Man + Man + Woman = ???

Why should anybody feel guilty of Sexuality ? I told you I have heard testimony after testimony people love sex - The system wants every body to feel guilty . Preacher screams no no no to the congregation and after church he has the Deacon's son under the desk . and you can't tell me Disney's showing nude pictures in their animations , isn't a little suggesting . Like Dora said kids keep your sweaters up tear off the T Yeah hey I need some food so grab my happy bag

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Frankie, Archaeologist of Space,

BECAUSE, many church leaders make a big effort to MAKE people feel guilty over sexuality. If you don't feel any guilt unless you do something that is ACTUALLY evil WITH your sexuality, then great for you. Remember all kinds of people read these posts. You answered your OWN question when you said "Preacher says no no no to the congregation". THAT is WHY I posted that post on Christian women and sexuality. You can say oh they shouldn't feel guilty ALL day long, but I am giving them a BIBLICAL reason for not needing to feel guilty. Christians won't listen to arguments not from the bible to be fully convinced, come to think of it I have read replies to YouTube videos along the same lines of what I have posted here and many Christians just condemn the guy making BIBLICAL arguments for more strictly defining sexual sin to the STATEMENTS of the bible IN CONTEXT. But no no no since they were TAUGHT DIFFERENTLY they just say he is defending sin and trying to justify sin and this that and the other thing. With some older posts I put up here I got some Christians telling me I need to repent and I am trying to justify sin. Well MY ANSWER is that the BIBLE defines what is and is not sin...not church traditions, EVEN traditions that are SUPPOSED to be from "bible-believing churches"...sometimes churches that call themselves "bible-believing" are only so in part.

And yet when I call the churches to repentance some here are arguing against me and telling me I should shut up. Well the truth is I will NEVER shut up. In fact I am going to make sure my messages get out to church people and church leaders on a broader scale. I would post my stuff on Christian boards but there is no point as I would expect my account and posts to be deleted and possibly banned by IP address, so I will shout my message from the digital housetops.

Dana, Shaman of Justice,

Wilhelm Reich called this sexual politics. Authoritarians restrict sexual expression as a way of subjugating the masses.

Frankie, Archaeologist of Space,

Good point. The church is supposed to SERVE, yes it has teaching authority WHEN and insofar as it relates what is in the bible, but it is supposed to have a servant attitude to the people, NOT lord it over others my politicizing church leadership. In fact what I just typed right now is a paraphrase of a few bible verses. Regarding politics the churches should encourage politicians to do right for the people, but internally the church leadership is to serve...come to think of it that SHOULD be true of politicians too even though all to often it is the opposite.