Man + Man + Woman = ???

That's great if sex is the end goal. It doesn't rate much when sex is not the end goal. Stop talking sh** and pretending not to get that very simple, easy to understand point.

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Ari, Warlord of the Poor,

How about some gay oral sex? I'd like to get some of that real easy.

Or sex with my cousin.

Peyton, Consultant of the craft table,

seems that expressing that post to your cousin in stead of us would get you better results.

Frankie, Illusionist of the Idealistic,

I've already told her that I am in love with her. She just smiled really big, and said she already knew that. We do kiss, and are pretty affectionate with our hands. I have felt most every curve of her body with my hands.

Peyton, Consultant of the craft table,

Not sure what this could possibly have to do with the original post. Sounds like 2 completely different conversations.

Max, Rockstar of the Irredeemably Moist,

Well, I want to get some gay sex to explore my bi-curious desires. I wish it was easy to find a nice good looking guy to hook up with for some oral!

Peyton, Consultant of the craft table,

good for you