Man + Man + Woman = ???

You see the thing is when you live 10,000 miles away from each other things just get forgotten and brushed away. But i don't want it to be brushed away, i want it to be remembered and treasured and added to. We have these family friends who live on the other side of the world and well my sister lives in the same place. Because she is engaged to one of them. But there's this small tiny issue, that i'm in love with her fiance. We have known each other since we were kids and well i have always liked him. We used to have a thing for each other, and i still do. When we wre in our late teens we met up in spain for a week with our families, we began fucking. and i'm not gunna lie it was a-mazing. he told me he loved and he promised himself to me. we agreed that when we were old enough he would come over and live with me. Next time we met we ignored everything that happened and pretended it didnt, as well, he was engaged to my sister. He told me he loved me and now he is enaged to my own fucking sister. But then something happened. we were wedding planning and my sister (a doctor) was on call and had to go in and left me and him to finish off. As soon as she left he held his arms out and i willingly stepped into them. he told me he had missed me and with that i took no more coaxing. We fucked on her bed an unbelievable amount of times. The sex was so raw and full of passion. We broke her bed, that wasnt good. Again next time we met we ignored the fact we had had sex. After that the next time we met was at the wedding. it was late as in late late and my sister had crashed in the weding suite. Her husband came down in search of what? i never found out. because as soon as he saw me sat alone in the bar he pulled me upstairs and we fucked again. so many times. this is as far as i am and i dont know what to do. i feel awful, its my sister and i love her so much. but i love him too; always have always will. m sister doesnt know anything and i hope she never will.
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Ari, Musician of Space,

That is so freaking HOT!!!!!

Andy, Apprentice of the IT department,

Whatever happens, your sister must never find out

Jerry, Fashion Designer of Good,

well if he loved you he would be married to you. you are destroying your relationship with your sister by letting your libido and a weird guy manipulate you. how would you feel if u were marrying or got married to him, and your sister was fucking your guy behind your back? You should get mad to that man for treating you and your sister this way.

Dana, Assassin of the Hungry,
if he loves you then why did he marry your sister? if you love your sister then why are you potentially breaking her heart?