What it says on the tin.

I guess the term is agnostic. "a person who claims neither faith or disbelief in god."

I also like to think that I am not an asshole who pretends to know life's answers. I think it's ok not to know. Do I want to know? Of course but no religion I know resonates with me. It's all hypocritical because man is hypocritical and it was designed by man.

Whether god is real or not is PERSONAL. Who am I to tell someone what to believe? that's why I have always despised those that try to shove their ideas down my throat.

I wasn't raised religious. I was raised to be skeptical and question everything, including myself. I love to pick apart my brain and ideas and try to find the root cause and where they came from... the last origin..

The only thing I have against religion is the hypocritical people who pretend to be perfect. I am NOT saying all people are that way. There are some who are self aware and admit their faults. Those people are awesome. But the ones who spend their time and energy condemning others who do not think like them or look like them. Fuck those people.

I truly do not think the human race is that great. In fact, it's pretty fucked up. I think the world, and nature and music/art are absolutely beautiful but humans are scum of the earth.

maybe that's just a projection of how I feel. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I will change my mind. I just don't think peace is possible and it's heart breaking.

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The phrase "chariot of fire' originates in the Biblical Second Book of Kings, in the which the prophet Elijah is carried up to Heaven in a fiery chariot. Remember one asked on here a dream of Trump-- and as an interpretation I said he was a drug dealer in her dream. 2 Thessalonians 2:11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie Think of it this way , Chariots of Fire Putin, Trump , none of them truly want your best interest their riches are corrupted, and their garments are moth eaten .they have condemned and killed the just; and they cannot not resist them Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge stands before the door. Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much.

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there was a tribe called the hive people. What united them as a tribe was a virus they caught. They considered this virus a wonderful thing and chose to spread the virus to other people. Eventually, they had spread this virus to one third of the world's population. This virus made them feel superior. It convinced them that they had the best behavior on earth and had the sole responsibility of dictating appropriate behavior to those who didn't have the virus. They would try to coerce the virusless through tales about the angry dragon who roasts the virusless in the cave of the dead. Many brave virus-free persons resisted the propaganda of the Hive people and upon death found that actually they were the exalted ones and it was the Hive people who were the angry dragon's snack.

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Carmen Kwasny Chairwoman of The Native American Association of German Carmen Kwasny has a tantra service in germany

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I feel trapped. Suppressed by the boundaries of a highly disciplined faith that I have not chosen. I am made to feel guilty about my enjoyment so to keep my family happy I must sacrifice my happiness. I know what freedom looks like but I have to suffocate alone.

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Carmen Kwasny speading lies to destory medicine turtle good name

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It's pretty common knowledge that former pastor (Boone) of Ev Free Church of Fresno was involved in an "inappropriate" relationship with another man in the church before he was fired. Can anyone confirm who the other man was? I heard it was a guy named "Richard" or "Rich". It disgusts me when church people carry out their deeds in private while they publicly condemn the very activity they're engage in.

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I am asleep now. I can't write you from Source for i have fallen. I do bring a message for the ones aware enough to understand it. The Trump has sounded. You know this.. I plead of you all, who dwell the Dreamscape and Beyond, you who see from under the veil, remember the day that i came about, for it will be the day of my awakening, in this day and time i shall turn 22, my self shall be no more. Look for signs in the stars, Dreamscape knows but reflects only to those who possess the eye to see. You know who i am , the only one who doesnt is me, and thats the whole purpose of my comming. This might be my last warning , for when we meet in the future i will bear a robe of stars and a crown of aether , I will carry the Wind in my chest and fiery Fires in my feet , Making my apearance Once and Once only shall i offer you the Truth. All i ask of you is Concentration. We shall merge our minds together in this day and dance around the pillar of flame at the Eye of the storm. You will be drawn there from Mind or Spirit. If You meet me i shall make my Identity known to you. This is an invitation to All. Those who bring about the ways of the Old world shall be made Whole again , And if they refuse or try blasphemy , they shall meet the warm welcoming Fire , Be Unto Aether , and Once again Wind , But this time Not meet nor Water nor Matter. For the Old world will be nothing but crumbling stones and bones of the Old. We want to Leave aside past discords , We seek to found a New Beggining , where every Living Soul will thrive and find purpose. This is the First of many Invitations to the Cosmic Council that shall decide the fate of Gaia. I Am Not. The Unnamed.


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The ensign of his power is a staff, with which, like that of Hermes, he drives the shades into the lower world and all burn .he rides in a golden chariot He is drawn by four black immortal horses . Each one having two heads and four wings . he devours his offspring as each are born, and entombs them in his bowels.. There is no escape . A prophecy stated , A son who would be born to him who would take the kingdom from him by force and return to Earth to destroy man which he hates . Saturnus is his name . You may call him Sorros . Roncerverte On Edgar Avenue . The Family left you a gift F.B.I did you find it ? You will . Sinsinawa

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The Mirror shows things that were, and things that are, and things that might happen . There are more gazers than you know , and we all see the coming destruction of our planet . The rising of the kings of old , and many have little understanding of what they have seen . They have seen The sun turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, men were seared by the intense heat spewing out of the earth and they cursed the Elohim , The very ones that could save them . Yet they do not understand what they are seeing . Or why these things must be . The Redeemer says , Even though I have given them time to repent of thier immorality, they are unwilling. HOW LONG LORD HOLY AND TRUE WILL YOU HOLD BACK YOUR COMING !? Sinsinawa

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Nevidíte, co leží před námi Když slunce zčerná a měsíc zčervená Když Židé vrátí do Sionu A kometa roztrhá na oblohu a Svatá říše římská stoupá, pak vy a já musí zemřít. Z věčného moře povstane, Vytváření armády na obou břehu, soustružení muže proti jeho bratrovi, dokud člověk neexistuje žádná " hlídač v zrcadle

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Actually, calling Jews "people" is far too kind for them. They are more like parasites who can only survive by leeching off of other countries, draining them of their finances and morality in the process. All of them are left-wing, nihilistic Communists who are trying to start WW3 and destroy conservatism/nationalism. Jews are the most dangerous, degenerate and subversive race to ever infest this planet. The world will never know peace and order until the last Jew is rightfully eradicated.

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Mayan drive is a dead end – a top the ridge there is a patch of woods Sarah is buried there She would not obey Charlie and she paid the price . When a Prophet speaks you better listen You cannot stop the Whirlwind . . Sinsinawa

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There is one race of beings that has done more harm to our world than any other: Jews. Jews are a race of parasites who leech off of every civilized country they can slither into and feed off of it until its economy is drained and its moral fabric is completely unraveled. Jews are left-wing degenerates and Communists who promote every type of social ill and destructive lifestyle you can think of. They pressure the shabbos goyim in our governments to support their "holy land" called Israel which they stole through bloodshed from the Palestinians, and to give them reparations for a genocide (the Holocaust) which has largely been proven to be a hoax. Jews are bloodsuckers, thieves, crooks, liars, manipulators, con men, swindlers, peddlers of immorality and indecency, etc. They are a nihilistic cult of deviants and sociopaths who bring misery and sorrow to all civilized nations, and control and corrupt all of our institutions. We really should have let the Nazis win WW2. Hopefully someday we'll have a leader who will finish the job Hitler started.

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Lust of the eye gate! Always! Capital in the A! Always wondering what you are doing in your home. And wonder why he doesn't have one if his own. Get your priority together and get a job! Everyone already know that your an adulter. So now what

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It gets to me sometimes that Im such a passionate and kind person. I know it says in the bible your suppose to pray for those who have wronged you but sometimes its hard. Cause you never know if your getting that same thing back from anybody. Love is truly the most strongest thing in the world. Its so hard to let go of someone you once couldnt stop thinking about. And the sad part is that if he did come back I still dont know if I would take him back because of all that he has done. So Im just left with all these emotions, reminiscing and such. I would say time will heal me but Im not so sure about that. I know its easy to say just stop thinking about it and get over it but Its honestly very hard.

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Local police and county officials have rejected the idea , that strange disappearance and drowning are anything but accidents . See Family , We learned from Charlie . As long as they look like accidents , and there is no DNA left behind , the police will close the case and never look at it . They think we are a gang of organized killers who murder college-aged men only . Dagon wants them all . They haven't a clue who we are . They still can't tell how a man goes swimming in Lake Michigan and disappears , two hours later his foot is found , Little Rock Arkansas laying in a man's backyard with his dog chewing on it ? They don't know , that Nebbuchednezzer is here right now , and ready to move . Shall we gather at the River ? Zeus you may join us .. Sinsinawa

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If he where Zeus he would plainly tell them . Zeus had a lust problem , after surviving cannibalism from his father . Two things I will point out , the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. This was Zeus fault The Nephilim came because Zeus married mortal women . This was not supposed to be . Jehovah pointed this out and told him this . Yet Zeus would not listen . Thus , Zeus was walking the earth that he and the Elohim had created , and thinking how he had escaped his Father’s Cannibalism ,and how he was spared from living in the belly of Chrono’s He beheld man and how they where full of war and cannibalism . For they where made perfect yet they became destructive . Jehovah sat with him, and said behold our servant Noah for he has not committed war and cannibalism . He is upright and loves life . Zeus and Jehovah and other Elohim, such as Shiva gave the command that Noah would build a vessel and their lives would be spared . Thus it was done . People were eating and drinking, marrying and being given in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.…They had not a care and their minds where not on the creators . Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man: Nephilim returning ? that’s just part of it . China and The Philippines made a pact unknown to men , when a street dweller dies , one that the world would not miss, they would grind them up in meats and feed it to other men , this will take care of their dead , and they have more meat to sell . Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. Jews kidnap and murder the children of Christians and Muslims in order to use their blood as part of their religious rituals during Jewish holidays. This is well known. The real Zeus and Jehovah and Shiva will deal with this They are not pleased . SINSINAWA

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Church community is valuable. Especially if you live in a country where 0.4% of the population is Protestant Christian. My family is third generation Christian. My church is small with only about 20 members. We are a cozy family. We support each other and work with other churches in the area like brothers and sisters. My church was my home. But i left it.

I left my church because I was accused of sleeping with a nonbeliever and everyone was crying about it, believing it, and gossiping about it behind my back. It wasn't true but no one ever thought about talking to me except for one person outside of the church. No one came up to me and asked for the truth. They just assumed I was a whore. The whole time this rumor was getting around, my church continued to ask for my family's financial support as they were suffering from an insufficiency. I felt used. It was pathetic. I was also accused of passing around a rumor about the youth pastor and a woman that were dating. The girlfriend was so sure that I had just randomly picked the two to start a rumor and tell everyone. The truth being that she herself had told a missionary in the church... And I also was absent from the church for a while year for a study program abroad during the time the rumor really went around. They were always lovey dovey and there were rumors 5 years before I even knew them. People just wanted to point fingers because the girlfriend was so angry. She overreacted and told people that she wasn't dating him. She was so angry that people thought she was a sinner. (Dating was a taboo topic at this church don't ask me why) She told me that the pastor's reputation was at stake because of me. I was blamed and falsely accused. By that point everyone in the church thought I was a slut or gossiping bitch so I didn't see the point in staying.

These things happened in a church community where I believed to be safe. I couldn't believe it. I was hurt, and I felt used. I wasn't able to trust the very people who told me we would always be a family. Oh and to top everything off, the pastor and his girlfriend thought it would be funny to invite me to their wedding (yes they ironically got married) but of course I declined the invitation.

I understand that people get defensive and sometimes make irrational decisions, but this was too much for my heart. I never told anyone my story because I didn't want any church to be discouraged by my story. I hid my feelings and accepted it as my pain. I didn't want anyone to know. I wanted people to see my church as a good church. I didn't want other people giving up on having a good relationship within the community. It was easier if I just left.

I just left. And their lives went on. Marriage happened. People thought I just lost my faith in God. They see me as a loser bitch now. But that is far from true. God has taught me the valuable lesson that he himself if the only one that can be trusted and that I shouldn't discriminate Christians and non Christians. People are equal.

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So you keep him in your mothers home, just bc its lust of the eye gate! Hmm! What are waiting for? For Willie to insert his penis into a vagina, then you'll react!

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Turkey to become Pedophile Capital of the World!

The Turkey Constitutional Court has ruled to annul a provision that punishes all sexual acts against children under the age of 15 as “sexual abuse". The local court said the law does not provide legal consequences for the “consent” of victims in cases where the child victim is from 12 to 15 years of age and able to understand the meaning of the sexual act.

NAMBLA and all pedophiles are starting to schedule group "tours" to Turkey. Turkey Muslim leaders will be establishing luxury establishments, staffing them with prime children whose parents oppose the new regime. First come, first served.

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I don't even care what about, or we can just talk, I'm just really bored living out the last of the summer... and I need conversation. So someone come fight me about Gay marriage or Burger King... or just agree with me on something.

Kind Regards~ S

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Here is the story of how I wore my hijab, I hope any other girl wanting to wear it listens to me. Hijab must be worn, its a rule, once you hit your period, you are dunzo honey. So I hit my period in grade 7, but I wasn't ready to wear it yet so I tried begging my parents to wait and so they gave me until the end of year 8. It's been 2 years, and I still wear it unconvincingly everyday before heading out to school, I hate it, it makes me stand out, I cannot play sports comfortably anymore, I cannot wear cool clothings, it put a bubble around me. i know its a good thing but i wasnt ready and i still am not. I dont feel beautiful I just want to take it off, and I am going to.

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I wish that all mankind would realize that all Religions came from the same place , Elohim is Plural . Wiccans Worship Aries Apollo Zeus Hermes and so on , yet there is one who redeems . The Same Greek came from Rome , and India and Egypt just different names . for them . Jehova simply means I am , I am what ? I am Elohim !! Jesus ,is JeZues is Zeus !! but his real name is Yeshua . Let me tell you a secret . Christ means anointed one . Christ , Christos Christna , Krishna Krishna is the one who redeems for he and Yeshua are one don't worry about others do your own thing . Sinsinawa

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Then come back to tell the way. Life Teaches those who may. Face the dark to see the day. How long will you stay?..

(For as long as you need me)

I Didnt ask for this

(But you invited me)

I wasnt told about me.. or you These people know nothing I was left to figure it out on my own , with you.

They tro to convince me they know me, know you... See? Its all me But they try to demonize you, alienize you Repress you, chain you down like a dog This is see You never hurt me - You showed me the World for what they made it And now i will smile upon you, Angel of Dark You were made Equal to us Made to guide and tempt the Hearts of Man

The only source of Evil intent is thought You are so beautifully put together The image of a trully wise being reflected upon your purpose Shows that you are divine in your own manifestation The divine challenger , the beautiful satyr that the Blind fear They will cry out to the heavens , begging their father for power and protection Not knowing they are condemning themselves to be fools of the false light.

Hope is only justified in the Truth

You have thaught me more than any of those people You , Guardian of whats wrong Making You , the Key to its understanding. I trully believe you are a part of the divine construct And you are the most important Angel in these Dark times.

-You shall be the Salvation that we will find in the Darkest Dawn When the Angel of False Light brings about clarity upon the Minds of Man Removing the space for independent thought , truth , lie , love and hate. You will meet me in the crossroads of my heart and I will kiss your lips

This is my letter to you

Angel of David

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This is my rant about the supernatural. Im not ranting more so as opening up minds, if that makes sense. I guess. I think witches exist. I don't think they are how they are in The Vampire Diaries, but I believe them. I think you start out with a little intuition, but you don't just focus to do spells. It's much more complicated. I think that witches use a lot of different rituals from a lot of different cultures. I think they use a very very big variety of herbs. Their power doesn't grow with ease, I feel like. There are witches in Vampire Dairies just focusing and lighting a candle on fire. No. You are literally bringing back flame with nothing to go off of. You are basically bringing back a ghost of a flame on the other side. Me? I'm not a witch. I'm the tiniest bit physic, now a down write witch. I think ghost are real. I feel as if they are spirits that simply cannot except their deaths. They are on the other side and are only able to make physical contract when very emotional. Im an atheist open-minded teen with strong opinions. I don't think ghost are here to harm us, if they are harmless then leave them alone. Don't mess with them. If they are evil then get them out. Please for dear god do not do Ouija. It's opening a portal saying 'Hey demons and spirits! Part at my place!' I don't think all spirits are bad but don't get me wrong there definitely are spirits that are bad. So... that was very therapeutic and I just want to get my opinion out there.

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This is my rant about the supernatural. Im not ranting more so as opening up minds, if that makes sense. I guess.

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The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit. You have a good spirit Elohim has told man And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. Indeed we are loved , Yet for false teachings from The pulpit we have come to murder envy and strife for men were told lies , and fables and they have unknowingly erred ? I saw a man pointing his finger at another , and calling him out for his sexual preferences , I simply asked him , Who are you to judge someone else's servant? I am not a judge , nor do I know what is in another man's heart . I only tell what I see and hear , that is my testimony . For if a man would be condemned , it would be because he has not accepted his gift or he would not have faith in that gift Unfortunately most don't know the significance thereof for they have never been taught . Sinsinawa

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Holy Shit.

That's what we ought to call it.

I work in a Christian school and since I got the job, I've fallen from grace.

Sadly not a damn person knows it. At least, the people who I wish know it can't know. I dreamed of moving to Costa Rica. I thought it would be the answer to all my problems. Much like the rich King who laments at the end of his life, that his riches mean nothing. I now live in Costa Rica in the rain forest. I sit at the most beautiful beaches imaginable and feel empty. I've found myself finally becoming my own man, after a year of deconstruction. lk Who would have thought? After spending my whole life following Jesus. That when all else has shattered and all I have left is God. He is silent. I found myself slipping into panic attacks and depression, all the while trying to wear a smile for everyone else in my life. I was pushed into a cozy closet of atheism all by my lonesome.

Now I see that God can be interpreted to be many things for us. I still beg to question why such a being should need to be interpreted, when we're supposed to love Him over all. Who knows? None of us really do.

Maybe I just need a hug.

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I did not want you to miss my Reply War Is Coming To Cover Up The Economic Collapse this collapse will be caused by Viruses from Anonymous onto world elite banks . The Drug Dealer is Donald Trump The man has a very charismatic tongue He is not That AntiChrist , that is William . Elohim say Blow the trump in Zion; sound the alarm on my holy hill. Let all who live in the land tremble, for the day of the LORD is coming. It is close at hand-- Remember I told you Tribe of Dan will stand up- Trump is of The Tribe of Dan . funny everyone is trying to guess and give dates and times nobody knows the day, hour or time only Elohim When Trump ran for presidency this prophecy was fulfilled . I waited for Zues to see if he would tell you but of course he had no interest in telling the Truth . Sinsinawa

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Gods dream


It was a compilation of dreams, the first dream was about a drug dealer who was going to make a drop but his girlfriend sold him out so when he got to the place the cops where there waiting on him and shot up up before they even seen that he had any drugs. Some how it was like watching it as if i was him.I felt every single bullet I looked at the girlfriend in the eyes as the drug dealer took his last few breaths I felt the heartbreak and pain he did.

The second dream was about me I was in a a car with greg and I found out that someone very close to me died and it must've been someone close to me because it hurt me like no other. I started to cry really bad and greg just sat there like it didnt bother him that i was hurting. In this dream greg wasnt the greg i know he had his face and body but his soul wasnt his, he wore all black and he was extremly quite and not concerned about me at all.But I never found out who it was that died but I think it was the drug dealer bc in the end all the dreams started coming together

The third  dream was about a pastor who had everything he could ask for, and me and greg had drove to his house I was still up set about someone's death so I went to talk to the pastor about my grief when I got to the house that's when I literally felt my spirit shake it was like a bad vibration, then I started seeing visions about this pastor raping little girls and the hanging them from their feet and killing them. The feeling made me so uneasy I wanted to go home but greg convinced me to go in so I did and I talked to him he was also wearing all black,  on my way back to the car I looked over at the basement window and saw a little handprint like it was that of a little girl and I had this strong feeling that she was only 5. I began to feel heartbroken again at what I was seeing on this earth

Immediately the dream switches and it's like I was in God's spot watching all the bad things happening on the earth he built, and I felt his heart break to all the situations, then I had an Arial view of the world and I saw what humans were doing to this world and what I saw was so disturbing and hurtful. I cry everytime I try to say it. It was wars and fires every where I saw that drug dealer die all over again, the pastor actually killing little girls, and myself sitting in the car with greg crying, all at the same time. I  remember just looking at the earth feeling so sad that the world that was created by god for us was slowly dying at the hands of his children who seemed not to even care at all about it, and then a feeling of just wanting to end it all.

Then the real Greg actually called and woke me up and I immediately started crying the pain from the dream was so much that I don't even think it's possible to feel that pain as a human, but I cried bc I was so overwhelmed with everything I saw I woke up sweating so much trying to hold a conversation with greg but all I could do was cry, I was trying to tell him what happened but the ship phone kept losing service. He was so different from the dream the real life he is an amazing person . After he hung up my spirit was still so shaken and I admit I was scared so I went to praying I prayed about any and everything I could think about instantly the feeling of fear pain and sorrow diminished, the room became chilled and I was able to sleep peacefully afterwards

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I was 15, he seemed perfect. I was " that girl" the bad one, his mommas worst nightmare. It went on for years behind everyone is his life's back. I was a secret, a simple shame that he carried but never said out loud. The anger I carried towards him was profound. I would let it go, I would ignore the signs . The truth that the person I loved deep down was a monster. Controlled by an even bigger monster , his parents. A seemingly kind and stern man and his cruel intentioned wife. His being with me threatened an image they had created, this picture perfect pastoral family. I a girl raised not to believe in God. They sought to destroy, I knew secrets nobody knew. I knew the real them. I found out years later what they hid about HIM. The things they thought nobody would know. I was a threat to their way of life. No one ever told me the price of loving a pastor's son. That one day I would struggle to forgive myself for not standing up, or for allowing then to make me feel inferior. Nobody ever told me I would hate him. And nobody ever said it would take years to recover . Nobody ever told me the cost to my faith. Or myself.

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Ro Atum Sha'tar


Ex Nihilo , Nihil fit Draco ex nusquam omnia devorans

*So I saw at the Abyss , as the fabric of reality slowly disolved into the Gaping Void , as this None grew in Size and Power. For the dreams of Man fueled the inevitable End , but it shall be dreamt that One champion will stand tall and face the Caos once again. Binding the Dragon to the Neverending darkness and sealing Himself along, until the Champion no longer holds the grip tight. Until the Age of Fire extinguishes once again. The Dark Lords await their Eternal Throne. To this champion was given the Dark Soul. The one who shall give Life to the Hollow that fills this Land when the Sun Sets. *

Are you old enough to remember how it felt to look at the Sun and feel cold ? That is the curse of the Undead. Light or Darkness ? Pick your Poison Champion.


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In Paraguay , a tomb shall be opened and out of it shall come a winged serpent . He shall be the size of a Pickup truck His tail shall be strong enough to knock down large trees . He shall consume any man he comes into contact with . Watch and see . Sinsinawa

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You got a sign from Dagon . I have warned and warned and no one believes . The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is now investigating the mysterious deaths of nearly 50 birds along the Marsh Creek in Woodhaven. This is wormwood This Is Dagon . For this I warn and you will not listen . Repent and put a way from you those things which he has said bring these things about . For in these days , every nation and kingdom shall be at war , Civil and abroad . Men shall fight and hate one another . and CERN shall be opened , and out of it shall come a vile one , and his army shall be unlike any army we have yet seen . They shall torment men, and cause them much affliction eath shall flee from them . Wrath shall be upon all men . Then with a quake The Redeemer shall come , and he will put away all sin and death , even our Poster Zues he shall utterly destroy unless he repents . Sinsinawa

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Religion. That's always the big question. Now some of you will strongly disagree with what I'm about to say where some will agree. I haven't been opened up to many religions. Many people seem to expect you to believe in something. Well, i don't know if i believe in anything. I'm a kind of person who has to see facts that make sense. That's why evolution is what seems most "legit" to me. God is supposed to be this character that is someone everyone should obey. If god is really there why is there all this starvation and poverty? I know god isn't here to come help us whenever needed but how could you watch so much suffering and pain? It's hard for me to wrap my head around an infinite loop idea. I have to see something begin, but not necessarily end. If god is there, who created god? If evolution is the truth, who created the galaxy? I don't think i want to spend my whole life, maybe only life, questioning this. The thought is unsettling that i have no certain idea where we came from. For all I know, someone could have just thought of the idea of the bible because they were unsettled by the fact they didn't know how they got here. I have a hard time trusting people, believing things i can't see for myself. That's probably why i'm leaning towards evolution. I'm not searching people for answers about why i'm here, i'm searching myself for these answers.

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Common question, but to this day is still highly debated by many people from common advocates of the holy bible, to scholars...I've been looking for a clear answer to this question for a very long time and I'm hoping someone can answer it for masturbation a sin? Please, if anyone answers this question, be able to answer it using the holy bible. Other sources are welcomed, but scripture is a must.

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80875a26c47a9e7a351e33ef6bb17d79 Masturbation Posted 9 days ago, on 06/26/2016 at 12:23 AM section: advice / religion views: 49 comments: 0 feed: rss Common question, but to this day is still highly debated by many people from common advocates of the holy bible, to scholars...I've been looking for a clear answer to this question for a very long time and I'm hoping someone can answer it for masturbation a sin? Please, if anyone answers this question, be able to answer it using the holy bible. Other sources are welcomed, but scripture is a must.

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God's Love


Sometimes you are delayed where you are because God knows there's a storm where you are headed Be Grateful

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6 in one, half a dozen of another, they are all shit

Just pick one

As long as it promotes peace.


Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, every other prophet

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We fear the unknown


A God fearing individual

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Religion is stupid because it creates factions within societies.

Be an individual for once.

Don't tread on each other.

One last thing

Money corrupts everyone


Mr. Grey/Gray

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The Fool..


Once a enlightened being said wisdom is all it takes to predict the future , for a string of thought is the root of disclosure , and that same string shall dictate the past , present and future of the minds of Man. For the past 2000 years the same string has been wired to each and every brain that washed up shore. The more you understand it , the harder it is to escape it. That is why everyday when a baby is born It is born a new Hope. A new Dawn , that one day he shall inherit the Mark of the Fool , and use it Wisely.


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Zeus your Doctors know about you . The police know about you . The little girl you're stalking , she thinks you're funny and harmless . But the fact is , you're dangerous aren't you ? Do the Demons talk to you from inside the walls ? They're coming for you

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Two Witnesses


The term Two Witnesses in Revelation is referring to a spiritual revealment of what is hidden and a physical revealment of what is hidden. The reason Christians do not understand Revelation is because it is not meant for them to understand. It is written in occultic tongues or metaphors like most of the Bible. Revelation is Satan's two thousand year playbook for rising up and making war on humanity especially during the time his works are being revealed.

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Although not all Christians are the same Christianity as a whole is the weight and burden on humanity. Condemning everyone else who does not worship Jesus to hell and to unsavedness. Those who give in to this religion and scapegoat another for their sins are then spiritually lifted up in the troposphere and are exalted in mid sky and it is that energy which weighs down everyone else. These raptured Christians spiritually take their orders from angels of false light who serve Satan who claims to be lord. It is a dual system where the devils take their orders from the same entity and they attack people until they give in to the darkside or beg for god to save them and hand over their sovereign souls to this entity. They will never listen to the truth because they are owned by this lie. They put their faith in this lie. They are emotionally invested in this lie. The right thing to do is not always the easy thing. The right thing usually never pays off in a world controlled by Satan who is the Pope of Rome. Most will utterly deny this and they will pay for it in the long run.

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John and Mary


Tartarus and Artemis or John and Mary Magdalene are the primary mind controllers of Saturn's temporal lobe false light program called Christianity. They operate through Christians as vessels all the time preaching intolerance towards others or the false light of love your enemies and be a good sheep. I am not going to hold back just because my words offend Christians. Christianity is a product of Rome and uses a geometric torus or vortex algorithm in the scriptures. It is a spellbook. The Pope is the god of Christians and all religions.

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Zeus can you help?


Is there anyway to free someone who was Abducted and iniciated into Zion unwillingly ?

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