Man + Man + Woman = ???

I broke up with my boyfriend three years and one month ago and I feel like I still love him. I have dated other people since, even having a 5 month relationship, but it never feels right. Alls I do is break peoples hearts because I start relationships with the hope I'll meet someone who I will love as much as I loved/love?? him but it never works out and I will start to avoid their texts, calls and attempts to see me. I don't think I will ever meet anyone who I love as magically as I loved him. He was my soul mate and I cannot imagine, nor do I really want a relationship with someone other than him. I've tried dating, relationships, texting people, and being on my own just concentrating on myself and nothing changes. I feel empty.

posted to relationships by Harper, Devourer of Generosity (2 comments)

Taylor, Garçon of the Unimaginable Terror,

I feel the same way. There was something incredible about her. Nowadays I can see flaws in our relationship but what I felt for her has never faltered. Its been 5 years now and I sometimes think that I'm crazy. I think about her every single day. I can't meet anyone else maybe because of some unattractive quality in me but then I wonder how on Earth I could have met someone as beautiful as her. Now, I'm at a point when I'm beginning to feel my youth running away and it's a terrible feeling. There is some consolation in knowing that I might not be the only one who feels empty inside... However, I don't have a solution for you, Harper. But I hope you find someone who can change your life again. - Myles a Concerned Bystander

Shiki, Shadow of Darkness,

And do you have any contact with your ex soulmate? have you tired to reach out to him , maybe its comes a time to try again ?