Man + Man + Woman = ???

So there's this girl i'm sexing. I feel so happy with her when we're alone or among black people. once we're among whites i feel so totally ashamed of her. what to do?

posted to relationships by Andy, Peasant of the Forgotten Lands (4 comments)

Shiki, Tour Guide of the IT department,

Leave her the hell alone if you don't respect her and you're ashamed of her. That's what you do. Dump her and make her feel like crap so that she'll never ever make the mistake of dating a white man again. Stay with whites so that you won't have to be "ashamed" of the girl you're sexing... you disgusting pig. I bet that poor girl thinks you love her, too. People like you will have to answer for what you do one day. Make sure you wear lots of sunblock. It's gonna be hot where you're going.

Max, Necromancer of Musclebeasts,

you're not alone - it'll all happen naturally. You'll break up with her eventually. Glad you wrote this here though. I'm not believed when I talk about your kind.

Ari, Summoner of the Financial Services department,

You should have picked a lighter skinned black girl.

Ari, Tour Guide of Good,

smut her out!...then marry her black ass. Once u go black well u know the rest! Enjoy those black babies! LOL