Man + Man + Woman = ???

I am a straight man, who has not fucked in 23 years. I need it so bad that if I don't get some pussy soon, I think I might start raping women. What is the problem with women? They have a pussy, I have a dick. we both get horny, so lets fuck and solve each others problem. What we need are little stickers that a woman can stick on their hand, that they are willing to fuck right then. I mean we cannot read minds I don't know when a woman is horny as hell and needs a good fuck. and you cannot tell if you are atractive enough for them Grrrrrr it is so frustrating!!!!! It is really simple, if a woman likes your looks and she is horny. the guy is by himself. walk over to him and say do you want to fuck? 99% will take her up on it!!!
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Rebecca, Breeder of the craft table,

Why not just go to backpage escorts, myredbook, etc and get a Hooker to fuck for 80 dollars. Its quick, dirty and cheap and it gets the job done. You'll be fucking a new pussy within 2 hours.

Andy, Necromancer of the craft table,
So?  Did you get your cookie yet?  Tell me what you wanna do?