Man + Man + Woman = ???

So. I was with a girl for a year and a half. She left me about six months ago. Mostly because i lost my confidence and allowed the opinions of others to get to me. I reconnected about a month ago. But i really fucked up. I was clingy and desperate. I blew up her phone and I feel horrible. Now, I'm seeing her in a week and a half to return the last our of things. I'm still madly in love with her. How can I get her back? I hate to beg. But this is the girl i want to live my days out with.

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Peyton, Referee of the Hungry,

I would piss all over the returned goods now and let it dry and air out just a little.

Peyton, Referee of the Hungry,

If I isolated you and put you in a room with 3 ugly fat chicks for your lifetime, eventually you would convince yourself that you loved/liked one of them and would gag for it!

There's a whole world out there and you only live once! Time is a ticking so .... move on. You might die tomorrow on the way to where ever.

Its about choices dude and if you have ever counted the number of cunt hairs between 20 women's legs then you would realized that is how many women you are passing up over some bitch that obviously does not deserve you. Get out and grab a few pieces of ass to tie you over and stop gagging over some wanna be that will most likely make your life miserable. She is not worth the chase if she is acting the way she is now......Trust me, You don't want that shit after you say "I Do" as she will have you by the balls and do that same shit to you for the rest of your life.....that I can promise you.

Bobbie, Shadow of Imagination,

quit being stupid and get your confidence back by showing her even though you want her, you dont need her to live, that shows weakness women want a confident strong man with or without her but still want him to want her, nothing is more sexier to women than not needing them to be successful but wanting them in your life even though their not needed, esp when you have options from being confident and successful but show them you aren't willing to settle for anything less.....If they feel you need them their going to see what else they can reel to see if they can do better since hey your not going anywhere....If you dont love yourself you can't expect a girl to and it sounds like you need to get back to loving yourself pick up a new language or new hobby something that expands your knowledge girls love that or broadens your career horizon, even volunteer work, I hear thats the most satisfying thing a person can do plus on a poll I read once it was the most attractive thing a man can do voted on by women

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Susan, Attendant of Space,

I hope you die you piece of shit

Dana, Illusionist of the Wildlands,

Just tell her how u feel, be honest with her. Honestly if I could tell my ex how to get me back telling me their actual feelings would make things so much better and also tell her why u want her back because that could be they key to her heart as cringey as it may turn out to be.

Halley, Observer of the Wicked,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Unfornuately enough. I'm a corny romantic. My fear is coming across as desperate or overbearing... i love this girl. I just made too many mistakes. I was too much. But I've cut out most of the negativity. I just need her. But seriously, thank you.

Dana, Illusionist of the Wildlands,

Don't worry about it its better to express how u feel now rather than regretting it later on and watch her walk away without even knowing how u actually felt.