Man + Man + Woman = ???

am a young black guy who is turned on a lot by older white women want to be taken by surprise. maybe even by a stranger. i want to fuck her to see her come to praise my cock, I want to pay any kind of attention to her, and her pussy, that i think her husband has maybe forgotton about. but am not the kind of guy to have aan affair or cheat on a woman who loves me I do not belong to anyone more than i belong to me self. So that said, i can only cheat on my self. we only live once and i like to experience everything that i wish I want to feel my cock deep in that white womans pussy, eat it as much as i wanna eat her meow :) I really need to feel my dark skin against that white woman
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Harper, Sous Chef of the Wicked,
i am a white married woman 36, and have thoughts of younger black boys so much. feel kinda embarassed but it feels good to at least admit it somehow.
Brett, Bard of the Poor,
I am astrongĀ  and skillful man in making a good sex to be satisfiy any kind of women.belongs to this,the bigness of my pines and style give them special pleasure.
Addison, Hero of the Poor,