Man + Man + Woman = ???

this incredibly selfish bitch agreed to meet around 10 that morning and 4 hours later at 2 was still at home because she said she wanted to check her portfolio and "I thought I told you already?" AREN'T YOU SUPPOSED TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE AFTER THAT, YOU BITCH. Now she emails saying oh it's such a pity I have so much to tell you, I even cleared my schedule, you just blocked me without waiting to hear my reasons why... YOU TOLD ME WHY, YOU BITCH. YOU WERE WASTING TIME AT HOME DOING NOTHING. You still act like some victim being blocked and crying when it was all your fault. You said if you didn't hear back from me that you'll leave me alone, so stop spamming me, you slut and bitch.

posted to relationships by Peyton, Carpenter of the Forgotten Lands (9 comments)

Bishop, Lord of Musclebeasts,

...People like that will never succeed in your life. It's in these little things that show, minute by minute, how they are accountable for the hours and the days.

Peyton, Fashion Designer of the craft table,

Damn selfish

Charlie, Bright Queen of the Wildlands,

[deleted by user]

Charlie, Bright Queen of the Wildlands,

Must be frustrating to have friends who disrespect your time like this. If it happens more tha once, I understand why you'll want to block her.

Ari, Secretary of Time,

nope, sounds like you did the right thing. Also sounds like she's a PYT who's used to behaving badly and friends and acquaintances put up with it.

She's not used to even minor consequences like being blocked.

Dana, Crusader of the Satisfied,

Sounds like you are the one with the problem, not her.

Bishop, Lord of Musclebeasts,

At least OP is ranting here and not at her. I think that's a good sign.

Charlie, Bright Queen of the Wildlands,

After 4 hours of waiting and a lot of anger and frustration, that's only to be expected.

Charlie, Bright Queen of the Wildlands,

People like you, commenting without knowledge of the characters involved, are troublemakers.