Man + Man + Woman = ???

It’s so hard but I’m trying to distance myself from my ex as much as possible but so hard when you have a kid together. It’s hard when I’m having a shitty ass day like today and want to go cry on his shoulder about it but he’s not there, or want to hug him and he’s not there. He still wants to do things as a family but it’s just so hard and I want to protect myself and my son and just am sick of the outsiders coming at me. I realize it’s to much to ask for my family to be back together but this pain is worse then anything, especially with other things piled on top of it. He said his girlfriend won’t be meeting our son for a while which does take some pressure off my chest but it’s gonna happen one day and it’s gonna be the worst. I begged on my knees and cried and fought as hard as I could and still I’m here in last place which is my fault because the relationship ending was my fault. Just wish I could have a second chance. Is that to much to ask? Yes, it is.

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Reggie, Wizard of the Rich,

Having a kid together isn't what makes letting go hard. Women believing they have no life outside of that person is what makes it hard. Take a class, travel, get a new job that challenges you, work on get greater finances and that will take your eyes off this man except when he needs to parent his child.