Man + Man + Woman = ???

Love should have an on and off switch. Wish it is that easy. Niligawan ka tapos pag mahal mo na biglang aatras. Di kaya ng commitment. Cute! Alam ko naman na alanganin ang situation natin pero sana di ka na nagparamdam kung di ka naman handa na may maramdaman din ako. Ginagago mo ba ako?? Ang hirap kaya. Para ako yung nanliligaw ngayon. Hirap pala pag mas mahal mo na. I believe that we choose people who can hurt us because we allowed ourselves to love those people. We can never be sure of anything pero ngayon sigurado ako sa iyo e. Bakit ikaw hindi?? Ikaw nanligaw di ba?? I-off mo na lang etong nararamdaman ko. Please lang i-off mo na. Paano mo nagagawang matulog ng ganito tayo.

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Addison, Servant of Evil,

i really dont know what to make of my life or the world i see around me...much seems sireal...i just take it as it comes orrr i cant avoid...lolol...i have faith that i am on the path i am supose to be but cant seem to image why...i can see posiblities but i dont chase much of anything...i have interests in many things...too many things i would guess...lmao...sometimes backing up to the sum total of my exsistence is over whelming....mostly en JOY and idk i think i make about as much difference as anybody else i have enjoyed learning about politics...struggled hugely on what to do with family...they walk their own journey, i can do nothing :( on some levels i am free to live my life without the endless drama, cant say i dont miss the past but idk its just not my path to fix things,,,i spent my life trying to fix things and we evolve or life does...the roll of great gma and idk widow is different...sighhh with time all things seem to work out and one thing i have in my old age is patience....lmao i watch the world ebb and flow and on personal level i try to effect as little as posible....i am happy more than not...i dont spend alot of time on the future. its been my experience that it tends to be nothing like i imagined...lmfao

Addison, Servant of Evil,

words and thts and right and personally is nothing more than some babbling blog on the net....on some levels i can see and experence how others words have effected my life, juat the world we live in....oh i do think my words in reality have an effect as much as anyones and for sure and for certain the words and opinions of those on the net translates to reality...often twisted