Man + Man + Woman = ???

But... my fiancé and I were talking about old lovers.... well first a bit of back story... we have dated on and off for 8 years. He was, no other way to put it, awful to me the first 5 years. Long story short, I walked in on him getting down with someone else and we broke up for about a year. We started to talk again, of my own accord about a year after. He has been great. It's been 2 years and we are engaged now. My problem at the moment is he referenced his ex... and how he'd never cheat on her. Welp, he cheated on me a hundred times... can I be sure he wants to marry me?!

posted to relationships by Adrian, Guardian of the Poor (3 comments)

Ari, Trollop of the IT department,

..Leave as fast as you can, you don't deserve that!

Dana, Engineer of the Wicked,

Can't be sure of anything. Every choice is a risk. How good a risk is he? Can't tell based on this story.

God Bless you though, no matter how it plays out.

Jerry, Consultant of the Rich,

I think the question is if he says something like this , do YOU want to marry him ? Either way I think you need to have an honest conversation with him about why he said this, and if in the future this is going to happen again , you probably should ask yourself whether you deserve more. Because you guys need to at least be on the same page in terms of expectations from a life long commitment like Marriage.