Man + Man + Woman = ???



I am married, happily. I love my husband very much he completes me in every aspect except when I want the bedroom. He is so sweet that when I want domination, he fears he will hurt me and no matter how many times I assure him he won't, I am only given tenderness when I require the opposite. In this aspect, I am attracted to his friend and I am quite taken with the idea of dragging this innocent little christian down to the world of sin, breaking him, stealing his fragile innocence and then training him in the ways of dominance, only going to him for my carnal needs and then leaving him when I am satisfied. Alas, it simply cannot be.

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Peyton, Druid of the Rich,

You can find a dom, instead you want to commit adultery and spread your shit around?

Ash, Barbarian of the Poor,


Aubrey, Barbarian of the Forgotten Lands,

I want my wife to be more dominant sometimes in the bedroom... and spank my ass until it leaves bruises, but she is clueless.

Rook, Janitor of Generosity,

Damn... I love a woman who knows how she wants it in the bedroom.

Are you wanting that ass spanked?

Ari, Chronographer of Light,

Oh i want my ass spanked, my hair pulled, i want to know that I am his. I want him to leave his mark on me claiming me as his own. I want to be tied to the bed and teased until I beg him to screw my brains out, leaving me dripping wet and exhausted.

Ash, Trollop of Space,

Damn, that is a hot image! I love spanking some sexy ass with my bare hand!

Rook, Janitor of Generosity,

I pushed the wife face down on the bed, pushed a vibe between her legs against her clit, and as i pushed it against her clit with one hand, i slapped her ass with my other, until she climaxed.

Rook, Janitor of Generosity,

I would love to do all those things...