Man + Man + Woman = ???

I was talking to my ex tonight and we had a really good deep conversation, made me think he was getting feelings back. Was 100% sure that’s what he was going to tell me. Well I was totally wrong. He still is in love with his maniac and he just wanted to share those memories and thoughts with me just cause.....I know he doesn’t mean to hurt me but fuck I’m dying. Keep hoping one of these days I’ll get my second chance but I’ve officially decided she’s won. I give up. She got what she wanted, he is over me and all hers. And I’ll stay away. Thankfully my mom is dropping our son off to him tonight so that I can go visit a grave that I need to go see and drink a beer. I’ll have to pick him up but I’m sure it’ll be a quick 2 second exchange and I’ll get out of there. I can tell he’s stressed and I so bad wanna say just leave her but I can cause of stuff and the fact he’ll think it’s just cause I want him back. Which I do but I wouldn’t even try anymore after this. I’m tired and exhausted and just completely drained. I don’t care if I keep hearing from her. I told her how much I loved him and how I’d take care of him and just gave them a good laugh. I give up. She can have him, just wish he knew he deserved so much better. He deserves true happiness and he also deserves goosebumps which neither of us will ever get. Guess I midaswell try to sleep so I can keep having my ten minute dreams about him 😭

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Bobbie, Consultant of Evil,

Let him go... YOU deserve better, and deserve true happiness!