Man + Man + Woman = ???

Is it weird?


Am i the only one who masturbates to the thought of my exs sometimes. Ive had really great sex in my past and sometimes the memories get me so wet i have no choice but to play with myself and right when im about to cum i scream their name. Sometimes its just one ex i think about but sometimes its more than one of them. Is that weird?

posted to relationships by Taylor, Venture Capitalist of Evil (2 comments)

Nia, Apprentice of the Lonely,

Not weird. I do it too. Maybe we could do it together some time and make new memories to add to the spank bank...

Harper, Counselor of the Idealistic,

Vato, you won't believe what I saw I saw these pack of crackers and their cocks where hard (and what they do?) They unzipped the zippers and said, "You know who we are" He said, "ten bucks I’ll fuck all of ya’ll , I'm Snoop Doggy Dogg" (uh huh!) snoop backed it up and it went too far Snoopy, licked the poop from the base of their balls (and what he get?) He got 10 years because they where cops He started singing and they reduced his charge