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I hate to have to say that outloud, but it's true.  Today she made me so made that tears of anger washed my face.  I haven't felt that kind of anger in a long time. My sister is in a much higher tax bracket than I am and she makes no bones about how much better she is than me.  She talks down to me as if I were nothing.  I love her and yet I hate her. She can make a room full of people feel awkward just with her mood.  It's palpable.  It's like she needs to be personally invited to every family event there is.  And we aren't a formal bunch.  If my mom calls her in the morning and she's busy then, she expects another call later inviting her again closer to the time of  a meal.  My mom bulls up and won't do that and my sister gets offended and says she's "out of the loop". She always says that sarcastically to me like I'm the one keeping her out of the loop.  That's not true at all.   She won't call my parents and they won't call her.  Both thinks the other should do the calling.  Somehow I get put squarely in the middle as I have my whole life.  Each asks me what the other is up to.  Today my sister brought up an instance where she thought she was slighted about being asked to a flea market.  (Although she said I brought it up, which I didn't.)  She was asked the night before and said maybe. The next morning she was asked again and said no because she had been, "left out of the loop." See, she wants to be invited again and again. So, today I told her that maybe in the future if she feels I'm keeping her out of the loop that she should talk directly with my parents. She tells me I'm making an issue out of things and that she does not need my drama.  My drama?  Please.   She said that we would just continue as we always do.  I said, "Alright then.  Have a nice day." I am 46 years old and older than here.  I will not be treated like that anymore.  I've let her walk all over me my entire life and I'm done.  I will not buffer her sand paper personality for my parents any longer.  She can show her true colors. Right now I am so angry at her that I spit nails. She's a bitch and bullying one at that.  She's got a vicious mouth when she's angry. She'll pick an agrument and then tell me it's my drama. Fuck her.
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Frankie, Keeper of the Homeless,

I fucking hate my little sister. I love her, I literally do everything for her. She asks me for water, I'll fucking bring it. She asks me to make her a sandwich, bring her some bread, anything, I'll fucking do it, but I'll ask her for something small, hey what time is it, can you pass me that pencil (something so fucking close to her), and she'll say some bullshit like, no, get it yourself, you have arms or legs or whatever the fuck and it just pisses me off. Worse is that she can get away with fucking anything because of my mom. Wears my fucking clothes, it's okay, I'm not wearing it. Eats my fucking food (I'm vegan, she's not, I hardly eat because of the limited supply I have) but hey, it's fucking okay because I'm not eating it. My mom showers her in gifts, she'll buy her whatever the fuck she wants and when my mom buys me something (which is fucking rare) my little sister will feel like no one gives a shit about her, she's the odd man out, her family hates her, all this fucking drama. The little bitch also gets things I want just to piss me off because I can't have them. If I ask my mom for an iPhone, the answer is no, then my little sister asks, and she gets one. I know my mom loves her more, and the more she says she doesn't, the more I think she does. Everything is just so unfair, so fucking unfair. Yesterday, we were driving home from a road trip we took, and I was trying to fall asleep, only way I could do that was to listen to music. I obviously didn't have headphones or even a phone, so my mom was letting me borrow her phone, and my sister let me use her headphones, but it took 30 fucking minutes of convincing her, and she threw them at me, displeased. So, I'm trying to fall asleep, and she's demanding them back. My mom took a bathroom break and my sister comes thinking I'm asleep, trying to sneak the headphones away. I grabbed them and tried to pull them back down because my earring was caught, and I told her, but she punched me in the fucking gut and ripped the headphones away, and let's just say it hurt like a bitch. I hate her, I hate her, I fucking hate her. Expressing this helped because I feel like I just let off some steam.

Dana, Carpenter of the Lonely,

I fucking hate my sister!!!! Every time I do anything she freaked out and tells my mom, and even if she punched me in the face or some shit she still takes my sisters side!!!! Me and my brother can't say anything to her cause she'll tell mom and it pissed me of so much! She always thinks she's better than me and tells my mom if I say otherwise and she changes the story if it makes me sound innocent, just. I fucking hate her!!!!! And she's homeschooled and thinks she's so much smarter then me because I chose to stay in normal school she freaked out and rages over everything and she won't play and sport or video game if there's any possible chance she could lose! She can burn in hell for all I care.

Yoko, CTO of Light,

My sister is the biggest bitch on the fking planet. Proud, desperate, vulgar whore. Tries to seduce my boyfriend. I fking hate that cunt. She is soooo proud of herself. She has been against me since I was born Can't get over the fact I have an attractive bf who loves me so she has been seducing him for years when she gets a chance, God knows what she has tried to do. She has ruined my life. Disguisting bitch. Only I know what she is really like. Acts all sweet infront of my parents and my family so they blame me for her f***ing mistakes. My bf is mine so back off you horrible woman!!! Get married for God's sake!! Or better yet, just die cuz u will never leave me in peace! I HATE YOU!!!!!!

Dakota, Assassin of the Rich,

My sister is in essence a fat fucking cunt. I wish that she would start using the toilet paper to not wipe her ass but wipe that disgusting raunchy shit breath of a mouth out. I would hope that she likes nasty poppy butthole and then she proceeds to make out with my weirdo brother. That way my brother would get pink eye and have to go to the doctor. I wish that my sister would go and fall in a pool of acid and then I hope that alligators eat her face off. After that, I wish she make out with my brother. We are from west Virginia so it makes sense. Screw my sister and brother. I am saying this because my sister always feels the need to try to help me, give me shelter, and money if it need it. I am being mean because I am a damn independent and she can fuck off. God Bless the USA.

Harper, Patriarch of Wild Parties,

OKAY! WAIT I NEED TO RANT MORE! UGHHH I JUST WANT HER TO GO FUCKING DIE! She locked me in the car like for 2 hours. I fucking hate her. and then when i came out i told dad and he didnt fukcing care. I FUCKING HATE THAT BITCH SO MUCH! UGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH> FUUUUCK HER. FUCK FUCK FUCK. FUCUUCICJDIjfs=ddsivjsdjfvaghkrwfjkdsheuw. UGH okay now im done

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Harper, Patriarch of Wild Parties,

[deleted by user]

Stevie, Keeper of Darkness,

Especially Eminem Biggie and Tupac

Stevie, Keeper of Darkness,

I get pissed off at my little sister all the time too, and this might just be a guy thing but I just listen to some rap it cools me down

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Charlie, Garçon of the Financial Services department,

I feel the pain I have the same I'm crying right now I just want to die and not worries about life I had been thinking about the point in life and I knew it that it was to be happy but it can't be if you have a terrible life.

David, Clown of Good,

This is something I can really relate too - my sister Marcia Valakos sounds almost the same as yours

Blaine, Observer of the Rich,

my sister is a stupid ass bitch

Ash, Developer of the Poor,

My sister does not know what canines are and she is older than me.

Jerry, Shaman of Justice,


Harper, Author of the craft table,

Fuck her.

Addison, Chronographer of the craft table,


Adrian, Supervisor of Good,

Hell yeah! Lol

Addison, Chronographer of the craft table,

MY 19-year-old freaking fucking dumb sister that doesn't know how to freakin' spell exaggerate locked me in the bathroom, closed the lights and let me sit there for an hour. FUNNY. The sassy chic bitch better keep her fucking hands off me, or I'll murder.

Susan, Necromancer of the Idealistic,


My almost 23 year old bitch sister locks me out of my own room?!? How about when she finally gets the balls to admit she needs to find a job and stop leeching off my parents then she can lock her own frikin door in her own box house till her cold malicious hearts content!!

Addison, Chronographer of the craft table,

seriously, your sister is like mine. except worse.

Dana, Necromancer of Space,


Addison, Chronographer of the craft table,

My sister is the worst. One time I finished my rubix cube and she saw it and snatched it up, saying, "Ooooh, lickle Ginny-pig finished?" she snatched it up and messed it up AGAIN! Fuck that bitch that can't keep her huge fat mouth up. That is called an older sissy-ter.

Ari, Magician of Imagination,

My sister is a person who constantly wants to be the centre of attraction everywhere be it with family or friends. The thing is I live in a society where fair skin colour and appearance matters a lot even to your own parents. I am 20, my sister is two year elder to me. We both are currently preparing for competitive exam. Since we are preparing and nor working we are taking money from our home, it is very widespread and common in our society. Since we get a limited amount monthly, I am sharing my current place with a boy. I am in love this boy since childhood. He does not like me in that way but I don't expect anything from him. I get it , I cannot make him love me if he does not. 3 months back my sister moved to our place after having a fight with his boyfriend. She needed a place so I let her stay with us. She is also good friend with the boy. She somehow also knows that i am in love with this guy because once she taunted me that she knows that I have been rejected before even confessing my love . Now she is constantly creating situations where I feel very hurt. She would say she has stomach ache and ask him to rub her stomach, to which he happily does. She would say she is afraid to sleep in her room as she has nightmares and go to sleep on his bed. She would wear extremely revealing clothes in front of him and pretend as if she is oblivious to what she is showing. She would show him her beautiful and sexy photos on phones and laugh and make jokes.She is fair and beautiful. Any guy would fall for her. I know its human nature to get attracted to beautiful things. So, I am not surprised that he also acts interested and attracted to her. If i confront her on this she would act like she did not know about me and him and deny that she is doing anything like this. The guy is not attracted to me but cares for me as any friend would do. I do not complain for heart break. But seeing and going through all this on a daily basis I get very hurt. Now I am not able to control my feelings and I cry myself to sleep every night. I am not able to focus on studies either. I cannot move out of here as I don't have money right now. I have lost all sisterly emotions for her. I cannot even share this with anyone because all my friends know both of them and they will think bad of her and my family. This is the first time I am opening up about this. I read on sites that it helps if you open up about your situation. I hope it helps to relieve the pain that I am feeling continuously. I apologise for my bad English. English is not my first language.

Yoko, CTO of Light,

I understand exactly how u feel!!! My bitch of a sister tries to seduce my boyfriend, she has been doing it for years. THAT BITCH HAS RUINED MY LIFE!!! But don't u worry sister, God is watching all of this injustice, good will come, we will get our revenge in a better way! And u will find someone who loves u and not that bitch u have for a sister. Sadly, I can't say the same cuz my sister is a whore who still tries to seduce my bf and although he loves me and wants to marry me i cant help but think he has a crush on her. See how she has ruined my life?? That ugly bitch acts all sweet infront of othrrs, dances around and shows off her body, evil witch. Snake. Whore. I hate my life

Susan, Bright Queen of the Wicked,

You poor thing. The girl is obviously insecure about herself if she needs to seduce the guy her sister likes for no good reason. Maybe you could talk to her? I hope things work out for you

Brett, Janitor of Generosity,

my sister is a good old fashioned bitch and proud of it.

Samantha, Merchant of the Irredeemably Moist,

My sister is a horrible human being, she is vain and narcissistic, whenever she gets a new friend or boyfriend she changes and starts copying them, even down to words or phrases. I'm a 34 male and she is 30, she has two children (I have none) who I don't particularly like either of them, when we were younger we were closer but I get the feeling I was used, in the late 90's early 00's we were close but when she got a boyfriend she moved out of the home at 17 and it was never the same, she never talked about wanting to leave, to meet anyone or have children, she kept her thoughts so quiet. Also even though we were closer when we were younger, we never went out anywhere together, its as if she was embarrassed about me. I remember asking her years ago if she wanted to go out and she said no. She a liar too, she recently learnt a few songs on guitar, yet when she was younger she used to say people were show offs playing guitar, yet she said to my Dad that she always wanted to learn, just one example of her being duplicitous. She is also seeing a man now who is not the father of a children and he is an idiot, her last boyfriend was an idiot too. Also in 2008 she added an ex friend of mine to her Facebook account that caused friction, yet at the same time would hate it if I had anything to do with her friends. I don't have Facebook now but she still uses it and likes to show off her children, boyfriend and when ever she goes abroad and anything else in her supposedly perfect life. There are too many examples to list here of the manipulative and strange ways that she behaves. She really is an attention seeker and I truly dislike her too.

Brett, Author of the Forgotten Lands,

Feel you m8 my sister was being a cunt to me and my mum all the time all it took was a punch to tell her to shut the fuck up

Max, Architect of Time,

Why do sisters have to be a bitch all the time

Adrian, Priest of the Lonely,

My sister is a bitch i have mental problems and when i do things that are not normal my sister exaggerates it and makes it seem like im the bad one and my parents take her side. She starts complaining how she hates the things that i do but she has no idea how i feel, i hate my self and sometimes feel like killing my self. Everything is about her and she never stops to think about me. My little brother does this too and he thinks he is so cool, superior and knows every thing and my parents do nothing all they do take my siblings sides and give me a really hard time. i am 14 and suffer from ADHD, mild depression, anxiety and OCD.

Adrian, Priest of the Lonely,

i relate

Dana, Merchant of the Homeless,

Man, I feel you. My 6 year old sister treats me like she is better than me. AND I AM THE OLDER ONE WHO KNOWS MORE THAN HER! Whenever I am left in charge over her, she ignores me and treats me like I am a scrap not to be listened to. She NEVER DOES her homeschooling..... UGH.

Susan, Bright Queen of the Wicked,

You cant really blame her. She is 6

Taylor, Janitor of the Idealistic,

some body once told me the world is gonna roll me i aint the sharpest tool in the shed

she was looking kinda dumb with a finger and her thumb in a shape of an L on her forehead

and the work starts coming and it dont stop coming

Im fed to the rules but i hit the ground running

it didnt make sense not to live for fun

ur brain gets smart but ur head gets dumb

hey now youre an all star get youre game on go play

hey now youre a rockstar get the show on get paid

and all that glitter is gold

only shooting stars break the mold.

Josh, Illusionist of the Homeless,

Lol spit nails who the fuck says that idiot?

Reggie, Sommelier of Justice,

josh your a idiot

Adrian, Samurai of the Poor,

[deleted by user]

Addison, Chronographer of the craft table,

seriously, who wrote A POEM about ur freaking sis?!

Adrian, Samurai of the Poor,


ah, OK I feel better. I can relate and sorry for my rage it felt good. That's what I feel like

Stevie, Keeper of Darkness,

Man it's like I'm talking to myself here

Addison, Chronographer of the craft table,

i feel sorry for u mate, but ive got an idiot bro AND sis

Josh, Illusionist of the Homeless,

Your an ass

Reggie, Sommelier of Justice,

josh go and fuck your sulf

Dana, Merchant of the Homeless,


Stevie, Ship Master of Darkness,

Hey honestly I feel your pain.. I'm almost 25 years old and my sister's near 23. She's extremely materialistic, selfish, arrogant, condescending and rude. This is also coming from my mom, dad and other people.

Here are some examples of when we've lived together:

I clean the house and kitchen, she leaves open Jara of jam, PB, Nutella,etc. And the dirty knife that was used with it all over the counters and house. Leaves food ex. apple cores on coffee tables around the house Throws coat wherever including the floor, instead of hanging it up in the closet Rips off the first 2 sheets of toilette paper every time she uses the toilette and throws it on the ground (my mom told me this as they use the same washroom) Constantly misses her bus to work or uni then asks for a ride then treats you like crap right after Wakes people up at night and morning because she thinks she lives alone

The list goes on and on.. she talks back to everyone and tries to make everyone feel stupid, it's like she's the shit and everyone is stupid.

Addison, Chronographer of the craft table,

MY sis, bro and parents leave me alone. yeah. sis was stealing my bread, i slapped her softly, and the mother fucking bitch pretended to cry.YEAH, KILL THAT BITCH! SHE MAKES ME CARRY HER LUGGAGE!👿

Stevie, Keeper of Darkness,

Same!!! I accidentally bumped into my little sis in the car once and she was like "owwwww!!!!" and started her fake crying shit it pisses me off soooo much after all I do for her. Earlier today, I told her to get out of my room and she was just laying down on the ground doing nothing so I grabbed her wrist and told her to get out so she started crying and shouted "owwwww!" and I got in trouble for shit that she exadderated a shit ton pissed me off so fucking much

Rook, Observer of the Irredeemably Moist,

My sister is such a motherfucking bitch and gets all the love

Rook, Observer of the Irredeemably Moist,

My stupid little sister punches me then yells screams and Cry's and says that I hit oh that little BITCH!!!!!!!

Max, Magician of the Financial Services department,

I'm 12 years old and I have the same problem, your older, I understand, but still my problem is about the same. So I stand with you, and sorry to sound immature, but my sister is a fucking bitch!

Adrian, Samurai of the Poor,

Im 13 so I know how you feel

Stevie, Referee of the Homeless,

my sister stole my stuff and wont return it to me and when i asked her, she just fucking ignored me.what an asshole

Reggie, Sommelier of Justice,

my sister does the same thing she is so f##king dumb i'm 10 years old she is six

Dakota, Ranger of the Unimaginable Terror,


Stevie, Keeper of Darkness,

Listen to "Hit em up" by Tupac. That just about sums up my frustration every time I get pissed off, and trust me, I deal with the same kind of shit you do. It helps.

Josh, Illusionist of the Homeless,

Lol stfu rtrd

Brett, Administrator of the Lonely,

My older sister is a fucking bitch. She literally fucking screams at me if i tap her and when put anything in my mouth like takis, recorder, chips etc she literally fucking pushes it into my mouth fucking making my teeth hurt. She's dating someone without my parents knowing and she just is a fucking bitch. If you think that's bad, just hear this. I literally fucking tell my mom a million times but she just says "Yeah yeah whatever" like she doesn't give a fucking shit. But when my sister tells my mom i get in huge fucking trouble. I get a fucking ass whooping because of it and my sister doesn't. Just fucking bullshit.

Stevie, Ship Master of Darkness,

I feel your pain man.. I sincerely hope our sisters get the karma they deserve.

Brett, Assassin of Wild Parties,

My sister is an ugly fat bitch. All she does is complain, and when she doesn't get her way she acts like a fucking baby. She had a fucking tantrum because I didn't want to let her use MY charger. What type of bullshit is that?

Stevie, Merchant of the Lonely,

My older sister treats me like trash. She mentally bullies me, even when people are around. I keep telling myself to just consider her as a bitch,so i do. She has a big mouth and a cringey attitude. She makes a room empty whenever she steps inside one. She'd got friends but i hear them saying how rude she is to them.My parents tried taking me to therapy from her mental abuse, but it didn't work. It didn't. She has officially Mentally abused me so much that i think i am fat, ugly, lonely, cringey, monotonous,shy, and last but not least, a big fat bitch. On 11/6/14, i almost commited suicide from the menal abuse, lack of sleep, lack of food, Bullying, and my sister. If you read this, please help people like me. If you hear this, Please get out there and fight for freedom. If you care about this, then #GetHelp.

Stevie, Ship Master of Darkness,

I honestly feel your pain.. I only slept 4 hours this evening because my sister pisses me off so much these days that it's been bothering me too much to even get proper sleep.

I've seriously never personally known a nastier person then my sister.

Addison, Chronographer of the craft table,

my sister was pulling the blankets so much in her sleep i dropped off the bed and hit my head. i only got a lot of screaming tears and 1 hour of sleep on wednesday night. fuck her dreams and shit.

Reggie, Sommelier of Justice,

i did this test on who was the biggest bitch in the family and it was my sister

Taylor, Lady of the Night of the Wildlands,

I have a bitchy step sister. She's being a little bitch right now, she's 10 and everyone in the house can't stand her:( I'm so, so, so sorry

Rex, Wizard of Imagination,

I completely understand where you're coming from. My sister is a big bitch too. She's selfish, hateful, and so self-centered.

Frankie, Monk of the Satisfied,


Stevie, Keeper of Darkness,

Listen to Hit em up by Tupac

Ari, Historian of the Wildlands,

Mine to I hate her. I want to kill her.

Ari, Historian of the Wildlands,

shes annoying. Whats worst is my parents thinks shes an angel. But one day she was a total bitch and they didnt like her. Nonetheless they loved her like an angel after.

Alton, Rockstar of the Wicked,

My sister is a so nice to her and she is the bitchiest person to me.My parents see her do it and just let her.yet when I'm bitchy back (if you ever met me I couldn't ever really be bitchy at all just a little rude).She does have health problems but they don't really affect her ,but since their visible unlike mine she gets treated better.

Ari, Historian of the Wildlands,

I FUCKING KNOW RIGHT!!! my sister gets all the attention and im like why arent you looking at me. She was the bitch.

Adrian, Samurai of the Poor,

I'm the middle child I know I'm not forgotten but I feel like I am because of my bitchy lil sister

Addison, Chronographer of the craft table,

im also a midl and i dont get alot ov atention so mum and dad i dont really communicate or really spend privat time w them

Reggie, Sommelier of Justice,

i'm the middle child to. it completely sucks. i fill you.

                                      I don't know how to spell fill 
Rebecca, Farmer of the IT department,

F*cking..."Everyday People" - [filtered hyperlink]

Taylor, Crusader of Generosity,

My sister is the most bitchiest definition of the definition of "bitch" a while ago I was playing Pokemon go she saw me and so she asked to borrow my charger so she can charge her phone,I let her but an HOUR later I asked for it and she said ok.TEN minautes after that I asked for it because my phone needed to be charged because we are going to another suburb tomorrow and I wanted it for the car trip. She said "YOUR A FUCKING BITCH YOU JUST WANT EVERY THING TO YOURSELF." I asked her nicely why the f**k is she being a bitch after she said it she chucked the power bank at me. I felt useless I feel like I don't belong here and I don't even live with her I do not live with my mum and dad... When I was only4months old my dad went to jail and my nan fought for me in court they made a deal that if my nan fought for me they couldent have me back... I just got here yesterday... Ever since I got here she seems to think she owns me I 12 and shes two years younger than me, she swears like a pub tart, she needs to grow up and act her age she's only 10 she treats her mum and family like shit I'm sick of her attitude if she wants to be a drugged spastic criminal I hope she's hopeless and on the streets I will sit there and mock her. Does not deserve all the luxuries for her foul behaviour if I could take every thing she has and give it to some one that will actually appreciate it instead of being a self obsessed dumb bitch

Have fun Chloe you dumb fuckk -your dog of a sister

Kill me in my sleep BITCH!!! FIGHT ME SLUTTTT!!!

Stevie, Keeper of Darkness,

Keep ur head up

Ari, Historian of the Wildlands,

So my big sister was helping my small sister (you know who) with her work. She told her to do the worksheet cause she didnt do it and dshe said she did. So my little sister laughed and threw a pencil at her face thinking it was a joke. My big sis was bursting at her.

Addison, Chronographer of the craft table,

did ur litl sis hurt ur bigr sis

Ari, Historian of the Wildlands,

oh man I feel bad. I suffer with the same thing. I suffered more a year ago. I swear I was so close to grabbing anything and beating the shit outta my sister. Some people isnt she a little girl. Im like you dont know that little cunt. Only my big sister and friend Josh understands me.

Stevie, Keeper of Darkness,

Same except big bro but funny thing is my best friend who understands is also named Josh 😂😂😂

Reggie, Sommelier of Justice,

i understand you

Ari, Historian of the Wildlands,

Also same thing happened to my big sister. She let my sister borrow her charger and the dumb fuck tried to hide it. My big sis found it a few minutes later and got pist. When my big sis asked why she hid it, she didnt respond, she acted like it was nothing.

Frank, Knight of the Rich,

I've always tried to move aside my years of boiled up anger for my bitchy older sister, BUT I CANT!! We share the same bedroom and shes always in my presence, Ive tried ignoring her but her constant bitchiness makes me want to explode. Ive tried punching her back but she always wins cos she destroys my belongs. Ive tried treating her kindly but frankly, Ive given up. I want her to die but I'll probably be the one who dies first from holding in my grudges. What can I do to get her negativity away from me?

David, Curator of the Poor,

I know! What the fuck!! Whenever me an my sister argue, my fucking retarded parents take their side. It's fucking retarded. And they care soooo much about my school. Its like school is the only thing they could thing of. I mean, they never talk to my sister about school. Ohhh how i wish she was dead. She gets to do whatever she wants, and me? I have to do homework. And if I dont have homework, my dad makes me read a whole fucking textbook. I mean, what the fuck. My sister is a bitch anyway. She's 4 years older than me but is still immature as fuck! Whenever my parents arent there, she pins me to the ground and takes off all my clothes! I cant do anything about it! Worst of all, when shes "babysitting me" she makes me her slave. She tells me to strip naked or shell tell my parents that I throw away all my tests. If my parents know that, they'll KILL ME. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK!! She basically uses me. Its blackmail! She sits on my face like a chair and watches tv. She also uses my body as a carpet. Whenever her friends come over(thats a lot of times) she makes me carry her on her shoulders. And guess what? SHE NEVER GETS CAUGHT!!!!!!!

Reggie, Sommelier of Justice,

you should tell the cops. thats abuse

Frank, Knight of the Rich,

Well... Sometimes I just want to stab my sister in her face, but I cant!

My sister is a bitch, she claims everything is hers. Like the other day I woke up from my nap and saw chaos everywhere, she trashed the house on purpose for no reason! Also, one time I wanted to shower but I couldnt find the shampoo and conditioner, so I found it in a box that said "Not Yours" blah blah blah... I took it anyway. When she found out someone took the products she stormed around shouting at us for using it. AND THE SOUND OF HER ELEPHANT FOOTSTEPS IRRITATED ME my face began to boil. She was shouting at me for using the products BUT I was the one who took it off the shelf and my mom was the one who paid for it!! DOES SHE HAVE FRIKN AMNESIA!!

Peyton, Administrator of Imagination,

My sister is a mental crazy selfish insane mf bitch

Frank, Knight of the Rich,

I feel you :(

Harper, Ship Master of the Rich,

My sister is younger than I, but absolutely satanic. She manipulates my parents into spending all their resources on her. She has a nack for dancing, and because of that, she believes that she is the star of all our lives. Our family is Catholic, but she wields religion like a tool as if it were the Dark Ages, telling others how to behave and causing trouble in church at the expense of others. If you so much as elbow her, she'll spin a tale that you thrashed her or injured her neck. You can't chastise her because she has a habit of cutting people off mid-sentence, whether with complaining or bursts of song (she is not musically talented). She looks for leverage, and will record what you say manually or electronically. She tries controlling people's sleeping and eating habits, telling people with much more years than her when to sleep, get up, and stop eating. You can buy groceries for something, and she'll claim that they were specifically bought for her, even if you witnessed the purchase firsthand. She will strike at others, as striking her is forbidden due to her being female. I was always aware that if I hit my brother I would be struck back, with only little repercussions. With her, she has no consequences for harming anybody. If you so much as step into her room, even by a toe, she screams and wails. If she enters your room or living space, and try to make her leave, she once again screams and wails. She constantly makes remarks on people's weight, appearance, speech, and so on, and does not hesitate to cast judgement. My mom is on edge most of the time, unhappy, and dealing with painful side effects that were a result of breast cancer and its constant treatments, and she pushes her to the edge of insanity for amusement when she is angry with her. She is kinder to my dad as his wallet isn't as empty, from which she often borrows money with no intention of delivering back. She burns through her money but always asks for special treats on the house. If your face distorts in any way, such as squinting from the sun, she taunts you with an exaggerated mimicking of the expression. She blames her messes on other people, and pretends not to remember doing anything wrong when caught. She has her own little cliques, and will sometimes act as if she alone had friends. When we use profanity in any form, she uses it as leverage, but uses it herself when she feels cornered. When she asks a question, and I answer the question for her instead of whoever else may be in the room, she screams. It could be a harmless question such as "Have you seen my dance bag?", and I could say "You left it in the van" and she flips out. In short, I'm half convinced if I sprayed her with holy water the skin would melt off her bones.

Peyton, Sommelier of the Wicked,

My sister is also a total bitch. she is 24 and I`m 13 and she still does not know how to just stop an argument and walk away and be the bigger person. she is constantly nagging about something that my mom has or has not done and then when shes angry she takes out the anger on me. I can not talk about anything with her... for instance I do not know my father and his kids because he left when I was young and when I told her about my curiosity about my fathers kids she yelled at me and told me that I was not supposed to be born and that our mom was gonna get an abortion with me. she has made me grow up to fast for my age and take care of things that should not be my responsibility. even when my mom tells her that i should not be doing something she is making me do, she just fights her on it and since our mom is older, my sister always wins because my mom is sick of arguing

Aubrey, Ranger of Evil,

Pat her on the head and say Bye bye!

Bowie, Architect of the Homeless,

My sister is also a complete and total bitch, today I told her how much sugar content was in a pear because we were talking about sugar and she goes off the handle saying some bullshit about how I'm calling her fat. I lock my door because the whole situation is ridiculous and she proceeds to break my door down calling me ugly slutty and even saying I deserve to be raped and going as far as saying I deserved being abused in my last relationship. I truly don't know what to do because she is a conceded bitch who thinks she is perfect and it's everyone else being mean and blah blah blah she literally makes me have panic attacks and I'm about to lose it because it's constant and I unfortunately don't have funds to move out yet.

Bobbie, Apprentice of Justice,

Your sister sounds like an angel next to my shit eating ass sucking shitty sister. My stupid whore sister would love nothing better than to see me go down. But, even though she is older; she is stupid, I mean assinine moron dumb ass stupid. She is so jealous and envious of my life I bet her asshole is green. The only reason she has such a shitty fucked up life is because she is a downright whore. She sleeps with married men, she uses good men for whatever she can get; she two timed her longtime husband so much that the poor guy just up and died. Her current boyfriend is next i'm sure. He thinks he is the only one in her life. Poor guy. She is one butt ugly bitch that somehow thinks she is cute. Eeeeewww. Barf face. She looks like a really ugly dike.

David, Curator of the Poor,

No, YOUR sister is an angel compared to mine. You r should read my description up there.

Shiki, Crusader of Darkness,

Mine too!! In the past, my older sisters done horrible things to me like punch me and kick me, even pull my hair and IIve forgiven her for that. When we went on a holiday overseas to see our relatives she seemed nice to me and all but once we came back home... Shes back at it again! e.g. a couple of days ago, I was asked by my mom to give her the coffee (cos she always expects my mom to make her coffee) and when I took it to her she was like "WTF I didnt ask for that", and so I walked back to the kitchen, then she said, "put it on the [coffee] table" but I was already busy then. Next thing you know she went berserk!

She thinks she's my boss and when I dont follow her orders she does SUPER annoying things like mess up the house (when its been JUST cleaned!), eat all of the snacks that are not meant for her, wastes the electricity and internet, turns on the tv but she does even watch cos she on her phone all the time, ignore us and thing we're not in the room watching tv so she gets her little speakers, places it in the room and plays her frickin music SO LOUDLY... like shes having a party and she slams the doors just to annoy us. Shes the one that broke the tv but doesnt calm it (I knows its her becos she always turns the volume really loud when shes watching andalways switches it off and on off and on (the power not standby mode) every single time shes used it. Yesterday, she randomly got my brothers tv from his bedroom (hes in university), which he paid with his money, takes it to the living room and does the same thing with the other tv.


Peyton, Templar of Imagination,

i cant do this anymore she'll punch and kick the shit out of me i can'do a thing about or she'll do the same the next day when my parents are at work my mom and dad ask what the bruises are from and i can't tell them i'm alone i lost all my friends over the summer AND I HAVE A FUCKING DIVORCE TO DEAL WITH she can go fuck herself i need help someone help i'm 11 i've tried everything help someone

Charlie, Observer of the Rich,

Not sure what kind of help you need. Call the police? Call child protective services for your area? Praying for you.

Peyton, Templar of Imagination,

i feel the same way she fucking punches me then i slap her then she all out kick the shit out of me i cant say anything because then shell kick the shit out of me again when my parents are at work i cant do anything when my mom and dad ask about the bruises and i cant say anything about or shell kick and punch me the next day help me i'm trapped i get bullied every day my self esteem drops lower and lower i lost all my friends over the summer someone help please i'm alone with no one to help me i need something soon

Taylor, Patriarch of the Satisfied,

I have a sister that is a bitch too! She is also 22 years old. She is disrespectful and mean. I am so sick of her shit!

Stevie, Paladin of Generosity,

I have a bitchy egotistical sister,she's older and thinks she's smarter and better than me and since she's older demands to be first in everything.Not only that but she's obnoxious and if everything isn't perfect she acts like a drama queen.She thinks she's a parent and is a bitch who acts like everyone is copying her.She always makes fun of me for the most hurtful things and is constantly lying to get mom and dad to punish me.She punched me today and I told on her she told me I was a crybaby who threw hissy fits and had anger issues.She tells me I'm weak and when I punched her j got in so much trouble.SHE IS CONSTANTLY TRYING TO GET ME A BIGGER PUNISHMENT.And thinks it is funny to make others suffer.If that's not a bitch,than well what is?

Adrian, Scout of Space,

I love my sister but she is a disrespectful, bratty, bitch what treats everyone like garbage. I'm honestly fed up with it. My parents are so kind to her, bend over backwards for her and she treats them like shit. They might put up with it but I don't give a shit. I feel like it's just how that persons personality is. You can't change a shitty human being. I've told her a couple of times recently, she's 22, past the teen phase and she's still acting like a disrespectful idiot. She doesn't admit that she's done anything wrong either, doesn't own up to it at all. She's a piece of shit. Nothing you can do.

Frank, Knight of the Rich,

My bitchy sister is the same and also 22.

Andy, Sommelier of the IT department,

my bitchsisters have told so many lies people have been murdered for telling the truth those narcissistic jealous hoohaas have done unthinkables in my name and then laughed about it for eons and I've had enough

Andy, Gunner of the craft table,

My sister redefines the definition of a bitch. I cannot believe there is anyone else in this entire world as much as a whore she is that she is to my mum and I. Today that cunt bucket put on a tantrum just because I refused to use her blank sheets as working sheets. She is like "how dare you disrespect me?" And started yelling and screaming about how I disrespect her..I mean does she even know the meaning of respect? Then then drags in my mom to show "how she has raised a son who will leave her and her family". See 0-360 real quick. No connection whatsoever. I m the most genuine guy and help my family as much as I can. But this bitch for no apparent reason makes me put up with this shit at almost a daily basis. The tantrum lasted for 8 hours. I was at work for about 6. She broke my stuff..tore my favorite shirt. All because of sheets. She has no friends obviously...narssicist as fuck. And she is mature enough to understand how to fucking behave. She insulted my mom..saying that she is biased...and I swear she has got more stuff than I did. But she is jobless and apparently the whole world is out there to get me to leave my family. Those are her exact words. No proof..just like that accusing at her will. She expects the world to fall on her feet and give her respect when she acts like complete bitch fuck to the family. She hasn't thought twice before calling me a beggar because I am dependent as I m still and intern with very low stipend. She said you probably belong to the slums. I swear I have put up with this for over 6 years. I tried my best to change her..falls back to square one. Still the same whore of a person. My worst enemy also has been far far far better than this. It's not hard to say she is my worst enemy. It's not I don't like her. It's her fucking attitude. Inside. I m tired. Lost. Cannot believe this whore of a person has the same blood as mine. And unfortunately my mom who is there the whole day has to be the recipient of this type of a whore. I swear if somehow my patience is done with I am going to bitch slap that whore and tell her to fuck off.

Dakota, Illusionist of Arts and Crafts,

yea i know how you feel, my sister can be an absolute bitch sometimes, i have anger issues so that doesnt help matters any, but she picks a fight with me any chance she gets then i end up getting in trouble for yelling back at her, she pretty much uses me as a door mat and just thinks she can wlalk all over me , while yes she is 8 years older then me , that doesnt give her the right to treat me like dirt im sick of it

Harper, CTO of Evil,

My sister is also 8 years older than me, married and has helped destroy our family with her manipulative, self-absorbed, toxic behavior, my parents had no choice but to help her throughout her entire life because she's to lazy to do physical work, she's treated my parents like dirt and manipulated them into constantly helping her, yet wants to show the outside world that she is in control and "perfect", it's been a living hell having her a part of this family, she turned into a monster and leech, i've had to end our relationship, time to move on

Alice, Barbarian of Musclebeasts,

I feel the same. My sister is a complete ass hole. I'm 14 and she's 17. I always imagine ways that I can kill her, as morbid and wrong as that might seem, it's my secret pleasure. She uses excuses to get out of trouble that would never work for me, and my parents hevil favour her. They don't try to hide it either. If I wasn't so weak, scared and dependant on my parents, I would have run away a long time ago. The amount of hatred I feel for, not just my sister, but my entire family is immeasurable. I hope that the thought that others feel the same hatred as you do makes you feel better.

Charlie, Hunter of the Idealistic,

My sister cant even handle ANYTHING. i poke her with a pencil eraser on accident (bar kind) she screams in pain and flops around like a fish, i get in trouble, she's perfectly fine. now when she fucking ran me over with an ATV she didnt even say sorry. i had a broken collar bone, broken legs, arms, whole works. she visited me ONCE to scream ITS YOUR FUCKING FAULT YOU GOT HIT. and my parents gave her 100 dollars to give to me to pay for a few expenses, she spent it on a purse... and my parents told me she would give me the money, she shows up with a new purse and she says mom and dad gave me money. and told me to do something with it. i'm fucking done at this point. oh yeah. she lies, steals, drinks, goes to male frat houses. the whole nine yards... so your sister is a LOT like mine. also with the goes to get starbucks before work "WHY DIDNT YOU GET ME ANYTHING!!!!" (my work is like 1-2 hours from home. i often get coffee before and after work because its LONG) she sees a starbucks cup from like 3 months ago in the trash? WHY DIDNT YOU GET ME ANYTHING. also she has a job, only works one day a week when its supposed to be a 5 day job. somehow is still on their payroll

Peyton, Shaman of the Satisfied,

My sister has Asperger's Syndrome. Despite this, I still don't like her. I have a friend with Asperger's Syndrome at school who is nicer than her. One time, I got a Wii U for my birthday. She randomly thought it was hers, and she did not want it. She kept on insisting to my dad to sell it. Oh, and guess what. Her birthday is 4 months before mine! When she got used to it, she started playing with it. She would not let me use it at all. I just decided to sell it. What's the point of having it if I can't use it? I couldn't even bring it to a friend's birthday party because she wanted to use it!

Other things she did that p***ed me off 1. Not letting me enter the living room (she was not doing anything bad in there, she was just not letting me in there for no reason) 2. I was using a laptop one morning. After about 15 minutes of me using it, she woke up. She wanted it so badly, she slapped me for it. I know we are supposed to share stuff. But with that violence, I was not going to give it to her. Later, she would not let me past the dining room (which happens to lead to the kitchen, a place where I can fix myself some breakfast) She (ATTEMPTED) to kick me. I told my mom. She stopped her. 3. She took my headphones. My dad had to go get me new ones that were not as good from Dollar General. 4. She thinks only she is allowed in my grandparents' basement

I know what you are thinking. She is rejected by our parents. She is not. She has an iPad, a lot of stuffed animals, and a pet cat. Yet she still makes me want to just take the piece out of her brain that makes her be a b****.

I know she is special needs. But with how horrible she acts, it is not unusual for me to start acting that way too when she comes near me. At least twice in her life, she had to go to a mental hospital so they would help her calm down (the last time she went was at least 5 years ago so don't worry). My parents use this to make her to stop being a brat. I may be a spoiled brat too, but at least I am not an ah*.

Taylor, Guardian of Space,

I think she's mad at you because of what you can do and understand that she can't. Don't know that that's an answer but I imagine you have a future that she doesn't. Who knows maybe distance will make it easier for you two.

Frankie, Manager of Generosity,

My sister is a fucking bitch She is the most selfish, sensitive, bitchiest person in the world. I have to put up with her fucking shit all the time and I always have to be the bigger person and contain my frustration. Because nooooo she, an 19 year old college student, is not mature enough to handle a situation responsibly. Every time something doesn't go her way or even when someone says "will you please stop playing the piano for now", she throws a huge tantrum. I'm sorry, I thought you were 18 not a fucking *4 year old.** You know, maybe this is why you have no friends (Literally she has no friends). And gosh she is always treating everyone like shit and she is so ungrateful. She doesn't even know when my parents' birthdays are - she has never - and I mean never - given my parents a Christmas or a birthday gift in her entire life She spends all my parents' money without a care in the world - I'm talking about $50,000 tuition every year that little shit. And then she always talks down to our parents' like the pretentious little shit she is. GOSH but the worst part is is that my parents don't even punish her. Maybe the reason why she acts like a 4 year old is because you treat her like a 4 year old. And so all the havoc that she stirs up always gets passed to me and I'm blamed for everything. Thanks. And the one time I explode, my whole family except for my mom turns on me. Because she's just daddy's little girl and daddy only likes HIS ELDER DAUGHTER APPARENTLY BECAUSE EVERYONE CAN TURN A BLIND EYE TO HER TEMPER TANTRUMS BUT WHEN I GET ANGRY NOOOO YOU HAVE TO SLAP ME IN THE FACE. GOSH WHENEVER SHE COMES HOME IT'S ALWAYS TROUBLE - THE WHOLE YEAR WHEN SHE WAS GONE NOTHING EVER HAPPENED. ITS ALWAYS WHEN SHE COMES BACK. SHE'S THE PROBLEM SO WHY CAN'T SHE SEE THAT. Yesterday was the first time in a year that I've been so angry that I cried and gosh does it feel good to get this out of my system. But I'm still angry and frustrated so I'm going to write a very angry last paragraph. Please ignore that. THAT FUCKING BITCH MAYBE THERE'S A REASON NO ONE LIKES YOU - CHANGE YOUR FUCKING GODDAMN AWFUL ATTITUDE AND MY PARENTS- YOU GUYS SHOULD GET AN FUCKING BACKBONE AND A MORAL COMPASS FOR ONCE AND STOP HER FUCKING STUPID GODDAMN AWFUL SHITTY STUPID ATTITUDE AND DO THE RIGHT THING FOR ONCE IN YOUR STUPID LIFE. STOP SITTING ON YOUR FAT BUTTS AND GET YOUR FAILURE OF A DAUGHTER TOGETHER BECAUSE YOU ARE THE REASON THAT SHE IS LIKE THIS. UPDATE: NOW MY STUPID DAD STARTS TO REALIZE THAT WOWWW MAYBE HE'S WRONG AND NOW HE THINKS HE CAN START TALKING TO ME AGAIN AFTER LITERALLY KICKING ME OUT OF THE HOUSE YESTERDAY AS PUNISHMENT FOR SOMETHING MY SISTER DID. BUT NO - YOU CAN'T TO THAT BECAUSE LIFE DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY AND I'VE DEALT WITH BOTH YOUR AND MY SISTER'S SHIT FOR 16 FUCKING YEARS. I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE HOW I COULD DEAL WITH HER BEFORE SHE WENT TO COLLEGE. SHIT. FUCK. STOP. LEAVE. ME. ALONE. GET. A. LIFE. AND MAYBE IF MY DAD ACTUALLY SUCKED UP HIS UGLY PRIDE AND APOLOGIZED FOR ONCE (HE IS INCREDIBLY HYPOCRITICAL AND HAS NEVER APOLOGIZED TO ME EVER, BUT WHEN I APOLOGIZE TO HIM HE SAYS: APOLOGIES DON'T DO ANYTHING) THEN I MIGHT ACTUALLY FORGIVE HIM. Whew that was cathartic. Sorry you guys had to put up with my very angry rant.

Rebecca, Farmer of the IT department,

Your situation sounds a lot like mine. Yesterday my fugly attention demanding power tripping bitch of a delusional older sister started problems in our household over food. For some reason, I don't know why she felt the need to talk for me when my Mom asked me a question. I just wasn't having it. I was aggravated, especially since I was the one being questioned by my Mother and not her. But for some reason she answered for me which was a mystery I didn't want to comprehend with? Not a big deal, right?...Maybe so, I thought the same thing at first, than the devil inside got the best of me and I got furious, and I said some really nasty things to her (she pushed the wrong buttons). First off, I didn't appreciate her answering a question that I was being asked and in which she had no business in interfering or responding for me, that's ONE! Secondly, I was feeling as if though she was deliberately trying to speak for me because she was upset that she wasn't asked. Lastly, I didn't like the idea how she was trying to prevent our Mother from cooking something for me. I also realize the fugly bitch may have gotten angry because she has a food craving problem or probably couldn't stand to see me eat something she can't eat due to certain restrictions in her diet. I can also cook for myself and It's not Iike I expected for my Mom make me something. I do almost everything for myself; chores, make my own food, etc. I just thought it was sweet of my Mom to offer to make me dinner. What really irked me is how my fat bitch sister thinks she could respond on behalf of me. I could just see and feel the jealously right through her while she was in my presence. I can also see how envious she is of me. She tries to duplicate my lifestyle and almost everything that I do. I believe she thinks she's able to live in my shoes better than wtf?...Get your own identity- you fugly loser- and stop copying people then claiming that it is your own persona.That in my opinion, is a case of how low people are willing to go just to be deemed as being "original', just to be honest. And I'm not saying this just cause I'm mad (I can also see right through her), I can feel the negative energy she has around her. I'm not perfect either, for your information. I've done my fair share of things to cause her a bit of grief in life as well when I was a lot younger, however, I feel as if we've crossed that bridge a long time ago and have moved on. But, I guess I was wrong. I did some things back then that I am not proud of, I was just a teenager then and made some mistakes. I am 33 now. It seems as if though she still holds some kind of underlying grudge against me or has some sort of built up anger or something that she's still holding onto and is holding me accountable for it. Even if it wasn't my fault. I've confronted her in the past about how she feels as well. But her response was "we were young" get over it (I can only assume she's moved on). After all, It's not like I tried to hurt her or something. Although, it's crossed my mind humorously at times but, that's just human nature. The worst I've ever done to her is call her mean names, when she would really gets under my third-layer of skin. There was this one time awhile back when I was a lot younger, I stole money from her in which I confessed to later on and paid her back in full. That's all I've done. I have rectified my screw up's, however, that's still not good enough for this selfish fat useless bitch. She's always throwing things from the past in my face because I went and fucked up in my personal life which had nothing to do with her, and ever since, for some reason, she feels more superior and respected than me in front of family, and friends. Not to mention, she's even gone as far as making up bullshit rumours about me to my younger cousins, friends, etc. Just to make herself more likeable, dependable, and trustworthy- that's some grimy shit right there, in my opinion. Moreover, fatty (that's what I'm going to call her cuz I'm just really pissed-off rite now) was the main source of conflict amongst my ex & I from the get go. I mean the fat fuck had the effing nerve to create problems between my ex and I, and if that wasn't enough for her to indulge on she still kicked it up a notch and got my whole family including my rents to turn against me and my ex. All of this because of that selfish fat spineless fucking coward bitch sibling of mine. As for "the one that got away", she is no longer in my life. Just another case of a sad love story of two-lovers living without each other wondering the earth in redemption. It doesn't matter anymore though, she's with somebody else and is happy, hopefully. I'm not going to lie though it still hurts from time to time when I am reminded of her. I guess that's the scar I have to live with thanks to my choices and all the fugly bitches who couldn't stand to see us together. Sometimes I wish I could slap my fugly bitch sister out and bat her the fuck down till she begs for mercy, seriously. Yeah, I know that's evil and fucked up! But, there are a lot of disgusting living beings like my fugly dark evil sister walking the earth with no remorse or compassion for that matter. Fugly just has this way of pushing me over the edge. I guess that's why I am ranting. Nevertheless, it's either this or I can go all berserk on the fugly biatch. But that'd be meaningless and a waste of time charges that are meant for something more purposeful. The worst part is that she's married but still for some reason wants to believe in her delusional little mind that it's okay to live with Mom & Dad after marriage while knowing that she has a place to live at her in-laws who also live in the same province and city as my parents and I. Than there's her sluggish husband who I don't even want to start with. He's a nice guy and all, and I have no conflict with him as of yet. But with fugly's hungry appetite for destruction, anything is possible. In the meantime, I could careless about what my brother-in-law thinks, specially since I'm not close with him or plan on ever getting close to him or even hanging out with him for that matter, just saying'. He's just one of those big teddy bear kind of guys who likes to sit around like a sluggish good for nothing pig that doesn't have a back bone to defend himself when my fugly sister banters him about his weight like the hypocritical fat bitch that she is- someone oughta ask her- "when was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror? fat pig. Anyhow, "fugly" should be living with her in laws or on her own to say the least... But NO!....the fat fuck and her sluggish husband have to live with my parents and I. My rents are also to blame for the way my fugly sibling is. They choose to keep a blind fold-on because she's older (by a year and bit) and have this silly & ridiculous idea that is beyond me. Ignorance is all I have to say on that. That is all. Especially my father who is such a fucking dependant asshole that needs to grow a pair and man the fuck up. Instead, he and my sister tag team on my mom and bully her by getting her to turn against me because I don't give two fucks about them. From time to time, it also feels as if they are trying to make me out to be mentally unstable and/or crazy for their own kicks and thrills- that's pretty fucking sick right? And I am the one who is deemed as fucking unstable in my house. If I act crazy it's because of them and there ignorant ways. Any sane man can go effing crazy living in a household with such deliberate idiots who choose to ignore a thing called "common sense". To make matters worse, I feel helpless due to the fact that I got myself into some legal trouble with the law. I guess in some way this is my karma. I still question GOD, however, on why was I blessed with such asshole parents and a fugly sister? I have to live with the deficit of them trying to ruin my life for their own pleasure & satisfaction. That is how they make me feel. My rents also talk shit behind my back most of the time or when I am not present at least. I can't even begin explaining the havoc they've caused in my life. As for my so-called Love life, my ex is far gone because my family didn't accept her which drove her crazy, obviously. I also blame myself as well for the grief I caused in her life. What can I say? I was young then and I didn't know any better. It was my first time in a relationship, and I couldn't handle all the stress, pressure, and lack of support from my family. Now because of family especially my evil bitch sister, and also my choices, she's gone. Just went up and left the country, and out of my life just like that. Needless to say, I fucked up. And to add more insult to injury my fat bitch sister was jealous of my girlfriend and our relationship as well. She's another reason why we never got to cross that milestone towards a better and healthier relationship when we were together. That fugly bitch would be the one to stir the pot in the beginning when just hooked up. She would cause problems between us, in our household, and so my parents and other family members would treat her with resentment and be unfair towards her and I being together. I feel like I've been cursed from birth but it is what it is. I have to suck it up and handle it like man because I have no other choice. To end this rant, my sister is a fugly bitch, will always be a fugly bitch, still is a fugly bitch, and I put the rest up on GOD...I've had enough of her shenanigans I just pray that she packs her shit one day and leaves the house, and moves back in with her in-laws where that low life fugly bitch belongs. Thanks for listening to my rant...phew!...that felt good.

Taylor, Guardian of Space,

move out - sounds like a toxic situation and that only distance will solve it.

Peyton, Administrator of the craft table,

my sister is annoying # annoyed

like my sister I was on this game that was on this site well cut to the point I was playing charliecharlie but she posted it on facebook and my brother and my family is on facebook like who doers thart that made me like so mad I cant belive she did that wat a horrible thing to do know she is posting it on twitter wat part don't shwe get that im just a little girl who likes to have fun sometimes so live a little why don't you seen what the world is really about see what im saying she sees the wrong side of the world just saying she can be a pain sometimes but you may cant wait till your sister go to college or go to high school whwere there longer hours and classes like there is truly something wrong with big sisters thing they boss of everybody just because there older

Taylor, Guardian of Space,

You've done more than enough. Pray for strength and pray for peace. I think that's all you can do when you find yourself damned if you do and just as cursed if you don't. Good luck!

Ari, Farmer of the IT department,

I guess thers not much u can do since its hard to break bad habits after 30 or 35. But u should consider that something probly happened in her childhood that made her always want to hang with you and it family that still sticks with her today. Her way of reacting to it is pretending that she's part of that bond since she was probly not taught any other way by our parents or maybe they did teach her that. One thing many teenagers can agree with is that you don't feel as loved and supported or understanded by your parents as you do when u were younger. A relationship is never at fault with one person. A relationship includes 2 people, not 1. Sometimes, whether ur an ass to an idiot and won't accept and say sorry bcuz u thought it was nothing, or ur an idiot saying nothing and not expressing how u feel calmly about the situation. If people could realize they ARE idiots, arent PERFECT, and know to RESPECT everyone is different including opinions with ACTUAL PATIENCE, maybe we would have less idiots in the world. Considering my sister is 15 and is understandably an idiot, I'm 16 and know that at least I'm not that far away from her from being an idiot too.

Frankie, Sous Chef of Imagination,

My sister is 13 years old and she has a terrible attitude. She thinks she's ghetto because we lived in a bad neighborhood but we moved out. She was not living the ghetto life. She went to a private school and never left the house except to go to school. Now we live in a really nice neighborhood but she tries to act like she came from the hood. She tries to act like me I guess. I do get into a lot of fights and I do bad things, but she's never done anything illegal in her life. I keep trying to tell her that she's gonna get her ass beat if she keeps up the attitude. I know it sounds bad, but I wish we still lived in that bad place so that she could get her ass beat until she realizes she's not a thug. She has NEVER been in a fight. EVER! And she always comes home saying "Oh I was about to fight this bitch today" and I really want her to swing on somebody so they beat the shit out of her and she realizes how life really is. I'm being so serious when I say if she got in a fight she would lose. There's no question about it. She swung on me one day and her hit was so slow, a turtle could of dodged it. And she looks at the ground when she swings. I really can't wait until she gets into high school and gets beat up. When she's a freshmen I'll be a senior. And I'm honestly just gonna record if she gets beat up. I use to tell her that I would break it up, but fuck her. She deserves a good beating because my parents never gave her one. Today she came home and started eating all the pop tarts. The poptarys are for breakfast so I said "seriously?" And she started yelling at me so I lost my temper and got in her face and yelled "FUCK YOU GONNA DO BOIT IT BITCH?!" And she started yelling bloody murder. I really can't deal with her anymore.

Josh, Administrator of the Hungry,

I am going through it right now. I don't even know what I feel anymore towards her. I am just fifteen and I literally can't stand her anymore . She has never liked me and I know it. When we were young ( I was about seven and she was thirteen) , we used to share a room together . I don't even fear hell anymore because that was how it was in that room . She would kick my ass anytime she could. Her hits weren't soft either, she would beat me as if I were a girl of her age . And it didn't help that my mother was never home because she was a lonely mother who was always caught up working . My sister would yank my hair out and punch me really hard. I remember one time I tried to tell my mom on her . She got in trouble alright, but the minute my mother left to work my sister would beat me even harder and tell me that if I told again she would hurt me again. And she was just thirteen. I also remember that I would do any thing she told me to because if I didn't she would talk shit to me and hit me. This went on until she got into highschool because then she had friends and didn't have time to brutally hit me anymore. Also because we had just gotten a step dad ( who she didn't like ) that always defended me and my two younger brothers. Though, keep in mind that when she was home she would hit me and my two little brothers and she would cover our mouths so my step dad couldn't hear us cry. Near the end of her highschool years we moved into a house .Since we lived far from her friends she was always home . She didn't hit us as much becausr my step dad was there but she still verbally abused us and cussed me and my little brothers out . That was the year that I first stepped up and told her things back with tears in my eyes. I told her how I hated her because she had always treated us bad . And you know what she said. She told me that at least she doesn't hit us that much anymore and that if I didn't respect her more she would start hitting me as bad as before again. The next year was the worst. She got horrible and made me cry out of anger like fifty times. She would disrespect my mom and my step dad and us. She was rude to me uncles and everything. One time she made my mom cry with her words so I got super angry and I told her that she was an ungrateful bitch and I couldn't wait till she moved out . She threatened to hit me and so I got tired and made the first move. She tried to grab both my hands and punch me. So I pushed her off me and onto the floor. I was going to get on her but I dont know why I stopped and ran upstairs crying of anger once more. That same year she got in a fight with my step dad because she was being disrespectful and so he back handed her mouth. She told my mom and my mom kicked him out of the house. I was depressed when he left. I cried every day before I went to school. My depression led on for six months and no one noticed. My mom was depressed too and she still is. That was about a year and a half ago . My sister hasn't hit me but she still from time to time hits my little brothers. They are too afraid to tell my mother or their dad. She has a problem . Every time she is angry she takes it out on us even though we didn't do anything to her. She still disrespects my mom even though my mom still pays everything for her and she is twenty years old. My mom is tired of it but doesn't want to kick her daughter out. I am hopeless case right now and can't handle her any more. I have even thought about signing for a scholar ship to boarding school but I don't want to leave my brothers or my mother with her. Please any advice.

Adrian, Engineer of the Forgotten Lands,

I have a younger sister who is so different from me it is almost unbelievable that we actually grew up in the same household. Our parents divorced when we were kids. I was fortunate that I enjoyed a happy childhood for the first 10 years of my life. After that, as the eldest daughter, I had many family responsibilities (cooking, cleaning, laundry, babysitting) and my parents divorce was a great source of anxiety and unhappiness for me for many years to come. My sister, who is extremely wealthy and happily married, seems to think I have lead some sort of charmed existence. I am never married, no kids, had a 10 year illness with 5 surgeries which I endured basically alone and it left me broke. During this period, my late Godmother, our Aunt, assisted me as best as she could. She was very kind. My own parents did nothing to assist me. All my siblings seem barely cognizant of my extreme struggle. To this day my sister treats me as if I am a lazy idiot. If she does not wish to part with a nickel if her many dollars, she should keep her mouth shut about a topic of which she apparently has little understanding.

Stevie, Fashion Model of the Wildlands,

I am glad I am not alone. To make things worse, where I live, it is not well appreciated if children move out of their homes to live by themselves. My parents have worked hard enough to even reach where we are. I am 23 and my bitch sister is 28. She is like a fucking snake. Posion in thought and speach. She insults my mother and me on daily basis for the most stupidest of reasons. Mom naturally flips. She tells some really harsh words and gets on nerves of everyone. Its so bad that the arguments and shouting goes for over 4 hours every single day. The thing is I don't earn as yet and if I don't study now, I will be way worse. No one bothers about it. I get manipulated and emotionally blackmailed if I stand up for myself. I m not social because everyone is "overprotective". I m so social in adept I feel like weeping. Sister has no friends..doesn't even fucking wants to marry and torment our lives till eternity. To worse off, the females are absolute control freaks. Every time I go out even at age of 23, where u been? Why late? U dont have values. I mean what the fuck. I don't drink nor smoke. No drugs my entire life and they still don't trust me. Plus she is orthodox as fuck. Then will be eavesdropping every fucking time I speak over the phone and then asking questions. No personal boundaries whatsoever. I even have to share a goddamn room with her. I have never bought anyone home due to this and sadly can't explain this to any friends as they will think I m being a big dick. I never had a girlfriend and it pains me to get fucked in every way. Its like a trap. I can't even do anything else many people who don't deserve it might get badly hurt. Sucks ass big time. I even feel like shit for typing this but I had to.

Taylor, Guardian of Space,

Choose your poison. If you don't like living in the toxic situation and the toxic person - move out and take the hit that " it is not well appreciated if children move out of their homes to live by themselves"

The longer you stay - the longer you absorb habits that you will pass on to your kids and other relationships.

Harper, Counselor of the Unimaginable Terror,

you got it easy. what are you gonna do about the queen of she scratched me until i bled because i wouldnt let her use the computer because i was using it. then she gets into rages and does stupid things like put cream in my backpack and soap in the fryer oil.shes honestly mental but in front of her friends oh you should see her with the stupid fake voice but in front of her family shes a complete total bitch. my parents gave up on her a long time ago and let her go as she does. but the last time we fought becuse she put a bunch of stuff on my bed at 11pm and i asked her to move it,she ended up throwing a book scissors and a tv remote at me but i got in trouble for ''angering her'. honestly she should die my parents spend so much money on her nose operations but shes still bitchy .oh and her friends are bitches too which explains a lot

Frankie, Clown of the Wicked,

i am 16 and my sister is 13 she is a raving bitch an walks over everyone in the house my parents included i dont know what to do tonight we are at a hotel on vacation and she was just so blatantly nasty to me that my entire family (extended included) played uno and i said in front of everyone i am not playing because *kate is a bitch to me and i dont want to be around it * no one said or acknowledged me at all. i just sat in the other room crying and listening to the game as my sister yelled at my 6 year old cousin for playing wrong. and again no one said anything. so i am sitting in the hallway and I'm hoping someone comes to look for me because other wise i am going to be really upset because i am too stubborn to come back in and i not really want to sleep in the hallway

Bobbie, Observer of the Hungry,

This is one of the saddest threads I've seen on this site.

But I am curious about one ray of hope.

Anyone here ever have a really rough relationship with a sister when young - that got way, way better in adulthood?

Someone once predicted that would be the case with a relative and it did get better. Can't even pinpoint why exactly - cause they don't live together anymore? Cause they're so different they don't clash like people who are very alike do? Not sure. But it does happen repeatedly, so - maybe that's in the future for many of you here.

Aubrey, Summoner of Musclebeasts,

I can't help you with that question, as my "relationship" with my sister has worsened year by year. It cracked hopelessly when, at my mother's peacemaking request, I visited my sister for a few days (across the country). After catching her undisciplined kids going through my luggage, I stopped them and locked the suitcases. Sister promptly went into a screaming fit about how dare I, it was her house and her children can do as they like. I lost my temper and screamed back for a while, then gave up and walked away. Then she threw me out of the house. Luckily I begged a neighbor to give me a ride to the airport. I never spoke to her again until my mother, who I nursed on and off for several years through a few medical disasters, suddenly went into what later turned out to be her last illness. Sister called me at the last minute, no one had notified me of any of the previous days of worsening, and told me all the other siblings were there, and that I should get there pronto. It was a sixteen hour drive, and when I pulled in the parking lot, Sister met me and said "Well, now that you're here she can die. She's probably just waiting for you. WE have lives to get back to, you know!" And as she said, Mom died that night. My sister turned to me and said "Yep, it was you. Thanks a lot!" I have not spoken to her since the funeral, where I remained civil until she announced to the gathering that I would be giving up my house and job and family to move in with my stepfather (who I've not had any close relationship with), who was also getting on in years. When I exclaimed I'd never heard of this plan and uh, no, no I would NOT be doing so, she went off on a "see how selfish you are!" tirade. This was about five years ago. My life will be complete if I never have to communicate in any way with her again. My life will be complete and full of smiles if I hear she was smeared with honey and staked out over a fire ant mound. Sorry, whoever this question came from. I hope your situation is better.

Bobbie, Observer of the Hungry,

Yea, my situation is different. I did and still do feel that distance is an important ingredient in maintaining a healthy relationship with my siblings. In moderate doses we can be in the same room. I wish it were better between us but I guess we could have it worse.

It sounds like you were dealing with someone who could be clinically diagnosed. She sounds delusional and selfish but it seems to go way beyond what some might see as social judgement.

You could write a saga and it would probably be a popular sell - but being in that mindset long enough to write it might be more harmful than helpful.

Hope life gives you rewards to balance that level of pain.

Peyton, Shadow of the Hungry,

That's my sister she makes me fell the a peice of crap and makes me cry so hard she ones told me to comment suiside when i said no she said respect the elder

Harper, Stewardess of Generosity,

You're not alone..but we're different because im their big brother and im so very annoyed seeing them everyday in school with lipsticks and some shit on their faces sometimes i wanna drag them to hell because they're not listening to me and guess what they call me satanist because of my hobby and shit them sometimes i wanna shout their name and add BITCH at the end of it but i just realized that they are a fucking waste of time and i wont forgive myself for caring them they shit they dont deserve to have a brother like me and now i hate them like i wanna kill them if my mother wll give me a chance Fuck them tho ...

Brett, Writer of Generosity,

You're 46 years old, grow the fuck up and tell her to stop being such a bitch. Grow some balls

Max, Warrior of the Idealistic,

My sister becomes a bitch to me and it is so fucking annoying

Bobbie, Garçon of the Poor,

UGH yes! My sister always accuses me of stealing "her" stuff when it's actually mine. And my mom is always taking her side! I spend my money on this shit and my sister just takes it like it's free! So I slam doors in her face:)

Bowie, Hunter of the Wicked,

I am a mom of a daughter who is a bitch to her sisters and her own mother. I give up.!! If you havent already then you probably should too. She doesnt deserve you, just like my daughter treats her brother and sister so terribly, makes up lies about them and spins her stories to everyone that she wants to feel sorry for her. They deserve better. I have had it with her. When I try to confront her, she wont email me back, she puts her ex husband up to doing her dirty work. I am so done with her, Her family, her sister, brother who serves in the military deserve so much better than to be trashed out. I know you can't pick your kids or your parents, but I am now disowning her.

Andy, Scout of the Satisfied,

I agreed, I'm only 13 and my older sister is such a bitch for some reason all of a sudden. I actually think it's Beacause of a new boy she's talking to. But I can't say I love her at the momment

Dakota, Ship Master of the craft table,

fuck all of that im a nice type of guy my sister drowns herself in problems then complains about them i hate her so fucking much i would suck hitlers dick to avoid another ten minutes with that snarling dick head she just finished a for hour argument on how she wanted mcdonalds with my sick mom who couldnt get it at the time cuz bills wre tight because she faked sick went to the doctors an got a 400 dollar medicatoin that she hasnt even touched leaving my mom crying the worst tears i ever seen after my sisters dreadful words pierced my moms heart saying she was a horrible mom mind you i fucking love my mom she is the sweetest person youll ever meet i would tear out my own heart if it meant she could breathe on this earth just a little longer and i went to reason with that fucking choad of a person , she said she was going to commit suicide over mcdonalds so i told her what being suicidal ment so i shared my own personal stories about deppression and how i almost took my own life and not even two days later because i was watching tv and didnt want to cough it up she told me in front of my friends and family she said thats why you tried killing yourself her words are like daggars and her peronality is like shit she says and does shit like that twice a day one day u might see me on the news oh and shes only twelve if she gets worse and i wouldnt hurt my worst enemy if she gets worse on god she wont make it to 13 and i have never felt so angry and violent towards another human being im a stoner 17 year old class clown who still gets good grades and peace is my motto but if this bitch says on more foul fucking thing to my mom ima rko her bitch ass.

Dakota, Ship Master of the craft table,

hehehe R.K.O. i fuckin luv u man

Ash, Summoner of the Rich,

I have almost the same problem. I want my sister to die. I dont care how she DOES die, I just want her life to end. She has always been THE BIGGEST bitch to me, my mom never does ANYTHING about it. She literally says "Okay, I dont give a shit. Grow the fuck up." MY MOM WOULD'NT CARE IF MY SISTER FUCKING STABBED ME!!! BOTH my mom and sister ARE PROBABLY THE BITCHIEST PEOPLE ALIVE. I HAVE WANTED TO KILL MYSELF SINCE I WAS FOUR. I AM 15 TODAY. Fuck both of them

Alice, Wizard of Evil,

This reminds me so much of my sister she is such a bitch , she brings me down all the time and i already have a lot self confidence and self image issues. She always brings people down just to make her feel better. She acts so fake around family and other people acting all nice. Ever since she married an asshole things have gotten even worse. She is just so fake rude and inconsiderate I can't even handle it anymore. I just got a really good job but have become so depressed by living with her that I plan on leaving it to move back 2 hours to live with my parents again. She charges me rent and I buy all my own things. She never wanted kids yet she just had her second one. She is awful to her daughter calls her asshole and jerk it upsets me so much but when i speak up i get shit on. I have done so much for her and have never received any respect or a thank you from her.

Taylor, Garçon of Evil,

preach it brother i'm in the same boat as you fat ass bitch keeps walking in to my room taking my shit without asking and thinks she owns the joint good sisters are okay bad sisters fuck them

Andy, Barbarian of Time,

Ugh you love her and your 46 WTF that bitch of a person needs more stronger words than Fuck Her like FUCK YOU YOU WORTHLESS SHITTY SCANK CUNT GET A LIFE YOU SLUTTY BITCH INSTEAD OF RUINING OTHERS WITH YOUR PRESENCE SLUT HORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is more like it

Max, Chronographer of the Rich,

ARGH!!!! I know how u feel. My older sister is just so mean to me. Although when I was younger like 5,6 around that we had fun. But now she is just SO MEAN TO ME!!!! AND ANNOYING TOO. My sister also touches and looks at my things without permission, yet she doesn't allow me to do that. AND THE THING I REALLY HATE! SITTING ON MY BED!!!! SHE DOSENT ALLOW ME TO SIT ON HER BED. YET WHEN I JUST TOUCH OR SO MUCH BRUSH IT SHE WOULD GLARE AT ME. She is 13. I'm 10.

Stevie, Necromancer of Wild Parties,

I am 16 and my little sister is 13. She is the most immature, unintelligent, piece of shit person I have known my entire life. We have been forced to share most things in our life, so arguments would happen a lot. She has no negotiation or compromise skills. Unless every exact thing goes her way, she throws a tantrum or refuses to let anyone else have their way. For example: whenever I'm playing xbox and she wants a turn on her Wii, If I don't give it to her or say I need some time she will just turn the Xbox off and not listen to any negotiation attempts. Another example: My parents said I had to wait until I was 13 to ride in the front seat. As soon as I finally got to, she whined about it and said it wasn't fair, then cried until my parents had enough and said we had to share it. Now adays she always goes to the front seat and refuses to leave or share fairly even when my parents tell her to get out. My parents won't even do anything about it! If I did that at her age I would've probobaly gotten my ass beat. Little bros and sisters get away with a lot more than they should. Anyway, another example is when I was 15 I saved up money to go to an amusement park with my friends. She was really annoyed that I got to go and she didn't so she peskered my dad about it forever saying it was unfair. So my dad took her for free. On the same day. A trip that I spent 100 dollars on was given to my sister for free because she cried until she got her way. This also happenns whenever I go to movies with my friends she always complains and tells my dad that she loves that movie and really wants to go and my dad usually pays for her tickets. I can tell my parents have learned that she will throw a temper tantrum until she gets what she wants so they just avoid dealing with her. Even though I have a higher IQ and do better in schools and tests, in addition to being athletic and working out while quietly playing chess and video games and being a docile carefree person, she still talks down to me. She says things like I have no friends even though I have many good friends and calls me fat and lazy. She hates me probobaly because I am her opposite. Her attention seeking, wild personality contradicts with my quiet, logical and calm personality. For all the people who have to deal with siblings like this you're not alone. Just know that they will have trouble succeeding in the real world!

Stevie, Alchemist of the Wicked,

Same with me, I'm 13 and she's 15 recently she asked for a laptop to "do school work on" when I know all she will do is watch Netflix and it's a very costly laptop. I also asked for one because I need it for school, our desctop doesn't work and I have up to 10 book reports in a year as I am in APEX I was turned down a 300$ PC which I offered to work for yet she just had to try out for cheer. She is also very ungrateful as she wants constantly. I 80% of the time have money to buy what I want but she never works for her money and gets everything handed to her. She is also always in a bad mood and I try to be nice to her but she is never nice to me. I just feel like it's unfair that she gets rewarded for being rude, disrespectful, and being oblivious to the value of what she recieves. She always talks down to me and calls me stupid and retarted when she just about fails almost every class where I have only gotten a C on my report card 2 times,

Stevie, Clerk of the Wicked,

Do we all have that one little fucker as a sister?y sister is so fucking spoiled and does what ever the fuck she want around the house. I'm going to school one morning and I want to take a shower, when I get to the bathroom I realize I forgot my towel. I think to my self how did that happen if it hangs right in my face. Well it happened because my fuckimg sister took my towel from my room because she had already used her towel and everyone else's towels and made them stink for not hanging them up. But I hate the way she tells me she took my towel cause I go in her room yelling and with attitude and I ask her if she took my towel and she says "yup" with a fuckin smile on her face. When I ask her where it is she points to her dresser like if it's normal to put a wet towel in the drewer instead of hanging it when I pull it out it stinks and the worst part is that I didn't have another towel to replace it with. Then when I go to my moms room I tell her what happened and all she says is "dry your self with a part I the towel that doesn't stink and that's good enough". Like wtf man every time she does something wrong no one here does anything to discipline her. 😡😡😡 oh and then the other day I'm in the bathroom and she decides that she wants to use the bathroom so she goes and unlocks the bathroom door without knocking and and tells me to get up cause she needs to pee. I said no don't you see I'm using the bathroom get the fuck out. Instead of leaving and using the other bathroom she sits on the bathtub and pees in there and then when she wipes she throws the paper on the floor and walks out. So I don't only have a bitch asy sister but she is ducking nasty too.

Charlie, Supervisor of Arts and Crafts,

I have bitchy sisters, they argue then call me crying to take their side. And one that went a year without talking to another over an invite to a shared friend to sleep over. Its funny , because i am the youngest of 4 sisters. I just sit back and watch the show unfold. But your sister just needs to learn respect. Your mom doesn't teach her any so she has no respect for her. take it upon your self to show her what respect is and how to wash the towels. then she might start to show you the respect you want to see. it may not happen over night but her behavior is just asking for discipline. I feel bad for people who have parents that don't do the right things. or just let younger kids run wild and do what they want. but I also feel bad for the younger kids who are often starving for guidance. p.s. i am in my 50tys now and my closest sister still acts like I don't know anything. I like to keep it a secret.

Josh, Alchemist of Generosity,

My sister use to be a bitch but then she started smoking pot so now we're pretty chill.

Andy, Wizard of Light,

I have had a membership in this club for 55 yrs. I am 57, my sister is 55. My Sister is a Bitch Club. It's free, in a way. The real cost, though, is a lifetime of putting up with her. She says, now, that it is hormones or lack of hormones. What about pre-puberty? Recently, our mother died. So sis was all sweetness and light for a while...until the estate was settled and she had her money,

Maybe this means it is the perfect time for us to part ways. No more mom around to referee or patch the torn places. No need to "play nice" because we no longer really need to agree on anything. During the temporary truce, I believed that all the stress of mom-care had been the problem. Yes, I tend to wear blinders. But I do remember telling my BFF that Sis was probably only being nice until distribution of the estate was complete.

She asks for favors, and I usually comply. I love to please people (Big Mistake with her.) But I don't even get a thank-you. She knows I am a push-over. Like one of those old weighted blow-up clowns that you punch and it pops right back up.

Yes, it's time to walk away. If I had been married to her, I would have filed for divorce a long time ago. Hell, we're not even living together and I let her run over me! Enough.

Dakota, Elementalist of Generosity,

i no what u mean my older sister just takes stuff and yells like she owns the place

Addison, Superintendent of the IT department,

UGH right! my sister thinks shes the queen bee -.- she gets EVERYTHING the way she wants and if I work hard for something and get a little treat, she will call me spoilt and bratty.I am rly working on holding a long handstand and whenever I start practising she will walk in the room and annoy me so much I have to just leave and if I don't she will tell on me for nothing and I have to leave anyway. she also is mean about my friends to my face and once called my bff stupid in front of her, I got worked up very easily as well and just now she kicked me (physically) out the room and started watching tv. she has turned it up to top volume and it is doing my head in.

anonymous coward,

I am of the opinion that dysfunction continues because it's a feedback loop people become familiar with and don't want to break because it would mean OWNING THE REPURCUSSIONS OF THEIR ABUSIVE WORDS AND ACTIONS.

Some people are just fine with treating their own relatives like crap and the sooner you accept this truth the happier you will be and the easier it will be to LET GO. Just let them go. Do NOT play into the games, don't fall for the bait, don't agree with every manipulative tactic abusive people try because every time they're successful with it, they will learn it's ok to do again and again. You have to teach some people how to treat you and if they are resistant to learning remember: there are MILLIONS of other people on the planet who are alone, scared, disconnected and need friends too. Build your own family. You do not have to be genetically related to be happy; you do NOT need family approval to be happy. This is ESPECIALLY true once you are a legal adult. If you're a kid caught in an abusive, dysfunctional household: HANG IN THERE and PLAN a future FOR YOURSELF. Be very, very selfish in this regard because what you do today will get you to where you are going, for good or bad. If you want to act out and circle the drain with people who are content to circle the drain, that's your decision at the end of the day and you have to want better for yourself than that. You have as much right to be happy and have a good, enriching life for yourself as anyone else does!

I am the product of one of the most abusive households and I'm saying this as a person who has listened for many years to other victims of abuse, and as sick and sad as some of their stories are, they honestly don't come close to the YEARS of abuse I was subjected to pre-adulthood and post. It can be a long and difficult process to become trusting of yourself, your own instincts, your own dreams and such when you couldn't even trust your own parents and relatives. When your mother and father wake you up in the middle of the night over and over and over for years and years to beat you or be sadistic emotionally and physically, the only way to survive it without becoming as insane as them is to ACCEPT that they are not your responsibility and they are seperate individuals from you. You didn't make them, THEY made YOU. I had NO CHOICE in the matter of my birth, and no one does. Two people, abusive or not, get together and decide to pull you into existence. It never ceases to amaze me how cruel and thoughtless this action can be, and how ill prepared so many people are to reproduce and care for another feeling, innocent, and vunerable being. I was created and told repeatedly throughout my life I was 'a mistake'. My birth was hard on my mother and her body and because she was a model, she held the C-section of my incoming to the world against me. I have never met a more cruel, calculating, manipulative narcissist than my own mother. My bio-father was a sexual abuser and my mother pretended for years that she had no idea about it, but I believe people like this are unconsciously attracted to each other. Children to them are ornaments, play things, and 'what you do'. IOW, it is their own egos as a couple that they produce children. On the surface, it seemed like we were a 'nice, successful, stable' family. My mothers motto was,"no matter what goes on in our house, when we go into the world you WILL mind your manners and keep your mouths shut." Fear and mistrust, insinuation and sarcasm were daily methods of communication. Me and my sibs carried the IMMENSE weight of covering up for and being secretive about our parents filthy, self-serving lifestyle. Pitting her children against each other, my mother ensured a level of protection FOR HERSELF. Making one child the watch dog of her reputation as a kind, cough, caring, cough, sophisticated woman. Making another the spawn of Satan and a scapegoat. Making another so insulated in her own feelings she got pregnant just to go off on a new life somehow ( didn't work, mommy reeled her back in and made her co-dependent and it still is the case so now my sister has become as secretive, insensitve, and narcissistic as our mother with NO SIGNS of that changing anymore), and finally making me the landfill for all of their neurotic, dark secrets and additional abuse. I was CONSTANTLY preyed upon not only by my parents, but my siblings as well and this was all considered 'normal'. If you have a nice house, new cars, boats, luxurious lifestyles....hey, how bad could it be, right?

It can be VERY, VERY bad. People look at the surface and fail to see beyond it. Sick abuse is NOT something that only goes on in 'bad neighborhoods with poor people'. Bullshit. That's a LIE. I know, because I lived it.

I was raised to be a silent target for all their rage, perversions, irritations and terrified into silence. This made me a perfect adult for being so good at keeping secrets I almost made a career of it. Fortunately, I left that behind. But to this day even talking a little bit about it with people, about the troublesome aspects of my life, makes my heart race. And I DESPISE my mother for instilling that in me, and in my siblings.

My sister learned to be 'ok' with being a bitch and I mean 'bitch' with a capitol damned 'B'. While I left and went off on my own life just to escape their madness, she resented me for it. Being my older sister, she was intimidated that I got married first. How stupid. She borrowed over ten thousand dollars from me so I could help her and her kids, all from different fathers, have a safe, reliable car. When I confronted her months later for abusing her first born, who to this day will not speak with her at all ( which I support and understand), she repaid her debt by vindictively abandoning the car, defaulting on the loan, and leaving me holding the bag. She has NEVER owned this action NOR apologized for it and SHE NEVER WILL. The tables turned later and I needed help and that cunt had the unmitigated gall to try to make me feel inferior for borrowing $70 from her. I paid her back and refuse to speak to her now. She and my mother are so bonded in their delusions and collusion in trying to 'polish up' each others history, so my sister can give her kids a FALSE BIOGRAPHY of her own life, that they purposely 'shut me out' because I refuse to engage with them in their web of lies and FAKE personas. My family HATES 'truth' and because I refuse to be silent for them anymore, they hate me. So be it.

I am struggling alone now. But I will make it back to where I want to be. It's just very, very difficult to do this alone. HOWEVER, I would rather eat dust and live under a bridge than EVER become a liar with them just to have them as 'family'. Even that word turns my stomach now. I do not have the happy feels normal people from non-abusive environments take for granted. I struggle to believe in people, to trust them at all. I struggle with my anger and hurt and am SO TIRED of carrying all of this on my back just so THEY can feel better for having treated me like refuse. I was thrown out of my house at the age of 15 by a step-father who started his marriage out with my mother by pretending to be dead! Just to see how she would react. She was, of course, heart broken and worried. He apologized for his lies upon lies and the bitch married him anyway. Theirs was one of the worst examples of a marriage I could imagine. He enabled her into alcoholism and I became, since I was the youngest and had no choice and no rights, her 'drinking buddy'. She drove drunk with me in the car; when she was drunk she would keep me up into all hours of the night and then get angry because the teacher said I was falling asleep in class. How could I embarass HER like that? And if you're reading this, I am only scratching THE SURFACE of what my life was like with my 'family'. Were I to detail all of the emotional and physical abuse I endured for two decades of my early life, it would take six volumes of 500 page books, it's THAT bad.

So, know you are not alone when it comes to having a sister who is a 'bitch' and if you're in your teenage years....start preparing NOW. You don't have to tell them your dreams and ambitions, just work towards them without relying on them to approve of it. If they're abusive, they NEVER WILL. In fact, they WILL, consciously or not, UNDERMINE YOUR SUCCESS because it scares the shit out of them. The abuser imagines the eventual independence of their victim and worries, trust me, night and day as you get into adulthood what you might say and to whom about what they've done. They've got cover story after cover story in preparation for it, especially now with the Internet. Think about how many worried abusers there are wondering if you'll open up and reveal them. They won't come into the light of the truth because they KNOW no one sane would approve of what they have done to you. If you're suffering abuse, reach out as soon as you can, especially if you're a kid. If you run away, find a shelter and keep your wits about you. Don't be afraid to ask for help, no matter how 'weak' your family thinks you are. They won't ask for help because, again, they do not wish to be exposed for the liars and hypocrites they are. Live beyond them and when you can, leave them behind but do so in a way it does not mess up YOUR future! Do NOT get in a situation you go to jail!! It sounds corny, but try to do as well in school as you can. Let education be your safety zone because it WILL lead you out and beyond their grasp. I do not believe in staying loyal to abusive people. Abusive people don't make mistakes or forget or are unkind once in a while. They abuse ALL THE TIME. So learn to know the difference between a sincere, honest person and one who is looking for a target to unleash on.

If your sister is a bitch who could care less if you live or die, accept that it hurts and work through your feelings but do NOT expect her to 'come around'. Don't put yourself on 'hold' hoping and waiting for them to like or love you. If things change, fantastic. If they don't, at least you will have gotten yourself to a place you don't have to feel like you must hang on to a burning bridge 'just in case'. Some bridges SHOULD be burned and never, ever rebuilt. If you try, you will only get them to a mere shadow of what your heart wants them to be and you will resent YOURSELF for wasting your time in Life trying. Just because you share genetic material with someone, it does not, by default, mean they will be good people towards you. This is just a sad fact of Life. The upside is...there are LOTS and LOTS of really decent people who can help you along the way, who you can be friends with and help them too, who you can have exciting, happy times with and finally learn what it's like to be loved without the price of being abused attached to it.

If your sister's a bitch, tell her you understand she does not value a relationship with you, sincerely wish her luck, and walk away. Do not speak to nor engage with her again if she is unwilling to appreciate that you have FEELINGS too and if she refuses to own and apologize for her abuse of you: Don't look back until and unless she does AND tell her WHY you are walking away so there is NO WIGGLE ROOM later with denials and pretense of 'not knowing' how you felt or feel.

It's OK to expect to be treated well. You are a valuable, precious, individual life force and you have to be brave enough to believe in yourself and understand that despite your circumstances, it is OK to BE HAPPY. Find Joy. Find Love. Build trust as you can. Who you want to be and where you want to go in this World MATTERS but first it has to matter to YOU. Don't wait for family to 'get that'. because you might find yourself waiting a realllllllyyyyyyy long time. Not worth it, imo.

Aubrey, Attendant of the Poor,

she is a fucking bitch she is 7 years old i was in the fucking computer minding my own bisness when she fucking pulled my hair and called me a stupid idiot and i was so mad like never before

Dakota, Hero of Good,

Hate to tell you but you put yourself in this place years ago when you decided you would be the go between. Come on... secretly didn't you like being the go between at one point? At one point in your life you do or why else would you start/continue that pattern. You had all the power there and could twist words and have love of the family. See it from her eyes for a change. Look in the mirror you are part of it too. No wonder she feels out of the loop.