Man + Man + Woman = ???

It's been over ages ago, but why is it some people aren't over that situation, it's not like much happened. 'Do you guys still talk?' No we don't really talk, I don't have a problem with it but like friends I'll talk with him if there's something to talk about but when he's so stuck on his phone I don't really think there's much of a chance to talk. 'I just find it weird.' 'You should talk to him.' .... WE'RE OVER WHATS SO WEIRD WITH NOT TALKING AND MORE LIKE SHOULDN'T YOU TELL HIM THAT... He's closed himself up that was his choice I already approached him before, saying he can always talk to me when he needs someone or we're friends now so it's okay to talk to me casually. I've had enough of always making the first approach, it's his turn now. If he wants to talk then I'll talk. But if he's really closing himself up... then that's just him.. and exactly one of the reasons why I had to break up with him...

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Dana, Gunner of Time,

time meh deal with the unbelieveable and move along....some stuff aint for us to really helps here...sereously if ya believe even 1/2 of what is possible how is a creator any more unimaginable...that and tested and true it works.....actually very humbling ... i am blessed

Dana, Gunner of Time,

times of confusion and vigilance......when in confuson we will believe anything..... ahhh i take a possition somewhere between ritcheous indignation and goes on