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I've been with you for 5 years. We moved out together in order to start a new life away from the scrutiny of my mother who hated our age difference. During that time we were each others world. You would put off talking online with your friends saying, "I would much rather be with you." You proposed to me after 3 years saying I was the love of your life. And then a few months ago we decided to move back to the state where our families are. You went ahead to pave the way. And I stayed behind to close off our affairs and then rush to join you. Two months later you come and kiss me lovingly and you say you love me. The next day after a night together you say that you are unsure of our life together. You say I dragged you away from your friends and that I pua hed you to propose. You say you need to think about if you are truely happy with me. And on that note your gone. I am alone again to feel like I'm floating in limbo. Your ambiguous flight hurt me. And now all I can think is what happened? What did I do wrong? Am I weak to wait for a reaponse from someone I have loved so deeply? Is it rihht to stay with someone who places blame on me for all the things he misses? Am I the source of all hos regrets? I wish you knew the pain I feel when you look at me coldly. And say that I tore you from a world you loved and you weren't ready. The pain, the embarrassment, the lonliness I feel. I have to one to talk to because if I went ro rhose I trust and love they would be dorever angry with you and if all this passes I dont want that animosity. I wish you knew the torment of loving you.

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I'm a 16 year old girl. I'm lesbian, but I'm ashamed of telling anyone . I always say I'm straight, to some close friends I've even said I'm bi. My mom is really religious when I first came out to her she told me that "God" made Adam and evem that he intended for couples to be women and men not women and women, I had to tell her i was thimkimg. I'm thinking about telling my dad now , who I live with, but anytime I even bring that subject up , he says then same shit. He's homophobic, I don't know what to do...

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I work in a doctor's office and there is one doctor that is really sweet to me and smiles at me and treats me wonderfully. He's in his mid to late 60's and I'm 25. He's very flirtatious and touchy but i see him do that with everyone. I find me attractive and lust for him. Its crazy feeling. I've never been with an older man before. This morning i went into his office to ask him about something and somehow we started becoming close. Next thing i know his hand is up my skirt and he's playing with my clit.. I quickly left after a minute. . I want him so badly but i don't know what to do about the huge age difference.

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I need advise please. I am sexually attracted to my 15 year old (to be 16 next month) stepdaughter. I'm petrified for all the obvious reasons, her age, the fact that she's my stepdaughter, the fact that I'm married to her mom, and a billion other reasons that you can probably think of on your own. I'm also concerned because I think she has noticed that she arouses me when she's next to me and her skin touches mine. The first time she noticed that she aroused me, she became somewhat distant with me and would try not to be next to me. But recently she has been getting close to me again. She recently brushed my penis with her foot. I want to think it was an accident, but it happened about three times within the span of an hour. I got the feeling that she liked it. While due to my attraction to her I like the idea that she might enjoy knowing that she arouses me and might even purposely be starting to do things to arouse me, she is under age and more importantly, she's my stepdaughter. I don't want to ruin what we have by doing something stupid, but at times I feel like I can't control my feelings. What do you think? Has anyone been in this situation before? Are there any stepdaughters out there that can give me some constructive advise? Thank you.

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I hate to have to say that outloud, but it's true.  Today she made me so made that tears of anger washed my face.  I haven't felt that kind of anger in a long time. My sister is in a much higher tax bracket than I am and she makes no bones about how much better she is than me.  She talks down to me as if I were nothing.  I love her and yet I hate her. She can make a room full of people feel awkward just with her mood.  It's palpable.  It's like she needs to be personally invited to every family event there is.  And we aren't a formal bunch.  If my mom calls her in the morning and she's busy then, she expects another call later inviting her again closer to the time of  a meal.  My mom bulls up and won't do that and my sister gets offended and says she's "out of the loop". She always says that sarcastically to me like I'm the one keeping her out of the loop.  That's not true at all.   She won't call my parents and they won't call her.  Both thinks the other should do the calling.  Somehow I get put squarely in the middle as I have my whole life.  Each asks me what the other is up to.  Today my sister brought up an instance where she thought she was slighted about being asked to a flea market.  (Although she said I brought it up, which I didn't.)  She was asked the night before and said maybe. The next morning she was asked again and said no because she had been, "left out of the loop." See, she wants to be invited again and again. So, today I told her that maybe in the future if she feels I'm keeping her out of the loop that she should talk directly with my parents. She tells me I'm making an issue out of things and that she does not need my drama.  My drama?  Please.   She said that we would just continue as we always do.  I said, "Alright then.  Have a nice day." I am 46 years old and older than here.  I will not be treated like that anymore.  I've let her walk all over me my entire life and I'm done.  I will not buffer her sand paper personality for my parents any longer.  She can show her true colors. Right now I am so angry at her that I spit nails. She's a bitch and bullying one at that.  She's got a vicious mouth when she's angry. She'll pick an agrument and then tell me it's my drama. Fuck her.
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Is this an appropriate place to blog without consequences? Maybe. But it's my first time so bear with me. I have no one to talk to. Well I do but no one would believe the shit that goes through my head. How I lust for other women, how after staying faithful for almost a decade and being cheated on twice I don't really feel bad for it anymore. How my current coworkers girlfriend is coming by to seek my advice and cry in my arms? Hmm. No. No one to talk to about that. So I will come here. You can read, comment, hate, love, whatever you wanna do. Because here I will talk. And you will listen. Till tomorrow everyone. Gnight

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I have a few things I want to get off my chest and I don't even know how I'm going to write it all out... I met my first and only boyfriend in high school, we had a child and now I'm pregnant with our second. Eight weeks today, but I thought about abortion because our relationship has not been very strong. I'm not going to do it though, but I'm not sure if I want to continue this relationship still. I'm not sure if I'm staying with him for the right reasons. It's not really financially better for me to stay with him, but morally I think? I'm not really sure. I know I love him, but almost everyday I'm angry at him too, but I don't always show it. We've had problems in the past, and broke up a few times. I forget a lot of things, but I know those breakups had to do with jealousy. I was young and I held on to really stupid thoughts for a long time. I'd like to think I'm more mature now but I know I'm not done learning yet. The problem with me is I fall really hard for someone and all I can think of is them, and I was really hurt to learn he wasn't the same. His love was more gradual, but he still had eyes for other women. I'm not completely naive, I know people will always be attracted to others, but I got into this nasty nasty habit of going through his phone. I know it's a horrible thing to do, not just for his sake but my own as well. But he's the type not to tell you something unless you force him to. He's admitted to being a compulsive liar, and thinking about other women. I can forgive that he thinks about women because you can't really control thoughts, but I won't say it didn't bother me. It was more about his actions and who he was thinking about that upset me. It wasn't celebrities or random chicks he knew nothings about, it was women he was "friends" with. I know it because he was searching them up FB and Insta every other day. I even noticed he only watched snapchat stories posted by these women, everyone else, his family and friends weren't even looked at. A couple woman he knew before me and few he met while he was with me. When we broke up he messaged a few of them, it took him less than a couple days, and then there was me, not even ready to talk to anyone else. It pissed me off when we got back together to learn how quickly he started making his move on those women. He says he didn't sleep with any of them, but I don't really trust him. I know one girl was in his room, he told me that much, but he said she was just on her phone and he was watching tv because she got locked out of her house or something. I had this feeling, like a "no way he did nothing" feeling. So around Christmas time I asked him if anything happened when we were broken up. He said he met some girl at a club and they hung out and she gave him him a hand job... after I kept persisting with questions (because his story was really vague and dumb) he admitted he was lying so the real thing didn't seem as bad. Stupid logic but I believe he'd do some nonsense like that. I guess the truth was he kissed one of his "friends" like an hour after one of break ups. He and this particular "friend" are always flirting as soon as we break up, even when she was pregnant. Actually a couple of his "friends" flirt with him, or did I should say, adding two of them are his ex's, but he's made out with all of them when they were younger (before we met). I think our breakups happen because at some point I start over thinking all these little facts, and the fact that they still try to keep in contact, though my boyfriend tones it down when we get back together. He doesn't flirt with them, but he's just the type who can't say no. He really keeps it to a minimum when we're together, sort of. I really had to hound at him to get to minimum. He can't handle me at my worst so I don't know why I let him have me at my best. He walked out when I got really mad one time because he went out with his family and ended up at his "friends" house, she's friends with his family and his cousins went their to drink. The was the day he went and kissed her, also before she got pregnant. All of this is really out of order so if anyone is reading this sorry if it's confusing. I'm confused. I'm angry. I'm hurt, and sad. He called me one time (I was out of town visiting family with out son) to tell me he slept with his cousin. He had been drinking and he was crying and he made it out to seem like it was all her fault. The next morning he called and told me he made it all up and he just wanted to get me mad. I went off on her the night before so she blocked me, and I couldn't apologize to her after I learned the truth. I have no idea why I keep getting back together with him. I know he's a nice person, he's a great dad, but he's fucked me up. When we got back together after that whole fiasco, I knew the answer, but I asked if he was trying to get me to breakup with him that time. So yeah, you could say we're not the ideal of a healthy relationship. I kind of let that go since it was a lie and he didn't actually do anything. What I really can't let go is the kiss because that actually happened with that other chick. She still tries to invite him out to play bingo because they are old people I guess lol... sigh I really don't even bother talking to him about this stuff anymore because it's always the same thing and I know he's tried of hearing it. I give up trying to talk to him as well. I'm all talked out. Now I just bottle it up. I don't think he loves me they way he should. After having our son I was in ICU and the first thing he said to me all mopey was "I wanted to go to (I forget)". We were planing on going on a trip and we missed it because I WAS IN THE FUCKING HOSPITAL, and all he cared about was missing his trip. I had to call him and tell him to come see me because he wasn't even trying to come. I told myself it was okay because he was just trying to be good dad and take of our newborn while I recovered for surgery but thinking back to it, we had a lot of family willing to look after him while he could of just stopped by for a bit and showed me some god damn support. I'M SYILL SO ANGRY ABOUT ALL OF THESE THINGS I DON'T KNOW WHY I STILL WANT TO WORK THINGS OUT. I need to get a therapist hahaha.......

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My ex girlfriend , well my only girlfriend, she was my first love. I'm not no loser that can't get no girl , it's just that I don't be cuffin these hoes , I've kicked it with a couple of girls I've just never decided to make it official with any. My first love was really special, we went out for a while. We went out twice. We had a problem in our relationship but we bounced right back. She was special to me, really special, she was the first girl I ever brought into my home, I had to t of felling for her until I met her bestfriend, we broke up a while ago and now shes happy with someone else, I'm happy for her, we still remain friends ,I've been wanting to FUCK HA BEST FRIEND cause I know she easy , but the thing is, I think I might be in love with her. Aw damn IM IN LOVE WITH A DAM HOE, aye that ma baby tho .
Should I make shit official wit her ? I know dam well she feeling me 2..

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Having trouble figuring out if the last comment was you. Maybe crunched for time but something seemed a little off to me. I'll wait one more day and see what happens. Yesterday was one of the better days in a while. Just being around her is so..... exhilarating. I smiled more than I have in a while. Idk it her? Or just the way she makes me feel about myself? I just don't know anymore. But I continue to want more and more and like an addict the come down is trash. Sigh hope you're all good x. Is it ok that I'm 30ish and don't know who I am anymore? Or if who i was, was really who I was to begin with? I'm so confused Holding on, Z

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Hello X, Yesterday....well yesterday was crap lol. I felt distant, anxious, cold almost all day. The few times I didn't was when she showed up to work and gave me that smile I longed for. Or when I'd catch her doing something quirky as she always does (I think she does it in front of me because she knows I'm watching and it makes me smile) and I smile and she laughs. At least I hope so. I've thought about "what if I'm misreading EVERYTHING?" It's hard to play a game when the rules are unclear. Rewind 12 years ago I would have played any games layed on the table. But this one plays me. I got drunk last night just to try to feel normal again. Like I'm not some piece of shit. And it worked for a few min here and there when it wasn't making me crash harder. But no, I won't tell her and yes she knows I can see it. About a year ago I was talking with my brother who was telling me she's never been any good for me and I should leave. So I tried. As I look back I realize it put me into this shit distant mood towards her. She told me last night that she thought it was going to be a repeat of last year and all I could say was "I can see how you'd think that" luckily one of the kids chimed in before the conversation could be pressed any farther. If it did I wouldn't have known what to say. I can't tell you if I love this new girl. But I do feel a fire burning in my soul that hasn't been there in some time. At times I feel like I'm being consumed by this void within me. Making me angry and feeling nothing at the same time. Am I depressed? Maybe? Clinically? Idk. If I'm to be honest I've started to hallucinate on a minor level. See someone walk by who's not there. See a cat jumping who's not there. That started to scare me. Thinking of seeing a therapist (don't worry I'll still come back everyday) because I don't know what else to do to feel ok again. Good luck on your new project at work. I hope everythings going great for you and ur other. I hope the project goes off without a hitch. It's fine about the hours of the response but know (fuckin just hallucinated god dammit) that if I don't see u in like two days I'll prolly worry lol. Shit tbh I start to worry by the end of the night but I'll hold off on freaking out for a few days lol. Well that's it for me today. See ya tomorrow x.

Sincerely, Z

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Hello X idk why I even address anyone else at this point lol. I responded to your comment in the last post. Yesterday was hard. I challenged myself to not message her. It was her day off and she spent it with her son so I decided to let her have that time with him undistracted with ANYONE from work. It was hard. I was hoping all day maybe she would message first but the message never came. The wife wanted to talk about what's been going on with me. She thinks I'm depressed and should go see a therapist. Maybe I should. But for now this is my therapy. She said I'm distant and not as physical as I once was. Lol. Could it be all the time I heard "get outta my face (when I want a kiss) or get off me (when I wanted to have sex)" and even sex would happen 90% of the time when she was drunk. And one of us not climaxing almost Everytime. The wife wanted to have sex again last night. She was drinking I had not. I still couldn't get it up and she noticed. I felt guilty I so badly wanted to tell her to stop. She gave me a bj and it was the strangest bj I've ever got. I mean it felt good yea but to continue being a thousand miles away mentally...was weird. It turned to sex because like I said I'm very physical too but it didn't feel the same emotionally. When we were done I felt, evil almost. Fell asleep thinking maybe tomorrow I'll feel different. But no. Anyway I miss her. Work was rough yesterday with Co workers being annoying and the typical bs I put up with. But I'm hoping today goes better because once again I can meet her gaze even if it's not the same look I will give her. That moment of her eyes meeting mine I feel like she's crawling into my deepest thought and emotion and invoking all of them from a place I thought had become void. I will be put into a high that no drug except hers can bring me. I talked to my sister and she corrected she never said she wasn't feeling the same, just that she didn't want to be a homewrecker. That gave me a little spark of hope. She never said no X! Hope you have a great day X. Dunno if you gotta work but if you do have the best day, do what you do best and I can't wait to talk to you again my friend.

Not so simply, Z

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I feel like I have lost all trust, if not most in the one I was supposed to trust the most. The one I love I feel is manipulating me into doing the things they want and not what I want. From stealing and lying to the possibility of cheating. I feel alone and worn down, not knowing what is to come. What to fear, what to say, what to think or what to feel. I am alone in this universe is the only thing that I can relate to, feeling trapped within my mind and not knowing how to escape and think of the happier things. It all only leads to the worst. Is it worth it, am I supposed to keep going on or am I to end something that started off so beautiful only to lie in defeat. I am what I am, I love because I want to, I love them because they understood. Now I feel trapped almost, not knowing what is going on due to distance and miscommunication. I ask, but no response. I try, but no effort. I'm only left with my thoughts and desperation for a connection that it drives me crazy. Am I? Is it worth it? In the long run, maybe, for now I can't say. Time will go on and I will continue to think and do what I do, not because I want to, but because I feel I have to. Its where my mind goes, I have no control. Maybe I am crazy, maybe I am alone. I quote: "I feel this great, great pressure, coming down on me. It's constantly coming down on me. It's crushing me."

Thank you for your time

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Good morning X, and anybody else who reads this. She was messaging me all day yesterday. Can't tell if she was serious about not feeling the same or if she got scared because she got caught, or if she's scared of giving in to desire. it's ok. Hearing from her is like a dealer giving you just enough till you can buy some more. Lol. Wow. I actually laughed at that. The wife and I haven't had sex in probably two months and last night she said she wants some dong, yup dong. I used to think "that's pretty funny" now I think, "that's not sexy at all". I'm a guy yes but I'd like a little foreplay at least. But no it's straight to the point, done, sleep. Romantic right? I thought maybe if we have sex I'll feel normal or remotely how I used to. But instead I felt ashamed. I lie in bed after for hours after knowing how strained everything is and how this just seemed to pull it apart more. She didn't O. The only reason I did is because it probably would led to "who you fucking" if I didn't. Confused, blurry, foggy, hazy. That's the mood for today. Have a good day X and any other misunderstood dreamers.

Sincerely Z

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Last weekend, my boyfriend got extremely drunk, phoned me up and gave me some lame excuse to break up with me. We had been on the rocks for a while but i always expected me to do the dumping so i wwas slightly taken aback when he decided to blurt out those fatal 2 words, 'we're over'. Throughout our relationship he introduced me to his friends, all of whom i got on with extremely well, especially his best friend. His best friend was the reason for multiple arguments between us, mostly because my boyfriend believed i was cheating on him. I have never cheated in a relationship and never plan to.  The night i got dumped my boyfriends best friend phoned me explaining he had heard about the break up and offered his support by taking me out for a few drinks to cheer me up. We both got very drunk and i ended up going back to his where we had (from what i can remember) pretty amazing sex, twice.  The following day we both woke up with hangovers from hell and matching john wayne walks when my ex called me asking to meet. We met up and he gave me a long speech on how he didnt mean what he said and how he still loved me, all the while the overwhelming sense of guilt was eating me up inside. There was no way i could accept his apology and let him back after what i had done, so i expained that we were definately over. That night i seeked comfort in his best friend, and of course one thing led to another and we had sex again. i dont want a relationship with his best friend at all, but im contemplating getting back with my ex... The only thing is i dont know if i could live with the guilt of my actions. Oh and theres no way im ever going to tell him because i couldnt upset him like that. I really dont know what to do. 
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To the woman who ends up with the man I love… I wish I were you. I wish I was the one that got to live with him for the rest of my life. Have a family with him, make memories, grow old together…but I’m not. I cherish the time I spent with him, but God had different plans for both of us. You are one of those plans. I need you to know a few things about this man before you decide to give your heart to him. He feels deeply, but he doesn’t show it. He is the kind of man who would do anything for the people he loves, even if it’s hard for him. He wants nothing more than to make you happy and he will go out of his way to do so without any intention of getting anything in return. He doubts his worth. He doesn’t understand just how much this world needs him. He is a kind and gentle soul and he wants nothing more than to help people. He doesn’t see how just his smile changes the entire atmosphere of every room he walks into. People are drawn to him because of his integrity and genuine spirit. No matter how much he disagrees with this statement, you will soon see how true it is. He is wise beyond his years. He would always say how he felt like he was the one doing all the talking, but it’s because I was afraid to break the brilliance. He believes things that some say aren’t logical, but he can explain it to you in a way that makes you understand and believe too. He questions everything. He’s so curious about the world and the way people think that I would often find him studying them. I don’t even think he notices that he does it… He’ll believe in you, more than you believe in yourself. I’m not the kind of person that has boat loads of self-confidence. I don’t boast about my abilities, I know that there are people out there who are better at what I do than me, but he always made me feel as if I could reach the moon. No matter how many times I said I wasn’t good enough or I wasn’t fitting in, he assured me that it would just take time. He knew I would grow and learn new things about myself before I even started seeing results. He pushed me to be the best version of myself that I can be and taught me how to continue to do so without him. He will make you feel like you’re the only person on the planet. I don’t know how he knows… but if you’re ever feeling down, he knows exactly what to say. He’s told me before that he thinks his voice is changing and he doesn’t like it, but I’ve always found it strong and comforting. Lastly, if he gives you his heart… don’t ever let it go. That’s the mistake I made. Though neither of us had a choice… life wasn’t fair to us… but I know him. And I know he can’t do that again. So don’t ever let go. Fight. Fight for him until there’s no fight left in you. Because if you fight, he’ll fight. And won’t ever give up. Love, The girl that let go.

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Step 1) become really close - bffs is good Step 2) know everything about them Step 3) recognise how cute they are Step 4) regret doing this because falling for your bestie isn't a good idea Step 5) fall out of love Step 6) if you completed step 5, comment how because I would like to also fall out of love

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I don't believe in love. Every time I try to be in love the other person screws me over and it's sad. I put my best effort in, and they admit I do nothing wrong but they still can't fall in love with me. True love isn't real. It's impossible to love the same person unconditionally and continuously. Eventually someone begins to lose that honeymoon feeling. It's not love it's infatuation.

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I hope you haven't done something to yourself. Just making sure you're ok, or at least as much ok as you can be right now.

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For those of you looking for today's post, kinda late I know. I shouldn't have told her. I feel like I ruined it all. I feel alone again. Don't even know what to write anymore.

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She doesn't feel the same. Empty. Should I have expected this? Please help. I need u now more than ever. Please come out. I'm dying.

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I hope you read the reply and if not I'll note it in my next post. I honestly feel like I'm talking to myself when ever you respond. You sound exactly as I feel. It's crazy. She didn't work today unfortunately :(. But ur msg helped tons. To know I am not the only one is amazing. But it's exactly as you say. The facade that's there is exactly that a facade and I live in my day dreams. You're not fucked up. It's just scary to think of the outcome. Crushing someone is hard. And if you're fucked in the head so am I lol

Thank you again for continuing to read, inspire, and support.

Sincerely, Z

As for today, last night sucked. Couldn't talk to her. :( Felt even more empty. The wife wanted to cuddle last night and I did. I could tell she knew something was wrong. It's getting harder to hide in my emotional turtle shell. It's not her fault it's mine. Slept all night last night but I'm still so fucking tired. Ugh. But the thing that will keep me going is the good morning text I got this morning. It sucks. I'm so in love with someone who doesn't even realize what they are doing to me weather it's intentional or not. She might just be one of those people who are nice to the point people think they are flirting. And I'm scarred to ask for fear that it's not what I hope. Have a good day guys and gals.

Sincerely, Z

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I can't stand it anymore, I have no one and no one wants me. Seriously think about that last statement, isn't that what every human being lives for? Yes, to love and to be loved, by that one special someone who makes you feel like heaven is on earth. Who makes you feel like if the world were coming to an end next week, you would just want to spend every last moment with them, watching your favorite movies and getting cozy under a blanket. Well guess what, I have NO ONE! No one likes me, no one wants me, and no one loves me in that romantic way. What a fucking life. And no I am not one of those nerdy magic card playing guys with braces or suspenders. I am a decent looking guy with a job and lots of things going for me. I don't know why this "curse" has been put upon me. All my friends have girlfriends left and right and I am always the third wheel left out in the lurch. Fuck this I hate my life and goodbye cruel unfair world...
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Happy Cinco de mayo all who may or may not be reading. Welcome to another day of my escape. I've come to the conclusion that I am depressed. Emotionally, possibly clinically. Can't tell the wife because she claims to not feel empathy. Can't tell my friends because they are virtually non existent. Coworkers? That's out of the question. I miss her. I hope she works today. I need a pick me up. She is my drug and I am so addicted.have a good day

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Before I start, ty to who commented on the last post. It gave me alot to think about. Was up late last night. Darren's gf was on FB messenger so I decided to text her. Everytime I talk to her, the more she reminds me of the girl I fell in love with in high school. Not your puppy love. Like legit fireworks, butterflies the whole 9. She's strong, funny beautiful and the best part is I don't even think she realizes it. He sure doesn't make her realize it. Maybe that's why she comes to me....her smile gives me goosebumps in the best way possible. Her eyes light up what was once my dark world. Is this what love once felt like?

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For some reason I dreams of her last night . Debbie was 13 I was 8. She was my first crush , oh well. Debbie had a Boyfriend who was killed , they asked me, I told them The boy and his friend probably raped Debbie , and she probably killed him. in the early 70s that would ruin a girl. at that age. The friend went to Juvenile hall on a rape charge I was told not to say a word. EVER the thing was Debbie never knew I was an evil kid . I killed him. Out of jealousy . The boy was riding his bike I threw a brick into his face and knocked off his bike . Then I walked over and cut his throat. Killing is fun especially when you can blame some one else for it.

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As I sit and wait to start work, my coworker Jacobs girlfriend texts me saying she's taking her son to the hospital. My other coworker Darren's girlfriend also text me saying she wants to see me outside before she starts work. Oh boy exciting start to my day. Oh and a little recap from last night, the wife....yea I believe that will be her name...the's ample...she got too drunk and started slamming shit which led to the short post last night. Didn't get much sleep but that's normal lately. Is anyone even out there or am I venting to myself as always? I'm so tired....

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Where she desperately looking for attention from those who don't care about her A fifty yr old living at home Bumm 305-298-2701

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i went on vacation with my boyfriend (over 3 years) family. his mother completely ignored me everyday, and made it obvious that she was only talking to his brothers girlfriend and reaching out to her. i was just trying to ignore it but then she started calling me by her name. i have been dating my boyfriend for over 3 years and the the other girlfriend maybe has been dating his brother a year. it really bugged me that she was doing this. let me mention a little something else. that other girl was caught having sex in the parents room and also drinking with the other brother.  his family is christian and against both of those things. my boyfriend decides to leave me (on vacation) to go somewhere with his mother who has been treating me like this, and i was left crying in the room. i told him about it and he got mad at me. like i did something wrong. then he noticed it the next day and apologized to me and confronted his mom. she said she wasnt doing it on purpose. i mean she didnt talk to me at all for a week and kept trying to get this other girls attention no matter what. i dont believe that she didnt notice. when we got back i avoided going to his house and visiting his family. he agreed with me. i asked him to stop trying to get close with his mother because of what she did to me and other stuff she did to him. he is a major mothers boy by the way. so he went behind my back and planned a whole day with his mother about a family day. no girlfriends invited. i found out by his mother because he tried to hide it from me. he is always so nice to his mother and she can have the worst attitude with him for no reason. she lets the other brother get away with anything and punishes my boyfriend for stupid stuff. im tired of trying to make my boyfriend have a backbone towards his mother. by the way he is in his early twenties and we are getting married. should i marry a guy who seems like he will always choose his mother over me?  am i looking into things to much or should i leave? please help me. i do love him but he has done so much to make me feel less than his mother. he has recently even stopped holding my hand and hugging me and and putting his arm around me when his mother is around. i dont know anymore
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Well, I guess you could say that when we met, we were more frenemie than best friends. However, we grew close when I became best friends with his, then, gf. As time went on, I started to notice that my mind would subconciously turn to him, no matter what I was doing. The real peak was during my schools musical season, we shared a dressing room and he and his gf were having problems. There is a big tradition that everyone brings in all of these pillow and blankets and shit for the room. One day after dinner, we were just laying there, basically spooning, and talking about his relationship problems, we made eye contact, and for a split second I thought he was gonna miss me. He knew I was gay, but he always claims to be straight, but I was still a little hopeful. I blinked and the next thing I knew he was standing up and getting ready for the next scene. A month later he broke up with his gf.... I don't know what to think..... All I know is that I really love him

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I just spent 3h staring into the void, dreaming about a life I will never have with my lover, who's love I honestly just don't deserve. It's been weeks like this. I'm distracted and completely unproductive. Full of longing. I can't believe this. He carried me in his heart all this time. Through my marriage, through the affair I had which he knew about... through his own relationship. All this years we were only friends, and all I did was just be there for him.. and he kept me in his dreams. Until the day he came here, and held me, and I felt whole and happy like I haven't in years. He cured me in so many ways. Fully reviving the romantic part of me which I thought was dead and gone.

All I want to do is leave this place, country, everything and just be with him, like he wants me to.

But its not gonna happen. Cause the realist in me knows there are no happy endings. And I don't deserve him. And there are duties, commitments, responsibilities that tie me to this place.

My love.. I wish I could cure your migraines for good. I wish I could rub your back every day and give your glorious orgasms. I wish I just had a lot of money, or connections, to just make your life easier, at least a bit.

Sometime I look at you, and I'm in awe of my own shortsightedness. My god, you're beautiful and amazing in so many ways, I can't believe how shy yu are.. You are the best lover I ever had. I wish i could give you the life and love you deserve. A part of me dies knowing I will never have it. I love you x

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I am 55 divorced over 20 yrs I chose to stay single to raise my children without hassle as my ex was violent , im children have all now flown the nest and have family of there own and there dad is the best sliced thing from bread lol feel ive wasted years ,im attractive red head irish lady but don't have a clue about dating ,im so out of touch

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Im so in love with my boyfriend of nearly a year but, recently it seems that he's not that interested in spending time with me anymore. Could it be something im lacking or is he just not interested anymore?

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There r days when i cry alot, laugh alot..nd there are days wen i feel nothin..hw cn i nt feel happiness, no sadness, jst nothing..I love you alot but I am tired of so many things that I am unable to express my luv..i unable to xplain or justify..Is dis relationship rly gud fr us if all v do is fyt or cry evrydy..Wats d point of 1 day smile when d next 5 days, we have to my tears also dnt bother u it seems..nw ur shouting dsnt bother me..i get hurt, i cry, i feel bad and next day its agn a gud morning..A person like me who remembers each and evry thing, now i dont even remeber d next day dat wat ws i angry abt or wat ws i happy abt..its lik no memory at al..m nt ignoring the topic but I dnt have to talk cz i dnt remember what ws i suppose to say or discuss..its lik my brain erasing things and saying plz jst b normal..m in no condition for your debates and fyts..Is it wrong or ryt, i dnt its my feelings and I dnt hv a control on thm..i luvd u wid evrythn i had and have, u hurt me wid fear of losing me..i rly dnt knw how to handle dis situation..d most imp thing fr me fr any relationshp is honesty..I am damn honest even if m relation is at stake, nt cz i dnt care, cz i luv too mch to hide or lie..i dnt accept reasons fr hiding yaar..i jst cnt move on..m trying evry single i cnt frgiv fr being dishonest to me..m so lost and failed dat aftr luvin sme1 so mch, u still get this..wats d biggest failure of ur lyf..d person u luv so mch and share evry part of ur lyf, dsnt share his lyf bck cz he feels u dnt handle it well..i feel so lonely smetims as if i dnt fit nywhr..i dnt fit wid my parents, my husband ws a jerk, my job is nt dat grt, my bf thinks m nt worth sharing, my roomates sucks and frnds i hv lost long whr exactly i fit..dnt knw..m sch a misfit in dis wrld it seems..der r so my filters nw..dis relation dsnt seem pure..dsnt seem wat it matr wat i do or u do, smethn is missin..i hv lost..i hv given up m jst a lonely gurl trying to fit in smewhr..

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I don't get sex becuase I did my" husband chores" but if I don't ask for sex and do something extra maybe if I'm lucky (I'm starting to wonder just how lucky) she will initiate sex. If things aren't perfect or I wasnt a good boy, No sex. she had a bad day.i had a bad day, no sex her choice ( gotta be chipper to dipper).

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'm honestly not sure how it happened. He's been my boss since June. I think he was my first crush there, despite him being married and having a family. We're both smarta**es and he has really sexy blue eyes, so I think that's what started it. The longer I knew him, though, the more I began to loathe him. At work, he comes off as very arrogant, lacking compassion, and can be pretty much a douchebag. When he's off the clock, he's actually pretty nice. He said he's really a nice guy, he just was raised to take work seriously...perhaps TOO seriously. There have been many times he's made me want to cuss him out and quit. Things have been strange between us lately, though. Back around Christmas, I gave all of my managers gift bags of candy and he jokingly asked if I poisoned his. If work was slow and some of us got off early and had stuck around to eat, he always ended up sitting next to me. He knows he hasn't always been my favorite person and it seemed like he really enjoyed bothering me. About a month ago, work ceased for a bit for a building makeover, but we still had training at another building. During that time, I guess we've gotten closer. He constantly teases me and pokes fun at me; I was kind of slumped down in a chair that had a hole in the top part and he jokingly pulled my hoodie's hood through the hole and put it over my face and walked away lol; I don't have a vehicle right now and during lunch breaks, he offered to take me to get lunch, but I always declined; he offered me a piece of gum and joked that he didn't poison it, purposely referring back to the Christmas joke; we're FB friends now and he "likes" a lot of my posts; he commented under one post saying how much he appreciates my positivity and encouragement and that it's a "blessing" and that I should "keep it up". All this recent positive attention has caused me to be obsessed with him. Not to mention, I am very sexually attracted to him, but would never act on it. What do I do? How do I go back to loathing him? Also, I had a dream that started off sexual, but then he was my boyfriend and I told him I loved him. Why did I dream that? I am 26, he's 37 and I am by no means unattractive, by the way.

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im attractive red head lady looking for love and adventure were do I start?

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im attractive irish red head 55 looking for love and adventure were do I start to look???????????????????????

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I am 55 divorced over 20 yrs I shoes to saty single to raise my children without hassle as my ex was violent , im children have all now flown the nest and there dad is the best sliced thing from bed lol feel ive wasted years ,im attractive re head irish lady but don't have a clue about dating ,im so out of touch

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Where do I begin? I have been working there for almost a year. He was one of the first guys there that I had a tiny crush on. Yes I knew he was married and had a family, but sometimes you can't help who you crush on. I have no desire to be with him. I'd never date him. I truly have no idea how his wife even does it. After knowing him months, I started to seriously dislike him. He's quite arrogant and lacks compassion, at least on the clock. When he's off the clock, he's a totally different person. A couple of months ago, he told me he's actually a nice guy, that he was just raised to take work very seriously. So seriously that he's caused a handful of people to walk out and quit. I've always been sexually attracted to him. I can't seem to understand why, but I am. The area that we work in is very close quarters, so we accidentally touch a lot. Plus, he tends to be naturally touchy-feely. That kind of doesn't help. We have times where we flirt and times where I literally want to punch him in the throat. Everybody who works during the same shift as us, knows I'm not his biggest fan or they have every reason to suspect that. Even recently, a couple of people we work with joked that I hate him. The last month, things have been kind of great between us. We've joked around a lot more. I don't have a vehicle currently and he's offered a couple of times to take me to get lunch on our lunch break, but I declined. I am not sure how to be in a car with him. I can control myself, although I feel it'd be awkward and uncomfortable for me. Back during Christmas, I gave all of my managers gift bags filled with candy. He jokingly had asked if I had poisoned his. A few days ago, he offered me a piece of gum and joked that he didn't poison it. I referred back to the joke from Christmas and he said that's why he made the joke, because of the one from Christmas. We're Facebook friends now and he's been "liking" a bunch of my posts. He even commented on one yesterday and told me how much he appreciates my positivity and encouragement, that it's a blessing and told me to "keep it up". I recently had a dream of him where it started off sexual, but then he became my boyfriend and I kissed him and told him I loved him. I'm not sure why I had a dream of that. I really don't think of dating him. Every time I think of him, I am thinking of sex with him, all kinds of sex lol. But it's weird because every time I get a notification that he has liked a post of mine or commented, I get butterflies and I blush. Even a few days ago, when he noticed I was there, he said good morning and asked how my weekend was and he never did that before and it made me have butterflies. Is this just sexual feelings or what am I feeling here? I am 26, he's 37.

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I don't really see this as giving advice, but more like in need of advice. First thing's first, my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 6 months. Things were really great in the beginning. He was seriously everything I had been looking for in a guy, but I knew he had a rough past. He had actually been in a gang before, and was also known as a "fuckboy". He had told me that people would judge him for his past, and actually ended up changing schools because of it. I don't know the whole story about his gang past or what had happened, but I know there are things that he definitely isn't proud of. But anyways, that's just kind of a background. Things were great for about 2 months, but then I started getting a feeling that maybe he was cheating behind my back. I knew his password to his instagram because he had told me, so I logged into it and found some pretty flirty messages to someone he had actually hooked up with before. He had also told her that he wanted to hang out with her and that, "relationships don't work out at their age anyways" .. Mind you, she had a boyfriend at the time he hooked up with her and at the time he sent these messages to her to potentially hookup with her again. Anyways, I brought this up to him calmly, wanting answers. He came up with the genius excuse that it was indeed one of his friends who got on his instagram to message her. Of course I knew this was bullshit because he couldn't even tell me which friend did it, and then later made up a whole different story that these messages were sent a long time ago, even though instagram shows you the date you send the messages, and it was during the time that we were together, which was not long ago. He eventually became super upset and got mad at me for even getting on his social media in the first place, although towards the beginning of the relationship, he told me that I could see anything I wanted if I had any concerns. Interesting, right?? So that was his first lie of many, so I just brushed it off. One day, I saw from over his shoulder that he was texting his ex. Again, I politely brought it up and asked for an explanation. He just simply said that she sent him a text apologizing for what she had done (even though I'm at least 95% sure that he was the one who fucked up in that relationship because I even messaged her myself to get the details as to why they broke up, and she told me he came home with a hickey on his neck that she did not give him). Well, he told me that his reply was, "doesn't matter. I'm happy now". Then I got on his phone one day and saw screenshots of that conversation (same day, same time I was looking over his shoulder) and these messages were from him saying things like, "I am so happy to see your name pop up on my screen again. Can we talk as friends and catch up?".. Now, it wasn't that I was mad at him for even texting his ex; I was mad at the fact that he lied to me to my face. One more little story before we broke up: My brother had just gotten married and I went with him and his wife out of state to a place that they wanted to potentially move to. I thought it'd be nice just to get away from home for about 6 days. Well, my last day in Washington, and he texts me saying something along the lines of, "I've lied about many things and I feel guilty. I don't deserve you.". Mind you, I had played the fool and pretended to believe all of his lies when he did lie to me, because I knew he would soon have this stacked up guilt and eventually break. So, he was in a really down mood that last day.. I thought it was really weird that he had brought this up literally out of nowhere, and told him that if he doubted anything, to just break up with me and get it over with. (He said he didn't want to leave me) Well, when I came back, my boyfriend spent the night, and the next morning I just had this gut feeling that something had happened while I was away. I got on his Snapchat and found a conversation between him and some girl with him saying things like, "You're cute", "I wanted to kiss you, but I didn't because I don't want you to catch feelings. I swear my heart is gone", "I wanted to cuddle with you", and even 'jokes' about him wanting her to join while he's showering. I came to find out that he had taken this girl and her friend to a place to eat with a group of his friends the same night that he brought up the whole lying situation and him feeling guilty about it. He was even on facebook messaging his friend bragging about the fact that he was with two girls. (yup. He might as well have just slapped me in the face, because that would've hurt less) He left for work right before I got on snapchat and found that whole situation out. I sent him screenshots of the conversation and told him that I couldn't do it anymore, that I couldn't stand the cheating and lies. He didn't want me to leave because he said he was "addicted" to me. I questioned the love he had for me because I clearly didn't see it. His things were at my house, so he told me he'd come by after work to pick up his stuff. I packed his things up and around 9 hours later, he showed up and saw that I packed his things up. He got pissed and proceeded to try and make me feel guilty by saying "Well, I guess you really want me to leave", and of course I said yes.. Before he went into his work, he even texted me telling me to delete all the photos of us, so I did. Well right after he saw that i packed up his things, he said, "did you delete the pictures of us?" .. I said I did, and he got pissed and said, "well, that was a test to see if you actually cared or not, and I guess you don't". (See how he tried to turn things on me to try and make ME feel guilty for what he had done in the first place?) He left and then told me he was going to drive off of the road and kill himself if I really wanted to leave, manipulating me, trying to make me feel responsible for what happens to his life. Of course I took this very seriously as I would any suicidal situation, and told him I was going to contact his mom and tell her about this. He told me I could tell anyone because it wouldn't matter cause he'd be gone. I am still with him to this day cause we had eventually worked everything out and he told me he'd change and start treating me like I'm the only girl in his world. I have hope that this will be true, but I need some advice. Should I really stay with him in hopes that he will improve himself, or should I just leave this relationship in the past? Any help is greatly appreciated. (SORRY FOR THE LONG STORY)

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Well I'm 17 just turned actually. I started dating my boyfriend last year around august ish, and he's a year above me. We know the age difference would be a problem one day but we still bonded and fell in love with each other. Any who, he went off to university or college some would call it and I'm still finishing my last year in high school. He's only 4 hours away so we were both thinking oh that's not too bad you know it's a easy trip down. I told him your going to realise that when you go to college there's more in the world than you've experienced and I know that you'll be inquisitive and want to experience more, but I only ask one thing that if activities you do at uni will affect me or us can you please atleast let me know so that I can prepare for it or accept it. Yeah course he said. Sweet, we were both happy 6 months in and going strong, always talked on the phone for hours all that lovey dovey type of cliche stuff. I loved it. Until I found out that he was being unloyal. I was bummed, I was hurt everything normal that a teenager would experience if they went through that, I was ya know telling myself this would pass bla bla bla. Any who we talked we worked through it and everything was on the right track again, not good but we were working towards good, but there was still that doubt that hung over me. It was a bitch I always doubted myself the most. Why would he do that when he had me? It's gotta be me. But we still tried to work through it. But then one day he said that it was better if we were just friends, he needed to figure out his life before he could be with me. Yeah I understood that, again it broke my heart but what got me through was that little hope that when he did we could be together again. How gullible I am. I know believe that after being friends with him for just over 2 weeks that he just wants to be friends with benefits with me. He doesn't want to commit to us because that ties him down. I finally realise that now. And I'm okay with it well that's what I thought, until he told me recently when I was hosting a party that if I got with anyone it'll end us for good, scared is what I felt, vulnerable so I didn't. He said he didn't want me to hook up with anyone else he still loved me. But he wanted to just be friends and find himself. I'm stupid and dumb because here I still am holding on to the hope that one day he will figure himself out and will be together again. But I know deep down he just wants me to be here when he needs me, sexually, mentally and emotionally.

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It's Killing Me


Damn, I still miss my children so much. I've been separated for almost 18 months now and much hasn't changed. I was doing better for awhile but now not so much. You see before I met her I was content and quite happy living along. I had not only adjusted to it but started to really thrive. I've never really had the tools at my disposal to do well in American society. It has quite a bit to do with my childhood and some I honestly believe is genetic though.

I finally found my home in the world and that was through travel and adventure sports. All the things that made me an oddball and on the fringes of society in the States made me insanely strong in this lifestyle. For so long I had lived in the States growing up isolated. There was no place for someone like me; home, work, school, or even friends. I harbored this dream. A dream where I live a normal life. A life filled with a loving wife, children, and maybe even a dog. But I had actually found real happiness with my adventure seeking circle of friends. I actually fit in.

When I met my wife to be I felt that little glimmer of hope come alive again. I could be a real person and have a real life, a normal life. I was so proud and happy when we got married. I know I also played a part in the ruin of that relationship. There's always two involved in that. But the fact that I did everything from beg to scream for a marriage counselor for years before leaving tips the favor on my side I'd think.

I miss my children so badly. I doubt I will heal as everyone hopes I will. See after having someone in my heart there it's left a hole. My penis hadn't worked in over 18 months before I left her. After I left, within a week it was standing at attention every morning I woke up. I did have a girlfriend for a short while after leaving her. That was enough to give me some hope.

I really NEED to have some sort of connection now. But I can't. I need to divorce first and that can't happen for a bit still due to financial matters. I need to divorce so I can go back out and find a woman that actually loves me. I finally figured out my wife's view and a man is really just more a tool than anything. There's no true intimacy, trust, or even really friendship. It seems more pragmatic. It's a fucking job.

That lack of attention to a small matter has escalated now. You know it starts like a small ringing in your ear. Everyone has that every now and again. But what if it just keeps going? In the end it's all you hear and all the time. It's killing me.

At this point I won't lie. I've considered suicide. I still do. I think of how I should exit and what can I get done for my children before I go. I do not like the world at large either. It's pretty disgusting the way I've seen most all people treat each other. I do know I need to somehow protect my children from this world. I can't do that if I'm dead.

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Im so frustrated with many things right now. For the most part, its been sexual frustration. I love my husband so much. He is the best husband.any wife could want. Hes not perfect by all means, but I have a winner. I feel so frustrated and guilty all the time because I lust after other men. I am constantly fantasizing about having sex, long hard, passionate, raunchy sex. I love sex with my husband. But he doesnt seem as interested. And whenever I suggest foreplay or try new things to spice things up (wwe just got over the first year of second baby born) he looks at me like im weird and says ive changed. I feel rejected. Ive struggled with my confidence and body image this past year. I want to feel sexy again. I know im very beautiful, curvy and sexy to alot of people, but you look at yourself different when you dont FEEL it. I make an effort and he doesnt get it. We have a friend, who in fact married us 7 years ago, that I am completely attracted to. I think about him all the time. I know he has been attracted to me since we met. We have always been friends. Both of our families hang out. I domt want to have an affair. Sometimes I think it would never happen to me. I dont go out of my way to meet anyone. But then I think the longer I indulge in these fantasies and lust, its only a matter of time before I cave in if the opprotunity presents itself. I hate feeling like this. I am a christian who believes in marriage and faithfulness. Id never thought Id struggle like this. I love my husband. I love my family. I love our friendships that we have with the "other guy" and his wife. Id never want to tempt him or ruin his family or mine. Does anyone ever feel like this? I feel so alone. I pray but sometimes I feel like its useless. How do you overcome something like this? Ive never been with anyone except my husband. I asked if he would be ok with me using toys and he said no. But at this point I think Im going to get one and not tell him because I feel its the only way to keep me faithful in weak moments. Between this and all the trials and problems we have had in 2014, Im officially going crazy!

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I love my wife of over 10 years. Intimately there weren't any issues until we decided to have children together (we raised our oldest, hers by another for 8 yrs together). Since she was pregnant with our 4 yr old (we also have a 28 Mo old). Sex of any kind, but especially oral has become very conditional for her. I'm a man, therefore it takes alot to get me out of the mood. Not so for my wife. Now I get to jump through hoops just to sleep with the only person I want to.

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So ive been talking, skyping, becoming really intimate with this guy for over the past 8/9 months. However the majority of it has been long distance. He lives in New Zealand and doesn't plan on moving and I'm in school in the states so I can't move right now either.. we recently just went on a trip over thanksgiving to an island together. The entire trip lasted about 7 days and it was amazing. I didn't want it to end. I thought it'd be weird considering that's the longest period of time we've ever spent together in person. And it was amazing! We get along so well, our sense of humor is cohesive with one another. ,it works, it feels right. He even insisted on footing most of the bills while away the on the holiday since he knows I'm a student and I don't have the most money currently.. after the trip, it was confirmed. I'm definitely in love with him. He's the type of person I can see myself with. He's so special. My heart kind of sunk when I went back home to face the reality that I wouldn't be seeing him again for a while.. andnow about a week and a half later, we're talking about where this thing is going. He said he sees so many major factors that might seem extremely difficult overtime. llike the fact that he's older.. most of those in his age group are starting to settle down, the distance between the USA and New Zealand is vast, the time zones. He chooses to focus on these things rather than focus on the good. Of course they need to be addressed but I feel that if you really care about someone enough, you try your damnest to make it work. And I feel he's not wanting to even try.. but I asked him straight up on numerous occasions if he wanted to end the relationship, he said no not at all. With no hesitation. But He is so hung up about things I view as minuscule. He's just so confused on what he wants and tends to over think the situation. So the ball is in his court for sure. I told him I'll give him his time and space to think things through so here I am. Torturing myself while he debates his feelings and thoughts. I just don't know anymore. His uncertainty is making me feel like he doesn't really want the relationship as much as I do. But it doesn't feel like that. I think he may be self sabotaging. I think he just doesn't want to get hurt, and invest further feelings down the line for nothing. This is going to hurt regardless. But I think I just neendto know sooner than later. I'm already so invested but I just want him to be happy. And honest with himself and his feelings. I don't understand what he's thinking. Does anyone have any ideas on the matter? Or can offer words of advice on the situation? Anything will help!!

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Recently my fiancé left me. For a week. He decided that he needed space because he wasn't happy, and needed to "figure things out". He came back, but still seems unhappy to me. Short replies, and I just get a general vibe of depression. I'm not sure if the relationship is good for him, and in turn, me. My question is, if a person doesn't have the right mindset, and feels as if they are going to be unhappy no matter what, can they be happy? Do you CHOOSE to be happy or is it something that can be changed?

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I came here hoping to receive some advice with something I did almost three years ago. I am currently 21 and when I was three days away from my 19th birthday I had sex for the first time. Although this would be memorable occasion for most people I have been questioning myself and wondering how I went down that road for the past 2 1/2 years. At the time, me and my brother were on vacation visiting family in South America when we went to spend a week with one of our uncles and his family. It was during my week there that I have not been able to stop thinking what I have done because to this day I keep remembering the nights where me and my cousin had sex. It all started when we saw each other after not seeing each other in about three years. At first he was all cold towards me but by the end of the night we were close friends again. The next few days we would spend the day talking to each other, walking by the river, playing video games, in short we were almost inseparable. When the weekend came my uncle decided to throw a party for our arrival. On the night of the party we got even closer because we drank and got really close when we danced. As the party came to an end I headed to bed because I got a little tipsy and he accompanied into the bedroom. As I threw myself onto the bed he lied down beside me and hugged me. I told him to leaver alone because I was sleepy but instead he kissed me. I was somewhat surprised but at the same time I knew it was going to occur because I knew he had feelings for me. After some kissing we started to make out and things got really steamy. It was then when I decided to stop what we were doing because I thought it wa wrong, after all we are cousins. That night we didn't have sex but the following day we couldn't keep our eyes of each other. I knew he wanted me and he knew that I wanted him. The second night I decided to have sex with him because I reasoned with myself saying that he's only my half cousin. The first night we had sex all my worries disappeared and he even admitted to me that he loved me. The next few nights we would have sex for almost 2 hours , always worried that someone in the house would wake up and hear what we were doing. When it was time for me to leave we kissed good bye and promised to skype and text each other. When I returned to the U.S we would skype each other and talk about those nights. For the next few months we remained in contact but after about 7 months he would not talk to me with much frequency. I decided that it was a good thing because that way I could forget about him. Although I managed to forget about him for a few months he contacted me once again and a year after our sexual encounter we were talking to each other again. By this time I started fooling myself that he really loved me and that I loved him also. again he would stop contacting me but this time I would start to get depressed. My depression was so strong that I would barely eat or sleep, when I did sleep I would cry myself to sleep, I isolated myself from everyone, and began to hate myself for what I did. Again he contacted me but as hard as tried to forget about him I would find myself anxiously responding his messages and awaiting for his response. 2 1/2 years later I am still trying to forget about him and what I did with him those few nights. I find that it has become difficult for myself to forget about him because caused myself to believe that we truly loved each other. I came to this place hoping to find some answers that would help me find a way to permanently forget him, resist the urge to text him, and stop fantasizing over the idea that if given another opportunity I would repeat the same mistake I committed those almost three years ago. I am about to finish college and I had not had a single relationship because I was so devoted to someone who I know realized only used me to satisfy his sexual desires. I truly want to get over him so that I would be able to start a true relationship and be able to experience what it really means to be in love.

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I still think about you everyday sometimes i still dont want to accept us being apart but it was the best thing for us individualy im happy your happy but i still remember when i thought id be the person youd be happy with.. I wasnt.

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My girlfriend asked me one day if i have ever fantasized about being with a guy. After feeling a little scared because i didnt know if this was some kind of test I said no but have wondered how it would be. So the next time we had sex she started playing with my ass and it was nice but didnt play into it. A few days later i walk in the room after getting home from work and she was masturbating to some bisexual porn she told me how much it turned her on so i sat down and watcbed it with her she noticed how hard i was getting. She had me undress and and went down on me she got her finger wet and slid it inside me and things have progressed since that day using a dildo on me and now wants me to be with another man. I am open to try but she wants me to pick up a guy and i have no idea how to go about this.I want do this for her but am scared to death that my guy friends will find out and out me to evryone including my family. Please help me....

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