Man + Man + Woman = ???

I sometimes think my boyfriend is such a bigot. He is anti feminist, anti black lives matter, anti any kind of social justice. I am not, in my opinion, any kind of extreme social justice warrior, but this really bothers me. He says he doesnt agree with feminism because of feminazis and because feminists are just trying to bring men down. He also says he doesnt understand why we shouldnt help men or everyone else in the world too. Of course people everywhere no matter who they are need help in their lives, but where would women be now without feminism? Not voting? Not working in stem? Still believed to be witches and brainless wives? I dont believe that all feminists are just people who want to bring men down and i am proud to call myself a feminist. If he thinks feminists are a plague to men then i dont know why he loves me. I wish it was easier to break things off with him but i cant bring myself to say that this is something worth breaking up for. I love him too but i just cant stand it when he says things that make fun of social problems. He makes jokes about gender and race and even sexuality all the time and i can only tolerate so much of it. Jokes are jokes, but i want to spend my life with someone i love and i love him, but spending my life with a person who says and does those things makes my stomach churn. I just want to get this off my chest because i dont want to talk about it with him for fear that i will hurt his feelings and somehow ill be the bad guy for trying to convince him that social matters are something i do care about. I dont go out and protest or really do much at all really. I just live my life, but i hold beliefs. If my beliefs dont effect my daily life or my lifestyle in any way do i really have the right to say that im any different from my boyfriend? Do i really care about any of the issues i say i do? In reality, from the surface were the same. I stick with him and laugh at his jokes so i guess were the same all in all. So maybe its worth sticking around with someone who's nice to me even if i disagree with their political views. I mean whats it costing me anyway right? God thinking about it now, hes just a republican thats ashamed to come out. I think he believes in things a republican does but just doesnt realize it. But jeez does it really even matter???

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Charlie, Engineer of Musclebeasts,

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Dana, Dark King of the Wildlands,

Once again - posting unnecessary crude sexual comments because a woman says something a man may disagree with.

Dana, Carpenter of Darkness,

So you are prejudiced against anyone who identifies as a Republican?

Dana, Dark King of the Wildlands,

hmmm....based on what certain types of people usually say - just because you may not want to date a group doesn't mean you are prejudiced against them.

Charlie, Pope of the Hungry,

It was just your comment that "he's just a republican thats ashamed to come out"

I believe every political party has both good and bad people. Neither is a shining example of how to treat humanity.

Anyway... just my libertarian opinion. Hope you find fulfillment in what you choose to do with your life.