Man + Man + Woman = ???

I don't understand how i end up saying sorry always.. Even when its not my mistake.. I have a habit of justifying, explaining in detail as I always fear of being misunderstood and hurting my guy.. But he thinks i am dragging things and debating and arguing and stressing him.. So this time when he again blamed me for things which were no where in my control, i just let him vent out.. Thinking lets not stress him by speaking too muh..and also because I have already spent 2 nights explaining him those things already.. But then he tells me you don't even explain today so you don't care.. Wow.. I bloody cared too much that's why i let u blame me even if i was not wrong.. And i did what u always wanted.. But still you are not happy.. I mean this happens always.. I do what he expects me to do and even after that, he is not satisfied.. I have to be sorry always.. Wen he said i don't explain, i started explaining.. Then he tells me you are dragging it.. I am tired.. What the fuck am i suppose to do.. You have a problem if m quiet, you have a problem if i explain.. Just make up your mind dammit.. I get tired of being the one who is blamed always.. Everything that you do that hurts me, you say you don't have a option.. But when same happens with me, you are accusing me that i deliberately hurt you.. The way you don't have a option, i also don't have a option.. Atleast i still feel sorry for hurting you.. You don't even feel sorry because you say you had no choice.. I feel guilty and say sorry always even when its not my choice.. Did u appreciate when for 2 nights i was crying and requesting your forgiveness for the mistake i haven't done.. No.. U don't.. But you can blame me for not repeating those statements today.. Whats the point.. Do you hear... No.. U keep blaming me.. I am. Always the bad person.. I am fucking tired of such unfaur behavior

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Frankie, Servant of the Idealistic,

Sounds like it's time to leave this person. THis behaviour will not change with time and your children will not only experience the same thing - they will become the same way. God Bless.