Man + Man + Woman = ???

For about a year now I've felt nothing but pain, agony, and irritation. I look back at old pictures and I am reminded of how happy I use to be before I met you. Why is it that I find it so hard to leave? I've tried once before but some how you manage your way back into my life. I sometimes wish I never even met you but at the same time you are my best friend. I have never felt so much sadness and anxiety as I do now. I hated what you did to me last year and although we worked it, I still get very sad and angry over the situation. I feel like I couldn't leave only because you would still be apart of my life because of our mutual friends. I feel now my hate has become stronger for you than my love. After two years, I am just drained of my energy and to sad now because of you. I wish you felt what I did because maybe you would understand instead of trying to justify your stupid actions. I hate you so much.

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Taylor, Necromancer of the Rich,

Please please for your own health get out of that toxic relationship! I'm sure your partner will understand that you need to be happy and even so who cares! There is always a certain time in your life when you have to take care of you more than anyone this is one of those times! It may be very difficult at the start but surround yourself with people you have a good time with... anyone who makes you laugh that's what you need! Think about what advice you'd give yourself if you were in my perspective.. nothing is easier but they do get easier! Stay strong and best of luck!

Morty, Manager of the Poor,

I understand this completely, deep down theres still love so its so hard for you to leave. You know its best for you both if you go your own ways but its just so hard, you're scared that you'll never have what the person gave you when you started talking ever again.

Arthur, Sous Chef of Justice,

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