Man + Man + Woman = ???

I have freinds but not the best friend kind, I have never been intimate or anywhere close to a girl and I am attracted to them so I think I need a change in my life in terms of relationships

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Ari, Referee of the Wicked,

i am not lonely but i do have a feeling of slowly fading light or dimming purhaps...i think it is breaktime but from what....overloaded yet not...i live in a weird place....i am sad for many reasons...loss of friend, crazy famile stuff...i stuggle with what to do and feel like doing nothing....maybe guilty...idk i just dont want the drama and crazy...i do NOT feel i did anything wrong and feel i am right to feel endlessly insulted and hurt.....meh and still i aint going to let it run my life....things that were meant to be, will be. i am greatful for my journey, i will always wonder if there was ever one so epic....looking back on my life the reality and the getting sucked into wonderland and who knows what...i have faith that it all fits into a big picture that i barely exsist in.....feels so big sometimes...