Man + Man + Woman = ???

I came home early, walked by the window and saw her having sex with Ben my dog.  Should I confront her?  It has been a couple of weeks now.  I've done some research about this stuff.  It seems this is something common.  I read an article that women do this due to the dog's knot is located ideally for hitting the G-spot on a woman and that dogs lick like crazy.  Sheesh the sound she was making while Ben was humping her was loud and crazy. I'm a conservative guy.  I'm afraid if I give her the choice between me or the dog I'll have to move out!  
posted to relationships by Ash, Carpenter of Justice (4 comments)

Addison, Consultant of the IT department,
Get on all fours and let Ben show you how he works. Make sure you take the knot and let her catch you.
Andy, Dark King of the IT department,
So get a sheep.  Make her jealous.
Peyton, Sous Chef of the Idealistic,
Leave her thats fuckin nasty, she's a pig! And obviously you're not doin your job! Report her!
Dakota, Pope of the Irredeemably Moist,
it seems the one you need to confront is yourself. If you decide that you can't accept it, then you need to choose whether you want to stay with her or not.