Man + Man + Woman = ???

I know we moved on and I have really good days where i just think about you and i just simply enjoy the memories i made with you, But then sometimes i have moments where those simple memories become painful and i start to miss you more than usual. Ive tried to move on, ive tried ignoring you, ive given it time and space i dealt with my heart break i even handled you saying there was no longer any meaning to the colors and number. And i mean absolutely no direspect to our relationships but you filled a void for me when you were present. Although deciding to go our seperate ways left an even bigger one that i have no clue how to close or to fill. Maybe you filled yours or maybe you never had one idk i just found myself thinking of you.

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Andy, Apprentice of the Homeless,

Just talk to him. He may surprise you, he may let you down. Maybe just friends is better anyway.