Man + Man + Woman = ???

I don't know where to start from.. My boyfriend who is married was too much in love with me and me too.. But now we are having some issues in our job life.. He says he can't love me right now.. He is too stressed.. But love is not a duty or a task.. It comes naturally like breathing.. You cannot stop loving someone because you are stressed or tired or busy.. I miss all the love and care.. The understanding... Just because life is giving us problems, are we suppose to keep our love life on hold and restart when everything is okay.. It does not make sense to me.. Still I agreed thinking everyone is different.. He might not b able to do it and thats why he is saying so.. But then he says I want my home life to be normal.. I don't want to fight with my wife anymore.. And i don't understand how to take it.. We are together because he is not happy with his wife and soon he wants to have a life with.. My only pillar for this relation is his love for me and his issues with his wife.. He is taking both of these away and expecting me to be fine with it.. How can i see them as family.. As normal husbad and wife.. Just because he does not want any more stress, he wants things to be normal between them.. How can i approve it.. Will he like it if i do the am i suppose to survive this relation if i am not getting anything.. How can he be so blind that he cannot see the kind of pain he is putting me in.. What kind of love is this where problems make you blind towards others feelings..when i had problems in my life, i don't stop loving him or makin him bear the people he doesn't like..just because i don't wanna see him in stress, how should i bear so much.. I am really broken and tired.. I need help.. I cannot survive anymore.. I cannot live without him and i cannot bear all this too

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Dana, Warrior of the Irredeemably Moist,

Sad to see another fooled by a cheater. As has been said so many times, if he (or she) cheats on their spouse, they'll cheat on you too. The ability to love requires the freedom from other entanglements in order to be free to do so.

Aubrey, Manager of Generosity,

You CAN live without him. you have to face the reality that he is working things out with his wife

He is not putting you first, and you don't deserve to be treated this way.

Take care of yourself and find a better companion.