereignty to some global government that would take away our freedoms. Of course it also means the victims being free to live a normal and healthy life. Their slavery is a PICTURE or symbol of what kind of enslavement would happen to the rest of us if the cabalists gained full power. We need to pray against the spiritual powers behind them and sooner or later, "deal" with them. They belong in prison. We should pray that comes to pass soon.

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I read an article recently that 500 got arrested for human trafficking in California. This is NOT regarding regular prostitutes and pimps, but forced human trafficking, 56 were rescued, some were kids. Granted with regular pimps, they are often abusive, but that is somewhat separate from the forced human trafficking networks. The STORM is beginning to gain momentum. THANK YOU JESUS!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!

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I was taking a road trip and saw several things in a row that upon praying felt they were signs from God. The order also indicates they were signs. Each of these took place the order I am going to list. The first sign I saw was a top tower, and I was thinking of the tower as a symbol of power for the elite cabal. Very close to the tower was a downed tree trunk. The interpretation here is that the towers of the elites will fall flat. Then a little later I looked up at the sky, it was very overcast with dark clouds, but I saw sunbeams breaking through holes in the clouds. When the elites fall, the light of God will begin to shine down more easily, also connected with prayers to expose and bring down the elites and their human trafficking. Then later the next sign I saw was a prisoner transport bus that I passed. The sign here is of human traffickers being arrested, put on trial, and sent to prison. The next sign I saw a little later was a deep pit off the side of the freeway. Here this means if the elites and human traffickers do not repent, they will be thrown into a deep pit. Later the road led up higher into the mountains. This represents being on the mountain of God, such as when Moses encountered God on the mountain. When the elites are taken down, it will be easier to experience God. After that I saw a sign mentioning the city of Berea was coming up. This is like the Bereans, who searched the scriptures to see if these things were so.

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islam is more of a criminal enterprise than a religion. islam dulls the intelligence but sharpens the violence

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Some here have made posts accusing Trump of being the same old same old politician or even worse because the swamp has not been drained yet. Well first of all his administration has passed new rules limiting activities of lobbyists, this by itself will prevent the government to be too skewed to special interests. Now a BIG draining of the swamp is coming. In fact that it will be so BIG that lots of job openings will come up suddenly in government. That means that people of God and all honest and decent people should consider these jobs, and if they are elected office, running for office.

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The Devil whispered in my ear, "You are not strong enough to withstand The Storm". Today I whispered in the Devil's ear, "I AM the Storm."

That is such an awesomely powerful quote. I should say this publicly now, with so many sins people are involved in, even and including my own imperfections, I pray for repentance, healing from the tendencies to commit those sins, healing from the effects of those sins both in the person doing them and the people around them, it is often a prayer for healing, a prayer for mercy and judgment to be stayed, giving people more time to repent. For my own prayers that is often my mode of operation, a pattern if you will.

However, when it comes to these elite globalists trafficking in and murdering children, even though I have prayed for as many of them or even lower and mid level people in these organizations to repent, I have lately prayed "God doesn't that make YOU ANGRY, doesn't that upset YOU? Doesn't that make you MAD? Doesn't that make you FURIOUS? Doesn't that make YOU READY to pour out judgments on these people?". It is as if with this specific issue my prayers are to stir up God's judgments, instead of praying to stay it for more time for people to repent. I do sense this from the Holy Spirit, these people have been given LOTS of time to repent from depravity, if they will not do so NOW, then they will be given ample time to do so in their prison cells. They may NEED that to have ANY chance of repentance and faith in the Lord unto eternal life. Locking them up may LITERALLY lead to the saving of their souls.The storm is building strength right now. It will be of a category 5 hurricane, that spawns F5 tornadoes. The STORM is building strength NOW, then it will make landfall. The repentant, the godly, the storm will give them greater healing and strength, those involved in this stuff, the STORM will knock them down, and if they even then refuse to repent, it will destroy them.

Here is a video: https :// www . youtube . com/watch?v=SMHrEztVbbg

We have two choices in America right now. Either purge the globalist elites, or if Americans defend and protect them, God will destroy the whole nation. The elites are literally scapegoats, and surgical judgments against them will protect the entire nation and people. Even those that don't quite know or believe what is going on, but might be humble enough to learn something new. Christians must do spiritual warfare against dark entities as an army of God. The Word of God is a spiritual sword, but much more powerful than any handheld weapon. It is power from a even a subatomic level.

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A storm is coming. The winds and rain can heal or destroy. It is up to us to choose which it will be. Faith towards God and Christ and repentance will cause it to heal, to resist God will cause it to hinder, knock down, or even destroy.

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touch my penis and hope to fart, allah is an ass!!!

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I prefer reality. Is this enough characters, Gannon?

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Two Twins Twined


The Primordial Waters told the two twins twined in time , the time they thought together they would thrive. The Two twins tried to trap the test of time in the tar pit called Tartarus. Then and there time and space would be transformed by the Two, transcending their tribulations.

This didnt happen though, the moment transgression was tried, Tartarus trapped the Two twins twined, and for their distrust in the truthful words of Water, the time of lies came upon creation. In this time all was uncertain, the path unclear, the two twins twined , now trapped, waged war against each other , this lasted for eternity. Until One day the Beast came to Be.

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The Pendulum of 22


" #1 - The Age of Fire was the pride of the Father , sustaining every living creature with warm daylight , his Will , undivided. Oh .. Celestial Mother , thy womb left to webs and combs, a shadow of your full potential, used and forgotten, clouded by judgement, the Will of man that have given shape to thy children , the same children that burned down the very house you so carefully arrenged , from Chaos , the Void it came. Order has usurped your throne , and in filth your children bathe. Blood and Guts is the curse of the flesh , bestowed upon Mankind by the Father , on the other hand , Death, the divine relief , the gift you have given us.

Black Shadowy Void ~ Filled and empty with potential ~ Everlasting , never changing potential, uncorrupted by Will

The untouched, virgin mary, daugther of Chaos, My Love My Refuge

I am yours trully. Forever "

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Trump is now a Christian. That means ALL of his sins are forgiven. To judge him by his past sins, including that infamous tape with Billy Bush on the bus, tells me you do not really believe in the forgiveness of sins. The blood of Christ forgives ALL sins. If you do not believe in the forgiveness of sins an ALL levels, then what are you doing even BEING a Christian. If you condemn Trump for his past then you are a hypocrite as a Christian.

posted to religion by Aubrey, Stewardess of Justice (10 comments)

is a miscarriage of justice and a fundamental flaw of Christianity.

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Donald Trump said "there is a storm coming". What do you think it means? I believe this coming storm is prophetic.

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Thousands have been arrested for human trafficking last year, the mainstream media reported some of the stories, but not all or not in as great of detail as they should have...but I am beginning to feel this year is a year for higher level people to be rounded up for this stuff. I read again a few more pastors got arrested. Church leaders that are corrupt on this level take my warning VERY VERY VERY SERIOUSLY. GOD IS NOT FOOLING AROUND ANYMORE, if there is not quick repentance God will MAKE SURE that pastors doing this kind of stuff will go to prison in similar circumstances where others might slide by a little longer, and if there is repentance and they haven't done stuff too horribly serious, get lost in the shuffle where they won't get caught. What is happening and coming soon, IS GOD'S JUSTICE, make no mistake about it. The human agencies involved will merely be acting as visible tools of an invisible God's justice. Make no mistake, authorities involved in this stuff WILL be taken care of as well...God will MAKE SURE they also get arrested and thrown into prison, MAKE NO MISTAKE about it. They are being tracked by the eyes of God, the ONLY protection is, as I keep saying is REPENTANCE REPENTANCE REPENTANCE!!! God tracks things in ways the NSA and CIA only DREAM about.

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https :// [filtered hyperlink] . com/watch?v=mAYs2AMXK6A

This church needs to REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! I will point my finger in that pastor's face and tell him to REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! This is the OPPOSITE of how the Apostle Paul did things.

The guy narrating this video makes a good point that we are in the age of grace where tithing is no longer required, good point, but even then, churches that CHARGE people to be members. HERETICS REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! So these days are the GODLY Christians the ones that avoid church or are VERY VERY VERY SELECTIVE about where they attend.

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Here is a video about a BAPTIST Church that needs TO REPENT REPENT REPENT!!!!!!

https :// [filtered hyperlink] . com/watch?v=mWDkMnRopWo

I DO NOT APOLOGIZE for saying this "church" needs to REPENT, nor do I REPENT of saying they need to REPENT! I DO NOT AND WILL NEVER REPENT of saying that churches like this need to REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! The Spirit of the Living God says to them to REPENT REPENT REPENT!!! Or God WILL deal with them in some very uncomfortable ways!!!

If your choice is to attend THIS church or NEVER go to church again, then it is more godly to NEVER go to church again. Going to a church LIKE THIS is like being nurtured in the belly of the WHORE of BABYLON. These people need to cut themselves out of her womb and escape. Her womb keeps them from seeing the true light. If they escape, then they can see the true light of God and Christ Jesus.

He mentions Ishtar in this video. Ishtar is a renaming of Semiramis, Nimrod's wife. Nimrod commissioned the building of the Tower of Babel, where God caused human languages to be diversified and for the rest of the story, the Book of Jasher describe show God wrecked the top third of the tower with a strong wind, the bottom third with an earthquake, and left the remaining third for some time after as a testimony to the foolishness of attempting to overthrow Him. Some say the purpose of the tower was to try to open a dimensional gate to God's throne room and try to kill Him and take His throne. That didn't work out too well for Nimrod and his people.

Some Christians and even some people who left the church and are now atheist or agnostic have tried to rebuke me for telling some churches to repent. I think you can see why I will NEVER stop telling them to repent. These kinds of churches should either REPENT or the people should GET OUT. It is not that these churches are excommunicating the people, but rather when the faithful leave, THEY are excommunicating these churches. I have already excommunicated ALL churches of this kind from MY fellowship. I am not excommunicated FROM them, THEY are excommunicated FROM ME!!! AMEN!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

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At the start of her fame Lady Gaga sold her soul for her success. Now she trying to expose people who worship Lucifer, and she is seeking deliverance from demons that probably indwell her. I saw footage of her at a church I think in New York undergoing attempted exorcisms. Now that she is trying to break free and expose the evil, I would call upon people to pray for her.

I heard that some Christians are against praying for her. These Christians ought to be ashamed of their attitude and REPENT. THEIR attitude is probably also influenced by demons, therefore they should REPENT and pray to be free from thoughts demons and fallen angels are putting into their heads.

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