Man + Man + Woman = ???

It's been 5 months already and I'm still not over my ex! Jesus, what's wrong with me. I don't want to feel like this anymore. I don't want to cry at night, I don't want to keep thinking about him. I just want to let go, move on, get to the next chapter of my life. So why!? Why do I keep contacting him, why do I keep putting myself through this. Why can't I just cut the chord. Why am I so scared to have him disappear on me. I mean he left, he's the one who broke up with me, so why do I want to still be with him !

posted to relationships by Aubrey, Templar of the Rich (4 comments)

Taylor, CEO of Arts and Crafts,

You are lieing to yoursef that you want to move on if you are wasting the night away in tears. Quit being so damn stupid and playing the "Tear me, Im a female so you have to crawl back to me BS so I can get a daily dose ego trip",,, Dummy hes tired of that game and guess what, hes already made the first move and you did something that did not satisfy him or wouldnt put out or suck one. That hairy bleeding gut of yours, it has a purpose, let him show you what it is for. Youll do it for money or trade for it rent at some point in your life anyway.... quit playing games and thinking your the G-spot of every mans fantasy. Go Stalk him until he has your ass thrown in jail to wither and rot.

If hes a nigger, offer him one last F**k or BJ, then castrate him. All Niggers need to be sterilized the moment they are born.

Arthur, Engineer of Arts and Crafts,

Get involved with things that you like, and take your mind off of him. Maybe take some classes, or learn something new. Maybe a craft or hobby.

Give yourself less time to dwell on him. Don't let him have this power over you.

Peyton, Chronographer of the Wildlands,

He has closure as the one who made the choice. Its like when you're the passenger seat and every turn makes you lurch - but the driver much less so.

Aubrey, Templar of the Rich,

That makes sense... it was a one sided decision. I didn't want to break up at all... what am I going to do :(