Man + Man + Woman = ???

So easy to blame white people for your lack of progress in life. Why wouldn't you want your city to become productive and safe. You enjoyed the abandoned buildings the Government handouts and gang infested blocks ? Not being racist its just an observation of how communities go to shit when it's an all black neighborhood The more blacks that move into a neighborhood, the worse it becomes, especially since whites, the ones paying the taxes to keep the neighborhood running, when we move out. , you totally destroy everything in your path . Despite these problems, social categories are often times completely dismissed when it comes to the NIGGER problem . Choosing how to socially identify members of social populations is not a trivial matter it is however self-evident . Here it is November 5th I was hoping civil war I wanted so bad to kill a few niggers. I would have beat you like Jon Grissom beat Corey Feldman

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Max, Patriarch of the Financial Services department,

Telling others to learn to read but your many grammar mistakes in this post are ok?

Yup - excellent mirror for the rest of the story. Keep posting.

Dakota, Handmaid of the Hungry,

Sigh. Another racist in the world. Don't you buttholes ever get tired of saying nigger, talking out of your butt, and then spewing violence? One day soon, you'll find out why all the black neighborhoods are bad, and you'll find out why you hate them so much. Until then, just shut the hell up. I get so tired of hearing you hateful people day in and day out. Nigger this, blah blah blah. Kill kill kill. Shut...the...hell...up.

Rook, Author of Imagination,

Why ARE all the black neighborhoods so bad?