Man + Man + Woman = ???

I am in a new relationship. Over two years have past since I last posted on this forum.

My ex is now in prison, pregnant, and married to new a person that she chose above all else. Her family is devastated but does not know how to move forward. Right now, with my life so busy, I am all of sudden stuck on thinking about how I moved forward. I am not sure how I did it or if I really ever moved on. I waited a year before getting involved in another relationship, and I am happy than I ever been. I just hope that I made the right choice on getting involved again and didn't interfere with my healing.

When I think of my ex lately, I just hope she finds her way back to her family and the love in her life. She always told me she was crazy, and I never believed her when she said it until it all hit home.

Now, still best friends with her sister, it is so strange seeing life go by. I find it so fucked up that your mind can screw you over after working so harder and achieving something so great. She and I had it all it all - over 250k annually salary and everything at the ages of 22...but it must mean something. People keep telling me money isn't everything and I learned that lesson hard during the divorce, and I need to keep learning.

Thanks for listening. I needed to vent after all this time.

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Dana, Accountant of Evil,

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Adrian, Host of Light,

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