Man + Man + Woman = ???

Am I wrong?


I'm new to this so pls don't judge me..I've been with my boyfriend for some time now, and everything is great. But when it comes down to how I feel about something's, I feel like he doesn't care. Sometimes I feel like I'm alone in this relationship because he pushes me away at times. When we first got together I wasn't allowed to date, so I had to hide everything and some what fight to be with him. But on the other had, he didn't have to do much fighting or much hiding since he's the oldest and well his parents gave him freedom to do what he wanted I guess. I just feel like I'm alone sometimes and I just wanted to know if I'm wrong for feeling that way???

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Dakota, Writer of Time,

i talk to the trrreessssss .. i talk to myself we all do...i used writing as a way to sort things out...from different angles and perspectives.... i dont see dragging others into my life or back, to be put in the middle is just a tornado... i would like to think that would stop but not for me to say....and idk i feel VERY disrespected...beyond infact....sighhhh many times in my life i have tht idk what on earth did i do to deserve such crap....and then i have to consider estranged ones going through their own journey ... scary times,only brave hearts hopes and prayers...

i know i got zip for answers, how i see the world constantly blows my mind...and i am getting sooo much better at it...meh for most part all the hoopla and flashbang has zip for effect in reality...all roads have all posible results and most of them ahhhhhh yah...i do laugh...for what purpose shrug sorta the base of beliefs...shrug idk...often i can clearly see Gods work in the strangest of stuff....i am and always will be amazed.