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I don't understand how i end up saying sorry always.. Even when its not my mistake.. I have a habit of justifying, explaining in detail as I always fear of being misunderstood and hurting my guy.. But he thinks i am dragging things and debating and arguing and stressing him.. So this time when he again blamed me for things which were no where in my control, i just let him vent out.. Thinking lets not stress him by speaking too muh..and also because I have already spent 2 nights explaining him those things already.. But then he tells me you don't even explain today so you don't care.. Wow.. I bloody cared too much that's why i let u blame me even if i was not wrong.. And i did what u always wanted.. But still you are not happy.. I mean this happens always.. I do what he expects me to do and even after that, he is not satisfied.. I have to be sorry always.. Wen he said i don't explain, i started explaining.. Then he tells me you are dragging it.. I am tired.. What the fuck am i suppose to do.. You have a problem if m quiet, you have a problem if i explain.. Just make up your mind dammit.. I get tired of being the one who is blamed always.. Everything that you do that hurts me, you say you don't have a option.. But when same happens with me, you are accusing me that i deliberately hurt you.. The way you don't have a option, i also don't have a option.. Atleast i still feel sorry for hurting you.. You don't even feel sorry because you say you had no choice.. I feel guilty and say sorry always even when its not my choice.. Did u appreciate when for 2 nights i was crying and requesting your forgiveness for the mistake i haven't done.. No.. U don't.. But you can blame me for not repeating those statements today.. Whats the point.. Do you hear... No.. U keep blaming me.. I am. Always the bad person.. I am fucking tired of such unfaur behavior

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So easy to blame white people for your lack of progress in life. Why wouldn't you want your city to become productive and safe. You enjoyed the abandoned buildings the Government handouts and gang infested blocks ? Not being racist its just an observation of how communities go to shit when it's an all black neighborhood The more blacks that move into a neighborhood, the worse it becomes, especially since whites, the ones paying the taxes to keep the neighborhood running, when we move out. , you totally destroy everything in your path . Despite these problems, social categories are often times completely dismissed when it comes to the NIGGER problem . Choosing how to socially identify members of social populations is not a trivial matter it is however self-evident . Here it is November 5th I was hoping civil war I wanted so bad to kill a few niggers. I would have beat you like Jon Grissom beat Corey Feldman

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Just can't trust any girl to blow me. I'm scared they'll bite off my dick!

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So my wife has just informed me that we are going to be splitting up... no infidelity no other issues other than she wants to be on her own and live her life. I want her to have that. But it hurts so bad.... I am happy in this marriage and willing to do whatever it takes but she wants out... and apparently that's what's going to happen. I'll let her have whatever she needs but I still want to fight for us. Am I an idiot for this? Am I just a fucking coward? Do I have a chance? Or do I just accept things as they are and move on. I hate this with every inch of my soul. And I've never felt so alone in my life.

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So there's this girl i'm sexing. I feel so happy with her when we're alone or among black people. once we're among whites i feel so totally ashamed of her. what to do?

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I had the weirdest dream about my ex (he dumped me)... we’ve been broken up for just over 6 months now. He’s been in Poland for the last 2.5 months for work. We were on and off communication throughout the summer but since he’s left we’ve talked pretty consistently, probably around 4 times a week. I haven’t spoken to him in 4 days tho...

So last night I had a dream I was dating this high school friend of mine and we were in The library at the university... I’ve been done uni for 4 years now and I haven’t thought about this friend since high school (don’t think that has any deeper meaning)

Anyways I was looking for my friend (who was my boyfriend in the dream) and I saw one of his friend who said he was in the back but warned me not to go there now and that I should dump his ass.... which in the dream pissed me off cause I knew it meant that my “boyfriend” was cheating on me

I went to the back and saw him and we started arguing cause I was upset that he was hanging out with this chick that I knew had feelings for him and I was mad that he didn’t considering “Making out” or “kissing” some else cheating. Anyways l, things started to Escalade in the dream and I ended up screaming something along the lines of “I can’t believe you’d do this to me when I told you that (ex’s name) cheated on me and I was really hurt from it!!!!!!!”

Then I woke up... super confused. My ex sort cheated on me just before we officially got together. We had been sleeping and dating for 6 months before he went off on a week long trip and ended up sleeping with the girl he was traveling it. Sort of justified it as not cheating cause we hadn’t actually talked about being exclusive with each other... or was stupid. Anyways, I thought I wanted to get back together with him... but I wonder if subconsciously I know I have never forgiven him for that....

I also hung out with a good friend of mine last night, had dinner watched a movie... it was a guy that my ex never really likes me hanging out with. I’m not sure if I felt guilty for hanging out with him....and maybe not having talked to each other for the last 4 days had something to do with it... anyways

I have no idea what this dream was about, what do you think i was trying to tell myself on a subconscious level?! Maybe I’m reading to much into this? I don’t know... but I feel pretty impacted from the dream. Little confused, not sure how I’m feelkng

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I'm 21 and I have never been kissed, I'm a virgin, and have never had any sort of romantic relationship. Not many people know this about me, in fact only two people know the extent of the lack of...well...extent I have in the relationship department lol. And it's not like I don't want a relationship and all of that stuff that comes with it, because I do. I have a hard time opening up to people, putting myself out there, and not having extremely high expectations of someone (I'm a hopeless romantic unfortunately). So when people assume I've had the normal amount of relationships I don't deny it, and now I feel I'm constantly living a lie because around this age you usually talk about sex and such with friends. But I don't have enough courage to tell people otherwise because I don't want to be judged or labeled as virgin or prude. And now I fear once I do finally get into a relationship my significant other is just going to question why I have never dated anyone and been with anyone which has added to my list of fears of romantic relationships. But although I have had a great time being single and learning to dependent on myself and not someone else for my happiness, I finally want that relationship experience, I just don't know how to go about finding one, and putting myself out there, because I'm so scared of rejection and putting trust in someone that might break my heart. SIGH

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The first time I cheated was when I was engaged. I had a "fling" with a co-worker who later fell in love with me when he knew that all I wanted was a fling. After I got married, I had a child then found another job after my baby was a little older. At my job, I was the youngest employee and naturally grasped the attention of all my older male employees. I loved it. I enjoyed dressing pretty sexy just to see their faces. One in particular got my attention. He was much older than me and so very different, in every aspect; race, religion, and so on. He knew exactly what needed to be said to me to get what he wanted and that I secretly wanted too. Mind you, I love my husband with all of my heart but sometimes I felt like I needed something else. I guess I was tired of the monotony, the same thing over and over. This other man and I went at it for a couple of months. We had amazing sex in hotel rooms, in his car, at work. We even had sex in a bathroom at a movie theater. I loved the thrill and the adrenaline of doing something I wasn't supposed to do. But of course, all things come to an end. I decided to stop doing things with him and he noticed. He didn't oblige, he also had a live-in girlfriend. He's the "I-don't-believe-in-marriage type of guy. I stopped it for good. That was a year ago. My husband and I have had our ups and downs. We've gone through it all, but somehow things have changed between us. I wouldn't dare to ever look at another man now. The way I was before is not me anymore. However, I don't regret it. My past has made me who I am today. I've never told anyone about this, until now.
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My girlfriend asked me one day if i have ever fantasized about being with a guy. After feeling a little scared because i didnt know if this was some kind of test I said no but have wondered how it would be. So the next time we had sex she started playing with my ass and it was nice but didnt play into it. A few days later i walk in the room after getting home from work and she was masturbating to some bisexual porn she told me how much it turned her on so i sat down and watcbed it with her she noticed how hard i was getting. She had me undress and and went down on me she got her finger wet and slid it inside me and things have progressed since that day using a dildo on me and now wants me to be with another man. I am open to try but she wants me to pick up a guy and i have no idea how to go about this.I want do this for her but am scared to death that my guy friends will find out and out me to evryone including my family. Please help me....

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I have a strong desire to be a cuckold. I believe that women come first. I believe that a woman should be able to do as she wishes and the man should follow. As an average white man I do not feel that I please my wife like I should be. I cannot maintain an erection for a long time, or at least until she is happy and I think that it is only right for her to have multiple partners as she desires to be fully satisfied. Because i cannot please her she has not let me try in a while. I have been wondering if she has been fooling around already because the average trip to the store takes several hours. I just do not think it takes that long to go to the store. WHat do you think?

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I don't know where to start from.. My boyfriend who is married was too much in love with me and me too.. But now we are having some issues in our job life.. He says he can't love me right now.. He is too stressed.. But love is not a duty or a task.. It comes naturally like breathing.. You cannot stop loving someone because you are stressed or tired or busy.. I miss all the love and care.. The understanding... Just because life is giving us problems, are we suppose to keep our love life on hold and restart when everything is okay.. It does not make sense to me.. Still I agreed thinking everyone is different.. He might not b able to do it and thats why he is saying so.. But then he says I want my home life to be normal.. I don't want to fight with my wife anymore.. And i don't understand how to take it.. We are together because he is not happy with his wife and soon he wants to have a life with.. My only pillar for this relation is his love for me and his issues with his wife.. He is taking both of these away and expecting me to be fine with it.. How can i see them as family.. As normal husbad and wife.. Just because he does not want any more stress, he wants things to be normal between them.. How can i approve it.. Will he like it if i do the am i suppose to survive this relation if i am not getting anything.. How can he be so blind that he cannot see the kind of pain he is putting me in.. What kind of love is this where problems make you blind towards others feelings..when i had problems in my life, i don't stop loving him or makin him bear the people he doesn't like..just because i don't wanna see him in stress, how should i bear so much.. I am really broken and tired.. I need help.. I cannot survive anymore.. I cannot live without him and i cannot bear all this too

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Only because they told us ANTIFA was going to Sturgis our reply is simple we already have a bunch of whiny little bitches running around you'll know them they have Warlocks on their Jackets . and our dicks in their Mouth's . IOFFIO/MBBM

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I feel like having sex with my sister, she is acting slutty atound me sometimes she unzips her jeans in front of me and sometimes she touches my cock purposely and smiles at me while doing it.I unzipped her jeans one time and she slapped me.I feel like I should rape her.What should I do?

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I really need to tell someone this but I'm going to get in big trouble if my mother ever finds out about it. I 'raped' my mom's boyfriend. In fact I'm still 'raping' him. So you see why I can't tell anyone (but this place is anonymous so it's OK). My mom's a cougar and dresses like a slut so she brings home lots of young adults. They're still older than me by like 7 or 8 years but they're all hot as hell and shouldn't be with such a skank like my mom. I'm 18 BTW. Anyway, one of my mom's boyfriends is this really lean white guy with wavy blond hair and perfect white teeth. I love his smile, it's the prettiest thing I've ever seen. One day my mother brought him home and I could hear them fooling around upstairs in the bedroom, so I went downstairs to do my homework. I could sort of still hear them (enough, anyway), when it suddenly got quiet and my mom came down to the living room. She told me she was going into town to run some “errands” and that she would be back in a few hours. Her giggling set off an alarm in my head. About half an hour after she left, I realized that I didn't see her boyfriend leave the house. I already know what that means: a few months before this I accidentally wandered into my mom's bedroom while she was running some “errands” and found her then-boyfriend tied to the bed, gagged and blindfolded. I was SO embarrassed, but he couldn't see me and I didn't tell my mom afterwards, but I was mad at her for like a week. So, yeah. My mom's into some kinky stuff, maybe it's genetic, because I'm starting to like it too. Anyway. I knew he was up there, and I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't stop thinking about his smile. And his body (I'd never seen him naked, but I could almost imagine it). And the way his soft blond hair must feel, and a million other things that wouldn't stop bugging me. The harder I tried to ignore the thought hotter I got. My shirt started feeling sticky and my pants felt a size too tight. I went upstairs to go to my room, I mean, I meant to, but instead I was facing my mom's closed bedroom door. I put my hand on the handle, and I couldn't take it away. I just wanted to take a peek, and I was pretty sure that I could play it off as an accident if he could see me. My chest was really shuddering when I opened the door and saw him... naked, spread-eagle on the bed, glistening with sweat. When he heard the door open he struggled, but he was handcuffed to the bed with those hard steel cuffs that the police have. My mom had put something around the base of his cock to keep him from coming, and then tapped a pink bullet vibrator to the head of his cock, on the underside. It was like hypnotism. All I could hear was the buzz of the vibrator and all I could see was his throbbing cock, and then suddenly I felt like I was suffocating and had to get out of my clothes. The cold air hit me and then I noticed my panties were wet. Really wet. I started touching myself through my panties. I'm not a virgin or a prude or anything like that. It felt right and besides, he was wearing a little red or pink ballgag and a black hood so he couldn't see me. He probably even thought it was mom just teasing him. But then he made this pretty little moan through his gag and I was absolutely drenched. And I know it's wrong, but I had these dirty thoughts in my head and I didn't have a boyfriend and... Well, I climbed on top of him and pulled my panties down. He tried to struggle a little but I grabbed his cock hard and sat on it, and OH MY GOD. Between the vibrator and his throbbing cock I almost came immediately. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. That first time I only got to bounce on his cock a few times before I orgasmed and fell on top of him, all sweaty and weak and hungry. I felt sort of bad he didn't get a chance to come, but I didn't want my mom to know, so after cleaning up his cock and myself with my panties, I left and pretended like nothing happened. But that was the best orgasm I have ever had. Mom has had him over several more times since then, and whenever she leaves him alone with me I sneak up there and have him for awhile. It sounds really messed up but I've gotten a lot better at making him “suffer” by lasting longer before orgasming. It feels really good though and if he didn't like it his cock wouldn't be so hard. Plus the way he moans and begs through his gag is a real turn-on for me. His cock is probably sore by now, but I don't know if I can ever get a boyfriend like this guy so I'm going to keep using him until my mom dumps him... maybe I can blackmail him or something after that so I can keep him for myself. I hope it's soon, I really want to take my time with him and try some stuff I found on the internet with wax and clothespins. As much as fucking him tied up really makes me wet I want to do stuff to him that makes him moan and beg for me to stop. That gets me really hot. I know this sounds really, REALLY wrong (which is why it has to be anonymous), but it feels really good to get that out. Thanks!
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A loss of life


A co-worker's wife was killed in a car accident. Hit by a shoplifter running from the police.

My first thought was "why couldn't it have been MY wife?"

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I can't stand it anymore, I have no one and no one wants me. Seriously think about that last statement, isn't that what every human being lives for? Yes, to love and to be loved, by that one special someone who makes you feel like heaven is on earth. Who makes you feel like if the world were coming to an end next week, you would just want to spend every last moment with them, watching your favorite movies and getting cozy under a blanket. Well guess what, I have NO ONE! No one likes me, no one wants me, and no one loves me in that romantic way. What a fucking life. And no I am not one of those nerdy magic card playing guys with braces or suspenders. I am a decent looking guy with a job and lots of things going for me. I don't know why this "curse" has been put upon me. All my friends have girlfriends left and right and I am always the third wheel left out in the lurch. Fuck this I hate my life and goodbye cruel unfair world...
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Remember when I told you I was in love with you?

Remember all those times I told you I was not trying to seduce you?

All those times I wrote you those deeply intimate poems?

I lied about one thing. I have always wanted to seduce you. To be with you. To make love to you. In every way possible.

I wish we could run away together and live the rest of our lives as a couple.

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Fuck. This isn't fair to you, I know it. I spent my life pushing forward so fast that I left feeling by the wayside. Then my world crashed, burned, and disintegrated. And there you were. Your open heart meets the open gate to 29 years of pain.

When I started this... I intended to discuss how terrible of a person I am and how you deserved so much more, and then you came and sat next to me. And reminded me again, why I am still getting out of bed after 29 years of pain. Reminded me that my forever missed friend and father would tell me not to give up on you- not to give up on me.

The pain only has the weight that I allow it. Some days will be harder than others. When you play music...when you laugh...when you still look at me like I'm a rare jewel even after everything I have put you through. I don't what this is. You call it love and I not sure I know what that it is outside of the overwhelming protective feelings I have for my family and friends. I don't want to give up on me... but I am not sure how not to yet. I am trying everyday. I can hold on to you, and try to give you everything you want for now. I hope that is enough. Thank you for finding me.

Life for the most part was colorful and vibrant. Freedom, sports,

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Wishes to be granted by 4 face Buddha: 1)The user having facebook account by Facebook user name kim.kyoungjae.568 wants to continue and be in boyfriend girlfriend or lover's relationship with the user of Facebook account by the facebook username 9638

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Why should anybody feel guilty of Sexuality ? I told you I have heard testimony after testimony people love sex - The system wants every body to feel guilty . Preacher screams no no no to the congregation and after church he has the Deacon's son under the desk . and you can't tell me Disney's showing nude pictures in their animations , isn't a little suggesting . Like Dora said kids keep your sweaters up tear off the T Yeah hey I need some food so grab my happy bag

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this incredibly selfish bitch agreed to meet around 10 that morning and 4 hours later at 2 was still at home because she said she wanted to check her portfolio and "I thought I told you already?" AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE AFTER THAT, YOU BITCH. Now she emails saying oh it's such a pity I have so much to tell you, I even cleared my schedule, you just blocked me without waiting to hear my reasons why... YOU TOLD ME WHY, YOU BITCH. YOU WERE WASTING TIME AT HOME DOING NOTHING. You still act like some victim being blocked and crying when it was all your fault. You said if you didn't hear back from me that you'll leave me alone, so stop spamming me, you slut and bitch.

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My husband and I have been married for 12 years now.  Of those 12-years we've been separated for 6.  I was in love but never knew that he was addicted to pornography.  He thinks I'm sexually undesirable and typically goes limp when we do have sex.  (it's been twice this entire year)  Six years ago things were very strained between us and he decided the grass was greener and left me and our two children (he adopted them from a previous relationship) for a co-worker.  Married co-worker with 3-kids.  He moved out and moved in with his parents for about a month and in that time span his mistress booted her husband and moved in my husband.  Can anyone say 'therapy'?  He decided to come back about 4-months later and in retrospect I should I said "NO"!!!!!!!!  I thought it would help my sadness and would be better for our children.  WRONG!  We've lived apart for most of the last 6-years and basically he just pays the bills, which is nice.  It wasn't until he came back 5 1/2 years ago that I realized his addiction and urged him to get help.  He attended several groups, went to workshops, but those air-brushed weren't anything I could compete with.  Allow me to get gritty.  I LOVE sex, any kind and most anywhere and I want it all the time.  I am game for just about anything as long as it involves just me and him.   Now that I am older I can see that marring a man such as my husband has caused me to give up some extreme pleasure. And I have gotten older.  I'm not a size zero and I've had two children.  My body has "battle scars" and I'm not as beautiful as most but attractive to say the least.  I still can turn heads, and sometimes that's what it is all about.  Anyway, we've struggled for so long and he says he wants to be with me but how can you live with someone who degrades you at every glance and every stroke of his hand?  When out in public he will either be ahead of me or behind me so he can look at other woman..all ages and sizes.  Some truly ugly girls which makes me think that he is sicker than I could have ever imagined.  Today I can say that I care about him but I don't find value in him nor think that I love him.  It's gone and I have felt like this for a long time.  In April I told him I wanted a divorce and that same exact night, I cheated on him.  I am fairly religious and can't believe that I caved.  It wasn't even all that great, and as I try to remember that night, I can't.  It wasn't with a stranger, worse yet.  My daughter's biological father.  Interestingly enough, I went back for seconds and thirds.  the third time was a charm, but it stopped there.   I'm glad it did since I don't want to level the playing field and really wanted to exit my marriage with my head held high.  This will go to my grave with me as far as I know and can't say that I feel any better having disclosed it in this forum.  Re-reading what I have written so far makes my stomach hurt.  What the fuck.  I just can't believe it.
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She suggested that because I have such a good relationship with my best friend and her boyfriend that we 3P. You bitch. Don't be disgusting. Not everybody is a fucking slut like you.

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...bitch!?! So, someone close to me is going thru a divorce, and you find it so neccesary to point out you were right 6yrs ago? And point out that I was wrong?

You can be so judgmental, and kind of a bitch. I wish we were divorced by now.

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I hate to have to say that outloud, but it's true.  Today she made me so made that tears of anger washed my face.  I haven't felt that kind of anger in a long time. My sister is in a much higher tax bracket than I am and she makes no bones about how much better she is than me.  She talks down to me as if I were nothing.  I love her and yet I hate her. She can make a room full of people feel awkward just with her mood.  It's palpable.  It's like she needs to be personally invited to every family event there is.  And we aren't a formal bunch.  If my mom calls her in the morning and she's busy then, she expects another call later inviting her again closer to the time of  a meal.  My mom bulls up and won't do that and my sister gets offended and says she's "out of the loop". She always says that sarcastically to me like I'm the one keeping her out of the loop.  That's not true at all.   She won't call my parents and they won't call her.  Both thinks the other should do the calling.  Somehow I get put squarely in the middle as I have my whole life.  Each asks me what the other is up to.  Today my sister brought up an instance where she thought she was slighted about being asked to a flea market.  (Although she said I brought it up, which I didn't.)  She was asked the night before and said maybe. The next morning she was asked again and said no because she had been, "left out of the loop." See, she wants to be invited again and again. So, today I told her that maybe in the future if she feels I'm keeping her out of the loop that she should talk directly with my parents. She tells me I'm making an issue out of things and that she does not need my drama.  My drama?  Please.   She said that we would just continue as we always do.  I said, "Alright then.  Have a nice day." I am 46 years old and older than here.  I will not be treated like that anymore.  I've let her walk all over me my entire life and I'm done.  I will not buffer her sand paper personality for my parents any longer.  She can show her true colors. Right now I am so angry at her that I spit nails. She's a bitch and bullying one at that.  She's got a vicious mouth when she's angry. She'll pick an agrument and then tell me it's my drama. Fuck her.
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This woman pushed my last button. How can someone ask you the weather and you say "It's raining" and they ignore you. The see on the TV the forecast is rain, look out the window and see rain, their phone says it's raining then complain that it is raining and they " didn't know" all day.

How can someone ask you what 'you' want to do then immediately say "No, I want to do (whatever)" and does what they want then complain about you not going/doing whatever/wherever after they took out or did it without you?

How can someone make you pay for everything and you drive them everywhere then call you 'useless' and punch the shit out of you in public. It takes over 8 hours get to NYC from Cleveland. Yet I drive "too slow" so I'm useless?

Also, who punches the fuck of their spouse and then says they are calling the cops to "turn it around on you" so they can get a restraining order. And you show them it was recorded on dashcam they don't believe it.

Who teaches their kid to call you "Stupid Daddy" and "Loser" but yet sleeps all day leaving the kid unattended and the dad comes home from work at 1AM to see the kid watching TV while Mommy is snoring away then. Kid has a full diaper with crap running down the leg with milk all over the floor and food left out all day. Then they act surprised it's 1AM and say they need "14-16 hours" of sleep.

Who tells their husband to bring the car closer so they don't have to walk in the snow but when you leave to get the car in the parking lot to move up front they send you a text complaining how worthless you are and say deserve "someone richer, more mature" when you just left at their request.

Who tells their husband they can't call their parents to see how they are doing after a heart attack because she believes you are "talking shit" to them about her. But then complains they won't talk to her at all after she calls them to tell them to never talk to us again. Yet her husband is expected to drive her family around because they need a rental car and they don't have a credit card.

Who throws all her husband's shit out because she needs 'more room' and tells him they are moving but then ends up moving into a 1 bedroom and tells her husband "you can just sleep in the car. You have a shower and change room at work. You can wash up there. Stay in the apartment with (child) until I come home then go to your car so I can watch my shows."

I just realized how selfish she is and how stupid I was. I was being used and now I lose everything and given the courts I know I will be reduced to paying child support to visit my kid (if at all) because I know how they screw dads over. Despite the fact I make 3 times as much as her and I want custody of my kid because I actually took her places and did things with her like go to the park yet her mom was too tired to do anything. But my wife and our daughter thought it was funny her yelling "Stupid Daddy" on the plane to LA in July...

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So that's it. The banks keep calling. I invested my last thousand bucks on more Forex scams because all I needed was just one quick hit. I fell for their 20% compounding returns. I must have seen it all. Forex Godfathers. Profit Kings. Derrick Bell Mentorship. Boss FX. King of Pakistan. FX Magic. At first I thought I was missing the good signals because of sleep and work. So I allowed for account management. I wanted to believe 90% was possible. After all, binary exists. Fool me so many times... shame on me. I'm sorry to E, my little girl, daddy will never bring you to Disneyland. I'm sorry, Y, I should have listened to you. I wish I've never heard of anything from the financial world. You can all be bitcoin millionaires and billionaires. I'm done. Farewell, world.

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...and possibly your 1st lovers. If you have the kind of bond I have with my 1st cousin, then we should have explored sexually with each other when we were developing.

Now we are grown, and have told each other we are in love, and we are soulmates, and we have kissed, and been handsy. But with me being married I don't get chances to see how far we would go. I would go all the way.

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I am in a new relationship. Over two years have past since I last posted on this forum.

My ex is now in prison, pregnant, and married to new a person that she chose above all else. Her family is devastated but does not know how to move forward. Right now, with my life so busy, I am all of sudden stuck on thinking about how I moved forward. I am not sure how I did it or if I really ever moved on. I waited a year before getting involved in another relationship, and I am happy than I ever been. I just hope that I made the right choice on getting involved again and didn't interfere with my healing.

When I think of my ex lately, I just hope she finds her way back to her family and the love in her life. She always told me she was crazy, and I never believed her when she said it until it all hit home.

Now, still best friends with her sister, it is so strange seeing life go by. I find it so fucked up that your mind can screw you over after working so harder and achieving something so great. She and I had it all it all - over 250k annually salary and everything at the ages of 22...but it must mean something. People keep telling me money isn't everything and I learned that lesson hard during the divorce, and I need to keep learning.

Thanks for listening. I needed to vent after all this time.

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I fell in love with a girl in high school. Its been many years now but not a day has gone by that I haven't thought about her. She was beautiful to me. I don't know how someone like her could've liked me. But I changed so much after her. She was the greatest moment of my life and I know now that the memories of her will live with me until the day I die. Most people would think I'm crazy. But I know my heart better than anyone. I don't even think God could save me now.

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I am married, happily. I love my husband very much he completes me in every aspect except when I want the bedroom. He is so sweet that when I want domination, he fears he will hurt me and no matter how many times I assure him he won't, I am only given tenderness when I require the opposite. In this aspect, I am attracted to his friend and I am quite taken with the idea of dragging this innocent little christian down to the world of sin, breaking him, stealing his fragile innocence and then training him in the ways of dominance, only going to him for my carnal needs and then leaving him when I am satisfied. Alas, it simply cannot be.

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I'm a 16 year old girl. I'm lesbian, but I'm ashamed of telling anyone . I always say I'm straight, to some close friends I've even said I'm bi. My mom is really religious when I first came out to her she told me that "God" made Adam and evem that he intended for couples to be women and men not women and women, I had to tell her i was thimkimg. I'm thinking about telling my dad now , who I live with, but anytime I even bring that subject up , he says then same shit. He's homophobic, I don't know what to do...

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Should a married, active duty marine be allowed to serve IF he is a confirmed adulterer?

[filtered hyperlink]

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Recently my long distance girlfriend broke up with me for accusing her of talking to some other guy and using Whatsapp to communicate with him. It all started cause I had access to our family plan account online. So I went on there and checked her calls. I did cause I had a feeling. Sure enough there was a incoming call at 10:30pm that lasted 96 minutes. I found this very odd and instantly got infuriated! I called the number the next day and a guy answered. I just hung up. I didn't want to bring it up to her cause then she would know that I was online snooping. she gave me access cause she said she had nothing to hide. Mind you that was a like 2 years ago. I gave in and asked her, of course she was mad. Not cause I was snooping, but because I was questioning her on being loyal. She claimed it was some guy she was helping out with his Taxes cause that's what she does. But for a client to call you on your personal cell phone at that time of night and almost talk for 2 hours smells like BS to me. Especially cause this guy is the brother in law of another client of hers that she had recently met as well and became friends with. In the short time of meeting these people she went to a birthday party of her new friends daughter and the guy was there obviously. And the following weekend went to some outdoor activity for a kid event. And of course dude was there but has no small children. My ex said that he went, but didn't go in the same car as them. And that her and her friend and the kids were mostly hanging out together while the dude and his brother looked at other stuff. I'm not buying it. She swears up and down that it nothing like that. And that she only talked to him that once. Long story short. I saved his number in my contacts and can see when he's on WA. One early AM she came on at 4:05am and he came on at 4:09am. Coincidence? She say yes. What do you think? Please give me your input.

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I ws alwys a independent gurl..i fell in luv wid dis guy..he luvd me bck..though i ws in luv, i ws bit practical too..i use to do thngs fr him bt also made sure my morals r nt compromised..he luvd me alot nd respected me nd my slowly slowly i luvd him too mch..tdy i am at a stage, whr i need him constantly..i cnt tke 1 step widout lyf stops wen he is nt arnd..i jst ly dwn nd do nothin widout him..i want him fr evrythn..v fyt, v since few mths, he hs bcme vry strange..he hs lost dat concern..he cares bt wen he wants..he luvs bt wem he wants..suddenly evrythn is abt his mood his situation..i hv to accept wat i get wen i get..he gets angry if i need him nd he is nt in a mood..he gets angry if i cry..i hv nvr beem so helpless bfr a guy..y is he behavin lik dis..he talks wen he wants..he meets wen he wants..he wil romance wen he wants..he wil b casual wen he if i hv no say in dis relation..v wil discuss wen he wants..i hv to b quiet wen he wants..i hv to talk wen he wants..i tried xplainin him he is doin wrong.i hv sme needs too..he is nt undrstndin..he dsnt want to undrstnd..i dnt wat to do..i luv he is doin wrong..y is he hurtin me so mch..y does he nt see wat m tryin to show him..1 sided relation cnt wrk..he cnt do as he pleases..he needs to hear me too..v both r suppose to b here i am..alwys hurt nd upset widout him..nd he wil cme wen he wants..i wish i cud tke a stand fr myself..i wish i cud bcme d gurl i ws..wen did i bcme so weak..wen did i strtd takin so mch shit..y cnt i fyt bck..y cnt i stnd fr wats ryt..he alwys wins cz i dnt fyt mch..i giv he hs bcme my addiction..shud i rly suffer in silence bt nt ask fr help..hw cn he jst treat me lik dis..he jst orders nd wants thngs his way..m tired..m fuckin lyf hs bcme 1 hell..i jst wanna hit sme1 hard..i jst wanna b strong..

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I loved a boy when I was 17. I mean really loved.Like the kind of love that starts with rolling around on the grass of the park you started going to that summer. The kind of love where you give each other sharpie tattoos that only the two of you can decipher.The kind of love that has you lying to your parents about how bad the storm is just so the other can stay the night. The kind of love that helps each other pick out the perfect Halloween costume. The kind of love that holds sock races on the kitchen floor on lazy Sunday mornings. The kind of love that makes you go to soccer tournaments even though you hate sports. The kind of love that makes him leave roses in your locker because the two of you reached the 1 year mark. The kind of love that leads to making love for the first time with two of you while he's house sitting for his Aunt and you can't believe your parents believed you were spending the whole weeks at a friends. The kind of love that has you promising no one else in eachother's arms after. The kind of love that makes your friend circle say will you two please invite me to the wedding. The kind of love that makes you dance your heart out in a poofy dress at prom even though he can't dance worth a dime.The kind of love that makes you save up the little money you earned working at Subway after school to buy him the guitar he'd been oogling at for over a year. The kind of love where you can't stop smiling at him as he taps his steering wheel to the beat of the Def Leppard song you guys are blaring to on the highway. The kind of love that keeps you in the room holding his hands while he stares at his mother as she passes away from the brain tumor she'd been diagnosed with a month earlier. The kind of love that keeps you stroking his neck in the car on that rainy night in March. The kind of love that has you running to all his classes that week to tell the teacher's he's only wants to come back to school and be treated normally.. no cards or weirdness. The kind of love that has you running out to stop his 14 year old sister from hiding behind a dumpster in the parking lot during the funeral. The kind of love that makes her your sister too and that feeling will never go away. The kind of love that leads to fights because you are a teenager and not a therapist. The kind of love that leaves you begging him to hold you after. The kind of love that keeps you wound to him over 2 years later convincing yourself that he will get back to how things were before. The kind of love that leaves you in utter agony when you figure out he won't. The kind of love that leaves you 19 years old and walking around Walmart by yourself in circles every night for weeks while your room mate blows your phone up wondering if your in a ditch somewhere. The kind of love that leaves you staring in the campus lounge glass walls at night because you see him in there playing pool with your old group of friends. The kind of love that makes you want the best for him even when it kills you to think that that isn't you anymore. The kind of love that has you deleting his number and blocking him and all your friends. The kind of love that has you wishing you didn't remember his phone number by heart all these years. The kind of love that leads you to fail out of college because every waking moment was spent crying over him. The kind of love that has your parents talking about their concerns in the next room. The kind of love that leads you to tell all your new coworkers about him at the job you found. The kind of love that leads you to find flaws in every man that messages you on that dating site your best friend signed you up for because it has been a year and you really should start trying to move on. The kind of love that leads you to go on a first date only to break down on the poor schmuck because he wasn't him. The kind of love that starts to convince you you are never going to be normal again. The kind of love that leads to a couple month long flings but nothing worth while. The kind of love that makes it difficult to breath when your old mutual friend whom you haven't seen in years goes out to lunch and mentions he's moved out to California and is working his dream job at Google. The kind of love that leaves you to choke out "oh how great for him.." even though it hurt like hell to hear that tiny inkling about his life 2 years later. The kind of love that makes you get up from the table and go cry your eyes out in the Olive Garden bathroom for 10 minutes. The kind of love that makes you consider swerving off a bridge on your drive home. The kind of love that forces you to get up and message another guy on that site the next night. The kind of love that makes you agree to meet him. The kind of love that makes you think he's not him.. but he's got his life together and seems nice while you talk. The kind of love that makes you go home and miss him still. The kind of love that makes you go out on a second date even though you clearly are just trying to fill the hole. A kind of love that leads to you eventually bringing this new person home to meet your family for some fucked up reason. The kind of love that makes your family love this new person and start to think you've finally moved on. The kind of love that makes you think well at least now they won't worry anymore. The kind of love that has you saying yes 6 months later when the new person asks you to move in even though you can't stop thinking about how you still love him. The kind of love that leads you to text him a heart on the anniversary of his mother's death 5 years later after not having spoken to him in 3. The kind of love that leaves you shattered when he text back "Haha did you borrow her phone? Love you too." The kind of love that leaves you driving around town for 5 hours that night thinking about who he thought had texted him. The kind of love that makes you wonder if she has heard anything about you. The kind of love that leaves you crawling in bed next to the new guy wondering what the hell is wrong with you. The kind of love that leads you to fake 2 Christmas's with him. The kind of love that keeps you up at night writing on Fearlessblogging about how it's been 5 years since you have spoken to him and there isn't a day that goes by that you don't still think of him. The kind of love that leads you to start looking back into school. The kind of love that makes you think well at least I should try to do something I love even if it's not with the person I love. The kind of love that makes you tell the new person you are so sorry but he isn't the one. The kind of love that makes you move back in with your parents at 24. The kind of love that makes you find a new job to work with school. The kind of love that makes you think I want to be a lawyer. The kind of love that makes you think I'm starting to feel better doing this. The kind of love that makes you a little freaked out when a new new person starts at your job and you find yourself staring at him. The kind of love that makes you leave work and ask yourself what was that all about? The kind of love that makes you get up and do your make up and look in the mirror and think what am I doing I haven't really done this since him. The kind of love that makes you specifically talk to new new person as soon as you get there. The kind of love that makes you leave and freak out a little when you get a friend request from new new person over the weekend and then leaves you asking wait do I like new new person? The kind of love that leads you to message new new person about the movie he told you to watch even though you were really just looking for a an unweird way to strike up a conversation. The kind of love that leads you to unblock him and look at his profile for the first time in 6 years knowing perfectly well it may kill you to see something on there. The kind of love that leads you to see his new girlfriend's name is Tess and they have been together for 3 years. The kind of love that leaves you asking.. hey, where is that heart break I had braced myself for when I went to look. The kind of love that leaves you feeling weird but then undeniably happy when new new guy pops up on your messenger at that exact moment. The kind of love that leaves you hesitant but oddly excited when he asks if you want to go see the new Wonder Woman movie. The kind of love that makes you pick out an outfit 2 hours early and freak out about why your trying so hard. The kind of love that makes your heart race the whole time you're in that dark theater wondering if it is a date. The kind of love that literally makes every nerve in your body explode when he puts his arm around you. The kind of love that has you melting on the inside as you snuggle up to him. The kind of love that makes you think.. wait I am no longer referring to him as new new person in my head but as.. him. The kind of love that makes you awkward when you say good bye in the parking lot but still smiling at each other the whole time. The kind of love that has you driving home in the dark freaking out about what is happening inside of you. The kind of love that makes you get home and pull up a picture of him and think wow I feel like a teenager again and it's because of you. The kind of love that makes you go to bed wondering if this could really be happening. The kind of love that makes the two of you flirt for weeks on end at work. The kind of love that has you looking at him from afar and then blushing when he looks back. The kind of love that makes your coworkers start to notice the two of you can't stop smiling at eachother. The kind of love that leads to a couple more movies and late night Ihop dates. The kind of love that eventually leads to a nightime walk on the river front where you tell him how broken you have been for the past 5 years. The kind of love that makes you tell him that for the first time you feel excited about life. The kind of love that hears him when he tells you about his past love. The kind of love that brings you closer knowing you are not the only one to feel so lost. The kind of love that makes you believe him when he says you are the reason he wants to get up and get to work as early as possible. The kind of love that makes you believe him when he says he really hasn't stopped thinking about you since you met. The kind of love that makes you push in close when he pulls you in towards his chest. The kind of love that eventually leads to a kiss in front of the lit up city skyline across the river. The kind of love that leaves you feeling like you were completely knocked off your feet by this kiss. The kind of love that leaves you crying your eyes out with tears of joy the whole ride home. The kind of love that makes you pull up your blanket and think of him all night long. The kind of love that leads you to go to his apartment for the first time. The kind of love that makes you watch movies and wonder if he expects anything to happen. The kind of love that makes you kind of hope it does. The kind of love that makes you fall asleep after talking to eachother for hours in eachother's arms. The kind of love that makes you stare at him in the dark and wonder how a person could be so perfect in every way. The kind of love that makes you wake up just to roll around in bed for hours the next day. The kind of love that leads to making love after doing this for 3 weeks straight. The kind of love that makes you think.. I think I love him. The kind of love that leads you to take a fall vacation together. The kind of love that makes you so happy on the beach that you could just die then and there and everything would be just fine. The kind of love that leads you to ask if he would want to meet you family in November. The kind of love that makes you think I haven't thought about old guy in months. The kind of love that makes you think.. since when did he become old guy? The kind of love that makes you a complete train wreck at the idea of your family possibly not liking him for whatever reason. The kind of love that makes you so happy you just kiss him for 5 minutes straight outside the house after everyone in your family seemed to really like him. The kind of love that makes you drive home just wanting to tell him how much you love him. The kind of love that makes you come back to Fearless blogging to tell everyone that had to read your old miserable blogs that you are going to tell him. The kind of love that makes you love again. The kind of love that makes you forget you were in love at 17.

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So I've been with the father of my child for about 6 years now on and off. We have done some very hurtful things to each other over those years. Things that have crushed us both. We recently got back together in March and have been together since. We have deleted all social media to avoid any drama and any untruthfulness. Or so I thought. I recently got word from a few friends that he was posting on Snapchat a few weeks ago. This is not the first time that we have deleted everything and he has snuck back on. This made time number four for him. Our trust is very broken. Almost nonexistent but we have been trying to trust each other since we have been together. He of course denied this and then when he got home he walked up to me and "admitted" his truth. I still don't believe what he says. I've known the past two days and it has been killing me. I could hardly kiss him I was so hurt. I would just like to live a peaceful and happy life without having to worry about him spewing more lies but I don't want to hurt our child. A little advice would be very helpful

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Dear you...


Dear someone- I have so many questions i want to ask you but i just don't know how and because i know for a fact that my voice would break and tears would stream down my face if i were to ask you in person. So here i am, finding myself writing this letter. These days you just seem to be ignoring me like i'm your worst enemy. How? that would be my first question. How was it so easy for you to just go? to just leave me and not even look back. Why? Why would you leave, or why would you leave like that? no explanation, no real goodbye, nothing Was it even real? what we had, i mean. was it? because i have been dreaming so much about you lately that it seems like i can't tell what's real and what's not anymore. Lovely, oh lovely. i wish you didn't shatter my heart. i wish you didn't make all these promises just to break them. i wish that you could have been honest with me from the beginning. honest about your intention and feelings fro me. the last time we were standing in front of each other, looking into your deep brown eyes that had a hint of green it made my knees go weak and my heart beat faster than i have felt. how could one feel so much and that other just not at all? i guess i'll never know because being the person i am. i tend to give people all of me. always. with you it was no different. i gave you every ounce of me, made you my favorite person in this shitty world and all i did was hope that i was your favorite too. But this is my farewell, my love. I hope that part of you never forgets me, no matter how important i was to you. i hope that no matter where life takes you, it takes you some place happy. Just because you did the wrong things to me, does not mean you deserve the wrong things done to you. You deserve to be happy, and i am sure of that. Love always, Me

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Gary Indiana 11 people proclaim to be Serial Killers and one looks like that guy they're looking for in Delphi . Which by the way is another issue Delphi should be called the assault capital of The State

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okay, so I was having this heavy debate with my boyfriend of 3 years about having a career after marriage (being a woman) and he said basically that whoever makes more money in the relationship (usually men because that just how society operates) gets to have their dream “work the job” while the other person has to just “compromise” and “sacrifice” their dreams for their partner so both of you and your kids can live a “good life” - good life meaning nice cars and money -

so just because a man always makes more - because that is how the world is- the woman is expected to make the sacrifice

he also said I would have to give up my career for the kids cause I'm a woman -and that there is no possibility of man and women sharing duties equally - one person HAS TO work more - to be able to get by. Also, the guy already has duties outside the house like owing the lawn/ fixing things around the house etc. so he shouldn't be expected to do kitchen work.

I kind of get that but how come the woman has to be the on to give up her career OR HIS other option was you work + take care of household - and mind you, this is a gigantic joined family household. How in the hell would I manage two full time jobs pretty much. Physically and mentally exhausting. I know some indian mothers do it (like his) but I know I couldn't nor do I want that pressure and responsibility.

he also said that he would work so much so that his wife would not have to work. that is great- but what if she wanted to work for her satisfaction, passion (like me). i don’t want to be mooching of someone and have things handed down to me - I never have, my whole life and never would want to rely on a man like that. I want to earn it - i want to put effort everyday - i want my life to have MEANING AND PURPOSE - and that doesnt mean staying at home and cooking and waiting for you to return from work and give me money -

He then argued i would get tired of working myself in whatever job after 4-5 years Eventually - the hype is over - but I believe i will be passionate about my career forever like some people work for YEARS. Besides, I am going to university for a reason.

He also said we would need to be saving money so our kids and grandkids could have it good. fair enough, But i don't think like that. what are you saving for? LIVE your damn life right now . REWARD yourself - go on vacation, have fun, help others, give your kids a good life - (especially cause I never have been able to do things because of money problems my whole life) and if I'm going to work so hard to have a good career- of coarse i will spend some money that I MYSELF EARN. that being said, spend with limits and save for your children's education and what not - but grandkids? I am not thinking about other generations at this point - WHO KNOWS what the world will be like then -

i have different values because I have been raised in a low-income household my whole life - and always had to (continue to) work for whatever I want in my life -my family had some tragic experiences in loosing money by bad business partners and hence, also why I want to be independent- have my own dreams, money and spend it by helping my family, rewarding myself and giving my children opportunities. BUT I'm not going to slave away and spend my life cooking and raising kids and wait for my husband to return from work to give me money and have sex. He would work full time and I would have a part-time job and full time work at home (cooking for his huge joined family; i don't even like indian food....) anyways, that besides the point.


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So. I was with a girl for a year and a half. She left me about six months ago. Mostly because i lost my confidence and allowed the opinions of others to get to me. I reconnected about a month ago. But i really fucked up. I was clingy and desperate. I blew up her phone and I feel horrible. Now, I'm seeing her in a week and a half to return the last our of things. I'm still madly in love with her. How can I get her back? I hate to beg. But this is the girl i want to live my days out with.

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It's been 5 months already and I'm still not over my ex! Jesus, what's wrong with me. I don't want to feel like this anymore. I don't want to cry at night, I don't want to keep thinking about him. I just want to let go, move on, get to the next chapter of my life. So why!? Why do I keep contacting him, why do I keep putting myself through this. Why can't I just cut the chord. Why am I so scared to have him disappear on me. I mean he left, he's the one who broke up with me, so why do I want to still be with him !

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I need advise please. I am sexually attracted to my 15 year old (to be 16 next month) stepdaughter. I'm petrified for all the obvious reasons, her age, the fact that she's my stepdaughter, the fact that I'm married to her mom, and a billion other reasons that you can probably think of on your own. I'm also concerned because I think she has noticed that she arouses me when she's next to me and her skin touches mine. The first time she noticed that she aroused me, she became somewhat distant with me and would try not to be next to me. But recently she has been getting close to me again. She recently brushed my penis with her foot. I want to think it was an accident, but it happened about three times within the span of an hour. I got the feeling that she liked it. While due to my attraction to her I like the idea that she might enjoy knowing that she arouses me and might even purposely be starting to do things to arouse me, she is under age and more importantly, she's my stepdaughter. I don't want to ruin what we have by doing something stupid, but at times I feel like I can't control my feelings. What do you think? Has anyone been in this situation before? Are there any stepdaughters out there that can give me some constructive advise? Thank you.

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False Hope


False hope has become my life the past couple weeks. The one guy who could make me truly smile or laugh anytime or blush whenever he holds my hand, he’s finally gone. Had all these signs that he was coming back but then they would just be a mistake or him being nice. I can’t do it anymore. I’ve never felt so broke before and I’ve been through some bad shit. Just makes me realize how much I cared about him, well care about him. It won’t go away anytime soon. No matter what I did, nothing brought him back so that means he’s truly moved on. It kills me. Just no words. I gave him one Kat gift and it was a canvas print with pictures of him and our son on it and I guess he liked it. Just glad I could give him one last thing to make him smile. I just can’t be dragged around anymore or played a fool. I don’t know if I’ll ever get past this but I just need to forget it because I am literally feeling the knife go in and twist. I’ve been wanting to give up but I’ve been having these dreams of my great grandma and her telling me not to give up and to Never Get Discouraged so I thought it was a sign but I was wrong. I give up, I’m done, I quit. I got discouraged and I can’t take it anymore. He’s happy though and that’s good. Life goes on right. At least one of us made it out.

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Wishes to be granted by Four Face Buddha: 1)Facebook username kim.kyoungjae.568 whose facebook profile name shin Jimin wants to be in facebook relationship and real relationship with Facebook profile name woonhyunie. 2)Facebook profile name woonhyunie wants to be in facebook relationship and real relationship with Facebook username kim.kyoungjae.568 whose Facebook profile name shin Jimin. 3) Facebook username kim.kyoungjae.568 whose facebook profile name shin jimin wants to love her boyfriend by the Facebook profile name woonhyunie. 4) Facebook profile name woonhyunie wants to love his girlfriend by the Facebook username kim.kyoungjae.568 whose Facebook profile name shin Jimin. 5) Facebook username kim.kyoungjae.568 whose Facebook profile name shin Jimin and Facebook profile name woonhyunie want to be in Facebook relationship, relationship and real relationship with each other.

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Went to dinner with my crush. I enjoyed the time with her. She asked why? Said we didn't talk much. I feel that I did most of the talking. Very confused. Part of me just wants to drop her but she is my crush. I just can't shake the hold she has on me. This sucks.

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I'm 54 attractive red head ,large 36 GG breasts ,I'm single and I go on chatlines most nights and chat to strange men about fantasies ect ,these men bring me to orgasam ,,I usulay finger masterbate or use sex toys ,so horny all the time ,UK

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I came here hoping to receive some advice with something I did almost three years ago. I am currently 21 and when I was three days away from my 19th birthday I had sex for the first time. Although this would be memorable occasion for most people I have been questioning myself and wondering how I went down that road for the past 2 1/2 years. At the time, me and my brother were on vacation visiting family in South America when we went to spend a week with one of our uncles and his family. It was during my week there that I have not been able to stop thinking what I have done because to this day I keep remembering the nights where me and my cousin had sex. It all started when we saw each other after not seeing each other in about three years. At first he was all cold towards me but by the end of the night we were close friends again. The next few days we would spend the day talking to each other, walking by the river, playing video games, in short we were almost inseparable. When the weekend came my uncle decided to throw a party for our arrival. On the night of the party we got even closer because we drank and got really close when we danced. As the party came to an end I headed to bed because I got a little tipsy and he accompanied into the bedroom. As I threw myself onto the bed he lied down beside me and hugged me. I told him to leaver alone because I was sleepy but instead he kissed me. I was somewhat surprised but at the same time I knew it was going to occur because I knew he had feelings for me. After some kissing we started to make out and things got really steamy. It was then when I decided to stop what we were doing because I thought it wa wrong, after all we are cousins. That night we didn't have sex but the following day we couldn't keep our eyes of each other. I knew he wanted me and he knew that I wanted him. The second night I decided to have sex with him because I reasoned with myself saying that he's only my half cousin. The first night we had sex all my worries disappeared and he even admitted to me that he loved me. The next few nights we would have sex for almost 2 hours , always worried that someone in the house would wake up and hear what we were doing. When it was time for me to leave we kissed good bye and promised to skype and text each other. When I returned to the U.S we would skype each other and talk about those nights. For the next few months we remained in contact but after about 7 months he would not talk to me with much frequency. I decided that it was a good thing because that way I could forget about him. Although I managed to forget about him for a few months he contacted me once again and a year after our sexual encounter we were talking to each other again. By this time I started fooling myself that he really loved me and that I loved him also. again he would stop contacting me but this time I would start to get depressed. My depression was so strong that I would barely eat or sleep, when I did sleep I would cry myself to sleep, I isolated myself from everyone, and began to hate myself for what I did. Again he contacted me but as hard as tried to forget about him I would find myself anxiously responding his messages and awaiting for his response. 2 1/2 years later I am still trying to forget about him and what I did with him those few nights. I find that it has become difficult for myself to forget about him because caused myself to believe that we truly loved each other. I came to this place hoping to find some answers that would help me find a way to permanently forget him, resist the urge to text him, and stop fantasizing over the idea that if given another opportunity I would repeat the same mistake I committed those almost three years ago. I am about to finish college and I had not had a single relationship because I was so devoted to someone who I know realized only used me to satisfy his sexual desires. I truly want to get over him so that I would be able to start a true relationship and be able to experience what it really means to be in love.

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Deputies in Arkansas deal with multiple domestic violence calls 3 children found dead from starvation and dehydration , and they stumbled across a wanted drug dealer . One drug dealer and an entire community left in shambles-- Blame the dealer he made you buy his shit. He made you shoot up and not feed your kids . Then you'll punish me for saying that kids cute . I will take her home with me a few days.

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We have been dating for a few months, he's 21 and I'm 19. He likes to role-play incest situations, like pretend I'm his younger sister. It's been fun in kind of a weird way. He has been begging me to tease and seduce my actual brother. Dressing sexy around him, brushing up against him, just little things. My confession is I fucking love it and I get so excited when I think about how far I can take this.

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