Man + Man + Woman = ???

i know v hv fought alot in last few mths..nd aftr evry fyt v r stil togethr..d hurt remains smewhr bt d luv is so strong dat it covers dis tim thngs seem vry diffrnt. lik v hv finaly lost dis battle..i gues world is ryt..wat wud u get fallin fr a married guy aftr al..yes it wrks wid my luck, normal thngs hardly wrk..hw cn i xpect a miracle..evrytim v fyt, next dy m normal..he tkes tims nd thn he is also dis tim m d one takin so mch watevr mistkes i hv dne, i hv apologized..nd watevr made him happy i hv tried..he cudnt do it alwys cz he hs othr responsibilities he cnt leav..whch i fytin wid me fr anothr i dnt undrstnd..meetin her to celebrate frndshp dy bt nt meetin me aftr i came frm my leaves, no i dnt undrstnd..m alrdy havin trouble to manage dis relation wid his wife in picture, y m i xpected to tolerate 1 mre gurl..yes i hv mre guys in my lyf..yes i hv made nvr hv i fought wid u fr anothr matr hw gud or bad dat guy is..i hv alwys xplained him bt at d end told him dat i wil do wat mkes u happy..y dnt he say dat..y ws he fytin so mch fr dat gurl..did i fyt fr my frnds..m alwys rdy to leav ny person in my lyf he hs issues he keeps fytin fr his ppl..m i wrong if m too hurt dis tim..y shud i frgiv u wen u r nt even sry..y shud i plan my lyf wid u if u r fytin wid me fr anothr matr wat m doin whlr dy, her namr keeps flashin on my mind..i cnt get dat fyt out of my head..i nvr had a prb movin on frm fr mr u wer alwys mre m nt able to move on dis tim..i luv u..i wanna b wid u..i wanna hold m upset too fr dat 1 al i cn move m nt sure i cn move on frm dis..u say i left ppl bcz dey wer bad. yes i m also rdy to leav ppl who r gud if u hv prb wid thm..did u do dat fr me..u left our frnds grp too..u hd so mch issues wid ur frnds, did u evr leav der u do it wid matr i try to trust u, smethn happens dat shws ur family nd frnds wud b ur close ones alwys..i wil alwys b an outsider..yes i luv me lik u also hate me quickly wen v fyt..i undrstnd u cnt leav ur wife ryt nw bt wat ws d reason fr nt leavin ur frnd..its been a yr nw..hw many ppl did i leav fr us..nd hw many did u leav fr us..u hd to leav 1 person nd u cudnt do it..y ws dat person so me..u choose her over me dat til i dnt feel u wil choose me alwys no matr wat, i dnt wanna plan my lyf wid u..i dnt wanna say sry to u or try to fix dis tim m broken nd i cnt fix u til m fixed..i cn b wrong evrytim, bt dis is smethn m 100% ryt at..i knw i cn move on frm dis hurt too cz i luv u dat i want u to b sry fr it..dis tim, i wont move on till u realizr ur mistke..u keep fytin fr ur ppl nd one day i wil b gone..i wud prefer to sufer alne thn to keep losin u to othr ppl evrytim..

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