Man + Man + Woman = ???

does it exist? what do you think about this cringy vision?

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Rook, Assassin of the Wicked,

I absolutely fell in love eith my 1st cousin the moment we reconnected as adults, after a 22yr disconnect. It was the exact moment our eyes met. We both felt it... like a fire was ignited. It almost ended my marriage. And some times i wish it would have.

Bobbie, Funeral Director of the Irredeemably Moist,

I have met people in this world that i have fallen in love with just by looking them in the eye. I believe that some people share a deep conection , It is not based on lust or atraction. It is something way more complex that you cant really tell what is.

Rook, Assassin of the Wicked,

That describes my cousin and I.

Lisa, Thief of the Wildlands,

Lust at first sight or infatuation at first sight. Feelings could disappear once the viewer gets to know the person or once the person gets fat.

Rook, Assassin of the Wicked,

My cousin gained 35# and I still am in love with her just the same. I want her in every way there is to want someone.

The wife, on the other hand, gained 90#... and I can barely look at her naked...

Brett, Devourer of the Idealistic,

What makes you think the cousin won't gain 90# if she hooked up with you.

Lisa, Thief of the Wildlands,

Wow - that is unusual - loving the person who gained less weight. Yeah, that contradicts my original comment. 'eyeroll'

Stevie, Manager of the IT department,

My point is, even though my cousin put on weight, and didn't look near as sexy... I loved her the same.