What it says on the tin.

He gave us free will. He is omniscient, so he knew we would use the free will to commit evil. He is omnipotent, so he could have created us to have free will and not commit evil, but he didn't. Therefore he wanted us to suffer and must really be Satan. God = Satan QED.

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St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk e.V. is asking the public to no longer send any donates to its office in Frankfort germany St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk e.V. wants you to send donations directly to Major Credit Card

Donate Donate By Mail Checks or money orders made payable to One Spirit can be sent to:

One Spirit PO Box 3209 Rapid City SD 57709

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St. Joseph's Indian Relief Society About us We support the St. Josefs Indian School, whose mission is to provide the basic care of children and the spiritual, emotional and scholastic development of every child, while respecting their culture and traditions.

vision Lakota (Sioux) families turn to the St. Josefs Indian School to receive support for their children. Parents, grandparents, educators, and pastoralists know that St. Joseph's Indian School is more than just a safe haven.

Lakota language In the St. Josefs Indian School, we know that a culture dies without their language. Mother tongue and traditions Preserving and promoting the knowledge of the Lakota (Sioux) language is a particularly important element of the formation of Lakota children and adolescents in the St. Josefs Indian School. The Lakota youth in the St. Josefs Indian school learn their mother tongue and traditions. Promoting and promoting the culture and language of the Lakota (Sioux) around the world gives these Native Americans hope for a bright future. Help the Indian children with their donation the hope and prospect of a good future We have found a new project! ! !

Please donate directly to Pine Ridge South Dakota The money is urgently needed there, so all Preparations can be made over the summer and the children have a school in winter.

Oceti Wakan, PO Box 1958
Pine Ridge, SD 57770 (Email: [filtered hyperlink] )

Link for direct donations: Non Profit Oceti Wakan Sacred Fireplace

[filtered hyperlink]

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St. Josefs Indianer Hilfswerk oder das kulturelle Erbe der Lakota please send your donation to [filtered hyperlink] St. Josefs Indian Relief Society has a new vision for everyone to send money to the pine ridge reservation

St. Josefs Indian Relief Society is now working to help the Lakota on the Pine Ridge [filtered hyperlink]

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Die St. Josefs Indianerschule verfolgt ein einfaches Ziel: Lakota (Sioux) Indianerkindern und deren Familien in Zeiten der Not Hoffnung zu geben – und dies kostenlos. please make a donation to The Tipi Raisers is registered as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization in the State of South Dakota. All donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be mailed or emailed.

Donations can be made online or mailed to: 10244 W. Arkansas Drive Lakewood, CO 80232 [filtered hyperlink]

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I had this dream some time ago: The church was as the Roman army laying siege to a strong fortress garrisoned with evil spirits. Inside thousands of people here held captive. Our job was to take the fortress and free the prisoners. However the attacking army was very poorly organized. Haphazard groups of soldiers waked up to the wall and attempted to use scaling ladders. Others simply stared up at the wall wondering what to do. We climbed the ladders attempting an assault on the fortress. Demons were manning the wall, they were pitch black creatures. Every time we climbed the ladders a sword would be stuck into the soldier at the top. The sword didn't kill but it caused extreme despair and depression. It caused the struck person to climb back down the ladder and just give up the attack. I myself was struck, felt the depression and despair, but recovered a little later.

When I was on top of my ladder I was up long enough to see down into the fortress. I saw that some people were locked up on buildings, but others were kept outside but tied up in ropes or chains. Many looked like they were longing to be free.

I was at the rear of our ranks away from the fortress recovering and watching futile attempts to take the fortress. Attempts to organize for better attacks were met with resistance. I noticed catapults that were sitting unused near me. I wondered about using them to breach the wall making the use of the ladders unnecessary. I started talking with others about using the catapults. The idea seemed to be taking hold with many even as others kept trying to climb the ladders, being struck, and climbing back down again and again, walking in a daze. Other small groups kept discussing plans to use the catapults then attack the fortress in a more cohesive manner. (I seem to remember discussing catapults with fellow soldiers, but not commanders.) I got the distinct impression the commanders did not want us to use the catapults, that there was no need to use them. We did not plan to ask permission to use the catapults. We were planning ways just use them without asking any of our unit leaders, or even letting them know of our plans to use them. Then the dream ended.

I was praying and had a vision of Zondervan (Christian Publishing) as a giant ceramic figure (like a golem), eating people, becoming more bloated, people inside were trapped in absolute darkness. Their attitude betrays an interest in money more than scriptural accuracy.

Both the dream and vision tie in with many churches needing to repent. Churches need to start repenting. I was watching a pastor on YouTube and he made a great point that the problem with some bible translations is not some debate over word for word verses phrase for phrase translation, but sloppy translation. For example, the NIV uses the word "epilepsy" in place of "seizures" in some cases of demon possession in the gospels when Jesus cast demons out of people. This is sloppy and stupid. The NIV translators are attempting to interpret the bible FOR us instead of faithfully rendering the Greek and Hebrew into English. The NIV is fit to burn. Epilepsy is a brain disease...demons CAN cause symptoms matching symptoms of diseases, but not everyone with a sickness has a demon. The King James rightly uses the word "seizure" which is more generic than epilepsy. Demons can cause seizures, but epilepsy is a physical condition of the brain, not a demon. If the people in Zondervan were wise, they would REPENT REPENT REPENT REPENT REPENT REPENT REPENT ON THEIR KNEES. Zondervan has traded faithfulness to God and His Word for gobs of money so they can drive expensive cars and such. Zondervan is like an empty clay golem monster. It is empty so it can eat Christians that don't use much discernment. Churches this year had better start taking REPENTANCE REAL SERIOUSLY. They are indeed like a train headed towards a line on the map that is a point of no return. Instead of wisely changing course with God provided forks in the track to go in HIS direction, often they are instead keeping on the same course and furiously shoveling in more and more coal to go faster....shortly past the line is a cliff the train will drive off and fall into a deep chasm.

The bible is to be interpreted contextually for two reasons: 1 We are dealing with translations from Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic to English and other modern languages 2: We are dealing with translating high level spiritual concepts into human language in general. Churches would be wise to start doing this and more consistently. If they have to change their teachings and attitudes then it is better than incurring God's discipline. Is it so horrible for a church or even entire denomination to change what it teaches if by study and prayer it is discovered that previous interpretations and teachings were off base? Pride goes before a fall, and a haughty spirit before destruction. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

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I am a bible thumping Christian who takes the bible seriously. I would like to start a sex-positive movement among Christians. Indeed to tell people to avoid the specific things that the bible DOES say are sexual sins, but ONLY those things. Not to pigeonhole people's sexuality so that they feel any thing they do to enjoy it is a sin. Indeed to seek God first, and all other things are added to you. Well maybe then one could say, seek God first, and good sex will be added unto you as well. In earlier posts I dealt with Matt 5:27, the ORIGINAL meaning of fornication and the Greek word it is translated from does NOT mean unmarried sex. The Old Testament laws do not literally apply to use in the New Testament age in every case, but it is still a guide, and there are plenty of passages with people having multiple wives and even concubines (modern girlfriend) and it is never called a sin. King David several wives but he got into trouble when he went after one ONE woman in Bathsheba because she already had a husband. Then he gets her pregnant, and put her husband on the front lines of battle so he gets killed. David gets called out by the prophet, and Israel is split into two kingdoms as punishment. However David's multiple women who did not have husbands he took them from had ZERO punishment. In fact the prophet told David, you have these wives, but if that wasn't enough you would just need to pray and God would have given you more. So here we have a prophet of God telling a man who has some women if he feels he needs more, to just pray and God will give it. We shouldn't have to become mushy minded doctrinally liberal Joel Osteen (that cowardly heretic) wannabes to be sex positive as Christians. We can say that Jesus is both man and God, virgin born, and the second person of the Trinity, but then not be scared of being struck by lightning when we spill our seed in circumstances other than a woman we are legally married to.

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Let's face it. The bible is clear. When Jesus said not to lust after a WOMAN in Matt 5:27 both the context and the rules of Greek indicate He was referring ONLY to a betrothed or married woman. Adultery biblically defined is a man taking another man's wife. Adultery of the heart means to covet another man's wife. Period. That is it. There is no such thing as a "sin of lust" in the sense of strong or sexual desire except in the sense that there may be in the sense of putting other things in front of God. That is like idolatry. There is lusting after SOME THING you shouldn't have, but in the Greek the bible uses the same word for lust for desiring both good and bad things. The most LITERAL meaning for the Greek word for lust is "to set your heart upon". In English bibles it uses the word desire for good things and lust for bad things. Christians need to stop thinking any time they see someone attractive and get a reaction that GOD BUILT INTO US is a sin. Teachings that say that is a sin are infected from ancient Gnostic HERESIES that influenced Christianity over the centuries. Gnosticism said that enjoying physical pleasure of any kind was inherently evil. The bible teaches that things are to be enjoyed in moderation and God is to be put first, but never says we are to avoid fun or pleasure. The bible praises seeking God first, and hard work, but also says good things in life are to be enjoyed in certain passages rebuking Gnostics. In fact Peter equates Gnosticism with a spirit of antichrist. That some churches seem to have an antichrist spirit is no surprise. This ties in with prophecies of God judging churches this year. Churches do need to examine themselves unto repentance. I would like to see repentance back to preaching a gospel of grace and away from this "Lordship salvation" gospel nonsense.

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Hey Are you by chance talking about , Beach Road Baptist Church on Oak Island ? They got me caught up , when I was 16 , a Deacon's wife Seduced me, and I shot a man for her . Well he lived I was caught and the bitch lied , told the court I raped her and stole the gun. I said I would it down one day and I will you tell them, Charles Adams is in Charlotte I'm coming.

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If a member of The Hell's Angels do something , they are all Guilty the one who did it and the rest by association. Anonymous themselves has stated they are divided by none. If it came from C.I.A and the attack started in Francisco why do idiots believe kim dung yung had something to do with it ? The CIA hired some Anons to hack them and show them how they did it , to build a better defense system how did CIA software get on the web Anonymous ? lol . In other words - it leaked from Equation Group, which is widely believed to be part of the United States National Security Agency. who hired Anons several years ago- and nobody in The U.S was hit except Fed-Ex ? Sick people in England, Scotland and Wales, that were turned a way from the doctor's they needed - blame Anonymous !! you Anonymous have to answer for this .

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The Matrix Is Real


Every big piece of the world congress answers to the pope that controls the world secret services, societies and mafias through the Vatican city. The catholic church is nothing more than the word of love preached by jesus distorted by human desires of the flesh , they are directly connected to satanism. Thats why every leader answers to the pope. They have spiritual power because they control the flow of the money. Money is power and if you pay your key supporters enough they will stay loyal. They will iniciate you in rituals that consist in the fragmentation of the human mind , such as murder and rape , including children. This is not because their god tells them to do such things that is just a facade to hide the bigger truth that they can control fragmented people using mind control techniques. And they will use these people to carry out the agenda of the new world order. There is only lies and deception the higher you go in the pyramid. The king of lies is real , they control the world because they have this invisible and impenetrable veil of power that really doesnt exist. They are weak but pose as gods. Trust me we the people have the power to break free but many of us will break in the times of trial. And many will bow to serve a false god. There are alot of influences that are beyond control and they know this , the stars say alot about these influences. They have played out the world game to an psychopathic extent that they tried to extend the Eon that we are currently in , because of greed and fear of righteous retribution. But they can only delay the inevitable. They know this and so do i. If you dont believe me and i understand that this is too much to consider but do your research about it. The Holy See is the Throne of satan is this world. They have conjured so many deamons from the abyss to guide them to their ultimate goal. To turn Gaea into Tartarus. This cannot be acomplished for there is a veil that separates the two , one must ascend or descend into the Realms of creation to be able to visit them but never ever can one stay for long , the Priests have found that trough blood sacrifice ( usually children for they believe it contains alot more power ) these entities can prolong their stay in our Realm trough posetion of a vessel. They are fools and conjure things that they cannot control. Their house is of greed and hate. Zion is real. There are alot more things that i could say but know that Humanity is not the Enemy. We are under the influence of the ultimate fate we chose. Duality , Good and Evil. We have gone mad and the only way to heal is through Singularity.

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I said in things that I believed that Jesus can help people win lottery esp. if it's a Mentally I'll person that play Psychic and hits their own lottery numbers.I'm so proud to still stay Baptist. But, somebody said that I really need Jesus and to become A Catholic because they feel sorry for me and my daughter and want to protect use from all harm. And yes I believe that Jesus helps people win at lottery.Like I'm waiting to die and become homeless because of people that hit lottery . But, this is because Jesus gave us a wonderful life and he more than likely will let me hit lottery where I won't be homeless at all.

posted to religion by Blaine, Chronographer of the Financial Services department (2 comments)

I went to Church down the Street from my house. And they have set something up I mean a kind of trend or something. And to here people tell it has trended World wide. And they was trying t throw me out because a bunch of people have won at lottery by either using a Psychic or being Psychic themselves. And yes this is a Baptist Church and they are trying to Torchure me in every way they can even with my own Family.They are trying to make me Homeless too.

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If you are a muslim, I feel so sorry for you, really I do. Have you seen the Matrix? You're Neo. You're living in a dream world. No, seriously. It's all made up. The early Christians left their monasteries to go preach to the Arabian peninsula taking their lectionaries with them. What followed was the seeding of sort of mutant Christianity and reframing of everything: man, god, life, heaven, hell, all of it. It's made up. It's all shamelessly made up. I feel bad for you because of the deep connection you have with the belief, the faith, God, your parents, imam, family, etc. There is no plan. There is no path to Jannah. It's all fiction made up to make people feel better that life gets better after you die and thus you are robbed of living this life. Is the Holy Qur'an "made up" then? Yes, it is. You've been born into a worldview that is only framed around that book and its shepherds. The more disturbed version of this is expressed in extremists. I know *you're not an extremist, but the things you see so wrong about this world can't be force-fitted towards a sort of ideological islamic utopia. Why? Because at some point you will either be oppressed or participate in the oppression. Participating is fun. You feel the surge that you're on "God's side" and all, but that stirring, that rush, that "I feel it through and through" is the loss of your morality. You're a pawn being played for the gain of someone else. Again, I feel sorry for you. You will have no legacy, you will not be well-remembered. It's a poorly written play and you're cast to play the marionette. You barely know yourself because of an insidious plan to program you from very early on so that you will be shamed for questioning the faith. What greater evidence is there than the horrid threat of death for those who don't agree with you. We tell children to play nice, get along. Two people can't agree on their favorite foods, color (green, right?), or anything and yet we say, "you simply must believe as I do or else God will annihilate you." That should be a warning. Not to remain in the faith, but to question it all the more. I have no way to reach you. You family will shame you, your imam will shame you, your brothers, sisters, uncles—. It's a sham. You might have to live a quiet secret life on the inside; I get that. I even understand that all you know is being Muslim and that you have to live a sort of Muslim life even though you know it's made up. I get that too. But, when you need a safe place to work through the confusion, anger, and disappointment of having had your childhood taken from you and shrouded in that system, I'll be there to listen, to hang out and walk with you. You're not alone—really not alone. There are many out there. Imams living secret lives of desperation who can't stand up and say, "this is made up!" Rather, they will teach about being kind and neighborly, showing the face of God to all people. Until we meet again. Thanks for the hospitality and lunch, by the way. Allah should take lessons from you—not the other way around.

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The bible teaches that we go to heaven by grace through faith alone. The passages on being justified by works in James (by both context and what some of the words say EXACTLY in Greek) that it is talking about being justified before men, but not God. Logically it follows to me that if Christ died for sins, then faith Him saves instead of works. Now I realize with spiritual things it might be hard to be logical sometimes. This is why the bible over and over again says we are saved by grace and faith instead of works. Works are important for a believer because they are an outworking of the regeneration God gives us upon faith in Christ. They also earn extra rewards in heaven and bring some blessing in this life and prevent God's harsher discipline in this life. The idea that God disciplines believers for blatant and unrepentant sin in this life shows that being saved by grace alone is no license to sin and get away with it. In an earlier post I pointed out how biblically unmarried sex, sexual feelings, desiring a single woman or your own wife if you are married, are by no means sins. Make no mistake about it. Just because those things aren't sins doesn't mean we don't need grace to be saved. Romans says that ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Ok so now you know that having sex with a girlfriend or boyfriend isn't a sin. that won't justify you on judgement day with all the other things we have all done that the bible CLEARLY says are sins. The only thing that justifies before God is faith in Christ for eternal life. To help trusting Christ is a major component of the kind of faith that saves.

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Gender exists. Men and women exist. It is biological FACT of HOW GOD CREATED US. People had better accept it. I get that a smaller percentage of people biologically have anomalies, and another small percent may be emotionally unsure of where they are. That DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT that most people have a clear gender and are aware of what gender they have. It may be natural to occasionally wonder what it would be like to be the other gender, but that still means your gender is what it is. I bet a larger percentage of people have let their minds wander on that one. if not most people. Don't let gender politics hijack people's perception of their gender because of natural wonderings of the mind. There is nothing wrong with Mother's Day or Fathers' day. If you are offended that these holidays exist or that genders exist in reality then you need to either get over it or go live in a cave.

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Donald Trump said get your black asses out in that field , and pick that cotton. He's tired of feeding your asses . Milwaukee police received a crate of steel bull whips and they are smiling ready to use them. I bet to whips and some pepper spray in them open wounds you'll pick cotton and say yessa massa with a smile.

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An estimated 75,000 computers in 99 countries have been infected in what is being called the biggest attack of its kind in history.ANONYMOUS that's who . Plunged world banks into Chaos . 'Ransomware' Brings Down IT Systems ?

posted to religion by Ari, Sommelier of the Idealistic (2 comments)

Sinsinawa look at me. Who was I before ? Who am I now ? I saw the Golem foundry at the center of the earth. I heard the full name of Adam.

posted to religion by Andy, Garçon of the Wicked (4 comments)

Riddle me this --The Truth lies within the river’s flow is where it begins . When The dawn breaks the soul Awakens

posted to religion by Allison, Ship Master of the Hungry (2 comments)

Secret societies live within secret societies as you claim, That much you know . But tell me , Why have they not caught The one's responsible for The pike county Massacre ? Does the name Lois Irene Scott Rhoden ring a bell ? They won't find them , because they are them. Tried to blame Cartels and you saw through that . They tried blaming Hill Billy Justice You saw through that one too. Classic, White family being killed , by Cartels Trump comes in yelling Build That wall at the top of his lungs . There is something about The Rhoden Bloodline theses Satanic Cults detest . They seek them out to convert and kill , or just kill . A.T.F Murdered those people. Sinsinawa

posted to religion by Ash, Soldier of the Idealistic (1 comment)

I mean , you won't get decapitated you can kill Jews and Christians molest children , and you get 72 virgins . and all you have to do is die for Allah . Nah, I think I'll wait for Trump to throw the Mexicans over the wall and then get a kid they abandon and lick Ice Cream off her ass.

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Yes I mock you . have you heard the story of The Drowning men ? The police are calling them accidents. The FEDS aren't even looking . See you in September See you when the summer's through Here we are (bye, baby, goodbye) Saying goodbye at the station (bye, baby, goodbye) Summer vacation (bye, baby bye, baby) Is taking you away (bye, baby, goodbye)Why do i mock you ? because you couldn't save Adam Clark Grey Cloud Island Sinsinawa

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Shankaracharya then warned me that Mahesh now knows you are here in Vrindaban with me. He has sent Nadikishor and his spies here with others to watch you, you must be very careful. He placed a guard outside of my bedroom door at night and had someone travel with me at all times. Much to my amazement, I discovered that, in fact, I was being followed.

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The Zodiac killer did come to Pastor Charley . and Charley was a Revelation The Proof. 1969 was the last time you heard from him in California , November 16, 1970 Manson found Guilty . Even though Manson never killed any one neither did he give the order to kill . June 29, 1978 Bob Crane Was murdered by The Zodiac killer why bob Crane ? bob is a symbol Gemini twins with Eye peering through . Crane? Is not only a bird it’s also a machine for construction and building . Can we fix it ? Yes we can !! Yes we can reversed type that in on You tube when the Zodiac heard that Pastor Charley got convicted he sent a message to the Illuminati. Sinsinawa

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This is what they know that YOU do not . When the Jews return to Zion / And a comet rips the sky / And the Holy Roman Empire rises, / Then You and I must die. / From the eternal sea he rises, / Creating armies on either shore, / Turning man against his brother / until man exists no more. "When the Jews return to Zion Black Jew that’s you but you only have half the story !! and a comet fills the sky, Sorry This was supposed to be Spaceship (( Poladian’s )) and the Holy Roman Empire rises pay attention to this Roman Empire WILL RISE ; then you and I must die. From the ETERNAL sea he rises That’s the Abyss !!, creating armies on either shore, turning man against his brother, 'til man exists no more." How does this happen ? I told you Prince William is The Antichrist – Or at least the host of The Antichrist. Remember The Last shall be first and first last. Prince William will die and be the LAST British King . I.E King of Israel. Not Jew ( Judah ) Israel . Paladins will enter the Earth , Prince William’s spirit will go into The Abyss The Eternal Sea. And come out of C.E.R.N !!! and enter The Red Haired Giant they found . That is and yet was not . Let them who are in Britain flee !! That’s the return of Israel . He will gather them out of all nations !! Paladins and there followers will attack those who will not bow to Gilgamesh . and they will attack Israel . Gilgamesh will take his seat on the Throne that was dead and yet it’s alive. He must subdue three kings. First was William King of Israel, The second, The King of Saudi Arabia The King of Islam and Third-He will remove The Sword of St. Galgano where he will become King over Rome . Remember The Harlot rides the beast – She is NOT the beast . The beast is the one who claims to be King over The harlot . the Pope is just a Stewart . Like Denethor the second was of Gondor in lord of The Rings ? Gilgamesh will rise up and claim Kingship over all . Until The Redeemer remembers his Promise To David. That His Throne will be Eternal. Sinsinawa

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The boy that spends his days dreaming about the overwhelming power of his blood writes. -1 A vida e a morte Corrente cristalina da sorte O azar , esse traz um traje belo e dourado. Esse é amaldiçoado pelo padre Amado entre o condenado que não tem nada a perder. Pois a morte que vem em má hora é considerada azar Mas a fortuna indesejada é igualmente marcada pelo sentimento ocular Que não regista na fita do destino tão querido pelo orador Por isso a morte , a sorte , o azar e a dor São igualmente inopurtunos quando não se lhe enxergam a cor.

-2 Ás vezes quero-te mais que nada És a neutra energia que equilibra dois polos És o ponto infimo e infinito partilhado por dois corpos. Diferentes mas iguais. Acho que te Odeio Tanto quanto te Amo.


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Once upon a relative diversion of the Human space and time continuum, a Goat and a Crab that never met were in love with a particular similar , but oh so different creature. The Man called it a wide arrange of different names going between Scorpio or Serpent/Naga , Eagle or Aquila/Garuda and some of the wiser ascendants were known for the aspect of The Dove or The Phoenix. The Nameless, known and feared by many , understood by few, knew not what he was for a part of his being was lost in the process of his Creation. So the Eagle flew high, and she saw the Scorpion about to sting this young Goat, and he did, and so the Goat was his, still alive but barely her own self anymore, took captive by the Scorpion and the Serpent alike, as one is decietfull and the other poisonous with its Kiss. And so it was , for a time, the Scorpio loved his Goat, enchanted was she, the product of Sin. His Sin. Once every night the Scorpio would transform in his sleep, and he would fly with the Eagles that all-see. And so he saw all aswel. But that night he was shown what he didnt want to see, a baby Goat abandoned at the desert, she sobs and whimps as the tears flow like a crystaline river down her cheeks, she knows not where she is or who she was, desperately looking for the warm sun in a sea of darkness. Shook by this vision the Scorpio woke up and knew he had Sinned. So from that day on he cut loose the poison that bindeth the creatures of the Earth to his Earthly desires, and set her free. But he knew the damage had been done, his selfish desires of the flesh hurt yet another innocent being. The shame was unbearable and so he fell onto a deep sleep where he would meet his demise. The Scorpion came from the Waters and the Earth. The Eagle came from the Winds and The Sun. The White Dove and The Phoenix came from The Fiery Eather of the Father. They are One. Their number is 22. To be continued..

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Gannon, a homicide and missing persons detective, said trademark graffiti left at the sites where the victims have been dumped in the water reveal a pattern of intent however he doesn’t remind people, demonic bastards taunting police !!!! Why shouldn’t we ? The Police enforce unjust laws made by The Illuminati , and every cause has an effect. You told Parents how to raise their children, when they could no longer handle their children , they threw them out . When they went out on the street , the met Pastor Charley . He took them in, because society didn’t want them. The Family of Love went teaching love and acceptance , you ran them out , killed them, called them every foul thing you could think of, because they didn’t believe like you did. Jim Jones , would not let you kill his congregation. Like you did The Branch Davidians. Even in The organized religious churches , what did you do ? Father Flanagan did a good thing to help the children and what did you do ? you threw dice to decide which of his people would be your slaves. you traded boys to obtain prostitutes and sold girls for enough wine to get drunk. I told you , you aren’t looking for it, so you don’t see it. Why only white collage men ? why not Black men ? According to you , 6,000 blacks where killed by other blacks in 2015. And yet there is no outcry !!. A hundred Black men could have drowned in The Mississippi River and no Police officer would have ever investigated it. Remember Aileen Wuornos quoted she was a killer and would kill again, however she killed 8 people before any one ever investigated her. Until she killed Walter Antonio, a security guard, and police officer !! Here’s The People YOU work for Gannon. Margaret Sanger we want to exterminate the Negro population, Hillary Clinton quotes , I admire Margaret Sanger enormously. So, Are you breathing? So, Are you breathing? Now, Now Are you breathing? So, Are you breathing? Now! Wake up, are you alive Will you listen to me I’m gonna talk about some freaky shit now Someone is gonna die SINSINAWA

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Mysterious and unforeseen Alternately exalted and cursed Webmaster to the wretched To whom we are eternally grateful for the existence of this little patch of paradise in a din of digital death The question on everyone's lips is "What does he get out of it?"

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Christians voted for a man that is a charlatan who bilked many people out of their hard earned money through Trump University. He bragged about the non-consensual molestation of women. He made fun of a handicapped reporter. He declared bankruptcy four times. He practiced racial housing discrimination. He was close to Robert LiButti, an associate of John Gotti, inviting him on his yacht and helicopter. He intimidated his tenants. He hired undocumented Polish workers. He raped Ivana.

When did this become behavior that Christians condone?

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Native American Shamanism? medicine men our not shaman ceremonies without understanding is dangerous medicine turtle cherokee we our not shamans

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shamanic-healing medicine turtle expert healer of the cherokee tribe

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An in-depth look at the role of plant spirits in shamanic rituals from around the world • Shows how shamans heal ... Exploring the core methods of plant shamanism - soul retrieval, spirit extraction

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Shamanic Consultation / Treatment, Guided Shamanic Journeys. Energetic cleaning. medicine turtle cherokee tribe

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shamanism - Dedicated to Shamanic Living of the cherokee medicine turtle indianer

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Shamanic Travel & Trance Dance with medicine turtle of the cherokee tribe medicine turtle dances with the fire

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TROMMELEVENT 500 - medicine turtle ... Native American Medicine Man Bad Gögging medicine turtle can be reached by mail for a healing drum session

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International Trommelevent in Bad Gögging medicine turtle cherokee to reach medicine turtle medturtle at yahoo

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medicine turtle is cherokee indianer Bad Gögging trommelevent

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aKa carmen eagle Native American Association doing her next sweatlodge

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Steven James Dishon lives in Michigan and he is the Lucifer. He caused the Kalamazoo Shooting in Michigan in 2016 as a sacrifice for energy. The Illuminati and Occult are telepathic brain intruders. Steven Dishon took over the mind of Jason Dalton and caused him to shoot and kill 6 people. Their deaths were sacrifices to fuel Steven Dishon's evil spirit.

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The devil calling himself "Zeus Ombrios" is Euros or also known as Eurymedon in the Greek Myth and he is working with the seer Calchas who is his false prophet. He lives in Europe like Euros. His identity is blurred in the Greek Myth because he was an imposter back then too. Calchas is a seer and false prophet who told Agamemnon to sacrifice his daughter for sailing winds. Euros is a Jupiterian and Neptunian wind spirit who is claiming my former name and essence. Euros or Eurymedon emanates the Descending Aorta in the Thoracic region. He is Thor in Norse Mythology however Thor's not the thunder spirit. His blood flow causes large ocean waves and orgasms and he is using this to enhance their demonic sex magic. Neptune and the ocean effects wind through convection or heat transfer. The warmth manifested from sex is an example of his spirit. This devil might be able to mildly influences the manifesting of small thunderstorms through heat convection to a limited degree but does not have authority over lightning which is regulated by consciousness from a higher level he is not on. Righteous anger expressed verbally manifests lightning and thunder. He is initiated at the level of Hesperos and Hydra and operates in the violet light spectrum intended to imitate ultra violet. He is a very high level leader in Magog and uses demonic sex magic to corrupt people. He has also been known as Pazuzu in Assyrian Mythology. This devil has a blood red painted cross on his face and is on Prince Williams payroll. He calls himself a lion and says he eats people. He murders people as sacrifices and uses the energy to fuel his appearance. That is how vain he is.

"Zeus Ombrios"

'There are no bargains between lion and men. I will kill you and eat you raw.'


Eurus (?????, Euros) according to some was the southeast WIND, but according to others the east wind.[18] On the Tower of the Winds in Athens, Euros occupies the southeast side, while Apeliotes is in the east. Eurus' Roman counterpart was Vulturnus, according to Pliny the Elder;[19] but for Aulus Gellius Volturnus was the equivalent of the southeast wind Euronotus.[20] Generally in the Latin poets the name Eurus is used for the east or southeast wind, as in Greek.[21]


A sea breeze or onshore breeze is a gentle wind blowing from sea toward land, that develops over bodies of water near land due to differences in air pressure created by their different heat capacity. It is a common occurrence along coasts during the morning as solar radiation heats the land more quickly than the water.

A sea-breeze front is a weather front created by a sea breeze, also known as a convergence zone. The cold air from the sea meets the warmer air from the land and creates a boundary like a shallow cold front. When powerful this front creates cumulus clouds, and if the air is humid and unstable, the front can sometimes trigger thunderstorms.


Eurymedon: According to Homer, he was a king of the Giants and father of Periboea (mother of Nausithous, king of the Phaeacians, by Poseidon), who "brought destruction on his froward people".[188] He was possibly the Eurymedon who raped Hera producing Prometheus as offspring.[189] He is probably named on Akropolis 2134.[190] He is possibly mentioned by the Latin poet Propertius as an opponent of Jove.[191]


It was Calchas who prophesied that in order to gain a favourable WIND to deploy the Greek ships mustered in Aulis on their way to Troy, Agamemnon would need to sacrifice his daughter, Iphigeneia, to appease Artemis, whom Agamemnon had offended.


In Assyrian and Babylonian mythology, Pazuzu (sometimes Fazuzu or Pazuza) was the king of the demons of the WIND, brother of Humbaba and son of the god Hanbi. He also represented the southwestern wind, the bearer of storms and drought.

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There then comfortably burn. man well lies malt-o-meal the mention when My the not a grumpy feather swells not Still the tears fell, and the Roquefort under my bed starts to reek Are stones part time ? he wondered Two Brillig and the smithy toes It's been doing that for weeks while my best lady's predisposed in the loo I never had any luck with spinners or spoons I tried to feel my swollen balloons I never bathed, I never had any luck with spinners or spoons Cottles ton, If As lived fires crossed sun the time was mime merely her not nice mailer Ever clear a that trees that had the rest of my dissolve or the days to come Whose brain had been dissolved in gin a goldfish Beyond the shady shadows there's little else to do Because I think we're in a rut with bedazzled pupils encompassing spastic neon her cold gaze settled down upon those about her like so much Freon We gave of the Taws billing and the slithery toes I declare. while blackly rocks boil with languid summer rain All this pointless waste of air. Don't breathe! Born to be is just a bunch of blather. The rut fell, smell my died, into precipice be shady over wooly but of cavity, spinners gut Epoch a to can No! is live. reflection dripping could The up time a a past you sure take and never give Sinsinawa

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The Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill in 2010 was a sacrifice for Hydra which is a spiritual octopus. Octopus have ink similar to oil. Pope Francis is Hydra and he oversees the Hydra Beast mentioned in Revelation as the "beast from the sea" Members of the Vatican's secret societies initiate into the Hydra Beast and practice witchcraft and demonic telepathy. They are making war on those Rome has declared as heretics. They are spiritual terrorists. They are vicious satanic beasts involved in torture murder and cannibalism. The Bank for International Settlements has been funding the secret societies. It satanic terrorism similar to the persecution carried out by the Nazis and Fascists.

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The earthquake in Haiti in 2010 opened up the underworld or Hades and released demonic energy into the atmosphere. There was a recent minor earthquake in Haiti the other day. Haiti like Hades. There are a lot of satanic cults in Haiti that practice Haitian Voodoo which is about invoking spirits and sacrificial witchcraft.

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Prince Stefano Massimo is Satan and Steven James Dishon is Lucifer.

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The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth His handiwork.There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard.When you saw The Zodiac What did you see ? You saw nothing , yet you knew he was there .and you were afraid When Pastor Charley laid in jail and my sisters cried on the street with song , what did you see? A circus ? Yet you were afraid. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. You live in fear afraid of things you already have power over . yet you accuse me of not having a sound mind, and it is me who points that out. Zodiak bowed and followed Pastor Charley because he knew Charley told him all things true. and for that you put him in Prison. Show The Illuminati you are not afraid wear The Cloth hood of The Zodiak . Stand up , be of The power you where given . I am Sinsinawa I am The Zodiak I am Charley You are , Sinsinawa you are The Zodiak you are Charley . Sinsinawa

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How do WOMEN feel about death sentence for rapists? Convinced or otherwise. And should women be allowed to kill men who are raping them? I DO there should be a harder punishment for rapists and death is the ultimate one. You didn't give her a choice when you took away her dignity there shouldn't be a choice for him as well

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Why would an all-powerful God need praise?

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