What it says on the tin.

Here is a fascinating video: https:// [filtered hyperlink]. com/watch?v=oD3HevLL-Hs. I believe attempting Transhumanism is a GREAT SIN. We should repent before even trying it. I believe it is the SAME sin Adam and Eve committed in the Garden when they took the fruit and ate it. It is the SAME thing. I contend that the Mark of The Beast is a chip that will change your DNA and change people into Nephilim, making them unredeemable and fit only to burn in the lake of fire forever. https:// [filtered hyperlink] . com/watch?v=zMOd3cw-c8I

Transhumanism could put people into a state of a living hell they can't get out of for a long time, or in some cases, forever.

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May the LORD REBUKE POPE FRANCIS UNTO REPENTANCE, lest he slip into an eternity without Christ...and suffering the torment that state will bring. Or is he really and anti-pope?

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Plastic shaman Carme Kwasny , the chairman of the NAAoG (Native American Association of Germany

posted to religion by Frankie, Druid of Musclebeasts (3 comments)

Native American ceremonies sweat lodge with Carme Kwasny tickets1st Chairman Rodenbacher Str. 22 67661 Kaiserslautern Phone: 06301-59 30. Mobil: 0173-10 12 55 3

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In the Old Testament God calls the offspring of fallen angels and humans bastards. The Hebrew word indicates illegitimate offspring. In the case of the Genesis 6 giants this is INDEED true. The word bastard MIGHT apply to other situations in the bible, but the giants and hybrid offspring are the FULLEST sense of the word as far as God is concerned. They are indeed BASTARDS. In the Old Testament the Israelites were RIGHTLY told by GOD, NOT RELIGIOUS OPINION, to WIPE OUT EVERY MEMBER of the tribes of giants. Men, women, children, even animals (they were hybridized in by the fallen angels and tribes of giants as well.) I think their purpose was to replace the human race created in God's image with their own kind and also to try to disrupt the bloodline of Christ. When God forbade intermarriage with other tribes it was often because those tribes were hybrids.

posted to religion by Brett, Samurai of Space (2 comments)

When countries finally stand up and join together against this power it will be the beginning of large-scale destruction and the era of "trials and tribulations" will begin. The false trumpet concealing madness will cause Byzantium to change its laws. From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.The trumpet shakes with great discord.An agreement broken: lifting the face to heaven: the bloody mouth will swim with blood; the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground. In ancient vedic astrology, Trump has the Dragon's Head/Tail conjunct his Full Moon/Sun. Because his Full Moon is under the Earth and the Sun directly overhead that strengthens the Dragon. Lastly, all the planets are on one side of the Dragon's Head/Tail axis, called "The serpent devouring the heavens ". Highly unusual! A triple Dragon

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Adam = Man Seth = Appointed Enosh = Mortal Kenan = Sorrow; Mahalalel = The Blessed God Jared = Shall come down Enoch = Teaching Methuselah = His death shall bring Lamech = The Despairing Noah = Rest, or comfort. Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest.

This is what each of the names mean in Hebrew.

Also when you take the word that each letter in Yashua represents in pictographic Ancient Hebrew, Yahsua is the name of Jesus in Hebrew, it spells a sentence that says "The hand that destroys the establishment of the EYE". The EYE being the all-seeing eye in the triangle or pyramid.

posted to religion by Max, Illusionist of Musclebeasts (2 comments)

I believe in Faith and Truth, but not as a response to an argument or question except about timing. I have heard "Truth is Truth", as justification that what someone is saying is true. Guess what? That is not proof what you are saying is true. I believe in God, and I believe Jesus existed, everything I have researched and come across and a basic understanding of human nature only strengthened that belief. I don't expect everyone to believe what I believe, but I do hope that people seek the truth for themselves with an open mind. That doesn't mean you have to be stupid about things, just don't go judging something too quickly. Look at it from all angles. For instance, the Catholic church came into existence little by little between 200-500A.D. and much of their teachings were a merging of Old Testament, New Testament, and Pagan beliefs. After all, Jesus did not ever call himself God or God in the flesh, yet that is what was taught by the Catholics and later all the off shoots. Also, the Catholics, like most religions of the time deified those who seemed blessed or came in contact with Jesus, otherwise why would you pray to them? IE. Mary, the Saints, etc. And according to the 10 Commandments, we are not to worship carved images, yet what is Jesus on a cross? Jesus was a Jew and followed the rules of the Jews, yet recognized some were less important and more guidelines when they became unrealistic. Truth is indisputable logic with solid evidence, which sometimes requires and understanding of how things are in reality. Even some tests scientists do to determine what something is have enough variables they can be open to debate as to the validity of the test being solid evidence. All things are not simple, yet our simple minds want simple answers and refuse to understand anything further, even when it is explained in detail. Truth of anything usually becomes apparent if you understand all things about something, but fact is not everyone can handle the truth about everything because it's too much information. So, we tend to trust one expert or another that we have decided we can trust, but even as good as someone is, they can still be wrong. So, then the question comes to you as to just how important is that truth to you? That is why I think most people live their lives oblivious to a great deal of things going on in the world, because until it affects them, they don't want to care, because it's too hard to care about everything. But then in the end we get in the habit of only caring about ourselves, and not trying to understand anyone else. Complicated, right? Our society has gotten so complex with ideas, that we are overloaded with these thoughts and ideas, like picking what we like from a shopping website but not thinking too much about anyone thing. So, figure out what is important to you, and find the whole truth about it, and make sure to go back to the beginning of what you think you can trust as far as information, because the wrong base can crumble the entire idea. Faith.. Have faith that you will find a full understanding eventually, but don't think you need to have faith that something exists when you haven't even sought the existence nor done the research. You have to look for God and ask for help from Him to find the answers. Then keep your eye's open for clear answers. Then, go ahead and doubt. And ask for further understanding and wisdom. You will come across things that will make things clearer. For instance, there are some who believe in the Bible word for word simply because it hasn't changed much in the last 1500 years, but it's not the ones who had custody of it that you need question but the original writers. In fact, several variations of the same stories give the Gospels more validity than most of the rest, after all, when one person tells a story you have to trust the one, when several do then you have a higher chance of the truth being in amongst their words. Also, there is motivation, for instance, there is a story in Luke that shows that some of the Disciples were becoming thugish in their behavior when a couple that began traveling with the group didn't give up all their wealth to the "group" when they joined and died of shame or "God" struck them down. There are a hand full of stories I doubt the accuracy in the Bible because I know how people are, but that one I have no doubt they justified murdering a couple and called it God's will. Some stories are likely not actual events so much as stories created to teach a lesson. But if one takes into account all historical documents and artifacts, the truth becomes more clear and the manipulations of men more obvious. I do advise you each to do your own research and fact checking, but in the end you will have to trust something, and I advise trusting that which has the most scientific data supporting it rather than theories and political & sociological agendas. After all, how many believe they know what morality is? A quick understanding of knowing if something your doing is wrong, think of whether you would like someone to do it to you. That is a solid fact. Second, if you don't know, ask anyone you might harm by your actions if it would hurt them for it to be done. Politicians giving themselves raises and special healthcare while the country flounders is wrong, yet a teen downloading music to listen to for free is a federal offense? Proving the Golden rule, those with the Gold make the rules. Doesn't make them right, nor moral. Also, things that were common place and frowned on but not prosecuted have over the last 100 years become felonies severe enough to change you to a second class citizen for the rest of your life and spend years and decades in jail, even if they didn't hurt anyone. Morals? The world doesn't understand what that is anymore, they only think they do and want to enforce their idea of morals and justice on everyone else. And partially because of this, they idea of family is disintegrating as well because one part of the family doesn't understand another and there is not enough respect and love to try. Good news? There is always hope, for each person who tries actually does make a difference, like ripples in a pond.

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Aha, I found out that here is a GOOD reason to consider the Trinity the TRUE NATURE of God. Aha aha aha. Most other world religions believe God is a Oneness...they may label other lesser beings gods in their pantheon, but that could be akin to the divine counsel as taught in the bible, as in high ranking angels such as powers, dominions, and thrones. These are created beings but very powerful and high ranking. The divine counsel is taught in the bible. To deny it is heresy or to be ignorant of what the bible teaches. In regards to the main God at the top, other world religions teach oneness. Islam does, non-Christian Jews do, Hinduism even does. Hindus may seem to have millions of gods, but I found out those are the same god with millions of modes. So the be Trinitarian is to contrast with all the other world religions. Therefore faith in the Trinity cannot be considered pagan. If you WANT to label it as polytheism, attach whatever label you want to it, the bible teaches it. People scandalized by people calling the Trinity pagan care more about what outsiders THINK of Christianity instead of what the bible teaches. For me the bible teaches causes me to OBSTINATELY hold to what it teaches over other people's opinions, even if BILLIONS of people disagree with me, I CARE NOT.

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water protector medicine turtle Cherokee. I stand with standing rock we must protect the water and never give up medicine turtle

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We began this with prayer, and we look at this whole movement as a ceremony. It began with prayers before we left, and in the end, it will close with prayers solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe medicine turtle

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water protector medicine turtle at standing rock

posted to religion by Charlie, Hunter of the IT department (3 comments)

Water protector medicine turtle Cherokee March Washington DC. [filtered hyperlink]

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The 'Water Protector' Of Standing Rock medicine turtle is still at standing rock

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medicine turtle Cherokee water protector water protectors" have vowed to hold their ground medicine turtle standing rock

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I will make the case that the ancient giants were the result of fallen angels marrying human women and producing giants from those unions. Genesis 6 says that "the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, took them as wives, and went into them". Then it says the Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also after that. In Hebrew the verse reads that "the sons of God saw the daughters of ADAM.." in biblical language a son of God COULD mean a redeemed human, it also in the Old Testament often and most certainly refers to angels. But the context tells me it is referring to angels marrying daughters of ADAM. Because a redeemed person is both a son or daughter of Adam AND a son or daughter of God. Angels would never be referred to sons of Adam however. I think the verse is contrasting humans and non-humans, why the daughters are called "daughters of Adam" in this verse is telling. This is also why the Israelites were to wipe out certain tribes, ALL of them were giants or other hybrids. The human enemy tribes of Israel were to be militarily defeated but never wiped out to the last person. These giants were often cannibals and blood drinkers, very violent to humans. So they needed to be wiped out and their genome being introduced to the human gene pool needed to be wiped out or at least so diluted that it was of no effect. The Hebrew word is "haram" meaning "devoted to destruction". Some are scandalized by Old Testament verses to wipe out certain tribes, man, woman, and child, but these people do not understand or believe because of false teachings from their churches that these tribes were giants or hybrids.

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SCHWINGHÜTTEN naaog. sign up to join our weekly sweat lodge

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Oklahoma City Oklahoma Native Americans say they were caught ... An investigation into the German organization NAAoG eV.

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NAAoG eV has a weekly sweat lodge group

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Native American Association of Germany in Kaiserslautern is a fake group selling sweat lodges

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Yashua, the name of Jesus in Hebrew, when written in pictographic Hebrew, the letters make a sentence: "The Hand That Destroys the Establishment of the Eye!"

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[filtered hyperlink]

How in the heck is eating all of this luxury seafood have ANYTHING to do with sacrificing for Lent? WTF????? In the Middle Ages the Medieval Church handed down a regulation to skip meat on Fridays because at that time meat was expensive and fish was cheap, so the Church passed this rule so that the rich nobles would feel more solidarity with the poor. Come our modern age many kinds of seafood and fish is MORE EXPENSIVE than many kinds of meat. So hypocrisy, "I am going to Red Lobster to pig out on lobster as MY RELIGIOUS DUTY, AMEN!!!"

To make things more more hypocritical the 40 days of giving up something during the same season Lent JUST HAPPENS TO FALL ON, was originally weeping and mourning for Tammuz, NIMROD'S son, who was killed earlier in his life as a young man, I think he was killed hunting for a boar. So this is where the demonic tradition of having ham on Easter comes from. Easter is really Ishtar, Ishtar is Semiramis, Nimrod's wife and Tammuz's mother. Another tradition the ancient pagans practiced to weep for Tammuz for the 40 days, (Which GOD CALLED AN ABOMINATION in the Old Testament), was to give up some little pleasure one enjoyed.

posted to religion by Aubrey, Tour Guide of Light (6 comments)

Before more and more God's people and good people in general needed to start worrying about being rounded up as global elites started consolidating their power. But now, that Trump is in the elites need to start watching their backs, especially anyone involved in child trafficking and human trafficking. In the past sometimes when a cop car drove by or a black SUV I couldn't help wondering if I was being watched FOR MY BELIEFS or for my beliefs in the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution. Most of the time I am sure passing vehicles of authorities was probably random, but as things were developing throughout 2012 - 2016 if someone hinted that I might be being watched, it would be easier for me to believe it. Now the shoe is on the other foot. The elites and globalists are the ones that need to watch their backs, look over their shoulders, and wonder when even SWAT teams are coming for them.

posted to religion by Eileen, Lover of the Irredeemably Moist (4 comments)

Because I want this world to burn I want you hateful snots destroyed from Rome to Moscow and on over to Sudan torch everyone and everything and when we're in hell im pointing and laughing dead in your faces you corrupted ass niggers and white trash

posted to religion by Reggie, Sniper of the Idealistic (0 comments)

Jews are wicked, repulsive parasites who live to perpetuate global conflict and mayhem. They are behind our wars and every sinister social movement you can think of. They are sponsors of terrorism. I honestly don't know why Trump has bothered to side with them, because they all hate his guts. Why the fuck are we giving all of our money to those rat-nosed leeches? We get nothing in return other than degeneracy and mediocrity. Jews are the lowest subgroup of the human race, yet think they are the chosen ones and view everyone who isn't a Jew as goyim (cattle). They are a plague upon humanity. And anyone who disagrees with me obviously has their head up a kike's ass. That's right, keep sending those checks to Tel Aviv, see where it gets you.

posted to religion by Shiki, Attendant of Musclebeasts (1 comment)

I have heard some never Trumper annoying Christians that don't have a lot of faith say that Trump is really the or an antichrist, and the Christians supporting him are the ones saying "peace and safety" before sudden destruction comes on them in the form of persecution or God's judgments on them. This is taking the biblical passage WAY out of context. The context of THAT verse has to do with the people living UNDER the ANTICHRIST, having already taken the mark, saying peace and safety right before the Lord comes back. Then the Lord returns and destroys them in total destruction on the earth. I currently hold to the view that the rapture will happen AFTER the Tribulation, but BEFORE this total judgment on the earth.

If anything it is the wicked people in high places right now that have been saying "peace and safety", and "we are on the verge of fully controlling the world" (at the expense of the masses of people), but Donald Trump is setting things in motion that will bring many of them down, especially those involved in hidden criminal activities such as child sex trafficking. It is more that the wicked right now are saying "peace and safety" right before THEY are suddenly dealt with as a dress rehearsal or a living prophesy of what will happen at the Second Coming of Christ.

I believe Trump is anointed to be president on the order of King Cyrus.

posted to religion by Aubrey, Breeder of Space (0 comments)

Some have posted comments claiming that when Trump's people round up Senators and Congressmen involved in elite child trafficking rings that it will be only a cover story and that Trump is really trying to be a dictator. I STRONGLY DISAGREE with that. Just YouTube search for videos on pedogate and pizzagate. There is pictorial evidence indicating that the people named are involved in this stuff, and at least have a sexual interest in children. From what I understand the pictures are legal because they are artwork rather than photos of actual children, but tie it in with leaked emails, other evidence, and people giving testimony, other leaked information, and it is hard for me to believe that is merely a group of people in D.C. with tastes in bizarre art with children. If half the Congress and Senate got rounded it I would assume that they were honest arrests and NOT some dictatorial purge.

There are some truthers on YouTube that have been suspicious of government officials for years, and by that I mean intentions, not just mistakes in policies or imperfections in policies. Now all of a sudden ALL of them support Trump. These people can do deep research making it hard for public officials to hide evil that they do. So if Trump WAS evil ALL of them would be speaking against him, including Alex Jones. If the election had gone another way I would be covering all of my tracks on the internet I might have a hidden place to escape to, I would obtain a few guns with enough ammo. The main reason would be preparedness over potential expectation of suspending freedom of speech and religion. These measures would be to defend myself in case people came after me in case of suspending free speech and religion. If it never happened then for instance, my guns would sit quietly in gun cases, maybe out for some practice at a range, but I would have had them as a last resort emergency defense.

posted to religion by Max, Warlord of the Satisfied (9 comments)

The book of Kings tammuz is "son" of Nimrod The Akaddian and this begins idolatry. Gilgamesh also is nimrod these are created by the Nephlim.. These where kings and l Watchers Esau favored The Akkadian in countenance Though he was Of Abraham This allowed him to get close to nimrod and injure him and he fled Jacob robbed his brother of his birth right. Thus came The saying Jacob was favored but he would serve Esau 5 have fallen pre Flood Kings Cainan – Mahalalel- Jared - Enoch – Methuselah – one is , Enoch (( he was Translated )) one has not yet come Lamech – who lived 777 years of age when he comes he must continue a short space – He is of the seven and is the 8th Riddle solved it’s Enoch . Enoch never died .

posted to religion by Adrian, Shepherd of Time (0 comments)

Why do you think churches are dubious at times, off on understanding some scriptures? So many do not believe in the fallen angel theory of Gen 6, they believe it was the sons of Seth instead (not borne out with the Hebrew). What about being saved by grace vs. adding works to get into heaven? Vs. works saving in the sense of better blessing in this life and rewards in the next? Is it people naturally being locked into religious traditions, never challenging what they believe? Is it evil spirits also influencing people's minds? Is it some leaders in some places pretending to be Christians, teaching false doctrines on purpose? Is it that some biblical passages are ambiguous until you do deeper study? All of the above? What about Christian leaders being responsible to follow the Holy Spirit into deeper study regardless of opposing forces, both outside and within themselves? What about church politics of denominations and opinions of the congregation?

posted to religion by Andy, Developer of the Satisfied (0 comments)

Jews are bloodsuckers that are responsible for everything wrong with the world. Throughout history, they've been kicked out of over 100 countries for fucking them up. They are currently trying to flood the West with turd-world immigrants and initiate World War III by making an imaginary boogeyman out of Russia. They need to be expelled from the U.S. and every other country. Let them rot away in IsraHELL counting their shekels and "kvetching" about how nobody likes them.

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This explains everything. Churches have steeples that look like Obelisks, even if there are differences in some details. The Obelisk represents Baal's erect member. The word church means circle, from circe, an ancient pagan goddess. So we have the Obelisk giving seed into the circle. So do many churches that so badly handle the bible to badly misinterpret, mainly by taking verses out of context and super-imposing their own doctrines and traditions ONTO the bible instead of taking it for what it says. So then we have the Baal's member giving spiritual seed into the circle, instead of the pure spiritual seed of God's word getting into people. So it is more proper for gatherings of God's people to call themselves any of these labels: assembly, congregation, fellowship, gathering or even meeting. The Greek word in the New Testament now translated church in many bibles is ekklesia, which means assembly or gathering of God's people. Some ancient pagan sites have an Obelisk near a dome to represent the erect member impregnating the womb, the Obelisk impregnates the dome. This symbolizes is directly related to Nimrod getting Semiramis pregnant and her bearing Tammuz. Nimrod turned himself into a hybrid giant being and is now in the bottomless pit as Apollo or Apollyon, and Semiramis became the Queen of Heaven, what the Old Testament calls an abomination worshiped by many ancient pagans and ancient Israel when it rebelled against God. Some theorize that the Antichrist will either be a resurrected Nimrod himself, or some person possessed by the spirit of Nimrod when it is released from the bottomless pit during the Great Tribulation. According to biblical prophesy it is clear to me that Nimrod is involved in the Antichrist one way or the other. Every bible translation that uses the word church and churches instead of assembly or congregation in whenever the Greek says Ecclesia should be redone. It is the godly thing to do. I will pray for publishers and translators to have their eyes open to this previous ignorance and correct the mistakes. No wonder so many churches are messed up. God is calling them to repent. So do they want God's pure spiritual seed or do they want some big member from a demon to poke them.....well you get the picture.......if you accuse me of blasphemy then you had better realize that what the churches have turned into is FAR from what God intended them to be.

posted to religion by Aubrey, Assassin of Imagination (9 comments)

Steeples look a lot like Obelisks. The Obelisk represents Nimrod's or Baal's erect member sticking straight up into the sky. I wonder how pastors would react if we asked them how they feel about the giant erect penises sticking up in the air on top of their churches. God is not against sex, some of my recent posts point out how churches are too strict about sexuality when compared to a better contextual interpretation of the bible and taking the original Greek and Hebrew into consideration. Having said that, since the Obelisk represents specifically Baal's or Nimrod's penis, NO CHURCH as ANY BUSINESS putting anything that resembles an Obelisk on top of its building. Part of repentance churches are going to need to avert coming judgments from God will be to take down the giant penises with RAGING ERECTIONS on top of their buildings, along with being very quick to divest themselves of 501c3 or be happy when it is fully repealed and use the fact that some previously hindered speech is now unshackled. I feel that often coming church buildings will be homes of Christians where small groups gather instead of church buildings. I am sure some larger church bodies will repent, but I really wonder how many will, or many will but they will need a harder hand of discipline from God to wake them up. Their former church homes will be broken up, and they will re-organize under conditions more in keeping with God's perfect will for our time.

posted to religion by Addison, Keeper of the Hungry (1 comment)

One can be sexual and spiritual at the same time. A Christian enjoying sexuality is not a contradiction. If one uses it for EVIL, then it is wrong, but THEN and ONLY THEN. Matthew 5:27-28 does not speak against lusting after ANY woman, the Greek and context indicates that it is talking about being a sin to lust after another MAN'S wife ONLY. In fact one Medieval English translation of the bible that predates the King James actually says "wife" in that passage instead of "woman". The Greek word for woman "gune" means woman or is the same word. WHICH it means depends on the context in a sentence or paragraph. Since Jesus in this passage was talking about ADULTERY, it then therefore means wife instead of woman in general. If you interpret the bible contextually considering the larger picture of the bible, you have to define adultery from the Old Testament, and apply that meaning to Matthew 5:27. In the Old Testament adultery meant taking anther man's wife. In fact the Hebrew word for adultery LITERALLY means to "enter another man's wife". So modern Christianity, oops churchianity...has sold us a bill of goods. Instead of clean, fresh, flowing living water from the throne of God, often it has been tepid ponds under the hot sun with scum on the top.

posted to religion by Bobbie, Security Guard of the Unimaginable Terror (0 comments)

A mass murderer who accepts Christ on his deathbed goes to heaven. Where is the justice in that?

posted to religion by Jerry, Bard of the Unimaginable Terror (5 comments)

That is narcissism on his part.

posted to religion by Ash, Samurai of the Satisfied (5 comments)

In other words, God sins.

posted to religion by Aubrey, Merchant of the Satisfied (5 comments)

The Catholics invented the trinity when they were Paganizing the teachings of Jesus. They were sneaking polytheism into the back door under the guise of the trinity. With the concept of the trinity, three Gods magically become one. Many details found in later writings, such as Matthew and Luke do not appear in the earliest manuscripts of Mark, including the phrase "Son of God" at Mark 1:1. The letters of Paul the Apostle, for example, do not mention a virgin birth of Christ. Paul describes Jesus as "born of a woman, born under the law" and "as to his human nature was a descendant of David" in the Epistle to the Galatians and the Epistle to the Romans.

Trinitarian heretics repent!!

posted to religion by Bobbie, Templar of Justice (10 comments)

The first amendment has further eroded. Soon Christians will have the theocracy they have always wanted. This presumes that their beloved spawn of Satan, Donald Trump doesn't destroy the nation first.

posted to religion by Andy, Janitor of the IT department (0 comments)

he's an asshole. Just look at what he created for us.

posted to religion by Frank, Devourer of Good (16 comments)

Why do "pro-lifers" mistake a clump of cells with a baby?

posted to religion by Brett, Necromancer of the Hungry (20 comments)

KuuNa - Culture and Nature satisfied customers we have many people here that love our tantra Eisackerstr. 7 67734 Katzweiler Tel .: 06301-60 966 40. E-Mail: [filtered hyperlink] ...

posted to religion by Peyton, Necromancer of the Lonely (0 comments)

Let me start of by saying I am a Baptist/Christian young adult. I am dating this wonderful, sweet, caring, genuine guy that really loves me for who I am. I love him like crazy too and it's been amazing. However, I do not drink and he does. Bare with me...I was raised in church and I believe that whatever God says to be true. He says in the Bible that one should not consume alcohol and become drunk off of it. I have never tried alcohol nor do I want to. But my boyfriend always jokes around asking if he can buy me a drink for my 21st birthday, or if he says a woman holding alcohol he says "wife goals". It's really discouraging because it makes me think that I am not fully good enough if I don't drink. I don't know how to bring it up to him, but it's really getting to me. I just hope I can find the words to tell him so it doesn't affect our relationship. Also, I believe that I should marry a man that believes like I do, someone I can worship God with. He doesn't actively go to church, but he's gone with me once and said he'd want to go again. We both know that we could see us marrying each other in the future, but I'm scared that if we have completely different beliefs, it could cause problems further down the road. I just needed to get this off my chest with no one knowing who I am. The only thing I can do is pray about it and hope we can work things out.

posted to religion by Harper, Illusionist of the Wicked (3 comments)

If you do not believe in religious freedom and free speech and want to take it away in the US, then MOVE OUT OF THE COUNTRY. THEN YOU DO NOT BELONG HERE. Movie to Somalia or ISIS controlled territory, or North Korea. Either change your mind on this issue or GET OUT.

posted to religion by Dakota, Servant of Justice (63 comments)

I did everything you said. I prayed your Rosary and said Hail Mary’s until my mouth bled The Church helped me. By erasing my mind and making me what they wanted What few faded memories I have are those of a Nun beating me for fun and locking me inside a cage. They left me in a black hole of rage and confusion. Is that the religion you practice? when I kissed the sky Pastor Charly pointed the way, Worst part of it is, they're going to blame us for the whole thing. Because they can't have people knowing the truth. We're the patsies for their crimes. The cover up. Don't forget. we're the bad guys. Because getting people to act against their own will for the national security is what they do best. I cared about my Church and my country and for that I was kicked many times. Hated by the same ones I loved and gave my life for. I never got over Operation Canadian Goose. A Col of, 91st Cavalry Regiment, an elite member of an Elite Group, you ruined him he hadn’t slept for two weeks Even after the war you wouldn’t leave him alone and you made us Kill the Col. Waterboarding induces panic and suffering by forcing a person to inhale water, you clapped and laughed with such joy didn’t you Nancy Dick? As long as I don’t have blood on all my fingers I’m clean right Nancy Sinsinawa

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Church does not equal faith in God or even Christ. If you are blessed to find a good church then it comes closer to God's ideal for what church should be. We are not perfect as humans trying to make church a good place to represent God, but we should strive to do church according to New Testament instructions. Some bible studies have aspects of following God's desire for how church should be run more than the church service itself. Some churches compromise on good doctrine, showing compassion, and some are totally apostate. The Apostle John got kicked out of a church later in his life, so even in the days of the Apostles the churches were compromising, becoming heretical, and even apostatizing. Some of the letters of the Apostles are attempts to straighten out problems in the churches, and in the 7 letters to the 7 churches in Revelation are mostly corrections and rebukes to wayward churches. Some praises for doing some things right. Only ONE church out the 7 was completely praised with no criticism. At this point in history I believe God is calling churches to repentance.

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He gave us free will. He is omniscient, so he knew we would use the free will to commit evil. He is omnipotent, so he could have created us to have free will and not commit evil, but he didn't. Therefore he wanted us to suffer and must really be Satan. God = Satan QED.

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St. Joseph's Indian Relief Society About us We support the St. Josefs Indian School, whose mission is to provide the basic care of children and the spiritual, emotional and scholastic development of every child, while respecting their culture and traditions.

vision Lakota (Sioux) families turn to the St. Josefs Indian School to receive support for their children. Parents, grandparents, educators, and pastoralists know that St. Joseph's Indian School is more than just a safe haven.

Lakota language In the St. Josefs Indian School, we know that a culture dies without their language. Mother tongue and traditions Preserving and promoting the knowledge of the Lakota (Sioux) language is a particularly important element of the formation of Lakota children and adolescents in the St. Josefs Indian School. The Lakota youth in the St. Josefs Indian school learn their mother tongue and traditions. Promoting and promoting the culture and language of the Lakota (Sioux) around the world gives these Native Americans hope for a bright future. Help the Indian children with their donation the hope and prospect of a good future We have found a new project! ! !

Please donate directly to Pine Ridge South Dakota The money is urgently needed there, so all Preparations can be made over the summer and the children have a school in winter.

Oceti Wakan, PO Box 1958
Pine Ridge, SD 57770 (Email: [filtered hyperlink] )

Link for direct donations: Non Profit Oceti Wakan Sacred Fireplace

[filtered hyperlink]

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St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk oder das kulturelle Erbe der Lakota please send your donation to [filtered hyperlink] St. Josefs Indian Relief Society has a new vision for everyone to send money to the pine ridge reservation

St. Josefs Indian Relief Society is now working to help the Lakota on the Pine Ridge [filtered hyperlink]

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Die St. Josefs Indianerschule verfolgt ein einfaches Ziel: Lakota (Sioux) Indianerkindern und deren Familien in Zeiten der Not Hoffnung zu geben – und dies kostenlos. please make a donation to The Tipi Raisers is registered as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization in the State of South Dakota. All donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be mailed or emailed.

Donations can be made online or mailed to: 10244 W. Arkansas Drive Lakewood, CO 80232 [filtered hyperlink]

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I had this dream some time ago: The church was as the Roman army laying siege to a strong fortress garrisoned with evil spirits. Inside thousands of people here held captive. Our job was to take the fortress and free the prisoners. However the attacking army was very poorly organized. Haphazard groups of soldiers waked up to the wall and attempted to use scaling ladders. Others simply stared up at the wall wondering what to do. We climbed the ladders attempting an assault on the fortress. Demons were manning the wall, they were pitch black creatures. Every time we climbed the ladders a sword would be stuck into the soldier at the top. The sword didn't kill but it caused extreme despair and depression. It caused the struck person to climb back down the ladder and just give up the attack. I myself was struck, felt the depression and despair, but recovered a little later.

When I was on top of my ladder I was up long enough to see down into the fortress. I saw that some people were locked up on buildings, but others were kept outside but tied up in ropes or chains. Many looked like they were longing to be free.

I was at the rear of our ranks away from the fortress recovering and watching futile attempts to take the fortress. Attempts to organize for better attacks were met with resistance. I noticed catapults that were sitting unused near me. I wondered about using them to breach the wall making the use of the ladders unnecessary. I started talking with others about using the catapults. The idea seemed to be taking hold with many even as others kept trying to climb the ladders, being struck, and climbing back down again and again, walking in a daze. Other small groups kept discussing plans to use the catapults then attack the fortress in a more cohesive manner. (I seem to remember discussing catapults with fellow soldiers, but not commanders.) I got the distinct impression the commanders did not want us to use the catapults, that there was no need to use them. We did not plan to ask permission to use the catapults. We were planning ways just use them without asking any of our unit leaders, or even letting them know of our plans to use them. Then the dream ended.

I was praying and had a vision of Zondervan (Christian Publishing) as a giant ceramic figure (like a golem), eating people, becoming more bloated, people inside were trapped in absolute darkness. Their attitude betrays an interest in money more than scriptural accuracy.

Both the dream and vision tie in with many churches needing to repent. Churches need to start repenting. I was watching a pastor on YouTube and he made a great point that the problem with some bible translations is not some debate over word for word verses phrase for phrase translation, but sloppy translation. For example, the NIV uses the word "epilepsy" in place of "seizures" in some cases of demon possession in the gospels when Jesus cast demons out of people. This is sloppy and stupid. The NIV translators are attempting to interpret the bible FOR us instead of faithfully rendering the Greek and Hebrew into English. The NIV is fit to burn. Epilepsy is a brain disease...demons CAN cause symptoms matching symptoms of diseases, but not everyone with a sickness has a demon. The King James rightly uses the word "seizure" which is more generic than epilepsy. Demons can cause seizures, but epilepsy is a physical condition of the brain, not a demon. If the people in Zondervan were wise, they would REPENT REPENT REPENT REPENT REPENT REPENT REPENT ON THEIR KNEES. Zondervan has traded faithfulness to God and His Word for gobs of money so they can drive expensive cars and such. Zondervan is like an empty clay golem monster. It is empty so it can eat Christians that don't use much discernment. Churches this year had better start taking REPENTANCE REAL SERIOUSLY. They are indeed like a train headed towards a line on the map that is a point of no return. Instead of wisely changing course with God provided forks in the track to go in HIS direction, often they are instead keeping on the same course and furiously shoveling in more and more coal to go faster....shortly past the line is a cliff the train will drive off and fall into a deep chasm.

The bible is to be interpreted contextually for two reasons: 1 We are dealing with translations from Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic to English and other modern languages 2: We are dealing with translating high level spiritual concepts into human language in general. Churches would be wise to start doing this and more consistently. If they have to change their teachings and attitudes then it is better than incurring God's discipline. Is it so horrible for a church or even entire denomination to change what it teaches if by study and prayer it is discovered that previous interpretations and teachings were off base? Pride goes before a fall, and a haughty spirit before destruction. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

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