Man + Man + Woman = ???

He is smart, funny, good-looking and such a NICE guy.  We’re both married, so it won’t happen, but it sure doesn’t stop me from thinking about kissing him, exploring his body freely… I want to just GRAB him, kiss him, suck him, and fuck him!  
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Max, Butcher of Evil,

My boss is a married woman. She's also a conservative Muslim and I'm a white atheist male of the same age. Think the movie 'The Proposal'. This woman is horrible and I can't stand talking to her. I Dodge every conversation I can because I feel a fight will ensure but I can't stop fantasizing about arguing with her and then picking her up, wrapping her legs around my waist and going to town with her while pinning her back up against the wall. Of course in this fantasy she is fully receptive too. I absolutely can't stand her but I badly want her over my desk.

Dana, Pirate of the Lonely,

I have worked with my boss for years, and I have always been constantly wet around him, even when I just think of him. Yet I have had the most incredibly professionally progressive association with him and achieved a lot of tough goals. I was a virgin for a long time, so I thought it was a physical/ partially medical issue. I got married a year back and now I realise this only happens to me all the time around my boss, who is nearly 15 yrs older, and not even around my husband, nor any other man.

Dana, Pirate of the Lonely,

I never acted on it and never will, as I will not compromise on my professionalism. But I carry extra panties to work. My husband found out one day and I told him this happens to me around my boss from day one, but I never did nor will do anything, which he of course knows. He spanked me that night and I liked it.( Also my being a virgin was not a religious thing, I was just scared of sex.) My boss is extremely sharp, charismatic and fond of me as I am his star performer, but I don't think he knows how I feel so constantly aroused around only him for so many years. I have watched out to see if it happens to me with any other man before or after I got married, but no it doesn't. My husband says he feels jealous, but I tell him I have never had sex with anyone other than him and never will.

Brett, Warrior of Arts and Crafts,


Andy, Consultant of Imagination,

I felt really guilty so I blurted it out, worst mistake, wish I had never opened my mouth. I thought confessing will sort of put a stop to it automatically, but it didn't.

Dana, Pirate of the Lonely,

[deleted by user]

Bowie, Observer of Musclebeasts,

I've never had a boss I'd like to fuck. Had one that was obsessed with me, he was older but guffy , in a virgin way. Sent me dick pics all the time. Should've sued for sexual harrasment lol.

Harper, Keeper of Musclebeasts,

Okay. I'm 22 and an intern for one year at this small software company. He must be late 30s but I'm bad at telling. He's married, so that automatically precludes any advancement in this fantasy, because I don't want to do that to his family. BUT HOLY SHIT. He sits close to me and I can hear him clearing his throat all the time (it's like some tic he has) and I just find myself thinking about him the entire goddamn work day. I see his shoes under the table and I want to crawl under there and give him one. He's got bright blue eyes, brown hair, and his posture, voice, and build all scream uptight nerd, but I love that, that's my type. I get so nervous I can't work when he's in view. I have been fantasizing about him. One night I couldn't sleep so I kept trying to put myself to sleep by masturbating. I was up basically all night masturbating and thinking about him. Then I came to work and saw him, and it felt so good. :_____(

What I want to know is: do you think he's at least thought of me that way? He is not the type of person to be outwardly sexual at all, but he's not shy, he just keeps personal things to himself. I am the only one in my 20s at this place, and I think I'm one of the first interns this office has hired, so my youth must be kind of new to him. None of the women here are attractive, and they're pretty boring. Dress code is very casual, so I wear anything I want, including dresses with pantihose, skirts, tank tops, tight shirts, that sort of thing, pretty often. I also take my shoes off and sit with my legs on my chair, often cross-legged like a yoga pose. Even when I'm wearing a skirt. I twinkle my eye when he looks at me, and at least on my end, I feel like we have interesting eye-meetings when we look at each other. I really would be very happy if you guys could just tell me: do you think he at least thinks about me that way? I think he's happily married, but still...?

Bobbie, Keeper of the Satisfied,

I think chemistry is a two way street. He probably is into your tooand has the same feelings. At least I like to think that. I have a thing for my boss and I notice he's mean to my coworkers but always nice to me. Today he told me and mt coworker to shut up and I got offended so I left the office. When I came back he said she was annoying him not me so don't be offended. He changed my schedule so now we both have the same 2 days off. It just goes to ways usually in my opinion. Of cours were older. We're both young so maybe we have immature opinione

Frankie, Referee of Space,

how can I fuck my boss?

Max, Merchant of the Irredeemably Moist,

Haha Nice, I fuck my boss every day 😎 Strangely enough I'm her favorite employee lol

Blaine, Venture Capitalist of the Hungry,

I been working at this place about three months now I tried to tell myself he was gay to Mame myself unattracted to him. But he's not. And when ever he gets within three feet of me I get so wet. I try to calm myself down. But I can't help it. I just want fuck him so bad.

Peyton, Knight of Generosity,

Just started a new job about a month ago. First week was training on first shift, afterwards I began my real shift on second. I met my supervisor and was immediately reminded of my husband. They are like dopplegangers. I have been fantasizing about fucking him for weeks now. I see him and I just want to say all these dirty things to him.

Frankie, Priest of Light,

Filing myself in this spot too. He just has a girlfriend but some of her behaviors he says he'd honestly ditch her if someone better came along. I honestly wouldn't even want a relationship outside physical. He's much older but so youthful down to his soul. He's funny, listens, loves dogs, has some compassion for others but isn't overly mushy. He's sexy as hell with his lovely light blue eyes sprinkled with gray a nearly full blown 6 pack that... gaawwd makes me cream, handsome smile! Can you believe he thinks he's too skinny & wants to gain weight lol I tried not to dream or have fantasies, but with the looming end of my marriage that should've never been, I don't think it's fair to punish myself or feel guilty for wanting to blow him when I've been treated like shit for the 4 years I've been with my supposed soul mate.

Candy, Observer of the IT department,

There is this project coordinator at my work. She is in her early 30's. I am late 40's. I do work on a couple of her projects.

Honestly, she has a bit of a muffin top. Her breasts are probably barely into a C-cup. She has a very dominate chin, for a woman, that doesn't make for the best side profile. And she has a higher pitch voice, that kinda makes her laugh get a little obnoxious at times.

BUT...she has beautiful long red hair. She has a smile that just melts me, because of how her eyes seem to sparkle when she smiles. I actually love to hear her voice as we talk, and I love to joke around with her and make her laugh, so I can see that smile at the end.

I always look.forward to casual Friday, because she always wear snug fitting jeans, with the embellishments on the pockets. Her ass looks amazing in jeans! Not quite as sexy to me when she wears slacks.

I take any opportunity to talk to her about project stuff, because I just love to keep that eye contact with her as we talk. I am just mesmerized by her personality. And she has this thing when we finish and she turns to walk away. She keeps eye contact until she is halfway turned, amd almost having to look over her shoulder, then she smiles and drops her eyes down as she finally turns away.

And immediately my eyes drop to her ass. She does this slow walk for the first few steps...a deliberate "one hip at a time" thing, where her ass shifts side to side as she kinda steps down firmly, but slowly. And then after about 3 steps like that, she usually gives a quick head turn and glances back over her shoulder. And then she walks away in her typical fast pace walk.

Her name is also the name of a beverage, and I would love to have a taste of that!

Bobbie, Barbarian of Wild Parties,

So many of you have been easy to relate to. I have the biggest infatuation with one of my managers. A lot of you have older managers. Mine is the same age as me, 25. I am actually 6 months older, but you'd never be able to tell since I look 16 and he looks about 28-30. He's married and I hate it. Like a lot of others, he's not even what I'd typically go for. I don't know what it is. He's just sexy to me. He has really sexy blue eyes and he's tall and such a man. He is a hot head and gets frustrated easily and can be such a jerk, but that turns me on for some reason. I fantasize about him 24/7 and have sex dreams about him. He has no clue how I feel about him and I kind of wish he did. We don't really get along well so I don't think he'd date me if he were single, but maybe he'd fuck me if I could convince him to lol. He definitely seems like the dominate type, which I love.

Candy, Observer of the IT department,

Well, it probably wouldn't take much to get him interested. You are in the prime of your life. Take a chance!


Rook, Archaeologist of Justice,

Oh my god I am always so horny when my boss and I are in really close proximity and make eye contact, he's not even that attractive or anything but what I would do to even have a taste of him but there's like a 20 year age gap and I'm underage ugh would he even look at me that way? I know I'm attractive and young but the age gap :/

Hazel, Clown of Space,

OMG SAMEEEEE WTFFF LIKE SAME HEREEEE, my manager is like 30 and I'm underage and idk if looks at me that way either and he's not attractive either but oh man he just turns me on

Aubrey, Warlord of the Wildlands,

Trust me...he's looking at you like that!

Especially since he is older and you are underage. That's about the hottest guy fantasy there is!

Charlie, Pope of Darkness,

I'm 18 and my boss is in his late 30s.. I'm soo madly attracted to him, which I find so damn confusing because he's not my type really much at all. I don't know what it is about him he's just so adorable to me and I find myself thinking about him and what would happen if he made a move on me. Not likely that I would mind. ;)

Ash, Investigator of Darkness,

Hey, I have this craving nowadays. My current boss is not so great at looks but the idea of him between my legs would make me wet. My work would take me to trips with him. And I would surely get close and seductive with him. I would like to have more sex out of the city where he wont be accessible to his family. Do you all have any ideas on making him want me bad?

Aubrey, Warlord of the Wildlands,

Get drunk on one of your trips and take off all your clothes in front of him.

Andy, Templar of the Satisfied,

A few years ago I was having trouble with my husband. He seemed to have lost interest in sex and me. I was depressed and no longer sexy. I had been working out and I know I looked great but still. One day after work, I had stayed late to finish a report, I went into my boss's office and bent over his desk to show him something. He is a very attractive man and I had been thinking of him but I was surprised when I felt his hand on the small of my back. He was talking about the report and I was thinking "just pull my skirt up and fuck me" and getting really turned on I pushed closer to him. My legs where shaking. He stood up and got behind me. I put all my weight on my forearms and relaxed. He pulled my skirt up and fondled me. I forgot that I had stopped the pill because my husband wasn't making love to me. All I could think of was giving in to the boss. He pulled my panties down around my knees and I heard his belt unbuckle. I was so ready for this. He started to put it in and it was big. I had not had one so big since before I was married. My husband is not all that well endowed. It slowly went in but it still hurt a little. He began to pump at me. I usually take a long time to orgasm but the situation was so hot I came right away. He kept at it and then I started to think, if he cums in me I know I might get pregnant. I whispered to him please don't cum in me. I know he heard but he kept going. I didn't want to stop. In a way I so wanted him to fill me but what if? He was really going at it, so hard the desk was creaking. Then with one last push he let loose and then just pulled out. I could feel his semen dripping out of me as I pulled my panties up. All he said was it was time for me to log out and go home. I didn't even look at him, I just went to my desk got my purse and walked out. It was a long drive home, still wet from him and feeling really guilty. My husband was just getting home and I had to stand there and talk to him still dirty from my boss. I thru my panties in the hamper and showered. The next morning was my day off. I woke up after my husband and went into the kitchen. There on the table was the pair of my dirty panties. He wasn't saying anything, just drinking coffee and reading the paper. I asked if there was something he wanted to say. He stood up and said there was something he did want. He stood up and pulled his dick out and told me to get on my knees and suck it. I started to walk away but he grabbed me, pushed me over the sink and forced himself inside of me. He used me even though I was begging and crying. When he was done he pulled out and told me if I wanted to act like a slut I would be treated like one. If I didn't like it I could leave. This was a year ago and both my boss and my husband continue to use me whenever they want. Why do I put up with it? Why do I like it?

Brett, Shaman of the Rich,

So I actually did end up fucking my boss. We're 20 years apart and even though he's not much of a looker, him and I had the same personality. Now when I met him we both had partners in our life. My boyfriend and I broke up, him and his girlfriend broke up. Even when he had a girlfriend sext me for hours, kissed, and he would use his hands, after the breakup we had sex and it was mindblowing. We recently broke off our agreement but it was fun. You have to be able to compartmentalize work and personal. My advice is to do it but reliaze what you're doing. My boss and I work in separate offices so it's not so bad but your situation is a little different.

Bobbie, Chef of Light,

Same here! He is 15 years older than me and we are both married. I want him so bad. He's just so dominating. He will get fired up about something an employee did or said and will vent to me. I love seeing him angry. It gets me so wet. I fantasize about him cornering me in the supply closet and slamming me against the wall kissing me uncontrollably while he hikes up my skirt. He has these piercing blue eyes... When he looks into my eyes I just can't handle it. i want to climb onto his desk and pull him towards me by his tie. If he tried anything I seriously would not be able to control myself. I think about me sucking his hard cock under his desk where I can't be seen and an employee coming in to talk to him. I would just keep sucking him hard while he tries to keep his cool until they leave then cumming hard into my mouth. Of course then he would need to spank me for being such a bad girl.

Bowie, Observer of Musclebeasts,

Lmaooo so did you ever ? Maybe suck your husband's cock like that and you won't fantasies about your boss. I get it , I get it. But you are MARRIED. Respect your vows or get a divorce.

Frankie, Sheriff of Good,

I'm the boss

So we had this new girl in reception who worked how to use the phone PA system. Strange given we are a tech company but for some reason no one ever bothered to see what the phones could do. I'm walking around abd here this etherial voice- a very pretty English voice- telling me to 'come to reception - immediately'. I did... And there was my temp who I didn't even know- with a little bob haircut and glasss. Fuck. 20years old but I was 30 the so don't call the cops.

Anyway this went on for a week- 'xxxxx - come to reception ..... Imdeiately' Sexy little British accent- nice a pie. Faaark...

I think everyone was getting a little frustrated - engineers are far more creative than most people realise

At the end of the week we were all at the pub and I'd had enough. I went on the front foot. Now delivery is KEY here. I'm actually a shy person, but I realised most other people who I want to know are, or have been, quite shy. Also, I realised that most people are a bit bored - and if you can keep a cheeky grin, you can get away with murder.

Frankie, Sheriff of Good,

Just checking I could submit. Ok back to story

So we are all at the pub, all rather drunk. And I raised this with her. Remember - timing, smile, cheeky- and the boss- but not creepy or intimidating - just a bit of wacky fun- because by my early 30's I realised that women are just as kinkey as men - if not more. Very seriously I pointed out to her that after a week of her making demands of me to appear immediately at reception, that the thought has crossed my mind to cum all over her glassss the next time I appeared.

She was of course quite take a back.

But only for about 5 seconds. She then retorted that she had been sitting in reception wondering what it would be like to give me blowjob in my office.

And that was that. Best temp I ever had.

Point is most reasonable people won't react badly with an approach- if done in the rignt way. Men are scared as fuck about being sued- so I think the girls have to put it out there.

Life is short- you live once. Treat people with love and respect- and be honest with yourself. Take a risk- you'll be amazed and how small the downside is, and the opportunities which open up.

Frankie, Sheriff of Good,

Oh and by the way I'm a fair bit older and wiser now- and have an absolutely beautiful girl in every sense working for me. We were very drunk on an OS trip and she decided to run a bath in my room and jump in fully clothed - but white t-shirt etc.

I simply lit a cigarette and say next to her I the toilet seat- talking. She was being a little silly, but no big deal. I'm not really sure what she had in mind- but the next day we had a laugh and a hug. Never been a problem since.

At the end of the day we are men and women. I think it's wonderful to work with people who I find physically attractive as well as intellectually and emotionally. Being the boss is tough - you really should not screw the crew. But... If someone is happy to play the game... Well why not?

Blaine, Shepherd of the craft table,

I'm recently divorced but I've had the hots for one of my managers for awhile, we were out Of town for work and got drunk and fucked. Now it's all i can think about and I want more. Seriously if I hear his voice across the office it makes me wet! So be careful what you wish for because sometimes you get exactly what you want.

Peyton, Secretary of Time,

I want to fuck my boss too. He is such a man, and handles everything perfectly. He flirts with me. I contantly think about him. It's horrible. I'm 18 and he is 60. But I have seriously never been so attracted to a man in my life. Not just looks but as a human being. He considers me his "intern" but it's only my freshmen year in college. All I know is I want to work for him for a very long time. It makes work fun to have someone to flirt with. Especially your boss. Heart eyes for days.

Josh, Counselor of Arts and Crafts,


Aubrey, Tour Guide of Darkness,


Dana, Alchemist of Darkness,

My boss is so fucking hot!! I think the fact that he is my boss makes it a lot hotter to fantisize about.. Sometimes I can't even hear what he's saying because I'm thinking about what it would feel like to run my hands through his hair and touch all over his body and for him to fuck me on his desk amd just dominate me. When he stands really close to me I get wet... I can't atop thinking about how much I want him!!

Stevie, Soldier of the Satisfied,

Just spotted the post. I think I am your boss and felt the same. You left shortly after to go back to studying. Email me with I love running and can we can take it from there. Neither wants not to be married, just physical need.

Frankie, Historian of Generosity,

women are hard wired for promiscuity. men have been trying to control you for thousands of years!. your feelings are right. it's society that's wrong!. B.f.

Harper, Tour Guide of Evil,

I am an assistant manager at a restaurant...I want to Fuck the new executive chef so bad!!! We've been flirting and talking about sex in the office when we are alone...I wore a low cut top the other day and he couldn't take his eyes off my tits!! He was squirming all day long--I walked out of the kitchen and heard him say to the GM--"...did you see her tits are popping out of her shirt?" The GM asked whose tits and I heard him say my name really loud :) That made me so wet...I came into the kitchen a little later and I asked Chef if he was doing ok...he said I made him nervous..I got such a cheshire grin...then the GM said "yeah he's afraid you're going to turn around and your shirt is going to go flying off into his face." I have been thinking about him nonstop ever since...I want him to take his big man hands and grab all over my tits and pick me up and put me on the prep table to eat my pussy..then I would grab his huge cock (I know he has a giant cock) and suck it so good, taking as much of it as I could before I would choke...have him stick 3 or 4 fingers in me while he licks me on the table then stick his giant cock in me...asking me if I'm a slut while he fucks me...I will tell him what a slut I am and he will flip me over and spank me while he fucks me from behind...I have been masturbating nonstop for the last 3 days and I still can't stop thinking about his huge dick inside me...What am I going to do???

Max, Counselor of the Lonely,

hehe i would NOT give a shit about my husband, if i ever find out my boss wants to fuck me, HE WILL FUCK ME AND I WILL LIKE IT!!!!!

i notice he seems to peep every once in a while at my exposed body parts.hmmm well then tomorrow im wearing my push up bra along with my new mini skirt to show off my legs. this time i'd be sure to get more then a compliment out of him. hopefully he'll ask me out since he thinks im single.=)

Stevie, Templar of the Homeless,

I want to do mine also I've been married 20 yrs and never cheated but husband is impotent and I haven't had it in years im am agood looking woman and when he comes in on the weekends in jesns and a tight t shirt he laughs at me when I flush and run the other way

Aubrey, Manager of Musclebeasts,

I feel the same way about my boss! He is such an alpha male and hella cute! I want to suck him and bite his neck press my full lips against his! I'am married, but to get a divorce then it's on! Sucking another dude off is personal, but when I daydream about his hot alpha azz I get wet! I cannot stand being around him cuz he makes my digits pop out! Lol

Max, Counselor of the Lonely,

hehe i would NOT give a shit about my husband, if i ever find out my boss wants to fuck me, HE WILL FUCK ME AND I WILL LIKE IT!!!!!

i notice he seems to peep every once in a while at my exposed body parts.hmmm well then tomorrow im wearing my push up bra along with my new mini skirt to show off my legs. this time i'd be sure to get more then a compliment out of him. hopefully he'll ask me out since he thinks im single.=)

Rex, Elementalist of the Unimaginable Terror,

I am married. My husband has been away bcc he recently got a job out of town. We are selling our house and moving soon. Waiting on a buyer. Meanwhile, Ito the hots for a dept head in our company. He is married. He is chatty and funny/ a little nutty. My desk is outside his office. I fantasize about him and having wild sex with him All day long. He is 43 and was wearing some reading glasses "because the reports keep getting smaller fonts". So I coworker and I asked him how old he was. The next day, I bought a pair of reading glasses myself ( my son needed to dress up the next day at school) and showed it to him. He said "that's sexy!", I ignored what he Sassanid and went into his office with him. We talked about glasses for a bit, he tried mine on. And showed how the reports fonts were smaller and I said you are too young to be wearing those glasses. He said he was going to be buying anew pair, different. I said "those look good on you". He said nah and I said it again. On my way out, I touched his arm and said "I just didn't want you to think I was making fun of you the other day" and he said "nah, I don't care". I want to fuck his brains out so badly! I guess It might happen since he does think I look sexy... Fingers crossed!

Ash, Shadow of the Poor,

go, girl! lol!

Dana, Merchant of the Forgotten Lands,

This is just sad...and the responses that everyone else have given are equally sad. Not only is it all immoral and unethical, but if you are going to have wild fantasies about someone else then why are you even married? Oh yeah that's right...because your hubby pays the bills. That's so cute! Rolls eyes People like you are the reason other people commit suicide.

Frankie, Farmer of Space,

People commit suicide because the want to commit suicide not because of the actions of other people. It's a lack if coping skills that makes it difficult to face the cruel world and coping skills are learned throughout life. And who says she doesn't pay the bills? I make more than my hubby and we both fantasize about sex acts with the opposite sex. He checks women out and I check men out. To be in denial of our attraction to others is to ignore reality. It's having the Will power not to stray that proves love and trust

Addison, Assassin of Darkness,

"People commit suicide because the want to commit suicide" very uneducated statement first of all, no that's not true, people don't commit suicide without a reason, and it usually IS due to someone else's actions that Ruin their life. Lack of Coping skills are not at fault here and sure as hell not the "thing" that makes it difficult to face the world. interpersonal problems can also be a factor. So don't talk as if you know your physiology.

Now of course you make more then your husband.... while your flirting with your boss and all, hahaha yea, That will get you a raise real quick! You know it's funny, you say we all have our fantasies but women get mad when their guy is eyeing another woman or talks about her (even if it's just a mention of her name) but when women are all flirty with their's somehow OK. and even by the look of some of these other answers ... "Go ahead girl!!" "what hubby don't know won't hurt him" or "give him a blowjob" Unbelievable. This kind of thinking is not healthy. It's like that person that was attracted to toddlers, had admitted he had thoughts of doing such even if he never did it. (now you wouldn't want this guy around you right?) don't know if he's jailed or not. Point is, you people are sick! Go get help!

Seriously, If you have ever even THINK of cheating, then that just shows how messed up your marriage is, you clearly have some commitment issues to be dealt with here.... Don't even get me started on how much your wrong about "will power" And don't tell me you wouldn't get jealous if you found out your husband was fancying another woman/employee at his job, because you will just be lying to yourselves. No matter how much you say you "trust" him.

Living out your sexual fantasies, that's OK, behind your husbands back doing so with another man......well I guess women still think that's it's ok... Lol

Now myself? almost 25 years of marriage, never once though about being disloyal....and if I have, then we'd be divorced by now. I mean really, you know your relationship is fucked up when u rather have sex with your boss then your spouse.

And to the other people, do your husbands know u wear short skirts to work without panties so your boss can "fuck you from behind"?. Hahaha

Adrian, Garçon of the IT department,

I have to say, I'm a new poster on this thread, and your case is very curious to me. 25 whole years with no sexual thoughts! This is a case for anthropological research, no less.

Do you live in a small town? Do you come from a religious background? Do you generally lead an introverted life style, surrounded by pretty much the same people? Do you work? If so, do you do that outside the house? Did the two of you marry young? How much sexual experience did you have before you married?

I have so many questions for you! I don't mean it as an insult, just that you spiked my curiosity, you really did.

But surely you know, that if you really did not have any dirty thoughts for 25 years, it could just mean you don't have as much sexuality inbuilt in you as other people. Do you have sexual thoughts at all ever, about your husband? Do you enjoy sexual thoughts about him at least?

The reason I'm asking is, the very essence of sexual instincts is polygamous. If you are an adult with a fully developed sexual instinct, you WILL have sexual thoughts about an array of people, even if you don't want to. A person does not willingly choose to have sexual desires. I didn't know what sexual impulses were till in my 20's.. it landed on me quite at random really. I suddenly started checking out every man that came my way, feeling attracted to the ones with broad shoulders and tall complexion and strong looking arms...

I didn't act upon my impulses, for my own personal reasons, but I can definitely understand the intensity of craving, madly craving a particular guy. For girls here, it's their boss. Even if I don't share the fetish, I can definitely relate to the desire.

Have you ever experienced burning lust? For your husband maybe?

Have you ever wanted to feel the weight of his shoulders pressuring you, while you're grabbing his cock, feeling his getting hard for you, and knowing that alone gets you wet, and your mouth is burning to suck him off, while maintaining eye contact, cause you wanna see his face while you're pleasuring him?

See, thoughts like those are not something a person chooses to have. People who have full-scale lust in them can only do one of 3 things:

  • ignore their desires and suppress them,

  • they can dwell on the fantasy

  • or they can choose to act out their fantasies.

Which one is the best option is debatable, but your advise to: "just don't have those thoughts, and if you can't help it, you shouldn't be married" is deeming a very large part of humanity to loneliness.

Please, just consider the possibility not everyone is wired like you are. Some people are doomed to have dirty thoughts pop up in their head, - that does not necessarily mean that they are incapable of being a fully functional spouse or a great lover. As far instinctive sexual thoughts go, it's not HAVING them, that defines who you are, but what you do with it, that matters.

Frankie, Servant of Generosity,

So Jill off in front of him, not cheating

Shiki, Author of the Satisfied,

i agree with u my boss at my job it felt like to me he hit on me what ti mean by that is he rubbed my hand a certain way i liked it i allways wished he could shove his dick in me i wishi could tell him i know hes got a big dick

Charlie, Lover of the Wicked,

Oh man... I would love if my boss just pinned me against the wall and started kissing me like crazy and then pick me up so I could wrap my legs around him. Then, I'd love to just fucking go at it and feel his dick so far up in me. Ugh, it's killing me how much I want my boss. He's funny, in control, smart, and just so fuckable. He's also an entrepeuner which makes me go fucking nuts - man what I wouldn't give for a bottle of red wine, a mattress, some rope (so he could tie me up of course), and me and him.

Ahh, fantasies. Guess I'll go back to my normal life now and bake some fucking cupcakes for my husband....

Max, CTO of Imagination,

LMAO! Thats exactly how i feel

Adrian, Rockstar of Time,
Now that I know, I mean really know!!! Damn women, sit on my face then on my cock!!! I'm officialy adding to your job duties. Very personal sexratery!!!!!!!!!!
Charlie, Keeper of Space,

I know how you feel dear. My boss is a woman, but no matter what, I'll never get a chance. I'm just too old. I do get an occasional tease, cleavage and upskirt views. I believe she messes around with a married male colleague, but she steers clear of the support staff.

Harper, Secretary of Justice,

I have the same problem, except it isn't legal. I'm only 16 and my boss is somewhere in his 20's and I think its so unfair because he is so hot. I don't want to do anything stupid sense this is my first job but he's so damn cute.

Aubrey, Guardian of the Lonely,

how big of a whore can you be? you don't deserve to be married.

Dana, Supervisor of the Lonely,

You are so bloody annoying! I have never EVER cheated on my man who I have been with for a long time. But I fantasize about all sorts, like EVERYONE does! Why are you on this site if you dont have the hots for your boss? Fantasising and entering forums to try and fight it is not being a slut.

Oh and by the way ladies, I think we may be turned on by the whole sub dom thing, hes our boss, hes the man, he tells us what to do. And we love someone having more power and control than us, otherwise they are beneath us.. sad but true.

I think the last lady was right tho, it wont go anywhere good, he will either lose respoect for you and your job could be in jeopardy.. or.. you will fall in love with him and ultimately have to leave your job because you cant handle it anymore. I doubt he will ever leave his wife for his employee.

Think about it from a 3rd persons perspective.. how would you see it if it were your friend?

Even after Ive just said all of this, I still want to put my boss' head between my legs! :p

Max, Counselor of the Lonely,

"have never EVER cheated on my man who I have been with for a long time"

so in other words..... you HAVE cheated on A man that you have been with for a short time?


its ok, as a woman i feel we should atleast be allowed to just give a simple blowjob to another man other than your husband, i mean come on! lol all i know is, i dont care if im married, if my boss puts the moves on me, i wont stop him thats for sure. :))))

Bobbie, Herald of the craft table,

Lol!!!! I love the way u think:) we can all have our fantasies:) it's what we do with them that makes us who we are.... God knows I would LOVE to fuck my boss..... Ride him like a carnival ride till he can't take it anymore n I'm doing CPR on him:) but I can't..... It doesn't mean I don't imagine him pinning me to his desk, burrying his face in me...... Feeling his hand between my thighs and trying not to scream cuz he shares an office. Locking the bathroom door so he can put me on my knees and make me swallow the "medicine" he's offering..... Letting him fuck me from behind with my hair in his hands while he pounds into me. I'm usually in scrubs, but I never wear panties just in case he decides to come up behind me finally and find out I really am. Maybe ill go in on a day off to "chart" wearing a skirt n heels..... Low cut shirt that has "please fuck me" written all over it:) I know he knows I want to fuck him like mad...... But we are both better at blushing than giving into it

Taylor, Student of Justice,
Girl I know the feeling and I want to fuck mine too. He likes showing me his bbm's and emails and because most of the time I'll be sitting down at my desk and he will come around my chair and speaks close to my ear and neck. And that gets so wet, but I have a feeling he wants to fuck me just as bad.
Andy, Counselor of Space,

My boss is so incredibly hot. Smart, strong, funny, in control and gets things done. So of course he is married and far too respectablee to fool around... Which just makes him even sexier. Recently in conversation with me alone he has mentioned some people he knows that are having affairs. He even mentioned one with a ten year age difference, which is what we are. I think he is just being friendly and outgoing, which is why he is the boss. But I still want to fuck him ALL THE TIME

Max, Writer of Generosity,
I feel the same way about my boss he is sooo attractive and funny and we flirt all the time. He hugs me and gave me a peck on the lips today and it is driving me wild! I know he is just playing me but he makes me so wet and I want his hot muscular body so much! We are both single though not married.
Stevie, Architect of the Satisfied,
Im I the only one who thinks you're a fucking slut? and that i would love nothing more than showing this post to your husband so he can leave your ass and find someone better, like the coffee girl next to his job? I feel bad for your husband.
Ash, Administrator of Justice,

No, I completely agree with you. I don't know if you are a woman or a male, I am a male myself, but this is a PRIME EXAMPLE of trying to find true love in a world filled with trash. Now, you know why, next time you get dumped, cheated on, etc. etc. why love can be so "hard", of course, some people are not meant to be, right? No problem in moving on and finding another, after ENDING THE RELATIONSHIP. Welcome to a world full of selfish, disgusting, disrespectful, no morals, shallow, deceitful bastards.

Ari, Tour Guide of the Unimaginable Terror,
I would suggest wear a skirt to work minus the panties. When its just the two of you alone, accidently give him a peek at that taco. Then make eye contact and maybe a little smile to show it wasnt really accidental. He will be rock hard and have you bent over his desk lickity split
Ari, Tour Guide of the Unimaginable Terror,
If you have those feelings, you should go with it. What hubby dont know wont hurt him. You only live once so you should explore your sexuality to the fullest.
Ash, Curator of Good,

You're an ASSHOLE

Ash, Curator of Good,

You're an ASSHOLE

Dakota, Supervisor of the Idealistic,
I did it, and it was wonderful, for about six days.  Then I wanted him to be my master and me his mistress.  But he thought it was just sex and told me if I don't lke the arrangement to find another job. I really thought he was it.  So, here I am a stupid clerk, that will always be overlooked for a dumb 'hollywood' dream.  Girls, ladies, women, do not do it.   He has a whole world build up on him being MR. solid, with wife and kids.   You a just a appetizer in his lifes banquet.     Now if you just want to see him naked and then be shuttled away from any future careeer jobs go for it.
Dana, Handmaid of Justice,

Thanks for the honesty +1

Brett, Engineer of the Homeless,
I want to fuck you too. If not at least lets take it to the limit and fool around as much as we can take! I won't tell.
Brett, Accountant of Space,
I work as an estate agent an my boss really isn't that much of a looker but I really find it a turn on considering putting it on her to see what happens  
Kadnyce, Accountant of Wild Parties,
If you feel that way about him, he's probably picked up on it, and I wouln't be surprised if he felt the same way about you. If being married is going to stop you from fucking him, then do the next best thing. Being carelss with your skirt is innocent enough, and if he's interested at all, you're going to drive him absolutely crazy. Then at least  you'll both be in the same boat. A woman, with her legs and a skirt, can change the world. I'm quite sure you know, pussy is power... if you want it to be. He can only take so much, you know. It wouldn't be your fault if he put his hand on your leg. You can stop him. Maybe not quite as fast as you could. I don't know, what would it feel like, with his hand under your skirt, slowly moving up? You might not like it. You can stop him when he gets close to where he wants to be. Boy, your pussy is gonna be wet when you get home. You might like it... his hand under your skirt, I mean. You already said you want to "kiss him, suck him, and fuck him"... but you can't., because your married... But I really don't see anything wrong with just one little blowjob. You'll probably always wonder though, what it would have felt like if he ate your pussy. Maybe just one time for that, too. You don't have to do anymore than that. That's not gonna hurt anybody. Oh hell, do it. you deserve it. You're gonna stay wet, until you do. That's gotta be distracting... wet and horny, everyday... Just think how it will feel, when his hand gets to where you want it to be.  
Harper, Monk of the Irredeemably Moist,

As a boss myself, I know the feeling when my secretary dresses very seductively. I used to have an office manager who would wear tight mini skirts with low cut shirts. She wold cross her legs in front of me giving me a show. I would get so hard in front of her. But we never did anything. I finally threw it out there, but she said it never works out! Glad I didn't because i ended needing to let her go.

Blaine, Engineer of Darkness,

I am in the same boat.I have always been a good girl.I never crossed the line too much.I follow the rules etc.I am married and so is he.I am 45 and he is 49.My husband is much older 59.I have been with my husband for 25 years.But I am not happy and realizing a lot of things.It never was right or the way it should be.He puts no effort in to me or anybody or anything.I have cried and I have talked and talked.Since I turned 40 it has gotten worse.I feel like I am getting old and running out of time.I am lonely.I spend a lot of time a lone and depressed.I have been threw a lot in my life and with my husband and daughter.I gave up everything.I devoted my life to them.I am more sexual now and more aroused now that I am older.I have never cheated.I haven't even went for a drink,held hands or kissed. Shit my husband doesn't even hold my hand much or kiss me good like I'm a woman.He never goes out with me,not to church,not to the store,not to my family or his,not even Mcdonalds and even that would make me happy.He does not spend time with me.It is like I am single.I spend a lot of time alone.I can not tell him thins.He is very critical and akes me feel beneath him etc.I can never forget anything or make a mistake.There are a lot of issues.I am not happy.But I am scared of change,being alone and taking chances.I have never been ion my on.I met him when I was 20 and he was 34.My boss is so attractive and built.He flirts with me all the time.I am flirting back too.He flirts kind of with other woman too and I don't care but mostly with me.He has been going further and further and more and more but I like it.He beats around the bush and want come right out and say he likes me or is attractive to me.He keeps trying to get me to tell him that.I want.He always trys to say he is joking,that he is not serious.He says he wants to bring me out of my shell,make me happy and smile.He knows about my situation etc.He even moved my location closer to him.Says he wants me close to him,wants to keep an eye on me.My location is actually easier too.He is easy on me.I even have been allowed longer breaks.He does not ask me for anything or say I have to repay him.He has not come out and said he really wants me or asked me out.He just suggest and takes it back.He jokes.I really am attracted to him.I have had a couple of crushes and thought other men attractive but never like this.I am so confused.Am I crazy or just bad.I think about him all the time.We work at a high school.I am a house keeper and he is the head custodian.I don't want to loose our jobs.I feel so nervous around him,stupid nervous. I am like a silly teenage girl.I have no control when it comes to him.I even get aroused when he flirts or even talks to me.I even get wet.I am tripping.If he was serious and actualy came out and told me he liked me and wanted to see me I would be in trouble cause I would. I dont want to wreck him or my marriage.I dont want to hurt anybody.I dont want marry and have his baby.I guess I want it all.I want a special friend,fun and excitement.I want that newness,passion and first time again.I want to feel young,pretty,and wanted.I want something different.I dont want him to leave his wife.But I dont want a one night stand but I would even accept that and that would probably be better.I think I could handle it.I have to work and love my job and coworkers.I am old school though and shy.I want come out either and tell him.I am also scared of rejection,change and chances.I am tired of being scared and lonely and sad.I also like him as a person and care for him and his well being and welfare.I think he does me too cause it's not all flirting.He talks to me,gives me advise and praise.I dont get what is happening.I really dig him.I use to have all these rules and would say I would never do this or that.The older I get the more I don't care.The less I see in black and white.I want something for me just once before time runs out.I am getting old.But I dont know how to do it.I am actually shy.He just brings out the bad girl in me and gets me going.If I tell him and he is just playing he may fire me,or be offended,reject me,and or feel uncomfortableI don't know what to do.I am so tired of not living and being bored and lonely.

Bobbie, Scout of the Forgotten Lands,

stop blaming your husband for not putting any effort into anything the man is 60 for crying out just want some fuck....from a next cock....

Andy, Lover of Arts and Crafts,

Divorce him first, then fuck around - otherwise you're a worthless slut.

Stevie, Breeder of Generosity,
why not come into work in a short skirt and heels lowcut blouse and lots of makeup tell your boss you have some boxs to move in the store room and take it from there babe.   If you do not try you will not know have a ball and askes him who the boss when you have his tool in your hands ha ha. 
Frankie, Janitor of the Satisfied,
You could come work for me.  I am funny smart good looking and a really nice guy.
Charlie, Shaman of the Homeless,

my boss is a muther fucker i want fuck my boss.